True Blood “Timebomb” The Explosive Power of Ideas — Changing Worlds, One Idea at a Time

August 24, 2009

Imagine, if you will, a world in which the power of an idea could radically change the way we think…what we know, what we think we know, about ourselves, about each other and about the mysteries and miracles of understanding, forgiveness and mercy. What if? What if there really were supernatural beings, living right alongside with us … would we accept them? Reject them? Would we take the time to understand them? Would we judge? This episode has gotten people talking … talking about some pretty deep stuff… things like choice and consequence, tolerance and acceptance, victory over pain and loss, grief and injustice. Whoa. Some heavy duty stuff for a little show about vampires in Louisiana. Whoops. Did I just say a little show? Make that a great, big, ginormously delicious show about love and sex, trust and betrayal, and the power of *Ideas* which transcends what we might normally expect from television…and then some!


Godric. This character is aglow with a quiet fire, with wisdom, grace and an iron will to do what is right … no matter how unpopular his ideas may be. He stands firm and with a gentleness borne of someone who feels no doubt that he is choosing the right path, he teaches without arrogance and he shows us the painful burden of bearing the weight of 2000 years of living and all that has taught him about treating others with respect and dignity. Allan Hyde verges on the mystical in his portrayal of Godric and I have been profoundly moved by this character. You can deeply feel the sorrow of Godric‘s life … and he shines a healing Light from every broken place in his spirit. He makes you believe that his world is very real and it is very easy to understand the fierce loyalty and love he inspires in those around him, most particularly Eric. There is a heartfelt beauty in the relationship between Godric and Eric which is an unexpected *gift*… and there is so much more I want to know about their backstory. I am grateful to the writers (in particular Alexander Woo for this episode!) for crafting this particular storyline between a vampire and his maker. It is important to note that the polar opposite is true in the relationship between Lorena and Bill … and I am very glad that Bill was able to break free from her when she “released him”. This seems like new territory in vampire mythology (at least in my admittedly limited understanding) and I love the possibilities which arise when there are no hard and fast “rules” which bind any being to an existence without the possibility of choice. How tragic an existence that would be!

Yup. This episode (and this season) has gotten my mind whirling with ideas and my spirit is filled with renewed hope and astonished wonderment. All in all, a very wonderful thing to have experienced as a result of watching truly inspired actors bring the words of incredibly gifted writers to Life. Familiar characters are faced with many choices and the consequences of those choices … and we see these beloved characters as kindred spirits in so many ways, yearning to follow them on their journey… hoping for Love to ultimately conquer all. Alas, I know that is only supposed to come true in fairy tales … but, I still *believe* that there is a bit of truth in every fairytale … and there is more than just a bit of truth in the stories True Blood is telling us this year.

sookie-being-kidnappedThe episode begins as we find Sookie (Anna Paquin) re-buttoning her dress with trembling hands following Gabe‘s brutal attack. She looks in amazement at Godric (Allan Hyde) , who has just rescued her and watches as he dispatches with Gabe in one brutal twist of his neck. He tells Sookie, “You should not have come.”

Sookie hears someone coming and wonders aloud if it is Bill (Stephen Moyer) …Godric says, “No…” and closes his eyes, saying, “I am here my child..down here…” Eric (Alexander SkarsgA?rd) rushes down the stairs and then stops still in front of Godric, speaking his name and falling to his knees in reverence and relief. Godric tells Eric he was a fool to send humans after him…and Eric, with his head bowed, tells him, “I had no other choice … these savages … they seek to destroy you.” Eric looks up at his maker, who tells him that he is well aware of what the Fellowship had planned for him. He also tells Eric that Hugo (lying on the floor, beaten and unconscious) is the one who betrayed them. Sookie finally speaks, telling Eric that Gabe is with the Fellowship and was aware of the trap which had been set for her. Eric asks Godric how long it has been since he has fed and he replies that he requires very little blood anymore. Suddenly, alarms sound amid flashing lights…and Godric tells Eric, “Save the human. Go on…” Eric protests, telling Godric that he is not leaving his side…Godric insists that he can take care of himself. Sookie tells Eric that they have to go…Godric tells Eric, “Spill no blood on your way out.” Eric looks at Godric, seeming conflicted by his urgent desire to bring Godric to safety and his equally strong will to obey his maker. He finally rises and follows closely as Sookie ascends the stairway.

jason-shot1Meanwhile, we find Jason (Ryan Kwanten) on his back in the dirt, examining the wet red stain on his chest (I guess those paintballs must pack quite a convincing punch!) and says, “I’m alive! God saved me. I’m saved”. Sarah (Anna Camp), in a towering temper, tells Jason, “Oh for heaven’s sake! Grow a brain cell! Paintballs!” Uhhh, excuse me for saying so, but Sarah might be in need of a few more brain cells herself!! Jason, finally realizing that he is far from dead, is not a very happy camper. Finally … I think he is beginning to see the Real Light of Day. Sarah bemoans the fact that she let him into her house, her bed and her heart. And a yadda yadda yadda. (Sorry folks, sweet Sarah was hot to trot for Jason from day one and looked for every excuse to betray her supposedly cherished values … which just goes to show that guys aren’t the only ones who make bad choices while thinking below the belt line…) Finally, she tells him that she gave him everything for a lie…and scornfully tells Jason that he is worse than Judas. In an all-time classic Jason Stackhouse response, he tells her, “Why? What’d he do to you?” Hilarious! Sarah definitely did not see the humor and shoots him right between the legs! Apparently those little suckers sure don’t tickle and Jason rolls around in agony. He tells her he is sorry and wants to know what he can say to keep her from shooting those paintballs at him again…she continues her rant, telling Jason that he came to prey on her and then ran like a coward. Jason tells her that he did run…but not from her…from her husband and his “crazy weapon collection.” He wonders why she “told him”… and she tells Jason, “I didn’t tell him anything, he’s the one who told me!”. Jason is now totally lost as to what the heck Sarah is going on about and asks her, “Wait! Told you what?” Then, as clear as mud, she tells Jason, “There are wolves in our hen-house. We must defend our flock.” He is still floundering and she finally spits it out, “We have your sister.” Things begin to clear up quite a bit for Jason and he wants to know if they have Sookie in the church. He tells her that Sookie has nothing to do with any of this. Sarah completely flips her lid and tells Jason, “You Stackhouse‘s. You’re nothing but a bunch of heartless, newlins-wife-w-guntwo-faced, vampire effers” Well, this is finally the last straw for Jason (hallelujahs!!)… and he grabs the paintball gun away from her as she stumbles to the ground, telling her, “Don’t you ever talk about my sister like that! If I find out any of you so much as touched her, I’m gonna come back here and it won’t be with no effing paint gun!!” He then drives off in her jeep, leaving her by the side of the dirt road. When she stands up and begins to pathetically brush the dirt off of her Sunday-go-to-meeting dress, I found myself hoping that we have seen the last of Miss Sarah and her seriously screwed-up moral judgments…but, I have a bad feeling she will not just curl up and go away. No, I get the feeling that she is going to want some payback…and not in a pleasant way either…

Back at the FotS church, alarms still sounding, Steve Newlin (Michael McMillian) speaks to his congregation from the loudspeakers…”Brothers and Sisters! We are on lock down!”… asking everyone to evacuate the building, except “men and able-bodied women”… instructing the security personnel to provide them with silver and stakes. He tells them that the Soldiers of the Sun are on the way to protect them…

Eric and Sookie, meanwhile, are trying to make their way out of the church… Eric tells Sookie, “I could have you out of here in seconds”… Sookie says, “There’s kids out there…” Eric tells her that “none of these humans would think twice about hurting us” while Sookie wonders why he didn’t bring Bill with him. Eric replies that Bill‘s attachment to her is “irrational…it clouds his judgment. He would kill every child in this church to save you.” Sookie asks, “Why aren’t you?” (Hmmm. Is this the beginning of “who loves Sookie more?” Arrgghh! ) Eric tells her that he is following Godric‘s orders and getting her out, that’s all. Sookie asks him, “He’s your maker, isn’t he?” Eric looks her in the eye and says, “Don’t use words you don’t understand.” Sookie insists, “You have a lot of love for him…” to which he replies, as only Eric can, “Don’t use words I don’t understand”. Classic!! Eric continues to watch the door, figuring out a way to get out…he makes a move to walk over toward the men guarding the exit…and Sookie urgently whispers to him, “Eric! No!!” He walks over to her, bending very close to her ear and whispers, “Trust me.” (Okay, I think I just melted into this chair. Whoopsie. Back to our regularly scheduled program now …) He begins walking over to the exit, hunching over… and in his best impression of Dorks from Dallas [Editor’s Note: This bit was hysterical, definitely a party favorite for Mr. Skarsgard], he says, “Hey ya’ll! How’s it goin’? Steve sent me over to man the exit here”…with a goofy and (what he probably thinks is a) non-threatening grin. “I think I can take it from here…” One of the guards looks dubious and says, “By yourself?” Eric aka Big Goofball says “Uhh, Yep.” The guard looks him over again and says, “Big and all, but there’s a vampire on the loose…” Eric says, “Ohhhhh.” The guard wants to know where his stake is … and in my very favorite line, Eric says, “Ohh Dang … I forgot.”… rolling his eyes and aw-shucks-ing all over the place.

Silly, silly, silly… but I loved every single minute of it. It is hilarious to imagine that Eric would think he is doing a good impression of a human…and it was too much fun watching the Dread Viking Vampire Sheriff being a big ole goofball. Especially considering how convincing he was at ripping Royce into shreds earlier in the season, it is a very welcome diversion to see other colors in Eric‘s palette. Thank you, Alex, for all the many ways in which you have made Eric Northman a character I absolutely love.

Eric continues trying to coerce one of the guards into handing over their stake… finally resorting to putting the glam-whammy on one of them, who begins to hand it over… but one of the others decides that Eric IS a vampire … and as he begins to try to stake Eric, Sookie yells out, “Stake!!!” Eric disarms all of them and is about stake one of the guards right in the neck when Sookie stops him, saying, “Eric, you don’t have to kill him.” Probably reminded of Godric‘s command as well, he viciously throws down the stake in frustration. He opens the exit door to take Sookie to safety and sees a whole posse of “Soldiers of the Sun”…and the guard tells Eric that they will never make it though since they have wooden arrows. Sookie then says, “Eric! Through the sanctuary…” and as they walk through the church, Eric wonders aloud where the exit is … when suddenly, Steve Newlin speaks to them from the altar… saying that there are several exits … but “for you, the easiest one takes you straight to hell.” Soldiers of the Sun (SotS) come streaming into the church from all sides, carrying huge silver chains and wicked looking stakes. Sookie pleads with Steve to let them leave … telling the SotS to save themselves … reassuring them that no one has to die. Steve is really just warming up to his audience now and calls out, “The war has begun, you evil whore of Satan.” Steve Newlin the Drama King.


Steve tells Eric and Sookie that the vampires cast the first stone by killing his family. He says, “the lines have been drawn. You’re either with us or against us. We are prepared for Armageddon.” I continue to find Steve Newlin to be one of the most frightening and repulsive characters I have ever encountered … and Michael McMillian is doing one hell of a bang-up job portraying this evil man because he is totally convincing… in fact, it is chilling just how real this character seems to be. You can feel the sadistic malevolence just rolling off of him in waves … and it is scary to think how persuasive and seductive such a person could be, convincing people that there is any justification whatsoever for his brand of religious insanity.

Sookie tells Steve that the vampire they were holding prisoner has gotten away and that he has undoubtedly sent for help. Steve tells her that he is not concerned with Godric, saying (with a note of fanatical glee) “Any vampire will do for our grand celebration…and we got one right here…” pointing right at Eric. Eric looks at Sookie for a few seconds and reassures her, “I’ll be fine.” Steve grins like a total lunatic as Eric approaches him in submission, with his head bowed. You have just got to wonder what is going through Eric‘s head at that moment. For me, it simply speaks of Eric‘s devotion to Godric and his determination to follow the will of his maker. Steve is pleased as punch at this turn of events and cackles maniacally as he calls out, “Brothers and Sisters, there will be a holy bonfire at dawn!!”.

Can you even imagine an entire group of people being so filled with fear and hatred that they could celebrate watching another being as they are burned at the stake? This completely boggles my mind. I just cannot even imagine it.

Over at the Hotel Carmilla, another being with evil intent is hard at work … Lorena (Mariana Klaveno) has trapped Barry the Bellboy (Chris Coy) against the door… telling Bill, “Look dear, room service has sent a gift for us.” Barry objects strenuously and Lorena comments that his heart is pounding and thanks him, since he will be so much tastier that way. Ick. Bill seems to be reaching out for Sookie, calling out her name … which Lorena finds highly annoying. She says, “That bothersome human. Just like an alarm clock you can’t switch off. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Then 10 minutes later, blah.” She turns to Bill, smiling seductively (she thinks) and tells him she will give him first bite of their most unwilling meal aka bill-tv21Barry. Bill snarls at her, telling her he is not hungry. Lorena tells him, “Oh come now, your appetite was… as I recall… Insatiable.” She continues, saying, “this human-act you do for your girlfriend is charming and all … but we both know better…don’t we?” Barry begs her, “please, I don’t want to die” as Bill growls at her to let him go. She tells him she will let him go… soon … as she bares her fangs and begins to feed on Barry, who cries out in terror and pain. She stops feeding on Barry, with a confused look on her face, saying, “this one’s different. I’ve never tasted …What are you??” Bill has taken advantage of her distraction and lowers the boom on her head with a plasma flat screen television…not once, but twice!!! Ding Dong the Witch is Dead!? Don’t think we can get that lucky, but she is most definitely down for the count! Yaaayyy!! Bill grabs Barry and hightails it outta the door.

In another room at the Hotel Carmilla, Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) and Hoyt (Jim Parrack) are making love for the first time amidst the rose petals … and Hoyt wants to know if she is okay, worried that he might be hurting her. In true Jessica style she tells him to shut up and keep on going! Suddenly, Bill rushes into the room and Jessica screams in mortification and hides under the sheet. Hoyt, bless his sweet little ole heart, tells Bill, “I don’t know what you heard..but those were screams of pleasure…” asking Jessica “Right??” She just dives back under the sheets again. Bill, ever the true gentleman, looks away discreetly, but in a definitely fatherly tone, he tells Hoyt, “If you truly care for her, you will take her to your car this very moment and drive her back to Bon Temps before the sun comes up.” Hoyt asks, Now?” “NOW!” Bill commands him and flees from the room.

Meanwhile, at Merlotte‘s, Tara (Rutina Wesley) and Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) are chilling out together as Lafayette‘s reads her Tarot. When he turns over The Lovers card, she asks him, “Isn’t that good?” and Lafayette tells her that The Lovers card in this position calls for a sacrifice in matters of the heart …” He tells her she is going to have to make a choice. Tara is still hopeful, commenting that it might still turn out well. Lafayette asks her if she wants to see her future … and just as he is about to turn over the card, Eggs (Mehcad Brooks) bursts in the door … calling out for Tara to help him. We then see that the card Lafayette has turned over is Justice. Hmmm. Let’s hope that the people/creatures who have been wreaking holy hell on Bon Temps are the one’s who will get the justice they deserve. Lafayette then sweeps the cards from the table, with a comment that he’ll just go and clean a grill or something, leaving them alone to talk. Eggs is obviously distraught and tells Tara that he has blacked out once again and has a sick feeling that he has done something bad. Geez, ya think? I am sure Daphne would agree with that assessment. (Even though I am sure she would have done the Same or worse at Maryann‘s command…) Tara tries her best to comfort him and they leave with arms wrapped around eachother. It seems like the wheels are finally turning in her head and I sincerely wish she would realize that the common denominator in all of the recent madness and chaos is Maryann. While she still has a heart beating in her chest!

Back at the FotS church, armed guards stand watch with chains and stakes as Jason hauls butt into the parking lot in the “borrowed” jeep. Jason tells them that he is with the Fellowship and they have to let him in to the church … but one of the guards tells him, “Sorry Bro, we’re in lock down. There’s a vamper inside.” Jason tells them that is exactly why they sent for him, telling them that he is a “cadet with the Light of Day Institute” and he came “strapped”, holding up his paintball weapon. They seem less than impressed at first until Jason points at the silver ring that he is wearing and says “Honesty.” One of the guards says, “Dude! Honesty!” and they give each other a little fist punch, clinking the rings together. He escorts Jason into the church, telling him that they have the vamper surrounded and that the vamp has a “fangbanger chick with him”, obviously referring to Sookie. The guard unfortunately notices that Jason is carrying a paintball gun … but then Jason smashes him over the head with it and knocks him out, proving that it is a pretty effective weapon after all. Jason hauls the unconscious guard out of the foyer…

We then find Sam (Sam Trammell) sleeping in his truck in the woods, awakened by his cellphone ringing. The caller I.D. tells him that it is “Merlotte‘s” calling and he answers it, demanding to know who it is … but there is no one there.

Cut to Merlotte‘s, lights out and silent … Sam is slowly creeping in the door and finds the walk-in refrigerator door open with the light on … and he discovers someone has left him a very gruesome gift: Daphne, with her heart cut out of her chest. Eeeeuuuwwww! He makes a half-hearted attempt to wrap her in hefty bags and then thinks better of it, dialing 911 on his cellphone … just as the operator answers, there is a knock on the door and lights flashing … with someone calling out, “Sheriff’s Dept. … Anybody in there?” Even a vampire couldn’t have gotten there that quick!! This really freaks Sam out since he realizes that he is being set-up, bigtime.

The next scene gets my vote for the most disgusting scene on record (Yes, even worse than Lafayette and Royce’s ripped-off leg…and that is saying something!) Maryann is busy in the kitchen at Sookie‘s (and Maryann in Sookie‘s kitchen is bad enough as it is…) She is sautA?ing some onions and peppers in a pan, humming a little tune to herself… and what ingredient is served up next from the Maenad Chef? Daphne‘s heart! She takes it from an everyday kitchen bowl and begins to caress it, as it drips blood and she says, “Mmmmm”. Then she sets it on a cutting board and begins slicing it into bite size chunks and puts it in the pan to cook. Eeeeyuck!! It is almost as hard to write this down as it was to watch it. Enough said.

maryannLet me just pause to say I am in awe of Michelle Forbes. It really takes fortitude, tremendous courage and a willingness to be completely despised to be able to take on a character like Maryann. What is most amazing is the way Michelle allows us to fully understand that Maryann is not like us in any way, shape or form … and never apologizes for what she is. She does not have the slightest clue that there is anything wrong with what she does … in fact, she celebrates it. She shows us that Maryann glories in the power and the dark energy that she is able to summon. Maryann is one of the most talked about characters in the True Blood world … and the fact that she is able to get under our skin and make us shudder with fear and loathing shows that Michelle has made Maryann come to life in all of her evil splendor. Yes, there is something beautifully mad in the Maenad … a creature which thrives on the dark side of Life and delights in creating chaos and mayhem. It is hard to watch and impossible to ignore. Although I definitely would like to see the Maenad get her just desserts, I cannot help but be thoroughly impressed by Michelle Forbes. Brava!!

Over at the Fots church, Eric moans in pain as heavy silver chains burn into his flesh … while Steve Newlin exultantly tells his “congregation” that a few ounces of silver can betray a child of Satan to the world. Sookie looks on in horror…asking, “How can you people listen to him!!??” Eric haltingly begins to speak, “I offer myself in exchange for Godric‘s freedom…and the girl’s, as well.” Steve tells Eric that it is noble of him to offer, but Sookie is “a traitor to the human race. She hardly deserves mercy!” Looking down into Eric‘s face, Steve taunts him, saying, “Maybe we should tie her to you, so you can meet the sun together? I bet this marshmallow (referring to Sookie) would roast up nicely!” There is something quite nauseating in the way Steve seems to take such sadistic glee in torturing and tormenting those he has deemed “unworthy”. Sookie continues struggling to break free from her captors…and suddenly, Bill bursts through the doors into the sanctuary, calling out to Sookie as he does. She turns to look at Bill with relief and hope … and he tries to rush to her, but is stopped when Steve pulls out a gun and points it at Sookie, telling Bill, “One more step vampire and the girl dies,” Bill snarls, showing his fangs… telling Steve, “if you shoot her, everyone here will die. Let her go now!!” Steve looks at Sookie with disgust and wonders, “Honestly, what do they see in you?” and tells his soldiers to get out the silver chains to subdue Bill. Luke begins to take a step toward Bill and Sookie cries out, “Don’t!! He’s done nothing to you!!” jason-sniperSuddenly, Jason shouts, Newlin!!” to get Steve‘s attention and shoots him in his gun hand with a green paintball. Steve cries out in pain (I guess those little suckers must pack one helluva punch!) [Editor’s note: They do when shot that close!] Sookie looks at her brother in stunned amazement as Jason tells Steve to let Sookie go and fires another paintball, smack dab between his eyes. (Nice shot, Jason!!) Bill wrests Sookie away from her captors and hugs her close to him. She then rushes to Eric to pull the burning chains free from his skin, releasing him. “Let’s go!” she tells Eric and Bill … but Eric has bloodlust in his eyes for Steve Newlin and slams him down with a fist around his throat. “Eric!! Do not kill him!” Sookie cries out, just as Jason yells at Eric, egging him on to kill Steve. Steve says, “Martyr us … we are willing to die!!” Just then, Stan enters the church with a posse of seriously pissed off vampires … telling Steve that they will kill them first, just like they did his father. Sookie says “God, no!” when she hears this … and Steve tries to escape from Eric, screaming out, “Murderers!!” Stan tells the vampires to destroy them all … and just in time, a voice calls out from the balcony, “Enough!!”. Godric stands alone, high above the chaos … and asks Stan in the calmest of voices, “You came for me, I assume?” Stan says, “Yes, Sheriff.” and backs away from Luke, just as he was about to sink his fangs into his neck.godrics-underlings-large

Godric beseeches them , “These people have not harmed me. You see? We can co-exist. Mr. Newlin, I do not wish to create bloodshed where none is called for. Help me set an example. If we leave you in peace, will you do the Same?” Steve is unmoved and tells him that he will not negotiate with “sub-humans”. He looks up at Eric and bares his neck, telling Eric, “Kill me. Do it. Jesus will protect me.” Godric tells Steve, “I am actually older than your Jesus. I wish I could have known him..but I missed it…” and almost instantly, Godric appears in front of Steve, holding him up by the collar of his suit. “Good people,” Godric says, “who among you is ready to die for this man’s badness?” It is so silent that you could hear a pin drop and Godric says, “That’s what I thought. Stand down everyone. People, go home. It’s over now.” Sookie sags against Bill in relief and says, “Thank God.” Bill tells her, “It’s alright. You’re safe now.” Steve Newlin watches all of his people silently turning away from him and cries out, “Please don’t leave me!” Luke looks stunned and deeply conflicted, but turns to leave in spite of it. Godric releases Steve and tells him, “I daresay my faith in humankind is stronger than yours.” Godric tells his vampires to come with him, although Stan is none too happy about it. Eric turns to Sookie, asking her, “Are you sure you’re okay?” but Bill angrily gets in his face saying, “She’s fine, go with your maker”.

Jason rushes to Sookie and embraces her in total relief. He says, “I’m so sorry, will you please forgive me?” Sookie asks him, “What were you doing with these people? Are you out of your mind?!” Jason tells her that he definitely was … and tells her that Steve “sucked his brain out and planted all these little babies in there.” (Say what?! Another classic Jason-ism) Steve looks defiantly at Jason, telling him, “You know nothing. On the final day of reckoning, we’ll see who goes to heaven and who goes to hell.” Jason stands in front of Steve with a mocking grin and tells him, “I reckon I’ve already been to heaven. It was inside of your wife.” OUCH! That’s gotta hurt. Jason slams his fist into Steve‘s face, as Sookie is telling him that they need to get going now! Jason throws his “honesty ring” at Steve and he picks it up, comprehension dawning on his face as he is left in his church completely alone. How poetic.


Meanwhile, back at Merlotte‘s, Sam is being interrogated by Bud (William Sanderson) and Kenya (Tanya Wright). Sam tries to get them to tell him who called them to come to Merlotte‘s in the first place … but Bud tells him, “That’s why it’s called an anonymous tip, we can’t tell you who phoned it in.” Sam tells him, “They wanted you to find me! Why would I keep a body in my own refrigerator?” Kenya tells Sam that there is a rumor that he has been seeing Daphne…which he doesn’t deny. Kenya seems very suspicious because Sam doesn’t “seem too beat up about it” and Sam tells her that they “sorta broke up.” (I am sure that he is probably thinking, if he told them why he really “broke up” with Daphne, they would probably throw him in the loony bin!) Finally, Sam tells them, “Listen, you’ll have to trust me. This is bigger and crazier than you can even imagine.” Kenya says, “I’ll say… this is the second time in two weeks that a woman has been found at your bar with her heart missing!” Sam is beginning to get pretty aggravated by now and tells them, “C’mon Bud, Kenya …listen to yourselves! You know me!” Bud tells him, “I’m not sure we do. You got no birth records. No social security number. We can’t even find out where you went to high school.” Sam tells Bud that it’s hard to explain…but Bud tells him, “Save it, son. Nothing about your past ever checks out…” Just about then, Andy (Chris Bauer) walks in … still disheveled and looking more than a little crazed… (Okay, is it just me, or is this more than a little ironic that Andy is actually the only one in law enforcement who has been actively investigating what is going on is this town…and he is also the only one who seems to be interested in finding out the real truth, no matter how strange it might be … the irony being that he has pretty much lost his badge for telling the truth, which Bud and Kenya assume is just the drunken ravings of a madman. It might be wise if they were to open up their eyes and their minds to what Andy is trying to show them…)

andy-budq03Andy tells Bud and Kenya that they have got the wrong man … going on to say, “Sam‘s not the one you want. He’s a victim. I saw him nearly get killed last night..” Bud asks, “By who?” Andy says, “The Bull.” Kenya says, “The What??” Bud then says, “oh Andy… (speaking to Kenya) …he thinks he saw some kind of a bull…” Andy says, “with claws! A bull in a dress…with claws!!” Bud tells him he is just babbling again…and Kenya tells Bud to let her shut Andy up! ( I have to admit, it sounds completely nuts when he tells it, even though it is true … Poor Andy!) Then Andy tells them that the vic (Daphne) was a part of this whole group of crazy people who were trying to get Sam. He tells them that he tried to fight them off, and points at his cast on his arm, calling it a “war wound.” Andy looks at Sam in desperation, “I’m corroborating here, Sam, tell ’em!!” Sam looks miserably at Bud and Kenya and says, “If I told you that’s what happened, would you believe me?” Bud and Kenya just look at them in silent disbelief. Andy finally realizes how crazy it really does sound … and says, “Ohhhh, shit!” It is indeed a crazy world when the guy who appears like he has lost every last marble in his head is actually the voice of reason. I am rooting for ya, Andy!! [Editor’s Note: Me too, all he’s ever wanted was to be a hero!]

Over at Sookie‘s, Tara and Eggs are back on the couch … trying to figure things out. Tara tells Eggs he is not the only one who has “blacked out”… she has, Arlene has. She wonders if maybe there is a gas leak or something (this is really grabbing at straws here, Tara!!) Eggs says, “What about Andy Bellefleur? He said he saw all of us…” Tara dismisses this entirely, saying that Andy is the only one they know who is out of his mind! Eggs continues to insist that he has a sick feeling that he has done something bad…and then, “Knock Knock!!” Maryann tells them that she hopes she isn’t interrupting anything…” (Yeah, right!!) Eggs tells her, no…they are just trying to piece together everything they have been doing the past few days. Maryann tells them that it looks like somebody’s been enjoying themselves a bit too much (talking about herself actually!) Then she tells them that maybe they should all ease up on the partying and take it easy… both Tara and Eggs just sit silently, obviously distressed. Maryann then says, “Hey!! Snacks ready!” Tara and Eggs wander out to the kitchen and Maryann brings a baking dish to the table, with a big grin…”Hope you’re hungry!” She tells them that it is “hunter souffle”. Eggs says he didn’t know hunter’s made souffle’s…and she tells him, “most don’t… Dig in!!” Tara cuts into the souffle to serve it up and blood comes oozing out (come ON, girl, doesn’t that just look Wrong??!!) Eggs feeds Tara a bite sized piece of…the meat? Tara says, “Damn! What is in that… is that the rabbit you caught?” “Among other things …” says Maryann. (Like Daphne‘s heart, for instance!? ICK.) Maryann grins as they start to devour the meal, then she laughs right out loud. Her minions are being sooo cooperative! They start to get giddy and Maryann just rocks in her chair in delighted anticipation…


Meanwhile, at the Dallas vampire nest, Godric is receiving visitors, who are lined up to greet him. Stan tells him, “Welcome home, Sheriff. We are all very relieved.” Godric just looks at him in silence. Jason is next up and somewhat nervously tells Godric that he is so sorry for what the Fellowship put him through. Godric replies, “You have saved many lives today, Mr. Stackhouse. Please know that you have friends in this area whenever you visit.” Jason tells him he doesn’t know that he will be wanting to come back to Dallas anytime soon. Jason turns to walk out of the room and almost bumps right into Eric. Eric says, a bit sarcastically to say the least, “Hail the Conquering Hero.” Jason tells him that he is no hero, but Eric tells him, “You are in this town. But in my area, we know you as a buyer and user of vampire blood and that is a very grave offense.” Jason assures Eric that he doesn’t do that anymore and Eric tells him that all things considered, they can call it even. Jason is in a hurry to end this conversation, but Eric looks him in the eye and tells him, “You won’t be doing that again.” Jason nods his head and Eric just shakes his head and Jason tells him, “No. No, I got it”. “Good boy.” Eric says, “Run along.” As he leaves, Eric just grins.

Elsewhere in the house, Sookie confronts Bill, wanting to know why he did not come to rescue her sooner. She says, “You’ve avoided being alone with me all night…” Bill replies, “Nonsense, with all the commotion there’s hardly been time…” Sookie tells him, “Bill, I was in that basement for two days. You don’t even want to know what almost happened to me down there. Where were you?” She goes on to say that he has always come running whenever she has needed him, even in broad daylight. He finally replies, “I was held.” Sookie replies, “Held? You mean kidnapped? By who? By Eric?” Eric walks over to them, “Hmmmm, I heard my name. I hope you were speaking well of me.” Sookie looks at him defiantly, “Why should I? You let me walk into a trap.” Eric tells her that he regrets it and if he had known that would be a possibility … but she cuts him off mid sentence, saying, “You did know. But because it was Godric, you’d risk anything.” Eric replies, “The bond between a vampire and his maker is stronger than anything you can imagine. Perhaps one day you’ll find out.” Bill looks daggers at EricSookie looks at Eric and then both Sookie and Eric look at Bill. Hmmm. Quite a cat and mouse game going on here. It is amazing to see the way in which truly gifted actors such as Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer and Alexander Skarsgard can communicate so much without saying a word.

Hoyt & His Newfound Love InterestBack in Bon Temps, Jessica and Hoyt have arrived at Bill‘s house and they barely make it in the door, kissing passionately. Hoyt looks so happy… and yet, a little worried about what might happen if Sookie and Bill arrived any minute now. Jessica is not about to be denied and tells Hoyt that she can’t believe she waited so long and warns him that they are, “gonna do it every night, whether you want to or not”. Then, Jessica throws him onto the couch and jumps on his lap, all at vamp speed … and Hoyt has pretty much stopped protesting at this point! Things are progressing rapidly … and suddenly, Jessica yells out in pain … it seems she is doomed to “be a virgin forever” since vampires heal immediately. Poor Hoyt looks like he is not sure what to say and promises her that it will always be beautiful and that every time will be like the first time. Jessica is distraught and Hoyt looks like he is a bit flummoxed as to what he can do to comfort her…

Meanwhile, at vamp headquarters in Dallas, we see Eric walk around a corner and Bill grabs him by the arm. Eric tells Bill that he does not like to be touched. (I hope he just means by Bill!) Bill tells him, “Believe me, I do not like touching you. Your contact with Sookie will cease from this moment.” Eric tells Bill that is hardly his decision. Bill then says, “Calling in my maker because you couldn’t win Sookie for yourself was feeble and desperate, even for you.” Eric just grins at Bill, and asks him, “Are you picking a fight? I’d like to see you try.” Bill tells Eric that Sookie will never be his and there is nothing he can do. Bill says, “In this you are powerless. Accept it.” Good grief, just get out the measuring tape and get it over with already. I guess boys will be boys, even when they are vampires!


Cut to Isabel bringing Hugo in to kneel before Godric. She says, “Here is the one who betrayed us.” Godric asks her if Hugo is her human and she tells him that he is. Godric asks, “Do you love him?” Isabel looks heartbroken and tells him, “I thought I did.” She weeps and hangs her head in shame. Godric says that it appears she loves him still. She says, “I do. I am sorry.” as Stan shakes his head in the background, looking disgusted. She tells Godric that he is her Sheriff and he can do with Hugo as he pleases. Godric looks at Hugo with compassion, telling him he is free to go. Even Hugo is shocked to hear this. Stan protests and Godric repeats, “The human is free to go….and do not return. I fear it is not safe for you here.” Stan tells Godric that this is a travesty and Godric replies, “This is my verdict.” Godric calls Eric to escort him out, asking him to be sure that Hugo leaves unharmed.

After Eric has taken Hugo out of the nest, Sookie confronts Bill once again, asking what that was all about…and he misunderstands her, thinking she is talking about Godric and Hugo. She tells him she is talking about Eric, wondering why Bill was just talking to Eric if he is the one who kidnapped him. Bill tells her that it was not Eric. She looks a bit exasperated at this point and is just about to ask him who it was when Jason interrupts and asks Bill if he can speak to him in private. Sookie looks more than a little frustrated that she is being foiled once again in trying to get some answers from Bill … but Bill consents after Jason tells them that he must say what he needs to say…or he never will.

sam-sadBack in Bon Temps, Bud is locking Sam up in the jail … and Sam tells him, “I know everyone says this, but I’m not the guy you want.” Bud tells him, “If it’s like you said … that there’s something out there that’s fixin’ to getcha, then jail’s just about the safest place to spend the night.” Sam sees a couple of people he knows in other cells… Jane Bodehouse and Mike Spencer (who has apparently done something unmentionable to a pine tree!) Kenya tells him it has been a helluva night and it must be a full moon. Sam tells her he’s pretty sure it’s not.. (which is pretty funny since Sam the shapeshifter would surely know!) and Bud locks Sam up in a cell, leaving him looking pretty miserable…

In Dallas, Jason and Bill are having a little heart-to-heart talk … and Jason asks Bill to forgive him. Jason tells Bill, “you love my sister… and there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to. All this time I let my own stupid ignorance stand in the way.” Bill looks pretty taken aback, but says, “Thank you… but I am also in your debt for helping rescue Sookie.” Jason tells him it is the least he could do after all he did to screw things up, saying, “I am just sorry it took me so long to wake up to it.” Bill reassures him, “Well you did. Just in time.” Jason is so overcome with emotion that he grabs Bill and gives him a hug. After a couple of awkward moments, they pat each other on the back and Jason asks Bill, “Was that okay for you?” and Bill tells him, “It was fine.” So sweet and funny and touching! A classic True Blood moment for sure. [Editor’s Note: Bill looked so uncomfortable as to be hysterical, he needs to be hugged more often!]

Elsewhere in the house, Eric goes to Godric to talk with him alone. He tells him, “The human has been dispatched. I told him not to stop driving until he reaches the Mexican border.” He tells Godric he has arranged for an AB Negative human for him, which is extremely rare. Godric tells Eric that he is not hungry, looking as though the weight of all the world is on his shoulders. Eric tells him he has to feed eventually, and tries to lighten things up, telling him with a bit of a grin that he is sure that the Fellowship did not have much to offer. Godric is silent and looks off into the distance. Eric senses his mood and asks him why he would not leave with him when he came to rescue him. Godric tells him that they (the Fellowship) did not treat him badly… and that Eric would be shocked how ordinary most of them are. Eric looks angry, telling Godric that, “The Fellowship does nothing but fan the flames of hatred for us.” Godric then looks sadly at Eric and says, “Let’s be honest. We are frightening. After thousands of years we haven’t evolved. We’ve only grown more brutal. More predatory. I don’t see the danger in treating humans as equals. The Fellowship of the Sun arose because we never did so.” Eric asks him, “Is that why you wouldn’t fight when they took you?” Godric tells Eric, “I could have killed every last one of them in minutes … and what would that have proven?” Eric seems to be struggling with conflicted emotions, but is listening intently to what his maker is telling him.

The writing in every scene with Godric is pure perfection … (Thank you again, Alexander Woo!) and Allan Hyde is such a joy to watch. As Godric, he perfectly illuminates the nature of compassion and mercy and the value of setting a peaceful example. You can feel how weary Godric is of the violence and the war between vampires and humans. It will also be very interesting to see how Godric‘s example and influence might manifest itself in Eric‘s life in the future …

Swinging to the far polar opposite from the peaceful example of Godric is the scene which follows with Tara and Eggs … an exceedingly disturbing scene that I had a very hard time watching. After consuming Maryann‘s “hunter’s soufflA?” they are at first giddy and then increasingly agitated… culminating with a sickeningly violent confrontation which morphs into sexual frenzy. [Editor’s Note: I hated this scene, it was just all kinds of wrong, as Tara would say, “That’s some fucked up shit, there!] All the while Maryann is watching them, throwing her head back, laughing in satisfaction and delight. I am wondering if she is influencing them physically with who-knows-what-all ingredients in all the food she makes for them … but I feel she is also supernaturally influencing them, filling them up with her own dark energy and feeding off of their emotional response.

Back in Dallas, the tension mounts as we see someone exit a vehicle and walk slowly to the house…

Cut to Lorena, entering the house in a flaming scarlet evening gown … she searches the room and finds Sookie … heading straight for her. They exchange a couple of pleasantries in introduction, but Lorena‘s “claws” don’t take too long to emerge! She tells Sookie, “You’re what all the fuss is about.” Sookie looks a bit confused and says, “Excuse me?!” Lorena looks her over and says, “Aren’t you a morsel?” Sookie then says, “I’m sorry…who are you?” Lorena says, “We have a mutual friend.” The smile has left Sookie‘s face by now and she gives Lorena a hard look, saying, “Bill?” Lorena smiles like the cat that ate the canary and tells her in a sickeningly sweet voice, “That’s right. Funny he never mentioned me. I practically made him what he is today..” Suddenly, Bill rushes into the room and Lorena says, ” Oh hello darling … I was just getting to know your plaything …” (Meowwwww!) Sookie looks at him and says, “Bill? Is this your maker?” He tells her that Lorena released him years ago and no longer has any hold over him. Lorena then sinks the claws in a little deeper and says, “Oh I wouldn’t say that…we had two marvelous nights together in your hotel room.” OUCH! She then tells Sookie that Bill hit her over the head with a plasma television earlier that night … adding some ridiculously ironic remarks about there being no excuse for “domestic violence.” [Editor’s note: I think Lorena made a mistake admitting that Bill fought her, up till then, Sookie was worried] Bill tells Sookie what Lorena has failed to mention is that she was holding him prisoner. Lorena says, “Pshaw! We were just catching up is all…you must’ve been worried sick, wondering where he was” in a voice guaranteed to make any woman want to scratch her eyes right outta her head! She then tells Sookie, “I admit, it got a bit.. heated. But you know how old lovers can get sometimes…” and reaches out to touch Bill‘s face. Sookie has had more than enough of this crap by now and grabs Lorena‘s arm, getting right in her face, telling her, “Do not touch him.” Even Stan looks impressed! Lorena says, “My. We’re feisty too.” She then laughs in Sookie‘s face, telling her she is no more than a “blood bag” and that she cannot win this. Sookie stands right up to her, telling her, “I’ve already won. Bill chose me…and yet, you still won’t give up. Don’t you have any shame?” This is beginning to freak Bill out just a bit and he begs Sookie to stop… Lorena says, “I’d listen to him …” and gives her a dismissive wave, telling Sookie, “Run away, little girl” as she walks toward Bill and then says, “William and I love each other…” Bill grabs Lorena and tells her she has gone mad … Sookie rushes toward Lorena and tells her, “Maybe you do love him, who am I to guess? But he doesn’t love you. He never has… and that, we both know!” Lorena‘s fangs come out and she demands that Sookie takes back her words, or they will be her last… Bill separates the two of them, and Sookie is seriously pissed off now, telling Lorena, ” Go find someone else, you effing bitch! You’ve lost this one!” Lorena throws Bill aside and is about to sink her fangs into Sookie‘s neck when suddenly, a fist grabs Lorena around the neck and it is Godric, telling her, “Retract your fangs. Now.” Godric tells her, “I neither know, nor care who you are…but in this area and certainly in this nest, I am the authority. Do you understand?” Lorena tells him, “Yes, Sheriff.” Godric releases her and turns to look at Sookie, telling everyone that “this human has proven herself to be a courageous and loyal friend to our kind…” and then turns to Lorena, telling her, “… and yet you treat her like a child does a dragonfly, pulling off wings for sport?? No wonder they hate us.” Lorena is controlling her vicious temper with visible effort, telling Godric through clenched teeth, “She provoked me.” He looks her right in the eye and says, “..and you provoke me. You disrupted the peace in my own home. I could snap you like a twig … and I haven’t . Now why is that?” Lorena concedes, saying, “It’s your choice.” Godric agrees, “Indeed it is,” shaking his head. He tells her that he can tell she is an old vampire and has had hundreds of years to better herself and yet she hasn’t. He tells her, “You’re still a savage…and I fear for all of us, humans and vampires, if this behavior persists…” He tells Bill to escort her from the nest and tells Lorena to leave his area by dawn.

Lorena and Bill walk out of the house and she is crying tears of blood, saying that she has no idea how things have gotten this way. She tells him, “I can’t help it that I still love you…you know I do!! But now, it’s become nothing but a constant humiliation” Bill tells her that the pain she suffers she has inflicted upon herself. She asks him when they will see eachother again and he insists, “Never.” She tells him that they are immortal and their paths are bound to cross eventually… Something tells me that Bill should watch his back…forever.

Inside the house, we see that the Luke-inator has come calling upon the vampires of Dallas. Jason tries to talk to him and he shakes him off… He calls out into the room, “Excuse me everyone! If I could have your attention…My name is Luke MacDonald and I am a member of the Fellowship of the Sun… and I have a message for you all..from Reverend Steve Newlin” as he unzips his jacket to reveal that he is strapped with a bomb, laden with silver bullets and wood and silver chains…


Up next!

Bill is outside of the house in Dallas when an explosion blasts out of the windows…

Maryann wants to know how much they have had to drink this time…and Tara tells her that she has never been this out of control. Maryann tells Tara and Eggs that “We need to be out of control. We crave it…”

Sam yells at Bud that he has no right to keep him locked up in jail…

Tara is drinking shots while Lafayette wonders, “What’s wrong with you Tara? Is you even in there..??”

Nan Flanagan is meeting with the vampires in Dallas, telling them, “this is a disaster. We should drain every one of you…”

Lorena, alone in a throne-like chair, looking a little too happy about something…

Sam still in jail…and is that Maryann, at the jail?!

Bill is sinking his fangs into someone…

Lafayette and Eggs fighting over Tara?

Jessica and Hoyt…and is that Jessica with her fangs out, looking seriously angry?

Tara hauls off and slaps Lettie Mae!

Maryann, walking into Merlotte‘s telling everyone that the god demands his sacrifice and where is Sam Merlotte???


Hold onto your butts, the True Blood rollercoaster ride which has already provided non-stop thrills and chills galore is about to get even crazier!!!

(Photo credits: HBO)

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True Blood "Release me"… True Blood casts a Bewitching Spell and we are Hopelessly Enchanted!!

August 14, 2009

billOut of the darkness and into the Light of Truth… we are beginning to see the bigger picture and last week”s relentless trip into darkness has actually brought us into a deeper understanding of the nature of so many of the characters in True Blood…and there may yet be Light at the end of a very long tunnel into madness and evil. Hope Springs Eternal! I continue to be fascinated and addicted, frightened and enlightened, dashed to the depths of despair only to ascend into the dizzying heights of all that is Possible… and I wait breathlessly for clarity and understanding as each episode unfolds. A week is really much too long to wait when there are so many questions unanswered and so many lives hanging in the balance. The genius of this kind of storytelling is that it reaches inside of us and takes hold of us, touching our hearts, beckoning us to stop and consider the emotional landscape in which these characters dwell. In so many ways, their journey is our journey… the endless search to understand one another, fighting to break free from the burning chains which bind us to intolerance, hatred and fear. The quest to seek out and cherish the good inside of our hearts and to celebrate all that we share, remembering that what connects us is so much more important than anything that makes us different. This is whatA?the best kind of storytelling is all about: opening our hearts and minds to learning more about one another and the important truths we can learn from each other… teaching us about who we really are and who we long to be … deep down, underneath all of the masks we wear.

We can *feel* Bill“s desperation to hold on to Sookie (Anna Paquin)… and to the miracles of love and redemption she represents in his life. His determination to claim his power to choose or finally die trying is a testament to all that is Good inside of Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer)…and we cheer him on as he is finally liberated from Lorena (Mariana Klaveno). Which, of course, only makes it that much more heinous when she returns to his life and threatens all that he has struggled to build. He is a tragic hero in so many ways…and his struggles and flaws seem very, very human indeed.

Stephen Moyer is a revelation as Bill … for someone to portray the deepest evil in Bill“sA?past and the most poignantA?and tender moments of Light and Love in his present takes an actor of uncommon grace and artistry. Someone fearless, who can stretch themselves and fully give themselves to bring a character as textured and layered as Bill Compton to *Life* deserves every accolade this world can offer. Bravo, Stephen! You absolutely blow my mind.

In the True Blood Universe, Temptation is Everywhere: and the struggle for power and control is evident in the seemingly polar opposites of Steve Newlin (Michael McMillian) and Maryann Forrester (Michelle Forbes). They are both convinced that they have the right to impose their will upon others … convincing them to join with them or face the consequences. There is something very similar in the way that they seduce and beguile the weak and the broken into thinking that there is only one way to live… by their rules, with no exception. While Maryann is admittedly much more powerful, Steve Newlin is just as disturbing in his own particular madness … and perhaps even more distressing in that it is all dressed up as something pure and righteous. Most of the vampires tend to feel superior to all other beings and seem to regard feelings and emotion as signs of weakness … and yet, the most touching moments of all are the moments in which the vampires discover that they have feelings too, whether they want to or not. Nearly every group has shown signs of elitist behavior: do it our way or hit the highway. This is especially true of the human beings who are threatened by anything supernatural, anything beyond what they have seen and known in their lives. There is just so much that feels familiar… in the best and worst of ways. As Sam (SamTrammell) begins to find his courage and stands up to fight for his life, we feel every moment of his torment and we cheer him on, wanting him to find his way OUT of Maryann“s evil clutches. There is so much to cheer for, so much to hope for and so much to make us laugh and cry and wonder and learn.

The episode begins with Andy (Chris Bauer)A? facedown in the muddy grass, yelling “Pig!!” at the top of his lungs.

We then see Sam, being held facedown by Eggs (Mehcad Brooks) on some sort of sacrificial stone altar…with Tara (Rutina Wesley) staring into his face with those crazy black eyes, telling him to “just give in, it feels so good” as she licks his face and grins like a madwoman. Poor Sam wonders what on earth Maryann has done to Tara, as Maryann begins to approach Sam, having fully morphed into the beastwoman with three wicked looking claws. Just in time, Andy has made his way into the clearing, and seeing the mayhem, he fires his gun into the air to distract the bloodthirsty mob. Suddenly, Sam breaks free and when Daphne (Ashley Jones) tries to restrain him, he punches her lights OUT! I have never been so glad to see someone get what is coming to them in all my life! Eggs begins to scream and this sets off the entire crowd…it seems that whatever emotion they are feeling is amped up by Maryann and her “whammy”. Sam runs for his life with Maryann chasing after him, and we can hear her as she calls out, “Come here, Sam…come here, boy…”, as if she is calling a dog, which, after all, he sometimes is…and suddenly, Sam sees an owl in the trees and shapeshifts into an owl, flying away from Maryann. Yaayyy Sammy!!!A? She leans over and picks up Sam”s discarded shirt with her three claws (ick!) and pulls off the bulls-head mask, looking after Sam in frustration that he got away from her once again.

Back in the clearing, Andy points his gun at the mob, telling everyone not to move…as they all shuffle off, completely ignoring him, in a daze. He sees his cousin Terry and tries to talk to him, Terry turns and looks at Andy with those black eyes and knocks Andy to the ground and breaks his arm with a sickening crack. He and Arlene begin to laugh hysterically and wander off, leaving Andy moaning on the ground…

sookieMeanwhile, in the basement of the FotS (Fellowship of the Sun)”church”, Sookie yells for Godric (Allan Hyde), telling him that Isabel (Valerie Cruz) and Eric (Alexander SkarsgA?rd) sent them, knowing that Godric would be able to hear her with his enhanced “vampire hearing”. Hugo (Christopher Gartin) begins to panic, claiming that his claustrophobia is a very real thing… while Sookie is distracted by the “fun” board games (stacked up in the storage area where they are imprisoned) with titles like Silver and Stakes, Send “Em Back to Hell, etc…lamenting how sick it is to teach kids to hate like that. She tells Hugo that there has to be a traitor in the Dallas nest since the FotS knew they were coming ahead of time and tried to snatch her at the airport as well. Hugo tries to shift the blame to Stan (Ed Quinn)… and Sookie comments that Bill had to have felt her fear. She seems to feel conflicted about wanting Bill to come and save her and yet, fearing for him since there is no limit to what this demented group will do to vampires… especially since they plan to BBQ a 2000 year old vampire in front of an entire congregation.

Back in Bill“s room, Lorena is still preventing Bill from leaving as he screams in frustration for her to get out of his way. She taunts him, “You smell like her… sweet … and cheap”. She throws him across the room, telling him, “William Compton, you are still so sensitive… some might say that is a weakness… but I”ve always found it …oddly… cute.” He throws her off of him, asking her what she is doing there… she tells him she has missed him and that it has been so long…

Flashback to Los Angeles 1935…Bill is sitting reading “Gods and Monsters of Ancient Greece”, when Lorena comes in with a “present” for him…Frances from the chorus of the “desperately cheerful” musical she just saw. Frances begins to dance down the stairs to the music on the stereo, which Bill turns off immediately… and Lorena tells her, “Don”t mind him, he”s in one of his moods…again.” She tells Frances, “I am sure we can find a way to cheer him up…”A? He tells Lorena, “I meant what I said…No more…” She tells him he can”t starve himself…and Bill seems to be about to bite Frances in the neck when he firmly gives her shoulders a shake and tells her to “Leave. Now.”

He tells Lorena that he can”t stand the sight of her…and she tells him that he is so dramatic and is just depressed… He tells her, “I am not depressed. I am seeing clearly for the first time in years. I won”t do this any longer. It”s over.” He is emphatic, “No more innocent lives. No more bloody baths. No more cruelty for sport.”A? She seems appalled and tells him, “You are vampire, they are food. That”s your nature.” He tells her, “No. That is your nature. You have lost your humanity and you have stolen mine. You have made me into a monster and I will have to live with the things we”ve done for eternity”. Lorena seems to grasp how serious he is, and she tries to appeal to him, telling him that “this conscience of yours, you will outgrow it …” He tells her in no uncertain terms that “I will never again be what you want me to be.”

Flash forward to Lorena and Bill at the Hotel Carmilla…Bill is telling her, “If Sookie is hurt in any way because of you, I will not stop until I drive a stake through whatever semblance of a heart you have left.” Lorena just looks at him with disgusted amusement … and says, “Its true…you”re in love…with a human. It”s so tragic, it”s funny…” and she laughs and laughs like a complete psycho. Which, of course, she IS.

Eric and Isabel, meanwhile, are keeping watch outside the FotS church, while Sookie and Hugo remain inside…Eric is incredulous, telling her she has to be joking if this is their “army”…”scared little boys with Bibles and crossbows.” Isabel tells Eric he should not underestimate them, that support for their movement is growing, with leadership camps overflowing with self-righteous extremists all willing and ready to die for their cause. Eric tells her that “could be arranged quite easily” but Isabel warns him that they need to be sure the Fellowship has Godric before making a move. Eric asks Isabel, “What about your boy, Hugo?… and Sookie? They”ve been in there too long.” Isabel tells him that if Hugo were in danger, she would know it … that she felt something earlier, but it passed and he is “okay now.”A? Hmmm. That is very intriguing given that Isabel and Hugo are lovers and she should be able to feel his panic… if his panic was the real deal!A? I think she is completely clueless about Hugo“s true agenda. Poor Hugo had better run for the hills when she finds out!

Eric then says, “Tell me… what is it you find so fulfilling about human companionship?” She tells him, “They feel much more strongly than we do. Everything is Urgent. Exciting. Maybe because their lives are so temporary.”A? “Yes.” Eric says, “they certainly don”t keep well.” Isabel tells him that she finds the prospect of Hugo becoming old and infirm, “Curious, like a science project.” (Gee, I wonder how Hugo would feel about taking a spin on a hamster wheel??) Isabel then wonders, “How does Bill Compton feel about your interest in Sookie?” With the merest suggestion of a raised eyebrow to indicate otherwise, he tells her, “I am not interested in Sookie and even less in how Bill Compton feels. My only interest is finding Godric” A?while staring straight ahead with no expression on his face. Isabel smirks a bit deviously and turns to look at him, saying, “Of course.” Eric, still staring ahead, says, “Don”t look at me like that.”A? Hmm. Methinks that Eric doth protesteth too much.

Sarah(Anna Camp)A? and Jason (Ryan Kwanten) are cuddling in the balcony of the church, with Sarah crying “tears of joy” after making love with Jason. (Excuse me while I gag…) She tells him that they will have to tell Steve right away due to the “vow of honesty”… Jason looks at her like she has just started speaking Swahili to him! He reminds her about the upcoming lock-in and the “vampire bbq” and she tells him that they need to put God first (one of the more ironic statements I have ever heard!) … but they do have to tell Steve as soon as possible. I think it is possible that Jason Stackhouse may have discovered the one woman in the world he will Really Regret having slept with … and he looks like he is ready to jump right out of his skin. Sarah Newlin is one massive tidalwave of trouble and he just dove right in, thinking the water is fine…but really, it is infested with piranhas.

Back in Jessica“s room at the Hotel Carmilla (interestingly… right next door to Bill“s room where he is having a smackdown with Lorena …why doesn”t Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) “hear” this???) … she and Hoyt (Jim Parrack) are snuggling and he confesses that he, “ain”t never done IT”. She asks him, “You”re a virgin?” and when she finds out he is, she tells him, “Well, big whoop, so am I”. They share some very sweet pillow talk and Hoyt tells her that he “…waited for the right one. The right one never showed up…” Then he told her that he had waited so long, he didn”t want to give it away to just anyone. She tells him, “if it”s okay, I”ll be your first.” She discovers that it is very close to dawn, so they will have to wait a while longer… but, she wants to cuddle… and tells him not to freak out if she looks a little… dead. Too Cute!! These two never fail to put a huge grin on my face…

ericMeanwhile, elsewhere in the Hotel Carmilla, Stan, Isabel and Eric are walking down the corridor to Eric“s room. Stan wonders if “the little rats have run off and joined the Fellowship”…and Isabel angrily tells him, “Careful, Hugo is mine”. “Oh Please,” says Stan, “if you cared so much about him you”d have been in that church hours ago.” They continue squabbling and finally, Stan turns his anger onto Eric, telling him, ” The Fellowship has your maker and your telepath. And still, you do nothing.” Eric has finally had enough, and slams Stan up against the wall, barely controlling himself as he says, “Are you questioning my loyalty, Stan?” Stan looks a bit taken aback and tells Eric he is just trying to return Godric to his rightful position. Eric tells him he thinks Stan has another agenda… “Maybe you think starting a war with the Fellowship will distract us from the truth…that you”re so starved for power you murdered Godric for his title.” Stan tells him that is a lie and Isabel worriedly steps between them, telling Eric, “We don”t know this. There”s no proof.” Eric looks as though he would love to rip Stan”s throat out, telling him that there is no proof, yet … “But I will find it. And when I do, there will be No Mercy.” Eric looks visibly shaken, telling them that “they can run into that church and kill them all, I no longer care”. He turns away from them, saying, “If Godric is gone, nothing will bring back what I have lost”…shedding a single blood red tear as he leaves them in the corridor, entering his room. This one moment reveals his tremendous grief and the anguish and anxiety he has struggled to keep so tightly controlled … as well as his deep fear that Godric has been lost to him forever, reminding us of the depth of his love and loyalty to Godric. This tells us so much about Eric… he has so many layers of personality we have yet to perceive… and Alexander is bringing Eric to life before our eyes, showing us that there is so much that we really do not know about Eric. Although I would love to see the more sensual side of Eric (and yes, this is the understatement of the millennia) as well as his delicious sense of humour (both of which have been glimpsed occasionally over the last season and a half) I remain *intrigued and more than a little curious* (to use two of Eric“s favorite words!) to learn more about who Eric is and what is important to him. I am looking forward to seeing what the True Blood writers have in store for us as they develop this fascinating character.

Meanwhile, over at Sookie“s house, Tara and Eggs awaken on the couch, unsure of how they got there or what happened to them after they, “followed those Reese”s Pieces clothes into the woods”. Eggs thinks that they were just knocked out cold by Maryann“s “weed”…but Tara is not convinced, saying that has never happened to her from smoking one joint. She seems pretty unnerved by the whole thing … and seems to finally be putting some things together when she asks Eggs about the weird place he took her to… with the blood … telling him he couldn”t remember how he got there… and he tells her he has no idea what that was all about, but is pretty sure one thing has nothing to do with the other. (Say What??!!) Tara tells him that they maybe need to sober up… and when he tells her, “Just because you got a little too stoned, it don”t make you your mama”, she wonders if he is reading her mind, like Sookie. (Hey! I thought that was a secret, Tara!!)A? He tells her that he just “gets her”. Hmmm. Tara…please pull your head out of the sand and wake UP, sister!!!

Back at Merlotte“s, Sam rushes in, pulling on a t-shirt and pulls a big ole gun out of it”s hiding place in the fireplace. Whoa, Sammy is BACK!!!!

Sookie and Hugo, meanwhile, are still locked up in the FotS basement…Steve strolls in, with a cheery smile on his face, saying, “Mornin”! Refreshments? How”d ya”ll sleep?” Let me just say that this guy is the craziest nutjob you have ever seen. What a lunatic! Sookie warns him that they (the vampires) are coming for us … and Steve tells her, “Well, that”s what I thought … I figured a pretty girl like you would have a vamp running off to your rescue. Actually, we were counting on that … weren”t we, Gabe?” Yes sir, says his faithful henchman, Gabe. Sookie tells him that they are going to get themselves killed … and that”s not a threat, that”s a fact. Steve tells her that the vamps have her all twisted … and she says that he is the one who is twisted… telling him, “You call yourself Christians? Jesus would be ashamed of you”. He laughs in her face, telling her they will have to agree to disagree on that one. He tells her that things got a little outta hand last night and he apologizes for it. (Hmmm, ya think??!! Dragging a young woman down a flight of stairs is “a little outta hand”??!!) He tells them all he wants are a few answers and he will, “feed them a hot breakfast and send them on their way”. (Is it just me, or is Steve Newlin more than just a few fries short of a Happy Meal??) Hugo just starts babbling away, telling them “her name is Sookie Stackhouse“…while Sookie looks at him like he has just grown another head. Steve looks equally stunned… asking her if she is from Bon Temps… telling her, “You”re Jason Stackhouse“s sister… am I right?” When she asks him how he knows her brother…Steve seems to barely be controlling his fury and summons Gabe to leave with him…

Sookie looks at Hugo in disgust and tells him, “Nice work”. Hugo tells her that they sat there all night waiting for her boyfriend to show up and he is going to get them out of there…she finally just tells him to shut the eff up!!A?Glad to see feisty Sookie!!

Sookie reaches out with her mind, calling on Barry (Chris Coy) the telepath for help… She tells him she needs him to go to the hotel, find Bill Compton, tell him she is in the basement of the FotS church, that the sheriff is there somewhere and she is in big trouble…

Back in Bill“s room, both Bill and Lorena are sluggish and showing the effects of remaining awake during daylight. Bill is too afraid for Sookie to sleep, Lorena won”t sleep so she can keep Bill from going to Sookie. He begs her… we need to rest. Lorena tells him she cares too much about him to let him run out into the sunlight to save Sookie… he tells her that he loves Sookie, but he is not suicidal. She reminds him that she knows exactly what he is capable of (and so do we, remembering last season…) They both begin to bleed (and we learn this is an unfortunate side effect of a vampire remaining awake during daylight hoursA?…) and Bill struggles to reach the phone, but Lorena grabs it from him, wanting to know who he is trying to casino online call. He begs her to let him call Eric Northman and wake him, since he is the reason that Sookie is in danger. She laughs cruelly, telling him that Eric is also the reason she is there… as she smashes the phone to smithereens. She tells him, “He wants the girl, William. Just let him have her.” Bill gasps in anguish at her words.


Meanwhile, back at the L.O.D.I. (Light of Day Institute) camp, Jason is taking a little stroll, with all of his suitcases… trying to get the hell out of Dodge, so to speak… when Steve and Gabe pull up and insist on Jason getting into the car with them, at knifepoint…

Over at the sheriff”s office, Andy is telling his story to Bud (William Sanderson) …(who looks more than a little crazed with that big cigar hanging outta his mouth…) He tells Bud about the bulls-head mask and these giant claws…and that the whole town had these big black saucer eyes like zombies… Bud just looks incredulous and gives a few noncommittal grunts…

At Sookie“s, Tara and Eggs are still lounging on the couch, watching the tube… when in walks Maryann, with her legs covered in blood, carrying a freshly killed rabbit which is also dripping blood…”Good Morning”, she says cheerily…Tara worriedly wonders if she is okay… and she tells them that she is “fantastic!”… and that she slept outside last night and communed with her animal nature. (That is the understatement of the universe!) They banter back and forth a bit, and Tara asks her if she threw a party, since the house looked like a “frathouse”. Maryann says she just had a few people over for drinks (Is that what you call it??!!) and wonders if that is a problem. Tara worries that Sookie could be coming home anytime since it is her house… Maryann reassures Tara that she is such a good friend and took great care of Sookie“s place while she was gone… then she wanders off, calling for “K-K-K-Karl.” Tara just looks at Eggs and says that Maryann is “so effing weird”… to which he replies, “Yeah, ain”t it great?” Tara!!! The inmates have taken over the asylum …otherwise known as Sookie“s house… and you need to figure things out Pronto!!

Steve, meanwhile, is reading Jason the riot act … as he is held at knifepoint by Gabe… telling Jason that he is burned that he took him into his home, treated him like family… to which Jason replies, “I”m so sorry, I”m weak” (thinking perhaps that Steve knows about him and Sarah??) Steve tells him that he gave Jason a chance at salvation “… and you chose …Them??” Jason keeps apologizing and finally it dawns on him and he says, “Wait a minute… who are Them?” Steve tells him to cut the act, he knows who Jason is and who he is working for. Jason just looks completely clueless and says, “The roadcrew?” This only further enrages Steve, who tells Jason, “I never thought you were the sharpest tool in the shed … good at taking orders, but not too bright … but boy was I wrong! You are snakier than a snake in the grass.” Jason tries to appeal to him, telling him he has made a mistake or has confused Jason with someone else … Steve just shuts his eyes, and ominously tells Jason, “Say a Prayer. You are going to hell. And you are going there today.” Steve tells Gabe, “Take care of him.” Gabe says, “Yes sir” and tells Jason, “Start walking, vampire lover”.

daphneCut to Daphne, sitting on the end of the dock (the very same dock where she and Samfirst took their midnight swim, I believe…) and says, “Hello, Sam” when she hears him walking up behind her. He tells her he”s been looking for her and she says, “I figured you would be”…and turns around to see Sam pointing a big gun right at her! With a huff, she says, “What”s that for?” Sam tells her, “Come any closer and you”ll find out”. She tells him she isn”t scared to die… and he tells her he knows she is scared of Maryann. He wonders about the scars on Daphne“s back… asking her, “Is that how she got you to be her whore?” She tells him it isn”t whoring if you do it for love… and when Sam mistakenly thinks she is referring to him, she tells him, “Honey, I ain”t talking about you… We had fun… but …” to which Sam (rightfully!!) screams at her, “we had fun? I effing trusted you!! I shared parts of myself I never shared with anyone!! How can you do this to your own kind??”. Daphne looks at Sam in disgust, telling him that she was once just like him: scared, stupid and full of shame. She tells him that Maryann could have killed her… and she deserved it …”but she saw something in me… she saved me, gave me a whole new life… no fear, no limits, just love.” Samtells her that killing people and cutting out their hearts isn”t love. Daphne tells him that he is a mere flea next to MaryannSam wonders if he is so insignificant, why is Maryann going to all this trouble to get him?? Daphne tells him that he got away from Maryann once and she can”t control him… and she just loves a challenge. She tells Sam, “Ya know all those funny big black eyes folks are running around with acting all crazy? That”s Maryann“s energy inside of them”…Sam wonders if it doesn”t work on him and Daphne because they are shifters…and Daphne tells him that all supernatural”s have a natural resistance, even though Maryann can force their shifts … she can”t get inside of them. They have to go to Maryann of their own free will. Suddenly, Daphne starts stripping off her clothes, telling Sam she is “sweating like a pig” (ha ha ha) and asks him if he “wants to get wet with her one last time?” Sam just looks at her in disgust, yelling, “What is she? What the eff is she??!!” Daphne says, “She”s god”…

Over in the basement of the FotS, Hugo is now beginning to seriously freak out … Sookie tries to calm him down and reaches out to grab his arm … and she “sees” into Hugo“s mind… sees him kneeling and praying with Steve and Sarah in the church, spying on her at Stan”s, reporting to Steve that the vamps are “sending in a spy tomorrow, and I”ll be with her.” Sookie looks him straight in the face and says, “You! You”re the traitor!!”

Back at the dock, Sam tells Daphne that Maryann is NOT god. Daphne replies, “She”s as close to god as we”ll ever get. People call her all kinds of things … Kali, Lilith, Isis, Gaia … but what she really is, is a Maenad. According to the Greeks, Maenad”s were the handmaidens of Dionysus… but she is really a lot more than that.” Sam wonders if she means Dionysus, the god of wine? She tells him it makes sense that he knows “that one” since he owns a bar… and then says, “Guess what else they called him? The horned god. Sound familiar?” Sam says, “Satan?” Daphne says, “Satan, Dionysus… really it”s just a kind of wild energy like lust, anger, excess… basically all the fun stuff… Maryann brings it out in people… she channels it, controls it. She”s immortal Sam… she never wasn”t here…There”s no point in fighting her, you”ll never win.” Sam tells her he is not going to just let her kill him … and then he wonders if she would go away and leave everyone alone if he gave himself up to Maryann? Daphne climbs out of the water, telling him that she wouldn”t bet on it, that Maryann is having way too much fun. “She”s like a pyro in a room full of matches.” She tells Sam to go to Maryann, that she might just let him live… Sam pushes her away from him, saying “just stay the eff away from me…”


Meanwhile, Hugo and Sookie are having a chat … he tells her that he used to be just like her… saying, ” I thought I was a real emancipated thinker, especially when Isabel took me to bed. The sex was amazing, the best ever… well… you know… It”s addictive, isn”t it? … to be desired by something that powerful.” Sookie tells him that she is no addict. Hugo begins to defend himself and Sookie finally says, “So you went to the Fellowship because you can”t control yourself?” Hugo tells her that he begged Isabel to turn him, so they could be equals… but she was just using him, the same way that Bill is using Sookie. Sookie tells him, “You don”t know Bill.” After a bit more arguing back and forth, she wonders if the Newlin“s care so much about you, how come you”re still in here? Face it, Hugo, you”re nothing but a fangbanging traitor to them.” Hugo yells out to Gabe, telling him to let him out, that Sookie knows everything.A? When no one answers his call, Sookie says sarcastically,A? “Yep. You”re so all-fired important to them, aren”t cha??”

Cut to Sarah … all dressed up, out in front of the church (in that so-sweet-it-grates-on-my-last-nerve voice of hers) calling out “Welcome” to the “flock” at the “lock-in”. Steve waltzes up to her, “hey Darlin”, looking good” to which she replies, “You too. I told you that suit was a winner”. Who do these two think they are foolin” ??!! Steve tells her he needs to speak with her in private…about Jason Stackhouse. Holey Moley…that oughta be a whopper of a conversation!!

Gabe, meanwhile, is dragging Jason into the woods, with a knife at his back. Jason keeps defending himself, saying he has been a good soldier… and that there has been some kinda mistake. Gabe tells him that there sure was a mistake, “when your mama spread her legs and pushed out you and your whore of a sister.” Well, that was not the thing to say to Jason, who proceeds to kick Gabe“s ass all over the freaking place… telling him, “Don”t EVER talk about my sister!!” With a last kick to the family jewels, Jason grabs the knife and runs off, leaving Gabe crumpled in the dirt.

Back at Merlotte“s, Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) is working the cellphone, trying to drum up some customer”s for the V, as instructed by Pam… and looks pretty exasperated, stopping to use his trusty eyelash curler. (Could it be that Lafayette is almost B.A.C.K., in all his glory?? Say its True!!)

In the bar, Tara and Eggs are playing “kissyface” when Arlene (Carrie Preston)A? walks in, wondering if they”ve seen Sam. Tara tells her that he blew off the entire day, “With Miss Employee of the Month” (meaning Daphne, I”m sure…) Arlene then says, “thank you Jesus, Santa Claus and Hare Krishna” and tells Eggs she needs to borrow Tara for a minute. They walk into the ladies room, where Lafayette is still primping … and Arlene says,”Excuse you, it says Ladies on the door”…. to which Lafayette replies, “So what you skank ho”s doing in here?” Tara (sounding so much like her old self that it makes me want to do a cheer!!) says, “Watch yourself bitch.” Lafayette then says, “I am. and I is gorgeous.” (Hallelujahs for some sassy talk outta Tara and Lafayette!! You have been missed so much!!) Tara wonders how his leg is doing…and Lafayette tells her that he has a “powerful immune system.” Tara says, “You have a powerful death wish (… perhaps clued in about the V??) and we”re gonna talk about this later.” Lafayette just sashays by…[Editor”s Note: L was workin” it, baby!]

Arlene actually looks desperately unhappy, telling Tara, “I think I might”ve done something real bad…” and Tara tells her that coming out of her mouth, that is Scary! She tells Tara that she and Terry (Todd Lowe) have been fooling around some, but haven”t gotten past first base because every time they do, he goes running “like somebody lit a fire in his whities”. So, she says she thought she”d “try to get a few drinks in him, to loosen him up a bit…and it seemed to be working pretty good…and then…I blacked out!!” (Hmmm. Does that sound at all familiar, Miss Tara??!!) She then said she thinks she might”ve had her way with Terry, just a little bit, kinda against his will…and Tara says, deadpan, “Are you telling me you date-raped Terry Bellefleur? How is that even possible?” Arlene says she doesn”t know… and that he was acting so weird when they woke up… even weirder than usual… and there were certain tell-tale signs that they had… (done it?)… and Tara gives Arlene a hard look, asking her, “You don”t remember anything?” I think Tara might be starting to connect the dots, thank heaven.

Lafayette strolls into the bar and sees Eggs, who is waiting there for Tara. He looks him over and says, “Now that just isn”t …fair…” and Eggs says, “Excuse me?” Lafayette tells him that for the first time in his life he isn”t looking for trouble and it just keeps on walking through his door!A? He tells Eggs, ” Look at you. Damn. Ain”t nothin” good can come outta something so pretty!” (Yee Haa, you GO, Lafayette!! Wheeeee….) Eggs says, “You must be Lafayette. I”m Eggs.” Lafayette says, “Tara“s Eggs?”…and Tara comes walking up, saying, that just doesn”t sound right…”Your name is Benedict. Why don”t people call you Ben?” …and then Lafayette says…” or Dict?” Tara tells him to behave…and Lafayette looks her in the eye and then looks right at Eggs, saying, “Satan in a Sunday Hat, girl. I”m trying to tell you. Satan in a Beautiful effing Sunday Hat!”

Suddenly, Andy comes walking in to the bar, disheveled to say the least, still wearing his grass and mud stained shirt, with a ginormous cast on his arm, screaming for Terry to come out!A? He yells out, “Terry Bellefleur… get out here.. I”ll be kicking your ass so hard you”ll be shitting boots!!” Tara asks Andy, “What happened to your arm?” He says,” I ain”t talking to you, devil worshipper!” Tara looks completely flabbergasted… we see Sam listening in, concealed … Andy tells her,”I saw you. I saw all of you” (talking to the bar full of people). Tara asks, “You saw what?” Andy tells her, “Go ahead, laugh and deny it … I know what I saw.” Arlene tells him Terry isn”t there and can she call him? Andy says, “Eff you, zombie woman. Eff all ya”ll, devil zombies!! Turning this town into an orgy from hell. I”ll stop you… I will stop you if it”s the last thing I ever do”…as he stumbles out of the bar. Arlene tries to make a joke, but Tara looks pretty shook up… and then Sam comes in, looking freaked out and Arlene says, “Sam, you look like you just saw a ghost”…

In Jessica“s room at the Hotel Carmilla, Hoyt is doing some “decorating” with red rose petals and blood-scented candles (which he describes as “smelling like soup”) with Leona Lewis” “Bleeding Love” playing in the background. Jessica wakes and he asks her if she likes it …and she tells him, “It”s Perfect.” He tells her “that”s what I was going for… cuz you”re perfect and I want your first time to be as perfect as you are…” She tells him, “Just take off your pants” [Editor”s Note: Wasn”t that the most coquettish “get naked” command EVER?] and he gets that “kid-on-a-Christmas morning” sweet grin on his face…(and I am wondering, where can the single girls of AmErica order a Hoyt Fortenberry of their very own??) and then he jumps in bed, with his jeans still down around his knees… Awwwww.

jason2Jason, meanwhile, is running like a madman down a dirt road when he sees the jeep he and Steve played “kill-the-vampire” paintball in… driven like a crazy person by Sarah. He seems relieved to see her, telling her that Gabe and Steve have gone nuts, and tried to kill him. Sarah, in silhouette, pulls a gun and we then see Jason falling in slow motion….

Daphne is on the dock when Maryann approaches … she goes to Maryann, telling her, “Finally. I”ve missed you.” Maryann tells her, ” Thank you, for your service” and kisses her… then steps back to reveal Eggs, with pure black eyes…who then steps forward and shoves the ceremonial dagger into Daphne“s chest … with Maryann grinning with delight just behind him. Daphne looks at Maryann with horror, disbelief and endless grief as she realizes that she is being sacrificed…and that she was just being used, the same as everyone else in Maryann“s life. What a BITCH she is. Please, I beg of you,A?I would just like to see Maryann get what is coming to her!!!

Back in the FotS basement, Hugo sees Gabe come in and wonders what has happened to his face… telling him that he is going to need protection now that Sookie knows that he is the traitor. Gabe tells him he will give him “protection!!” and proceeds to kick his ass all over their little basement prison. Sookie tries to stop him by hopping on Gabe“s back (are you completely insane, girlfriend?). So Gabe decides that she needs an ass whooping as well… he starts strangling Sookie, telling her that she and her brother can”t make an a-hole out of him (as if he needs any help with that!!) and she begins shrieking at him to take his filthy hands off her…

Cut to Bill… feeling every moment of Sookie“s terror… hearing Lorena mumbling sleepily in the background, he tries to get to the door and she quickly smashes some furniture, holding a jagged piece of wood against Bill“s back, telling him, “Open that door and I will end you.” [Editor”s Note: Am I the only one hoping Eric gets to pay for all this destruction?]

Flashback to 1935… Lorena and Bill are at a standoff…she tells him, “I gave you Everything. Everything!! and you threw it away, moaning over what you”ve lost …You disgust me!” Bill tells her, “Then let me go..” She tells him no…”I”ve made you and you are mine.” He tells her, “You know I don”t love you.” She tells him he has never tried…and he tells her that he has spent decades trying. He tells her that, “he despises himself for what I did for you … God help me … I killed innocent people to prove to you that I loved you … It was pure nihilism. [Editor”s Note: Nihilism is a philosophy which argues that life is without meaning, purpose, or intrinsic value] I do not, I can not and I will never love you.” Lorena stubbornly insists that men have given their lives to spend one night with her… and seeing that he is unmoved, she says,A?”What more can I give? What is it that you want from me?”A? “Choice”, Bill answers simply. “Let me go”, he begs. Lorena tells him that he will be all alone in the world forever, without her. A?He tells herA?she is the one who is afraid of that … and he looks at her with pity, telling herA?she is the saddest, loneliest creature he has ever known.” A?”How dare you”… she shrieks, throwing him down against a wooden table, breaking it into pieces.A? He takes up a jagged piece of the wood, pointing it toward her… she wonders if he really hates her that much? “Let me go,” he asks again… andA?she tells him she cannot live without him. He tells her she will have to… and he bares his own chest, pointing the stake of wood at his heart. She cries out,A?”No! Don”t!” andA?with tears of blood running down her cheeks, she tells him, “As your maker, I release you”… as he looks at her in stunned relief…

lorenaCut to the present, with Lorena,A?stake in hand, refusing toA?let him go to Sookie. Bill is dumbfounded …”You released me, there was nothing left between us, what could youA?possibly have to gain from this? She tells him,A?”You are making a fool of yourself with thatA?girl … you have no future with her, everyone knows it but you.” He turns to grab the stake and they struggle … suddenly, there is a knock on the door and she clamps one hand over his mouth, the other on the stake… and says, “Yes?” in a sickeningly sweet voice. It is Barry at the door, with a message for Bill Compton. She tells him, “he is tied up right now but I”ll be happy to pass it along …” Barry says, “Tell him Sookie Stackhouse is in theA?basement of the FotS church, (cut to Eric, overhearing every word from his room down the hall) …”She said the sheriff is there and she”s in some kindaA?trouble”…and we see Eric off to the rescue,A?rushing by in a lightening fast blur…. We then see Barry “thinking” to Sookie…”this is the last time I am doing you or any of your vampire buddies any favors”…as we see a hand reach out into the hallway to pull Barry into one of the rooms!!!

Back in the basement, Gabe is just about to rape Sookie when suddenly, he is yanked away from her… and she looks up to see her savior,A?a very pale teenage boy holding Gabe by the scruff of his neck… and she says, “Godric??”

Whoa.A?This show just could not possibly be packed full of any more craziness… it is off the chart in everyA?possible way! Things just keep getting more complex and complicatedA?as each episode unfolds. So much food for thought … so many possibilities… so much deception and decadence… and so many chances for deliverance for all of our beloved characters. The debate rages at fever-pitch among the True Blood devotees… whatA?in holy hell isA?going toA?happen next?? WhoA?will live… and gasp, who might die??? We can hardly wait to find out!!!

Definition of nihilism just as a point of interest. Total rejection of established laws and institutions, anarchy, terrorism, or other revolutionary activity, total and absolute destructiveness, esp. toward the world at large and including oneself, nothingness or nonexistence. Hmm. That pretty much describes the kind of life Lorena wanted toA?live with Bill. The mere fact that he was able to summon the willA?and the determination toA?escape his fate… after having almost totally erased all of his humanity is beyond a miracle…A?and shouldA?give us Hope. A?Hope that even a vampire is not doomed to a fate beyond his or her own choosing.

Up next!!

Godric, with eyes closed…”I am here my child”.

Eric, reverently kneeling before him…looking grateful and stunned…

Steve Newlin: Brothers andA?Sisters… the hour is upon us. Lines have been drawn. We are prepared forA?Armageddon.

Eric (NO!!!) on a slab in front of the congregation, with Sookie looking on… heavy silver chains burning into his flesh …”I offer myself in exchange for Godric“s freedom…”

Stan [Editor”s Note: This guy is just trouble.. mark my words!] walks into the FotS church: “We”ll kill you first … Destroy all of them!!”

AA?fight breaks out at the church … someone is trying to stake Eric!

Samis in a jail cell …?

Tara is slapping the hell out of Eggs

Maryann is preparing … a heart … for supper??? (disgusting!)

Lafayette holds the “Justice” Tarot card …

Is that someone in bed with Sookie?

Bill… finally runningA?to the rescue …

Stan, baring his fangs…

Eggs with those freaking black eyes again …

Lorena is about to sink her fangs into someone…

Eric… retaliating??!! (Hope, hope, hope!!)

Steve Newlin: There will be a holy bonfire at dawn…


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True Blood “Hard-Hearted Hannah”… Getting to the Heart of the matter…leading to Questions…and Even More Questions!

August 4, 2009

hhh-billThis episode left me with an excessive anxiety-overload…with so many beloved characters in either physical or emotional peril (and sometimes both at the Same time)… I find myself taking to heart Terry Bellefleur’s wise advice…imagining a golden glowing ball radiating warmth and safety… sincerely hoping that there will be rescue for those in danger and some resolution to the zillions of questions we are all asking at this halfway point in the season…

Such as….Who and/or What in the blazes IS Maryann? What does she want? Will anyone survive to tell the tale? Can’t some even bigger and more bad-assed supe please come along and kick her ass OUT of Bon Temps? There are seemingly no depths to which she will not sink to ensnare everyone and everything into her madness … and it is just very difficult to watch while something so apparently unstoppable takes over the entire town of Bon Temps. The Good Times have simply stopped being any good for most of my favorite characters…and it makes me feel like screaming like a banshee!!

WHAT is Eric doing with Lorena? I am anxiously awaiting the answer to that question. Alan and his merry band of writers must know what the heck they are doing…mustn’t they? I am trying to trust in that and to stop feeling as though I have entered the Twilight Zone (noooo, not That Twilight!!) and I just know that Rod Serling is going to come around the corner at any moment to reveal that we have left this dimension entirely. Please tell me someone is old enough to understand the reference here! [Editor’s Note: I’m old enough to remember black and white talkies…]

Where,oh where has our sassy outrageous Lafayette gone…oh where,oh where can he beeee??? I. just. miss. him. SO much. It breaks my heart into pieces to see him so frightened! [Editor’s Note: Lafayette in general makes me think I’m transgender AND gay.. ]

These and so many other questions had my head spinning like a top during this entire episode… and I had to think long and hard about how to put my feelings into any coherent words after watching it…

pamA few Illuminating* lyrics from “Hard-Hearted Hannah”

“…A pretty gal there
Who’s colder than an arctic storm
Got a heart just like a stone
Even nice men leave her alone
They call her “hard hearted Hannah”
The vamp of Savannah
The meanest gal in town
Leather is tough, but Hannah’s heart is tougher
She’s a gal who loves to see men suffer
To tease them and thrill ’em
To torture and kill ’em
Is her delight they say…”

Seems to me that this description could be appropriate for all manner of characters on True Blood. Lorena, Maryann and Daphne immediately spring to mind since each of them is more than able to claim that title for their very own. [Editor’s Note: I always find myself screaming ‘That BITCH!’ to which everyone replies, which one???] The lines between who is Good and who is Evil have continued to blur, leaving us careening wildly on an emotional roller coaster that has lost it’s brakes!!

I confess, this episode really threw me for a loop. I passionately miss the balance of Light and Darkness. I find myself craving the laugh-out-loud humor and the wackiness and the belly-busting hilarity that has been such a cornerstone of True Blood in the past season and a half. Don’t get me wrong…there has always been danger and evil deeds lurking all along…but there has always been a balance. For instance, we could always count on Jason or Tara or Lafayette to do or say something outrageous to break the unbearable tension…and now they are each in such conflict and in so much danger that the lighthearted moments are few and far between these days. There are so many irons in the fire and so many explosive situations on the verge of spontaneous combustion that I am worn out just trying to keep track of all of it. Even so, here is my best effort at unraveling the tangled web of episode 6…

We find Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) trying to enjoy his *meal* (provided by a beautiful and most willing blood donor)…and he finds that there is just not that much thrill left in feeding on the willing. She does her best to act the part of frightened “prey”…but her “performance” is sadly interrupted by the arrival of Eric‘s invited guest, Lorena (Mariana Klaveno). (WHAT the …. ???!!) I am holding onto hope for some clarity and awaiting many more facts before deciding what this could mean as regards any future events. Not that anyone, and I do mean anyone, could possibly guess what the writers are up to this year. As always, Time will Tell.

Cut to a beautifully tender moment in the afterglow of lovemaking for Sookie (Anna Paquin) and Bill (Stephen Moyer), interrupted by a knock on the door, announcing the arrival of Isabel (Valerie Cruz)and her human, Hugo(Christopher Gartin). Isabel has come to offer her assistance since it is obvious to her that Bill is worried for Sookie, feeling it is only right since Godric (Allan Hyde) is her sheriff and not Bill‘s responsibility. Sookie reads Hugo‘s mind, feeling reassured that he and Isabel are in love…but I am not really sure why this is of so much importance to her. Perhaps she is identifying with Hugo and trying to understand him in order to trust his offer of help?A? There seemed to be an underlying atmosphere of tension, despite Sookie‘s efforts to remain obstinately optimistic about her ability to solve the problem at hand… and I am once again frustrated with the way in which Sookie seems so blind to the enormity of the danger all around her. Believe me, I very much appreciate the whole “I am Woman, hear me roar” sensibility, but there is also a much needed wisdom in being able to evaluate the situation at hand in a realistic way…and she often seems completely clueless.

Back at the Hotel Carmilla lounge, Lorena and Eric are having a conversation…and I had the feeling that there was more subtext and deceptive double-talk than there was any actual communication going on between them. I think that Eric could be seriously underestimating Lorena and her vicious nature. Ditto Lorena, as regards Eric and the power and fury of his tenacious will.A? Something tells me a showdown between these two would be cataclysmic!! I think we have only begun to imagine the cost to everyone involved in this scenario.

Meanwhile, we flashback to Chicago in 1926…and Vampire Bill…umm…Guillaume (which is French for William, by the way) is playing the piano and belting out “Hard-Hearted Hannah”. Bravo to Stephen Moyer for showing off his mad skills as a singer and piano player! [Editor’s note: I’m pretty sure that was Nathan Barr tickling those ivories.. as to the singing.. who knows?] Lorena (also with an assumed French name) is doing her best to seduce an unwitting couple…admiring the woman’s beautiful necklace (though not nearly as much as she is admiring her Neck!!) Bill, breathtakingly gorgeous in a tux, could charm the birds right outta the trees…and he presses his lips against the woman’s hand lingeringly… “Enchante”, indeed!

At Merlotte‘s, we find Sam (Sam Trammel) and Daphne (Ashley Jones), naked as jaybirds on the pool table…and Sam wonders about those three nasty scratches on Daphne‘s back. She claims that she remembers the incident well, but “never got a look at who or what it was that jumped me”. HA! I have been wondering about Daphne‘s hidden agenda for a long while now…and Sam totally melts my heart and looks so happy and at peace that it makes me want to weep…and then…slap him upside the head! This girl is Trouble with a capital T. He finally asks a really good question when he wonders where the eff she came from. That is a VERY good question Sam! But the question-and-answer portion of the evening comes to a quick halt as more “pool table sex” is next up on the menu. Sam! Quit thinking below your belt before it is Too Late!

Over at Sookie‘s, an exceedingly crabby Maryann (Michelle Forbes) is seriously pissed that the ancient water heater has given up the ghost…No hot water for her shower? Scandalous!! is giving her a mani/pedi (or maybe just a pedi!) and Tara (Rutina Wesley) finds the part they need to repair the hot water heater at a shop two hours away. She finagles permission to take Eggs (Mehcad Brooks)A? with her and they are off on a road trip…

jasonBack at the Light of Day Institute, Luke (Wes Brown) and Jason (Ryan Kwanten) are summoned to meet Sarah (Anna Camp) and Steve (Michael McMillian) on the Sanctuary Lawn for a little construction project. Can I just say that Steve Newlin with a drill in one hand and a smug self-satisfied grin plastered on his face just creeps me out, bigtime? Especially when he proceeds to “enlighten” Luke(Wes Brown) and Jason about the purpose of the “platform and cross” that he is having them build. The juxtaposition of some very superficial trappings of religion combined with an agenda motivated by hatred and the intention of wiping out an entire “race” of beings is disturbing in the extreme. It is a reminder to everyone about the inherent danger in any group supposing that they are better than any other group and that they have a right to decide who lives and who dies. Maybe that is why I find Steve and Sarah Newlin and their henchman Gabe(Greg Collins)A? so nauseating… seeing hatred and intolerance all dressed-up as a righteous “calling” just gives me a royal pain where the sun don’t shine…I am sure you get my drift. Especially when Luke describes the ceremony in which the vampire is chained to a cross just before dawn to “meet the sun” as Steve yells out, “Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding,Ding” … like some kind of demented gameshow host… Gee, what do we have for them today, Steve?A? Behind door number two, charbroiled vampire!! I don’t mean to be crude…but, dammit, I need something to laugh about…this show is getting waaayyy toooo heavy…and Dark! Somebody turn on the Light, and quick!

Hey, Sookie and Hugo are getting engaged… well, not really… but Hugo produces an engagement ring for Sookie to wear to the Fellowship of the Sun to complete the illusion that they are a happy couple looking for a place to get hitched. Hugo wonders if Sookie will be able to act the part of a vampire-hating zealot…and Sookie reassures him that she has heard enough from the minds of hateful people to give her plenty to work with. What she really wants is to compare notes with Hugo about dating a vampire…and I am sure she regretted asking when Hugo bemoaned his humanity and his miserable fate of growing old while the vampires remain young and gorgeous. Sookie slapped her infamous nervous grin on her face and said it would be okay if she died today since she would then never have to know what it would be like to be unwanted and unloved once she became too old for Bill. Are we supposed to imagine that vampires cannot love in the way humans can love? I would be very interested to see Bill‘s reaction to this concept, since he seems to love Sookie so desperately…especially since he did not “turn her” when he had the opportunity to do so. It seems to me that Bill loves Sookie all the more because she IS human…and she has helped him to find his way back to his own humanity …something he cherishes and works so hard to reclaim every day of his existence. [Editor’s Note: I really think they better worry about how to keep the vampires looking young in season 14 before we worry about aging humans!]


Tara and Eggs are on a road trip…and Tara cracks me up when she mocks Maryann… “Bitches! Don’t you know that sarcasm and cold water don’t mix?!!” All of a sudden, Eggs has a kind of “premonition” that they will see a red diner built out of an old barn just around the next bend…and lo and behold, there it is! This freaks them both out…but Eggs beseeches Tara to pull off the road so he can follow his intuition. Off he walks into the woods, with Tara following…not knowing where he is going or why he wants to go there…

Back at Merlotte‘s, Arlene (Carrie Preston) wants to know if Terry (Todd Lowe) is still up for doing something after work. Terry nervously says yes…but when Arlene tells him she has a surprise lined up for him later… he lets her know in no uncertain terms that he does NOT like surprises. She gives him a meaningful look and says that’s too bad since she is a “very mysterious woman”. Good grief! There is just something about Arlene that makes me want to smack her. I always have the feeling that she is about to “step in it” at any moment and woe befall the poor suckers who are there when she does.

Meanwhile, Maxine (Dale Raoul) is having lunch at Merlotte‘s and in storms Hurricane Hoyt (yeee haaaa!!!!) fit to be tied when he discovers that his mama has turned off his cellphone service. Why do I think that Hoyt will live to regret it when he feels the need to inform her and her lunch buddy that his girlfriend only calls him late at night because she is a vampire! UH OH! If looks could kill, Hoyt would have been struck dead on sight!

I am absolutely loving Jim Parrack as Hoyt…he is doing an amazing job this year and has become one of my very favorite characters on the show. Ditto, Deborah Ann Woll as Jessica. These two are such a sweet treat in the “little shop of horrors” this week…and I can hardly wait to see what the future will bring for them. Hopefully a whole lotta lovin’!

Back at Merlotte‘s, Andy Bellefleur (Chris Bauer) comes barreling in, looking for Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis), wanting to interrogate him about where he has been for the last few weeks, accusing him of the murder of Miss Jeanette. He gets right in his face…wanting to know why Lafayette has “lost his pizzazz”… and threatens to lock him up in a cell until he confesses. Suddenly, Lafayette imagines Andy morphing into Eric…and cringes in fear, backing into a corner in total terror. [Editor’s Note: I admit it, I laughed, then felt guilty as heck so I ate chocolate as penance] Just in time, Terry comes in and demands that Andy stop immediately. I loved it when Terry told Andy that he used to “make his arrests with dignity” when they played cops and robbers as kids…and tells him that this is not the kind of cop he set out to be…reminding him that he actually isn’t a cop anymore (since Sheriff Bud (William Sanderson) took his badge away from him a while back). Andy apologizes to “Mr. Reynolds” and leaves shamefaced.

Todd Lowe absolutely *shines* in the following scene, comforting Lafayette, relating to him as someone who really understands what it is like to relive the harrowing moments of life. He puts his arms around Lafayette, telling him to close his eyes and imagine a “golden glowing ball radiating warmth and safety”. This was a highlight of the episode, not to mention really good advice!! A?Poor Lafayette… he is in a really dark place right now.

Daphne and Sam decide to blow off work after Sam tells her he can’t concentrate because he keeps picturing her ON the pool table. He pretty much orders her to “take all her clothes off and meet him out back” so they can “shift” and run and play. I am pretty sure he is most interested in Playtime…and Daphne seems to be hot to trot as well.

Luke and Jason are doing a little bonding while hammering nails into the platform they are building…and Jason slips and hammers his own thumb, with Luke scolding him for not paying attention because he is “distracted”. Little does Luke know just how distracted Jason really is…especially when Luke tells him that is the “holiest woman he knows”. Hmmm.

Sarah , meanwhile, is out in the parking lot, greeting Sookie and Hugo (aka Holly Simpson and her fiancee Rufus … or is that Doofus?)A? as they drive in. Sookie and Sarah compete to see who can give me a bigger cavity with their honey-sweet compliments to one another…and Sookie cannot seem to stop herself from bubbling and babbling away, while Hugo looks like he would love to stuff a gag in her mouth. Sarah tells them that she wants them to meet Steve

In Steve‘s office, Sarah and Steve talk to them about joining the “church” and Sookie “hears” Steve wondering about the platform, thinking that he “cannot wait to bring that vampire up from the basement and watch the sun do him the justice that 2,000 years of living couldn’t do”. Sookie reassures them of her attitude regarding vampires, telling them that she knows that “every one of them is a vicious bloodthirsty killer”.

bill-lorenaCut to Lorena, lovingly touching her necklace, remembering a particularly bloody romp with Bill/ “Guillaume” in which he presents her the necklace, taken from the blood-soaked neck of one of their victims/meals. This entire scene was disturbing in the extreme and very difficult to watch. We see the depths of depravity into which Bill has descended in his years with Lorena … and watching him cruelly taunt and torment his victims with Lorena urging him on was disgusting to say the least. I kept remembering the many times Bill has described the many facets of darkness in the life of a vampire … and Sookie was right on the money when she told him that she thought he didn’t like vampires, even though he is one. We are brought to full and complete awareness of exactly why he feels that way. Enough said.

Meanwhile, Tara and Eggs wind up in the middle of the woods, in some sort of “ceremonial circle” with clothes strewn about and blood in an indentation on one of the stones. Eggs cannot remember what happened there, but feels it is no coincidence that he was drawn to that spot. He breaks down into tears of anguish and Tara leads him away, trying to comfort him. WHY didn’t this whole excursion into the woods completely freak her out? I keep thinking that Tara is under some kind of compulsion via Maryann that deadens her natural emotions…it is just not “normal” for Tara to be so subdued and not to be more curious…it just doesn’t seem to fit with her nature, and therefore seems ever more ominous as to *why* that is…

Back at the Fellowship “church”, Steve and Sarah make a big show of leading Sookie and Hugo into the sanctuary, saying that when they open the doors, “So much love comes flowing out that it will knock you down if you’re not ready for it”. Both Steve and Sarah really pour on the schmaltz and it felt like a sideshow at a circus…complete with a “ringmaster flourish” of opening the doors and the cheesiest and creepiest grins you have ever seen. Ick. Steve wonders if they have ever been to a “lock-in” and both Steve and Sarah start thinking all kinds of suspicious thoughts about Sookie, who “hears” Steve wondering if “that fangbanging freakazoid can hear me right now, she sure don’t look normal”… Sookie starts to try to talk Hugo into leaving to get their sleeping bags for the “lock down”… and Gabe arrives to accompany them for the rest of the “tour”…

Andy is driving down the road and a collie and a pig run across the road…Andy yells out, “I know that pig” and stops his car, running after them, yelling, “Pig! Pig!”…only to fall flat on his face…

Cut to Sam and Daphne, exhilarated after their “shift”… pulling their clothes back on and Sam wonders why Daphne turned into a….PIG (!!) instead of the doe. She tells him that a pig is her “go-to” shift. (OMG!!!) Sam tells her it seemed like Andy “recognized her”…and she distracts him by dropping to her knees in front of him…which seems to work pretty well by the look on Sam‘s face…

Meanwhile, back at Merlotte‘s, Pam is back in her glam gear, paying Lafayette a little visit in the cooler…(commenting how nice it is and that she could sleep there in a pinch..) Lafayette almost jumps outta his skin…and wonders why they didn’t just glamour him. She tells him that they wanted him to remember that he “owes them”. Pam tells him that Eric sent her with a request, producing a bottle of V, and telling him that he is back in business. He wonders why vampires are selling V…she tells him, “We aren’t. You are. Now get to work. ” Poor, poor Lafayette!!

Back at the Fellowship church, Steve tells Sookie and Hugo that he wants to take them to see his father’s tomb on the lower level. Sookie is really starting to panic now and Hugo claims that they both have claustrophobia. This has no effect on Steve and Gabe… and they grab Sookie and drag her down the stairs screaming her head off!

Cut to Bill reacting in alarm to Sookie‘s screams…being pinned to the bed by Lorena, who scathingly wonders if something is happening to his human. Bill is totally stunned to see her…

Cut to Sarah , tearfully whispering, “I’m sorry”, to Sookie…as Steve calls Sookie a certain C word which is not normally uttered by a preacher! This, if nothing else, should make it clear that these people are not even pretending to be “holy” anymore…revealing the ugliness at the core of their being.

Cut to Lorena telling Bill that, “Your blood knows mine. You will never physically overpower me”, as he struggles to escape her to hurry to Sookie‘s rescue.

Tara and Eggs return from their road trip to find Sookie‘s house in a shambles, with clothes strewn everywhere…and they follow the discarded clothing to a clearing in the woods…finding an orgy building to a fever pitch, with drummers, torches, a fire pit in the center and a makeshift altar on which rests a “bulls-head” mask. They see Karl walking about in some sort of ceremonial robes…Arlene and Terry and Mike Spencer are all in the throes of “black-eyed” lust and Maryann is doing her vibrating dance in the center of it all.

hoytBack at the Hotel Carmilla, Jessica is rebelling against Bill by pouring two of the bottles of TruBlood from the mini-bar down the drain. The beginning of an “eating disorder”? Hmm…sure hope not! There is a knock on the door and Jessica finds Hoyt, bearing flowers, full of apologies for not answering her texts…asking her not to be mad at him. She tells him she is so happy she could cry, but she doesn’t want to because it looks gross when she does. Too cute! He embraces her and they passionately kiss. Yowza. Hoyt is HOT! [Editor’s Note: Who knew?]

Jason walks into the sanctuary at the Fellowship church and finds Sarah weeping in the balcony. She tells him that Steve wants to use him and the other “trainees” to start a war. She says that Steve is not the man she thought he was…that he is vicious and cruel and lies to her, shutting her out. Jason is very sweet with her…drying her tears and trying to comfort her…but when she tries to kiss him, he freaks out…telling her that she is married and that it’s wrong. She tells him that she is not married anymore “in her heart” and that God is telling her that she is supposed to be with Jason.A? She tells him that she has a “calling”, she has always known that she is supposed to be a great woman behind her great man…and that she thought that man was Steve…but she knows now that it is Jason. She tells him that God is commanding her to be with him, so how could it be wrong? Jason does not take much more convincing after that…and they begin tearing their clothing off, right there in the church balcony. I cannot begin to enumerate the things that are wrong with this whole scenario…so, I will just say Ick and Double Ick…and leave it at that. I actually feel sorry for Jason this year.

Back in the woods, Daphne is pulling Sam deeper into the woods…and suddenly, two people burst from the shadows and grab Sam, with Daphne telling him, “Sorry Sam, it’s the end of the road”. I have never wanted to kick anyone’s ass more than I did Daphne’s at that moment. Nor can I use the colorful words I would really like to call her for betraying Sam so completely. They arrive at the orgy, in full swing by now…and Sam sees Tara and Eggs, Arlene and Terry…and Daphne walks to stand behind Maryann, taking the “bulls-head” mask and placing it on Maryann. Maryann begins that chanting we have heard before in some kind of ancient Greek dialect, vibrating and her hands morph into those horrid claws. Karl walks toward Sam, holding a tray with some kind of wicked looking ceremonial knife…as Sam screams in absolute terror.


I am exhausted just writing about this…and it was even more exhausting to watch. Not my favorite True Blood experience, but there is a very important reason for that. It is just very, very difficult to watch characters that you have come to know and love as they are faced with such traumatic and heinous events in their lives. It only feels this bad because this show is so good that it gets under your skin and makes you care so much what is happening in that world. I only object to this episode because I hate to see so much Pain, portrayed in such heartbreakingly authentic detail by actors who have made these characters Live, in every sense of the word. I would prefer to see a little more balance, a little more Light to go along with the Darkness and a whole lot more humor.A?Pretty Please. With a vampire on top?A?A?[Editor’s Note: I agree, there wasn’t a single guilt-free laugh in the whole show and only one ‘awww’ moment to balance all that EVIL out. Very atypical for True Blood!]

The resounding theme in this episode is Complexity and Choice. At any given moment, any one of these characters could choose a different path than the one they are on…and the capacity for good and evil is present in *everyone*. It continues to be fascinating and addictive to see the characters in the True Blood “universe” unfold and reveal themselves to us in each episode. We are being taught to fully understand the vicious and predatory nature of vampires…but, it seems to me, there is an equally good chance that the humans and the shapeshifters and other supernatural creatures have just as much potential to be Evil as they have to be Good. It is all about Choices. And these characters are multi-dimensional, complicated and nearly impossible to predict. Maybe that is what the writers of True Blood are going for…and, if so, Mission Accomplished. I would just like to see some of the choices reflect the goodness at the heart of these characters…just as much as the “badness”. I would like to see the Light inside of them, just as much as the darkness. If it is true that everyone has all of these elements present, then there is just as much room for Joy as there is for Pain. Just looking forA?more Balance, that’s all.

I find it interesting that Lorena talked about not having seen Bill in more than 70 years…apparently having severed their “relationship” not long after the bloody scene we revisit from Chicago 1926. What was it that brought Bill back to his “humanity”…and what caused him to even want to mainstream with humans in the first place? It seems to me that Vampire Bill is a kind of “litmus test” for the show as a whole…what he experiences, both good and evil, teaches us so much about that world. I have learned to pay close attention to Bill when he speaks…it never fails to be an important clue to unlocking so much of theA?mystery in that world.


Up next!

Sam asks Daphne what Maryann is. She tells him that she is immortal. She tells him to go to Maryann and she might just let him live!

Bill tells Lorena that if Sookie is harmed in any way, he will drive a stake through whatever remnant of a heart she has left. Lorena just laughs at him…

Sarah tells Jason they have to tell Steve…due to the vow of honesty! Holey Mackerel!

Sookie tells Hugo that the Newlin‘s knew who they were when they walked in…and that there must be a traitor in that nest…

Eric gets into Stan‘s face, telling him if he murdered Godric for his title, there will be No Mercy. Yikes.

Tara and Sam are eye to eye at the orgy, she is grinning like a madwoman, with her eyes completely black.

Steve tells Jason, “You are going to hell and you are going there today!”
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True Blood "Never Let Me Go" Guaranteed to grab you and Never Let GO!

July 21, 2009

bill-sookieGood Grief! This show has more surprises and twists and turns than the wildest roller coaster…and if the goal was to leave everyone completely unhinged and totally flabbergasted as to what is coming next…Mission Accomplished! (and that includes those who have read the books AND those who watched Season 1) I feel pretty certain that I have no freaking clue what any of the characters might do…and that occasionally produces more than a little “motion sickness”, feeling like I am on a runaway train to who knows where! Whew. Of course I have my little hopes that some of my favorite plotlines might survive the trip from original concept to the screen this year, but I have had to give myself a stern lecture on the futility of assuming anything (you do know what “assume” does to you and me, yes? Old joke. Sorry. ) Trust. I am putting my trust in Alan and Co. and still hoping that there will be some ultimate method to the madness.

Looking back over Season 1 and the first 5 episodes of Season 2, I feel such aA?wide ranging array of emotional reactions… Relief (Lafayette Lives!), Irritation (Sookie, girl you need to wake up to the harsh reality of the vampire world!), Sorrow (our sassy Lafayette seems to have lost his joyous passion for life…I hope this is just temporary!!), Hostility (I just want to grow myself three wicked claws and give that Maryann what is coming to her…Grrrrr!), Happiness (Sammy has not left town yet…and may not, now that he has found himself a little “Deer” to call his own), Trepidation (but, hey, what if Daphne is BAD?!) Bliss (Stephen Moyer as Vampire Bill, need I say more?), Passionate Lust , Heartbreak (Tara breaks my heart. Constantly), Rage (Lorena. If that is even still her name… yep, rage pretty much sums it up!), School-girl crush (Hoyt. The sweetest boyfriend any vampire ever had..) Nausea (everyone and everything connected to the Light of Day Institute…they just make my skin crawl!)… and I could go on and on and on. I have pretty much had an “emotional cramp” from the first scene of the first episode this season straight up to the present…careening from horror to joy to heartache… sometimes in just 5 minutes of the show. Even so, it is so insanely addictive that I cannot and do not even want to break away…and I crave more and more True Blood, just as voraciously as any V addict. The only cure is More. Even waiting a week is torture…but, I am sure you can all relate and I am just “preaching to the converted”.

Episode 5 begins with a startling revelation…Sam (Sam Trammell) is not the only shapeshifter in town! Even Sam is dumbstruck to find out that Daphne (Ashley Jones) is just like him….well, she becomes the sweetest little deer… Which got us thinking while we were watching the episode…(Possible SPOILER here..) Charlaine Harris created names for some shapeshifters, i.e. Werefox, Werepanther, etc… so, I guess that might make Daphne a Weredeer…or, how “bout a WereBambi?…or, (thanks to my sister Tamara for this one!) Wambi for short. We just about laughed ourselves silly over that one. That is the true miracle of True Blood: one minute you can be absolutely horrified and the very next, laughing your butt off. I was thinking that the story of Sam and Daphne might be called “The Dog and the Deer”…or, Lassie and Bambi? Wassie and Wambi? But I digress.

Last episode, Daphne whispered in Sam“s ear, “I know what you are”… and the episode begins with Daphne coaxing Sam into the woods, stripping her clothes off as she goes …Sam loses sight of her, only to encounter the little deer…which then shifts into naked Daphne. Sam is shocked out of his pants (well, not quite, darn it!)…and Daphne tells him she discovered “what Sam is” by seeing him jumping into the water as a dog and coming up as Sam. She told Sam that he has been “carrying that secret like a 2 ton sack of feed on his back” and she cozies right up to him, after telling him that she is a shapeshifter and proud of it. He seems a little thrown for a loop to begin with but it doesn”t take him long to warm right up…and who should interrupt at the worst possible moment but Terry (Todd Lowe) and Arlene (Carrie Preston)! I confess, Arlene makes me want to kick some butt this year! and poor Terry looks completely goofy and dazed, obviously still feeling the aftereffects of being whammied by Maryann (Michelle Forbes). Cue the very awkward moment of Sam (the boss) being caught about to make whoopie by two of his employees…as a still naked Daphne tries to hide behind him. What the heck is up with Daphne and Arlene? I think Arlene is biting off way more than she can chew with Daphne…and I just wonder what, if any, connection there is between Daphne and Maryann? Those scratch marks really make me wonder…and I would think it might make Sam wonder as well.

Over at the Hotel Carmilla, Sookie (Anna Paquin)A? is still chasing poor telepathic Barry the Bellboy (Chris Coy) down the hall, hearing him freaking out inside his own head all the way. He is completely unnerved to be discovered in this way by Sookie and not at all interested in making her acquaintance, much less becoming bosom buddies with her. They watch a “glamoured” fangbanger make his way down the hall, with Sookie reporting that his head is filled with “fog and disco music”. She tells Barry that she can”t be glamoured and wonders if he can. He tells her that they can”t glamour him but he fakes it…and then he gets right in her face, saying, ” I don”t know what kinda little fried corn on the cob town you”re from or what candy-ass vampires you”re with…but this is Dallas, baby”. Sookie tells him to watch his tone of voice and, “Don”t call me baby.” She seems to take his warnings about the vicious nature of the Dallas vampires waaayyy too lightly…and he warns her not to tell anyone about him and his “gift”.

Back in Bill“s room, he is chastising Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) for her “room service meal”, a gorgeous 21 year old hunka burning love. She tells Bill (Stephen Moyer), “all I did was order him off the menu”…to which Bill replies, “I would no more allow you to feed off that young man than I would let you watch pornography on the television”. Jessica perks right up at the thought of this and gleefully asks Sookie, just back from her hallway encounter with Barry, if she knows that there are “dirty movies on T.V.” Sookie replies,”No. Yuck”. Hmmm. Bill orders Jessica to her room, reminding her to drink up her True Blood. She stalks away in a huff, telling Bill he will be lucky if she doesn”t develop an “eating disorder”. This is so typical of the kind of drama queen remark a teenager would make that it does remind us all that Jessica was very recently just a sheltered 17 year old.

billBill is just about to the end of his rope with Sookie ignoring his every warning about the dangers they are facing in Dallas. He asks her once again not to wander off on her own…worrying that he can”t protect her if she won”t listen to him and be more cautious. She tells him that, “they can”t touch me. I”m yours.” with a dangerously foolish confidence. She is naive in the extreme and I fear that she will soon be learning just how unwise it is to underestimate her precarious situation in Dallas. Wise up, Miss Sookie!

Really loved the tender and touching scene with Bill and Sookie, in which she tells him how much they have to be happy about. She tells him that, for the first time, he won”t have to leave her at dawn, since they are in a “light-tight” vampire hotel. He tells her his only desire is to keep her safe. She checks to see if that is his only desire…and he kisses her passionately. Gotta love me some Vampire Bill… Mmm mmm good.

Meanwhile, Jessica is making calls, presumably on Leon”s pilfered cellphone. Hoyt (Jim Parrack) is kicking back in his plaid jammies when his cellphone begins to ring (I am pretty sure his ringtone is “When the Saints Go Marching In”) and he answers it, “You”re talking to the man”. (Something tells me he picked up this line from his former best friend Jason). Jessica wonders if he remembers her and he reassures her, “Jessica. Oh my Lord. I remember you all right. I can”t stop thinking about you.” To which she replies, “Really? Really, really?” and he then says, “Really, really and then some”. Too cute!! His crazy as a loon mother Maxine (Dale Raoul) just about busts down his door, telling him that no decent or ladylike girl would be calling him at that time of the night. He shoos her out and locks the door. You go, Hoyt! Her head would explode if she had any clue about the particular nature of Hoyt“s new girlfriend Jessica! They settle in for a long chat and he starts telling her about his comic book, “Space Tomb”. There is something so sweet and endearing about this twosome…I am rooting for them and hoping that there is not impending disaster looming for them around the next corner. After all, this is True Blood…and something tells me that anything “sweet” doesn”t have a long shelf-life in that world.

Jason (Ryan Kwanten) is slumbering peacefully in the guestroom at the Newlin“s when Gabe (Greg Collins) blasts an air hornA?and declares that it is timeA?for all good little fanatics…ummm…Soldiers of the Sun to get their butt outta bed and head for boot camp. When Gabe calls Jason a “pansy fangbanger”…and tells him that he is supposed to be leadership material…I keep wondering when Jason is going to protest being treated this way. He so obviously wants to please Sarah (Anna Camp), who is looking mighty perky and sunny in her yellow tracksuit… and it seems that he is genuinely trying to do “what God wants him to do”.A?His brains are just about like scrambled eggs at this point…A?and when Sarah tells them that “in due time, all will be revealed”, he only wants to know if someone will reveal a bathroom, since he really has to go! Not until you”veA?earned it, says the unconvincingly stern Sarah…and Gabe berates Jason, throwing him onto the ground to do some push-ups.A?Next thing you know, Luke-inator (Wes Brown) isA?doing some push-ups as well, battling it out with Jason to seeA?who is tougher…and Jason does some one-armed push-ups to prove that he is the toughest of them all. I still think they oughta get out a measuring tape and resolve thisA?once and for all! A truly gag-worthy moment was when Sarah gives Jason a little wink in encouragement, maybe trying to let him know that she can”t play favorites at the boot camp. Sarah Newlin is a truly frightening character in that she can seem so sympathetic and compassionate and yetA?she is willing to resort to any tactics to “sell” her agenda of hate. Those would seem to beA?incompatible values..and perhaps that isA?the evil genius of charismatic leaders in any cult…the ability to convince others that their cause is just and right and for theA?good of all. As in any such scenario, there are good guys and bad guys within each of the groups. This is the blurry line which makes it so hard to tell sometimes who isA?right and who is wrong in any ideological battle. There is so much food jason-gabe-sarahfor thought in the storytelling this season…and I always hope that people will begin to discover that the things which connect us areA?far more important and valuable than anything that makes us different from one another.

Back at Sookie“s…Tara (Rutina Wesley) and Eggs (Mehcad Brooks) [Editor”s note: That”s Over-Easy on the Eyes Eggs!] are sleeping in after a wild night of consummating their relationship during the orgy/party thrown by Maryann the previous night. There is a lot of speculation on the Internet regarding what ominous agenda Maryann may have had in working so hard to make sure that Eggs and Tara “did the deed”. Some people have even mentioned “Rosemary”s Baby”. Eeeuuwww. I certainly hope that isn”t the case! Although I do think that Eggs is under the spell/control of Maryann…there is no doubt in my mind about that. Which leaves poor Tara in harm”s way, as usual. It is heart wrenching to see Tara lean over Eggs, listening to his heart beating [Editor”s note; Is THAT what she was doing? I thought she was peeking under the covers!!!]…and then she rolls over and gazes lovingly at the picture on her dresser of her with Sookie and Gran (Lois Smith). That she can be so deluded is very disturbing…and it makes me wonder what kind of power Maryann has over her. Every time Tara tries to break away from Maryann, she is pulled back inA?to an even greater degree than before. When Eggs wakes up, sheA?begins to tell him about Sookie“s Gran and how she was a real mother to her.A?She talks about how good Gran was…a truly good person, through and through. She said that this house was the only place in the world she felt safe. I found that online casino canada an ironic statement, given theA?fact that she has invited evil right into the door of her one safe place.

Back at Hotel Carmilla, we are treated to the most gorgeous shot of a sleeping Vampire Bill. Sookie slips away to find Barry setting up the continental breakfast for the hotel guests. HeA?isA?not a happy camper when she shows up…and he tries to get her to go away and leave him be. Our Sookie is not so easily discouraged…telling Barry, “I have never met another telepath. Have you?”. He tells her no and not to even say that word. Barry is in some serious denial about his “gift”. I absolutely love it when Sookie tells him that she used to think of her telepathy as a “disability”, with a nod to Charlaine“s original description of Sookie“s “gift”. She tries to encourage Barry to let her help him, telling him that she can teach him to control it. He wants no part of that…and resists her every effort to befriend him.

Sookie slips back into the hotel room, to find Bill alarmed, telling her, “I dreamed you were gone”. When she tells him about the fact that she “had to” talk to Barry after discovering that he is a telepath like her, he is very upset, wanting to know why she made him aware of herA?gift after all of his warnings. She tells him that she is learning that she is “good at being a telepath”…and that he was the one who told her she is more thanA?just a waitress. He is very shook up and seems to want to say more, but turns away in frustration. She begs him,A?”Lean on me, I”ve leaned on youA?plenty” and he finally tells her how hard it is to feel the responsibilityA?to protect her and Jessica and to feel as though he has no real power to do so. He confesses that he feels “like a waitress” (equating that to feeling powerless) and she tells him, “You”re walkin” in my shoes and they”re giving you blisters”. It seems that they are bonding more and more and becoming closer and more in love with each other by the day.

Bill tells Sookie that he is worried about Eric (Alexander Skarsgard). He says that Eric is “strangely intense about all of this” (alluding to the mission in Dallas) and that it, “Isn”t like him”. Sookie, once again, shrugs off his fears, telling him not to worry about Eric…they will do the job and go home, a deals a deal. She isA?convinced that Eric needs her and doesn”t want to make her mad.A?Hmmm. Time will tell. Bill tells her that he doesn”t want to lose her. Sookie tells him, “You never will”.

Meanwhile at Merlotte“s, Daphne and Sam areA?sizzling hotA?in anticipation of finishing what theyA?started the night before. Daphne tells him that she figured he had all he could handle (with Terry and Arlene showing up to ruin the moment)…Sam tells her, “I reckon you underestimate me”, with a look that could melt butter. Yowza!

arlene-lafayetteArlene enjoys a power trip over Daphne…which culminates with Terry being yanked back and forth like Gumby between the two of them over making ice tea. Right about then, Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis)A?shows up and Arlene hugs him joyfully while Terry just says, “ThankA?God,A?brother”. A very subdued Lafayette asks Sam if they can talk and he and Sam adjourn to his office. Sam isA?pretty pissed off and tells Lafayette inA?no uncertain terms that he should have called, that he left them high andA?dry and not to forget that there are lots of people there who care about him. When Lafayette doesn”t respond…at all…Sam tells him, “Right about now, you”d be telling me to fuck off in some colorful and creative way”. Lafayette just looks at Sam with a wariness and anxiety we have never seen before…telling him that all he wants to know is if he can have his job back. Sam tells him, “this is where I should tell YOU to fuck off…the pressure has almost put Terry back in the V.A. hospital”A?…and then tells him that of course he can have his job back since the place is not the same without him. Lafayette simply says,A?”Thank you Sam“…and Sam worriedly looks at him, asking, “What happened to you?” Lafayette just looks down and walks out the door. Okay now…protest time!! I know that Lafayette is not in a big hurry toA?EVER tell anyone what has happened to him at the hands of the vampires…but it is just too sad to see him looking so beaten down and forlorn. I certainly hope this is just a temporary condition.A?We need our Lafayette back, in all of his glory…and soooon!!!

Back at L.O.D.I. boot camp, the campers/recruits are being run ragged by Gabe and Sarah. Jason even stops to help one camper who drops facedown during the run…and Luke tries to make the most of this situation by berating the fallen camper, hurling insults at him and dashing past Jason. Jason yells at him, “You”d better pace yourself”. An overly confident Luke yells back,A?”this is my pace!” Sarah looks on benevolently from the jeep.

At Sookie“s, Maryann is making herself right at home (Say What???!!!), merrily chopping up veggies andA?fruit. Tara is dismayed at the sight ofA?her in Gran“s kitchen and temporarily grows a backbone, telling her that she cannot stay there, that she is a guest there herself and cannot have a bunch of people Sookie doesn”t even know to come and stay there. Maryann pathetically says, “I see” and walks out the kitchen door. During the conversation, Tara discovers that the house she had been staying in didn”t even belong to Maryann but was one of herA?”clients”. Tara confronts Eggs, asking if he and Maryann are Nomads, or effing Bedouins!! We see a brief glimpse of Warrior Tara and wonder where she has beenA?hiding…ifA?ever there was a time for Tara to break out a can of whoop ass, this is it. I wonder if she is afraid of Maryann or if she is under some sort of spell.A?Maybe a little of both? Tara asks Eggs [Editor”s note: Who I”m now thinking of as Eggs Benedict Arnold!] what is the deal with him and Maryann…and he tells her that he and Maryann and Karl are “family” and they take care of each other.A?He accuses Tara of not knowing what family even means due to her own “effed up” history. A low blow if there ever was one!

Back at camp, Gabe is humiliating and demeaning the recruits…running them ragged and then forcing them to scale a tall chain link fence. Luke attempts it and fails,A?repeatedly. Jason is pretty pleased at first that Luke is being made an example of, but thenA?his grin begins to fade as Gabe callsA?Luke a failure and a loser. Gabe is merciless and pretty much challenges Jason to show what a real leader is madeA?of. Jason scrambles up to the top of the fence and then, turns back to Luke andA?asks him to look at him. He tells him, “It”s just a damn fence”, reaching out his hand to pull Luke up…telling him, “I got you brother”. I never thought I would see the day when I would actually be rooting for Jason Stackhouse, since last season I found him continually aggravating and annoying.A?ThereA?have been many moments this season when I have jasonseenA?a genuinely good human being peeking out fromA?behind his boneheaded facade. It makes me want to see Jason figure it all out and tell these fanatical nutjobs to kiss his butt! I don”t know that it will ever happen,A?but hope springs eternal!

At the Dallas Vampire Headquarters, Stan and Isabel are arguing andA?fighting like twoA?kidsA?in a schoolA?yard…and Stan insults Sookie immediately. Bill, of course,A?demands that Stan respect Sookie. Eric is seriously pissed off …and wants to know if they are certain that Godric has been abducted by the Fellowship of the Sun (F.o.t.S.) Isabel doesn”t think so, but Stan is convinced. AfterA?listening to them bicker, Eric hasA?finally had enough, and completely blows his top (highly unusual behavior for Eric, whoA?generally feels no need to even raise his voice in order to show his power)…HeA?snarls at them that they are incompetent and looks as though his blood is boiling. He wants to know, “What has happened to Godric that he surrounds himself with clowns?” Bill doubts that the King of Texas would approve of the destructionA?ofA?his international and political agenda…and Stan tells Eric that he should “run on back to Louisiana. We don”t need you or your puppets”. Sookie, of course, highly objects to beingA?called a puppet. Eric tells them that he is not going anywhere…and Stan insists that it is war and encourages open warfare and aggression against the humans. Eric calls them idiots, looking like he would love to rip their throats out. Yikes!

OverA?at the Newlin“s, Sarah and Steve are arguing and he is being completely disrespectful to her and ignoring her questions and objections. He and Gabe are planning something which Sarah feels is going, “too darn far”. Steve encourages Gabe, who tells him that he will set things in motion. Sarah continuesA?fighting with Steve, and upon seeing Jason come into the room, she brightens right up and starts praising him for being such a warrior at camp. Steve agrees and tells him that he is rising to the next level. Steve asks him to take a walk with him and Sarah wants to come with, but is rebuffed by Steve. Steve actually has the nerve to tell Jason that she makes him understand why some people believe in divorce…following that up by saying he is just kidding! This guy is completely fruit loops! Especially when he takes Jason into a little room he calls the Light of Day Institute Research andA?Development dept….which is justA?code for a very scary looking arsenal of weapons ranging from wooden arrows (calledA?”itty bitty stakes” by Jason, back in his dense-as-a-brick mode)A?to silver and wooden bullets, from flamethrowers to silver throwing stars (which Jason grabs and tries to reenact some kind of really bad kung-fu move).

Meanwhile at Merlotte“s, Maryann sits in her car outside the bar and concentrates, sending her rage into the bar. She somehow antagonizes everyone against Tara.A?When Tara finally tells everyone off, Maryann sits back in her seat in the car, a sickening smile on her face and tells Karl, “We are done”, and they drive off.

At the Newlin“s, Jason is taking a bath and getting his just reward from Sarah, who finally reveals herself to beA?the craziest of all the crazies…comparing herself to MaryA?Magdalene and telling Jason that she wants to bring him backA?”to joy” with her “disappearing hand trick”…Jason is helpless to resist her…after all, heA?IS Jason and we all know that he thinks below his belt under the best of circumstances. I justA?find this whole storyline disturbing in the extreme…and more than a little sad.

Back at Vamp Headquarters..Stan and Isabel are still at eachother”s throats and Eric has apparently had all he can stand, taking a vase and smashing it to smithereens. Eric does not suffer fools gladly and heA?angrily tells them, “Godric hasA?protected you. Made you rich. And you stand here, spitting and scratching like infants.” Bill wonders, “Don”t any of you care that there is a traitor in your midst” since Sookie was almost abducted at the airport and no one knew they were coming except for them. They turn on one another yet again, accusing the other of being at fault. Sookie tells them, “I am either going to fall asleepA?or start screaming”…and suggests that she can infiltrate the Fellowship of the Sun and listen to their thoughts and find out where Godric is. Bill says absolutely not…but Eric tells him to let Sookie speak. Bill fears that they cannot protect Sookie during the daylight. Eric and Isabel agree that this is the best way to find out what is going on…and tells Bill that if this leads to Godric, they will do this and it is final.

Bill asks Eric to step aside for a little chat. Bill is worried that Sookie was just clawed and poisoned by a creature they do not know and cannot find…and now in Dallas, Eric is playing with her life. Eric tells Bill that it is noA?game to him. Bill does not understand why Eric would do all of this for a colleague and wants to know why…

Which leads Eric to reminisce about his days as aA?Viking warrior. In an amazing flashback, we see Eric on the last day and night of his human life…mortally wounded in battle, with his loyal warriors standing by his side, awaiting his death…telling him that he will be greeted by the gods atA?Valhalla as a hero in battle. They tell him that there will be meat and gold and beer…and women. Eric, as only Eric can…tells them that wherever he is, there will always be women! Truer words were never spoken!

eric1The entire scene is in Swedish and it is fascinating to see the back-story of Eric.A?As they wait, suddenly his men hear someone approaching and draw their swords toA?defend Eric…but they are swiftly killed, their throats ripped out by a seemingly young boy with ancient tattoos. Eric wonders if he is Death? He tells Eric that he watched him on the battle field and had never seen anyone who could fight as he did. When Eric discovers that he has killed his men…he calls him a swine andA?tells him that he wouldA?fight him right now if he could. The boy tells him that he knows it and it is beautiful. Eric wonders what he is waiting for and why he doesn”t kill him. He asks Eric ifA?he could be a companion to Death…would he walk through the world with him…and that he would teach him all he knows. Eric wonders what is in it for him (typical Eric!) and the boyA?tells him that he will give himA?what he loves most. Life.

Eric,A?returning from his reverie, tells Bill that Godric is his maker.A?He looks away from Bill in anguish.

Alexander Skarsgard is doing an amazing job in his portrayal of Eric…showing many layers of personality and revealing the human being buried under a thousand years of his life as a vampire. Knowing that the missing Godric is Eric“s maker is an important ingredient in making sense of Eric“s unusual behavior and the intensity of his despair at his disappearance. It will be interesting to watch as this story unfolds and to see the impact of this news on Bill and Sookie.

Back at Merlotte“s, Sam and Daphne are about to play a most interesting game of pool…with a “rack” and “balls” that are not usually used in theA?game! Before the “game” commences, they discuss what it is like to be a shifter andA?what it feels like when they change. Sam describes it as feeling like sparks running all over his skin…and inside him as well. He and Daphne begin to kiss passionately and use theA?pool table to great effect.A?Let the games begin!!

At the Hotel Carmilla, Sookie discovers that Barry has quit his job!

In one of the most distressing scenes to date, we find Maryann in the kitchen at Sookie“s…wearing an apron of Gran“s, sittingA?at the kitchen table, reading a book (in a scene almost identical to one in theA?first season when Gran waits up for Sookie.)A?…Tara arrives, after her harrowing night of being verbally attacked by everyone at Merlotte“s…and she visibly softens towards Maryann when she finds her waiting for her, having filled the fridge with all of her favorite foods and made dinner for her as well. It is just sick, sick, sick! Tara tells her, “Don”t go. I”ll call Sookie. I want you to stay. You”re so good to me.” Maryann asks Tara if she knows why she isA?so good to her. Tara just shrugs and Maryann tells her, “Because you need it so much and it makes you bloom like a flower.”

Tara goes up to her room to find Eggs also reading a book, waitingA?up for her. She tells himA?he looks like the King of Sheba and she flopsA?onto the bed to snuggle up to him. The whole entire scene with Maryann and Eggs made me want to shake Tara and tell her to wake up before it is too late!

Back at the Hotel Carmilla, Bill is disgusted with the Dallas vampires…calling them, “Despicable, vicious, petty, vile creatures”. Sookie tells him that he is not like them. She says that Bill has a heart, even if it is not beating.A?He can love. She tells him there was not one other vampire there whoA?could say the same. Bill wants to slip away, back to Bon Temps. Sookie says that Stan is as nutty as a fruitcake and she cannot break her word to Eric. Bill fears that something will happen to her in that church…and she tells him not to say that or even think that. She says, “I”ll be in and out. Easy peasy.” Sookie, Sookie!! Girlfriend, you areA?bordering on delusional here!

Bill tells her that he would be satisfied just to hold her…but Sookie tells him that she would not beA?satisfied with that. Not one bit. Bill asks (in one of theA?sexiest voices of all time…)A?”What do you want Sookie? Say it.”A?She tells him, “I want you. Every which way. I just. want. you.” Cue the hot sex…yowza can that man kiss, or what? er..not man, vampire!


Down the hallway, approaching Bill and Sookie“s room, a woman walks with determination. Lorena, Bill“s maker. She “hears” Bill and Sookie making love and does not look the least bit happy about it…especially when her fangs pop out!! UH OH!

Up Next!

Spoiler! (maybe, maybe not…with Alan Ball and Co. there is really no way to know what they might be up to with a character, even if we think we knowA?something from last season, much less if anyone is counting on plotlines from the books…! )

Lorena (Bill“s maker) asks Eric, “Why am I here?” A?He replies that they both want the same thing. She says, for a vampire, you”re a terrible liar. Hmmmm. Seeing the two of them together kinda makes me feel like screaming… Better run for the hills, Bill!

Sarah (so-sweet-it gives-me-a-cavity!) Newlin greets Sookie (aka “Holly Simpson” and her “fiancee”!! ) When Sarah tells “Holly” how thrilled they are to have them…it gives me the heebie jeebies.

Bill yells for Sookie..cut to Lorena holding Bill down on a bed, “Your blood knows mine, you”ll never overpower me…” as Bill flails about, seemingly helpless to escape her… Sadly, I guess poor Bill couldn”t run for the hills…

Sarah and Jason…she tells him she is supposed to be with him…Jason protests that she is married, she tells him not anymore, not in her heart…cue full-on make out scene!

Lafayette freaks out when Glam Pam shows up with a request for him from Eric…then says, holding up a bottle, presumably of “V”, “You”re back in business”. Guess Eric is looking for a bit of a return on his healing gift to Lafayette…Uh Oh.

(Photo credit: HBO)

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True Blood "Shake and Fingerpop"…leaving us Shaken, Rattled and Rolled!!

July 14, 2009

maryann-and-taraAhhhh, the myriad joys in the world of Alan Ball! As a writer, he has one seriously twisted and ingenious imagination…and he did not disappoint in his offering this week on True Blood. When I saw that he had written this week”s episode, I was alternately thrilled and terrified…wondering what kinda crazy Alice-in-Wonderland rabbit-hole he was going to suck us into…and my suspicions proved to be right on the money…and how!!!

Okay, so why does True Blood leave us Shaken, Rattled and Rolled? Shaken: as in, shaking in our boots from all the freaky monsters lurking in the darkness, shaking with ginormous belly laughs at Lafayette and the world”s most inspired dance routine, shaking our heads wondering what in the name of heaven could be coming around the corner next? Rattled: as in, rattled by an evil much worse than any deadly coiled rattlesnake ready to strike, rattled in our brains, trying to figure out what is what and who is who…and who is What! Rolled: as in, seriously fantasizing getting rolled in the hay (or on just about any other surface) with any number of HOT vampires, humans and shapeshifters! This show is Red HOT in every possible way! Please, I beg of you HBO, no more Breathers! We need our True Blood fix and we need it NOW!

We begin our strange trip with a stop at the Light of Day camp…Jason (Ryan Kwanten) is walking alone in darkness, headed for his dorm room…only to find his roomies strewn about the room, with red streaming all around them…and then he is jumped by a hooded creature, exclaiming, “I can smell that hot blood”…and “Cowboy, you smell awesome”….thenA?the lights come on and suddenly reveal…The Luke-inator! It”s only a practical joke (ketchup, anyone?)…and one Jason does not find the least bit funny. He hauls off and punches Luke right in the nose, exclaiming that vampires are Scary…vampires are Not a Joke! Suddenly, “Jason the Avenger” begins parroting the very words recently preached to him by Steve Newlin (Michael McMillian)…and Jason begins to be scary indeed…and not in the way he is trying to be. What I find scary is the very real notion that people can be easily seduced by EVIL in the form of a bunch of people calling themselves “a church”. How many times have we all seen this kind of vengeful fanaticism, posing as a religious truth throughout history? Very scary stuff indeed. As usual, Alan does not shy away from topics which are thought-provoking and quite serious, beneath the guise of a “show about vampires”. Nothing Alan does is ever quite what it may seem at first glance…and he is a genius at finding ways to make us really think…for which I am always very grateful. Alan, you Rock!A? As for Jason, he is someone who is desperately searching for a way to belong, a place he fits and wanting so much to do the right thing…and yet, he is continually seduced by people who only want to use him for their own agenda. (Hellllooo, Amy?) I find myself hoping that Jason will pull his head out of his backside and start to see the Real Light of Day. I know, Dream on Dreamer.

Back at the Compton manse, Hoyt (Jim Parrack) is scrambling off the couch, saying, “I am so sorry Vampire Bill“…while proclaiming that he would not have gone too far with Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll). Interesting to note Hoyt“s gold cross…and the juxtaposition of his faith in the context of such an improbable setting. Bill (Stephen Moyer) threatens to throw Hoyt through a closed window, which Sookie (Anna Paquin) pronounces as just “rude”. Is it just me, or has Sookie regressed to being more naive than ever? Jessica looks on in horror and anguish as Bill tells Hoyt, “It”s not her I am protecting, son”…to which Hoyt replies, looking lovingly at Jessica, “I don”t believe him for one minute”. Awwww. Gotta love our Hoyt! Jessica tells Sookie and Bill that she had never even kissed a boy before this…and meeting Hoyt was the best thing that has happened to her since her “whole new life” started. She says she would never have gone too far, adding that she would have been happy to just go on kissing him all night long. Love it! It is especially hilarious when she asks Bill, “Is it my fault my fangs come out when I get turned on?”…to which Bill simply looks at her, having absolutely no clue how to respond to such a loaded question. I don”t think Bill the vampire daddy was quite ready for “The Birds and the Bees, Vampire Edition”!A? Covering her fangs, she runs giggling up the stairs…and Bill looks like he would like to run somewhere himself!

Sookie begins to try to persuade Bill to allow Jessica to accompany them to Dallas, telling him it would be good for him to teach Jessica how to walk the line between being human and being vampire. Sookie says, “Deep down, you don”t like vampires, even though you are one.” Telling him that hating who you are is a bad thing. Bill tells her, “I am a vampire, I am supposed to be tormented”. He tells Sookie that life is much different for Jessica than it was for him…that when he was “made”, one had no choice but to live outside the human world. He said that he was forced to become an outlaw, a hunter… and that humans were prey and nothing else. I just wish Sookie would pay close attention when Bill tells her these things…he continually tries to tell her the truth of what it is to be a vampire…and she remains pretty stubborn in her naivete. He tells Sookie that he envies Jessica…and he reveals a deep pain for what he has endured. Sookie, Sookie…stop that yammering on and Listen, girl!

Sam (Sam Trammell) and Daphne (Ashley Jones) are enjoying their midnight swim and talking about the joys of getting in touch with nature. Daphne says she enjoys the night and the quiet…”Just like the world, when it was brand spankin” new”. Sam speaks of his love for the paradise of Bon Temps, which he had thought was his “home sweet home”, telling her that he might be moving on. Sam sure does seem pretty curious about those nasty scars on Daphne“s back, which he sees when she steps out of the water. I am mighty curious about them myself!

Meanwhile, back at Maryann“s place, Tara (Rutina Wesley) is on the phone to Sookie, who has called to say Bye before she leaves for Dallas. She reassures Tara that she wants her to move in, not to just crash for a few days. As she hangs up, Tara tells Sookie, “I love you the most”…just as Maryann (Michelle Forbes) walks in, wondering who Tara loves the most. Why does it make me nervous for her to tell Maryann that it is Sookie she loves most? She tells Maryann that she is leaving to move in with Sookie…and Maryann pouts, whining, “What happened? You fit in here so well…and it seemed like you were having so much fun last night”. (referring to the flat-out orgy the previous night…) Tara thinks that everyone was having a little too Much Fun…to which Maryann gives a truly chilling little laugh…and then, she hugs Tara, telling her she will miss her…encouraging Tara to, “Go. Flourish. Don”t ever say no to yourself”. That might seem like mighty fine advice coming from someone other than Maryann, who gives me the heebie jeebies bigtime. I said it before, I”ll say it again…Run Tara Run!!!

Back at L.O.D.I. (Light of Day Institute), Jason is debating who was the first vampire (Lazarus? Cain? Jesus Himself?)in between shoveling in a mouthful of pancakes. Something about that is so wrong! Besides, Jason tells us, everyone knows the first vampire was Dracula. They go on to debate where the first evil came into the world…and the Luke-inator tells us that it was EVE…that”s why they call it Eve-il. Hmmm. Sounds like the pot calling itself black to me! But the truly classic Jason line is this: “Evil is making the pre-medicated choice to be a d!ck”. Okay now, that is downright funny!! Jason is saved from sharing any further pearls of wisdom as he is summoned to take a little trip with Rev. Newlin. Jason“s eyes about pop outta his head when he sees the wicked looking and very large GUN in Steve Newlin“s hand. Jason wonders, “Am I in trouble?” I can answer that question emphatically, Yes Jason, you are in a world of Trouble. Yes indeedy.

Tara and Sookie meet at Sookie“s place and she gives Tara a birthday gift, a picture of the two of them with dearly departed Gran (the incomparable and much-missed Lois Smith). They hug, dissolve into tears and talk about how much they miss Gran. Tara then wonders why Sookie is taking a trip to Dallas. “Are those vampire“s gonna use your mind reading again?” Sookie tells Tara that she only agreed to this, “to save your fool cousin, thank you very much!”. Tara, of course, has no idea what Sookie is talking about…

Meanwhile, at the autopsy of Miss Jeanette (ya know, the one who was found in Andy“s car with her heart cut out in the first episode?) Hey, look at those three nasty scratch wounds on her back!! Hmmm. Those seem very familiar! Mike Spencer (coroner and overly enthusiastic orgy-lover…yuck!!) surmises that the wounds contained a poison which paralyzed her so that her heart could be removed…while she was still alive. Double yuck! Bud (William Sanderson) ends up asking Andy (Chris Bauer) to hand in his detective badge after he comes in to the autopsy asking Kenya (Tanya Wright) if she has seen the brown pig that he recently saw…in a dollhouse. He wonders (as it turns out, rightfully so) if this is the Same pig that Tara saw when she ran off the road drunk. Andy tries to refuse to hand in his badge and finally does, tearfully. I have often felt that Andy is his own worst enemy…but, in this case, I felt genuinely sorry for him.

Over at Lafayette“s, Tara is threatening to knock down his door if he doesn”t let her in. When she tells Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) what Sookie told her (about him being shot and fed on and kept in a vampire dungeon), he tells her ,”Sookie needs to keep her mouth shut…and so do you.” Tara wants to stay and “take care of him”…but he sees through her after she looks at him with puppydog eyes and tells him, “but it”s my birthday”…to which he replies, “You know I love you, but I ain”t got it in me to take care of you tonight.”. Tara reluctantly heads for the door, saying she will really be pissed off if he dies. “That makes two of us”, says Lafayette.

Back at Merlotte“s, Terry (Todd Lowe) is cracking under the pressure of Sam leaving town…which will leave Terry responsible to run the bar. When Sam shows up, Terry asks hopefully if Sam is maybe NOT going to leave…to which Sam replies…”I haven”t left yet”. After telling Sookie that today”s special is now called “Scrambled Terry“s Scramble”, Sookie comfortingly tells him, “Hush”. Poor Terry. He seriously has issues. Sookie is aghast that Sam would leave without telling her…and he tries to blow off the conversation right and left. Sookie finally tells him that throwing away years of friendship seems pretty damn stupid to her. I couldn”t agree more!

Out in the woods, Jason and Rev. Newlin are firing their big guns (paintball guns apparently) at the vamp targets popping out at them from the trees…Boys and their toys, I swear! Seriously, there is something stark raving mad about the Newlin“s. They are scarier to me than Maryann and that is saying something! Steve is waxing eloquent about the joy of one day seeing a vampire explode in front of him…when Jason tells him what it really looks like, from personal experience. The look on Steve Newlin“s face can only be described as “orgasmic” online casino as he tells Jason, “You”ve seen it? Damn, I”m jealous! Awww, that”s gotta be a sight, watching God”s amazing power just obliterate evil right in front of your eyes. One day…One day soon…” Steve Newlin has ratcheted up the ICK factor to a whole new level…


We find Tara, alone, crying on her birthday at Sookie“s, getting the crap scared outta her by Maryann and her Surprise Birthday crew aka Eggs and Karl…heavily burdened by a humongous cake and presents galore. Eggs wonders why Tara is crying… and ya know what? She seriously breaks my heart sometimes! Rutina Wesley has done an outstanding job of portraying Tara in all of her multitude of issues and attitudes and melodrama. Tara tells Eggs that she always cries on her birthday, because no matter what she does, it”s always the worst day and her birthday always sucks. Eggs tells her that is about to change and that is a promise. Watch out, Eggs, what you promise Tara! Maryann (in a masterfully crafted performance by Michelle Forbes) tells Tara that a birthday is all about “casting off the empty shell of what”s dead and embracing the mysteries of what is to come”. Whoa. I think Tara“s head would explode if she truly understood all of the hidden meaning in everything that Maryann says and does. She tells Tara they are going to have a “wicked good time…I can feel it in my bones”. When Maryann says Wicked Good Time people should run for the hills, I am telling you!!

Over at the Newlin“s, Sarah (Anna Camp) is cookin” up something HOT, and I am not talking about those BBQ Ribs. Jason is hypnotized by her charms…and fantasizes a BBQ striptease, complete with Sarah“s full-on make-out session with that lucky bottle of beer. Settle down, little dogies…it is just a fantasy in Jason“s head…So Far. I could not get over her oh-so-precious floral apron with the iron-on letters: No Special Rights for Dead People”. You gotta give her credit, she never stops selling, no matter what!A? I especially loved that sassy little number, “Louisiana Hot Sauce” accompanying Sarah“s fantasy dance. The music in True Blood deserves it”s own special shout out…it is always perfect and totally Rocks!! Finally, Steve, Sarah and Jason sit down to Ribs with Bibs…and the Newlin“s pour on the praise, telling Jason that they are building an elite spiritual army called the Soldiers of theA?Sun…and they want Jason in their army, bigtime. Jason tends to look like a deer caught in the headlights whenever they start to fill his head with flattery and compliments…and he wants to believe what they are selling so badly, that I almost feel sorry for the guy…or, I just want to kick his ass. Pretty much both, here lately.

At Merlotte“s, business is s-l-o-w due to the Partay over at Sookie“s and the only one”s left at the bar are Andy (drowning his sorrows yet again), Sam, Arlene (Carrie Preston) and Daphne. Andy sorrowfully tells Sam, “Bud took my badge”…to which Sam replies, “You”ll get it back when you sober up and you know it, now go home!” Arlene is all for closing up early to go to the party at Sookie“s for Tara.A?Just about then, inA?walks Tara“s mother, Lettie MaeA?(Adina Porter)A?with a birthday present for Tara. Sam has okayed closing the bar early but told Daphne he didn”t think he would go. Lettie Mae asks about Tara, and wants Sam to give Tara the present for her “since she doesn”t have anyone else to ask”. What is Sam to do?A?You know our Sam, the Dudley Do-Right of the True Blood world, he wouldn”t ever want to let anyone down…but hey…isn”t that a contradiction with the recent Sam…the one who is putting his tail between his legs and running for cover?A?Yup. I thought so too. Will the Real Sam Merlotte please stand up!

Meanwhile, in Dallas, Anubis airways has just touched down and there is a shiny black limo awaiting the “Compton Party”. Sookie steps off the sleek jet, looking lovely in her yellow dress…and calls out, Yoooo Hooo, that”s me! She is holding one of those teeny tiny airline bottles of booze…saying how much she loves them, and that theyA?gave her 10 of them. Uh Oh!A? Limo guy starts to look a bit hinky and Sookie reads his mindA?just in time to realize he is trying to grab her…and Bill blasts outta his “travel coffin”, telling the guy, “Make a noise and it will be your last”. Jessica“s travel coffin has bounced onto the ground as she is yelling for someone to get her outta this thing. Bill is looking like he would like to make a meal out of Limo Guy.

At Sookie“s the party is heating up…as Sam arrives with Tara“s gift clutched in his hand. We see Terry and Arlene having a real good time dancing together…and Maryann greets Sam, telling him how impressed she is that he showed up. Sam tells her, “Go ahead and turn me. You will also reveal yourself in the process”. She says, “As what”? A?He says, “As whatever the hellA?you are”. She gets in a few digs about his failed romances and tells him, “You are really not an Alpha, are you?” Finally, there seems to be a bit of a return of Sam“s old self and you can see the fire in his eyes. Come back Sammy, we miss you!

Maryann throws Tara“sA?present from her mother out into the yard, after taking some time to watch the dancers, Tara and Eggs especially. The sexual tension seems to pour out of the partygoers…and something in Maryann is either feeding off it, or accelerating it…or both. Maryann wanders out into the trees…

Back in Dallas, Limo guy is being seriously Glamoured by Bill…who discovers his name is Leon. Seeing Jessica watching the process, he asks her if she wants to try it…and proceeds to give her some lessons in Glamouring. Jessica takes to it brilliantly and Sookie and Bill look on like adoring parents. Awwww. They begin to talk about Leon”s mission…and Bill wonders if he was sent by the Fellowship of the Sun. Sookie, revealing an ever more alarming level of naivetA?, tells Bill that they may be crazy, but a “church” would never be involved in kidnapping someone.A?Something tells me that Sookie is going toA?get the mother of all wake-up calls real soon.

Jason saunters into the dorm room, pleased as punch about his “promotion”.A?He cannot resist ribbing Luke about it…and that backfires on Jason when Luke insinuates that he is only being asked to bunk at the Newlin“s because, “the preacher”s wife needs someone to play with”. Even though he was just entertaining similar thoughts about her himself, he seems to be genuinely horrified at the accusation…and defends Sarah telling Luke, “She”s married”. Jason finally stalks out, saying that heA?”earned this”, to which Luke replies,A?”Sure you did” in a mocking tone. Jason has a couple of choice parting words…and IA?am thinking this is not the last of the hostility between Luke and Jason.

Sookie and Bill are checking in to the swanky Vampire Hotel in Dallas. The desk clerk tells them, “I have you down for a room with no bed”. Bill looks at Sookie and says, “Eric“. Sookie tells the clerk that they need a bed. (Ohhh yess, these two definitely need a bed! That naughty Eric!) Bill tells the clerk they need an adjoining room for his…Ward? Sookie thinks Bill should call Jessica hisA?ward,A?like BruceA?Wayne called Dick Greyson in Batman [Editor”s note: It makes sense as both Bruce and Bill are, after all, Bat-men]. These two are getting goofier by the minute! Jessica,A?meanwhile, is glamouringA?Leon out of his cellphone and getting him to yell out something at the top of his lungs…just your ordinary teenage vampire hi-jinks! Bill makes sure that their hotel accommodations are, indeed, being paid for by Eric. Bill seems to be getting a great deal of enjoyment out of that.

Back at the orgy..I mean party…Maryann is chanting something in an ancient language, maybe Greek?A?The more she vibrates, the more the party amps up. People are starting to strip and Tara and Eggs head upstairs to Sookie“s bedroom. (Okay, having this party at Sookie“s just creeps me out!)A?I think Maryann is having a bit of revenge on Sookie for taking Tara away from her.

ericMeanwhile, (fabulous) Lafayette is convalescing, just chilling out watching the tube, fanning himself …when all of a sudden, Eric ( the equally fabulous Alexander Skarsgard) appears, larger than life (and then some!) at his open window. He tells Eric that he can”t come in unless he invites him in…and Eric basically tells him he will wait as long as it takes since Lafayette has to come out sometime. The entire interchange is charged with tension…with Eric trying to persuade Lafayette to accept his gift of a??the healing elixir that is my thousand-year-old blood.a?? Lafayette is understandably wary, wondering why Eric wants to give him his blood. When Eric tells him, “I like you”…which Lafayette feels is BS…he tells Eric, “You want to keep track of me, why?” to which Eric responds, a??You obviously mean something to Sookie. And what Sookie finds meaningful, I finda?? curious.a?? Hmmm. I think everything about Sookie is a curiosity and an intrigue to Eric. She unexpectedly stood up to him, slapping the hell outta his face in Ep. 3 [Editor”s note: Ooooh.. we could watch that slap over and over and …] (admittedly while she was completely amped up on a pretty massive infusion of Bill“s blood following her near-death experience at the hands…uhh…claws?… of the three-clawed-creature, but still…) and wheeling and dealing with him in her negotiations to accompany him to Dallas. Note to self…Sookie has one hell of a temper.. probably not wise to piss her off when she is on the V…and I don”t think she even realized how much danger she was putting herself in by confronting and threatening Eric. Lafayette, however, has images of ripped-off arms flying through the air at him permanently burned into his brain…so it is understandable that he would not be in a big hurry to be drawn back into Eric“s world. Even so, he ultimately consents to let Eric in, after being persuaded that he could lose his leg altogether without intervention. Enter Eric, Vampire Healer! Imagine what Sookie will say when she learns that he has healed her friend Lafayette. Perhaps she will rethink her disgust as regards Eric? Hmmm.

Back in Dallas, Bill continues interrogating Leon, discovering that he was sent by the Fellowship of the Sun to abduct the human with the Compton party and bring her to the church. All he knew is that the vampires are using a human to find the Vampire Godric. Bill tells Leon that he didA?very well and implants the suggestion that the Compton party never arrived on that flight. Leon is smiling happily, knowing now that heA?got all nervous for nothing. Sookie and Bill beam at him with approval.

At Lafayette“s, Eric sits in a chair, arm outstretched (and, may I say, what an arm it is! Yummy.) while Lafayette feeds from his wrist. He tells him, that”s enough…and when Lafayette doesn”t immediately stop, Eric says, “Don”t be greedy” andA?tosses Lafayette away from him. Eric“s cellphone rings, it is Bill and Eric wonders why they didn”t call him the minute they arrived…Bill tells him that they were ambushed by the Fellowship of the Sun and angrily wonders why Eric didn”t tell him that he suspected that the F.O.T.S. was involved. Eric turns on the ice and informs Bill that he should remember that Eric is his Sheriff, that they are not equals and if that displeases him, he should take it up with the Magister or the Queen. When Eric holds theA?phone up and somewhat emphatically punches the disconnect button, there seems to be a bit of a crack in the ice…and suddenly, dance music comes on…and Lafayette is dancing his fool butt off…with moves so crazy fast, they almost seem like vampire speed. Let me pause to say that this is one of the classic Lafayette scenes of all time…I thought I was going to bust something, I was laughing so hard! Eric swings around in his chair to look…and Lafayette is literally humping theA?ground…Eric asks, deadpan, “How is your leg?” Lafayette is in a frenzy of “1000-yr-old-V” induced bliss…and says, “I just want to effing dance”…humping away at one of the chairs. Eric says, “How nice for you…I must fly”…and off he goes, with Lafayette saying something that sounded kinda like, “Thank you, baby” over and over again…or something of that nature. Nelsan Ellis is an Acting Rockstar…he just cannot be matched inA?his genius portrayal of Lafayette. Hallelujahs…our Lafayette is back…and he IS the Dancing Queen!!!

Back at the Newlin“s…Jason is settling into the guest bedroom and Sarah waltzes in, in a white satin negligee number…asking Jason if he is nervous! Good heavens, girlfriend, if you had any idea about the adventures of theA?professional stud you have in your house, you would be the one to be nervous! As for Jason,A?he looks like he is ready to throw her down…and, strangely for Jason, is fighting off theA?impulseA?bigtime.

Bill and Sookie, meanwhile, have settled into bed for some fun, fun, fun…when there is a knock A?at the door and it is Eric, who summons Bill to meet him in the bar. Bill tells Sookie this is important…and Sookie, as only she can, looks longingly after him and says,A?”Fudge”.

Eric and Bill meet A?in the bar and Eric tells Bill that he admires him, and it takes a real vampire to admit he cannot protect his human. (backhanded compliment if ever there was one!) Bill tells him it takes a true monster to not care about anyone or anything other than himself. Eric says, I care about others. Bill tells him that he cares about Godric…and wants to know why Eric has this allegiance to him, whichA?is so personal for Eric. Eric tells him that Godric is beloved by his subjects, twice as old as him, and very powerful. He says that there are none above him in the new world. Bill wonders how he could have been abducted if he is so powerful. Eric tells him that is what worries him…and if one such as Godric can be taken, none of them are safe. Eric is also worried about what the Dallas vampires will do if Godric is not returned.A?He fears they will begin open aggression against humans. Bill says that is insane. Eric says, that”s Texas! A?Yee Haaa! Looks like the TexasA?vamps are getting ready toA?open a can of whoop-ass on the humans…and the Fellowship is also gearing up for war against the vampires…and look who is stuck rightA?in theA?middle of all of it. That”s right. Sookie.

Back at Sookie“s, Sam and Daphne are feeding each other cake in the kitchen…and before you know it, kissing like crazy. Daphne“s comments to Sam are just priceless: “You”re sweet as hell, adorable and scruffy with a little gray in your hair…and damn boy, doA?you know how to wear a pair ofA?pants!!” Can I just give a Hell Yeah to that!!!?? Sam tries to stop things from progressing, telling her he needs to tell her something…she says, No you don”t…and leans in and whispers in his ear, “I know what you are”.A?They look deep into each other”s eyes….and…

The party continues to escalate in every possible way…Tara and Eggs are having one hell of a good time…(and can I just say, I was right…Naked Eggs is beyondA?Delish!!)…Maryann is vibrating at an evenA?greater intensity…feeding off the energy…the sexual frenzy…the hedonism…the pleasures of the flesh. People”s eyes are becoming that scary pure black…including Terry and Arlene…people are smashing food and cake all over eachother…violence breaks out and a girl throws herself into the dirt and starts eating it…Maryann starts digging into the deep black earth at theA?roots of a tree…and she casts her muddy hands to the heavens…and they become three hideous deadly looking claws…

In Dallas, Sookie waits for Bill…checking out the adult vampire movie menu (with hilarious titles like, “Intercourse with a vampire“,A?”the First Fangbang” and “Co-ed Chowdown”)…when suddenly there is a knock on the door…and a bellhop announces, “Man, Straight, B negative”…while Jessica says, That”s for me…and leads him into her bedroom. Sookie wonders to herself what she should do, since Bill would probably not like this…and wonders how old this guy is anyway.A?The bellhop answers her out loud,A?”Oh, he”s 21″. Sookie thinks to herself, that”s weird…almost like he just read my mind…and the bellhop thinks to himself, “I did read your mind…Barry,A?just smile and pretend it was a coincidence”. Sookie looks at him, stunned, andA?says out loud, “but it”s not a coincidence Barry!” and Barry turns and runs down the hall, with Sookie running after him calling out his name! Yaay!! Barry the Bellboy makes an appearance. Fans of the book oughta love it!!

Whoa. Soooo much going on!! How do they manage to pack so much into one little hour?

I can hardly wait to see what comes next!

Next week:

Eric meets with the Dallas Vamps, along with Bill and Sookie…joiningA?forces against the Fellowship of the Sun.

Someone is getting “valuable info” from Rev. Newlin…and putting something into motion! I think this means War!

Sam asks Lafayette (with Arlene) “What happened to you”…to which Lafayette replies,A?”Can we talk?”

Maryann smiling her evil smile with her minion Karl…Tara asking Eggs, “WhatA?exactly is your thing with Maryann? Eggs tells her that they take care ofA?each other…

Bill wants to slip away to Bon Temps with Sookie…but Sookie does not want to break her promise to Eric.

The Newlin“s tell Jason, “You”re rising to the next level, recruit”. and as Steve walksA?off with Jason, Sarah looks mighty troubled…

Vampire: It”s a War.

Jason, holding a rocket launcher on his shoulder,A?”Amen”.

Sam watches as Terry picks up Arlene

Sookie chases Barry down theA?hotel hallway…

Is that Sam and Daphne in silhouette?

Steve Newlin, pointing a gun…

Bill…asking Eric..”all this for a colleague? Why?”

I don”t knowA?about you…but thereA?are way more questions than answers right now…and things are getting crazy in a big hurry!!!A?Cannot wait for next week…Can you????

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(Photo credit: HBO)

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True Blood “Scratches” …scratching under the surface, where hidden things lie…

July 1, 2009

by Kevin and Cheri
tb-s2e3First things first…this episode is all about Seduction, Secrets, and thinking in Absolutes. It seems that almost every character has something to hide…and manyA?have issues of loss and guilt to overcome. We are only beginning to see the slightest of hints of what lies under the surface. Things could get mighty bloody in order toA?reveal these hidden truths…and something tells me that it will only get more complicated and messy before it ever gets any better.A?There are so many deep ideas underlying the journey of these characters…showing us that life cannot be reallyA?*lived* in the bondage of moral absolutes. Things are notA?either black or white…they are every color and shade of the spectrum. Everyone,A?as Vampire Bill (Stephen Moyer) tells us, has the capacityA?for both good and evil, sometimes simultaneously.A? Life is complex, complicated and a jumbled-up mix of emotional landscapes. We each find our own way into the world that fits us best, doing our best to leave as little wreckage as possible in our path. Sometimes there is collateral damage, as hard as we mayA?work to do no harm. I think the folks in Bon Temps are like us in so many ways. That is the beauty of this kind of storytelling…we can see ourselves in so many of the characters, good and bad, human and supernatural. And we are hopingA?for resolution and redemption…just the way they are.

Bests and Worsts:

Most obvious arc direction: Are we the only ones thinking that the Fellowship of the Sun couple is angling to have a threesome with Jason Stackhouse?A?A? There was an extended scene at their home that had an underlying sexual tension between Jason and the leader’s wife,A?don’t you think?

Favorite New Couple:

During the initial meeting between Jessica and Hoyt at Merlotte‘s bar, it was obvious that Jessica was more interested in Hoyt as a meal, rather than for an amorous tryst.A?A?A? Evidently his sweet innocence and honest appreciation of her swayed her because when they went back toA?Bill‘s place, instead of it being curtains for Hoyt, Jessica wanted to get busy.A?A? Wow, good for Hoyt…..I think.

Least Favorite New Couple:

Mike Spencer the coroner/undertaker and Jane Bodehouse the town drunk. Just EW!

Great music:

In the last scene at Maryann‘s party, they played a very nice mellow hip/hop song from the soundtrack of “Boiler Room”.A?A? Perfect music for that scene….nicely done!

Favorite new character:

Dr. Ludwig who treats Sookie…. her testy exchange with Eric at the end of her scene was simply priceless.A? Please, for the love of God and all things holy and unholy, let’s get that M.D. a recurring role, STAT!

Favorite new story arc:

Anything to do with Jessica. The depth and breadth of emotions that she showed in the Merlotte‘s with Hoyt using only five words was amazing. Let’s give her a standing O! (since papa Bill obviously isn’t going to allow her the other O anytime soon!)

Least favorite new thread:

The Church of the Sun. While it’s great to see Jason keep his pants on (and that Ryan has a chance to show his acting chops) and it was wonderful seeing Eddie even if it was just in Jason‘s nightmares, generally this arc just isn’t very compelling. Probably due to the innate repulsiveness of religious fanatics.

Favorite Special Effect:

Sookie‘s encounter with the creature was amazing….now what is that creature, exactly?A?A?A? Is it Maryann?A? Or, given the size and scope of the creature (it was very tall and rangy), could it be Eggs, under Maryann‘s direction and control?A?A?A? Hard to say, but this is a very interesting plotline.

Best Outfit:

Let’s see.. that tiny pink bit of fluff Bill bought for Jessica? Or those one time great pumps of Pam‘s? No, I love Eric‘s gear that he has been wearing on the show of late….it’s comical and sexy.A?A? Who knew the sweatpants look was in for bloodsuckers?A?A? Eric pulls it off, and you can tell there is some strong sexual tension building between Eric and Sookie or was that Eric and Lafayette.A?A? Dallas should be interesting!

Favorite quotes:

Dr. Ludwig to Bill, “Hold her down or let her die, your choice!”

Terry to Sam, “Remind me never to get stuck in a foxhole with you! Coward!”

Best Reparte:

Eric to Sookie, “I could grow on you.” Sookie rejoins, “I’d rather have cancer.”

Best Subliminal Message:

Lafayette, despite having 3 jobs (and being an entrepreneur) has no health insurance. So, he takes his shot up, bit up, beaten up stinky (but sexy) bod home to be treated by his uncle a veterinarian! Lafayette needs health insurance!


We finally see the scene which was shown at the Paley Fest in April…and Bill is seriously angry (perhaps rightfully so) that Sookie (Anna Paquin)A?did not heed his warnings about how dangerous Jessica (Deborah Ann Wolll)A?could be. We find out (thankfully) that Bill did not destroy Jessica‘s father and her family, but instead, “glamoured them within an inch of their sanity”. He and Sookie have a terrible confrontation, with Jessica crying tears of blood and screaming at Bill about how much she hates him. This might have been any typical family drama…well, without the tears of blood and the distinct possibility of fangsA?popping out at any moment. It all comes to a combustible conclusion when Sookie finally storms out of the car, insisting on walking 20 miles to Bon Temps. Jessica tells Bill that Sookie wants him to “go after her and kiss her and tell her that you love her”…but, he decides that she will return when she calms down. And so he waits.

At Merlotte‘s, we find Sam (Sam Trammell) seriously shook up after his encounter with Maryann in which sheA?forced him to shapeshift into his form as a collie. Poor Daphne picks the absolute wrong moment to tell Sam that her tickets have come up short…and heA?practically rips her head right off. To make matters even more aggravating for Sam, in waltzes Tara (Rutina Wesley), with tons of good adviceA?she has learned from Maryann (Michelle Forbes) and Sam warns Tara to stay the hell away from her. She tells him, you don’t even know this person…and he says, neither do you. Little does Tara know the many secrets that Sam is hiding from her and everyone else in town…about who and whatA?he really is and about his past with Maryann. Or, even more important, how many secrets and lies and hidden agendas Maryann is hiding from Everyone. Holy Maenad, I don’t think anyone has any idea what she really is. (Including those of us who have read the books). I think we are learning just how little any of us know… and howA?freaking crazy things just might get.

Even though Bill runs at vampire speedA?to save Sookie, it is still too late to prevent her attack byA?the nastyA?creature with horns and wicked claws. HeA?tries in vain to help her by giving her his blood. This just makes matters worse…and when she begins foaming at the mouth, he takes her to Fangtasia to enlist the help of Eric (Alexander Skarsgard). We see that Sookie has 3 deep scratches downA?the entire length of her back…and she is being attendedA?by Dr. Ludwig (Marcia de Rousse). Bill is frantic for her to save his Sookie…to which she replies, “Back off Vampire and let me do my work.”. Let me just pause to say that I found Marcia de Rousse to be alternately hilarious and one bad-ass chick! Eric tells the good doctor that Bill is abnormally attached to this human…quite ironic, particularly given his own intense interest in Sookie.

Bill and Eric retreat to Eric‘s office and discover that even Eric, inA?over a 1000 years, has never seen anything likeA?what has happened to Sookie.A?He calls upon Pam (Kristin Bauer)A?and Chow (Patrick Gallagher) to search for the creature, to which Pam replies that Chow can do it, since she is wearing her favorite pumps. (Gotta love our Pam!!) Eric says something to her in Swedish (?) and she and Chow immediatelyA?leave to do his bidding. The relationship between Pam and Eric continues to beA?fascinating…and reminds me more than a little bit of a daddy with his much loved but very spoiled daughter. He doesn’t ever want her to be mad at him ( i.e. the scene last week when he got blood in his hair and ruined her higlighting job) and yet, he can be very stern when the need arises. He tells Bill that Pam is “extremely lazy, but loyal”…and then asks about Bill‘s “daughter”, Jessica. Eric is gladA?that they are “bonding” after Bill tells him that Jessica is “petulant, dangerous and afraid”. Just two Vampire Daddies sharing the joys of “parenting”. (grin)

Since Sookie has been poisoned, Dr. Ludwig treats her wounds with some kind of nasty liquid that hisses and steams, drawing shrieks from Sookie, thrashing about so much that Bill has to hold her down to complete the treatment.

Immediately thereafter, we see Jason waking with a shout (are we supposed to think that Sookie and Jason share some kind of psychic bond?)A?We thenA?discover thatA?he is still dreaming…and vampire Eddie (Stephen Root)A?is asking him, “what are you doing here, Jason?A?I thought we were friends”. As Eddie grabs Jason to bite his neck…he wakes up in his bunk at Vampire Eradication Camp (ummmm….the Light of Day Leadership Conference?) and begins to pray for another sign that he is doing the right thing…only to have the Luke-inator throw a pillow at him and tell him to shut up. Guess that was the only sign he was gonna get!

Meanwhile, back at Fangtasia, Dr. Ludwig tells Bill that he can give Sookie blood now…with Eric looking on in obvious lust (for her blood? for her body? for her skills? only time will tell…) and Eric leaps over to grab Bill‘s arm just as he is about to sink in his fangs,A?telling him, “Mine is much stronger, allow me…” toA?which Bill replies, “Never!” Eric just laughs, fangs out…with a look on his face that says, just give me time… Naughty, Naughty Eric!!

As Dr. Ludwig is leaving, Eric tells her it is always a pleasure doing business with her….to which she replies, “Fuck Off”. You gotta hand it to her, she knows the best exit line and isn’t shy about letting it fly! Eric tells Bill that she is, “No fan of the fang. (Really?! you’re kidding Eric!) and only tolerates them because their blood is of such value to healers. It is pretty funny when Eric tells Bill to be careful or he will “over-cook” Sookie with too much blood. Sookie looks lovingly at her Bill and thanks him, promptly drifting off to sleep.

Pam and Chow arrive covered in mud, havingA?”scanned the area”…andA?report that the creature left human tracks with a distinct animal smell. Eric finds this intriguing and tells them to send out an alert through appropriate channels to find out what “the neighbors” know. Hmmm. Something tells me that we are definitely not in Mayberry and the neighbors probably don’t whistle on their way to the fishing hole. Eric remembers his manners andA?tells Pam that her ruined footwear really were “great pumps”. Bill thanks Eric for his “hospitality” and for saving Sookie‘s life…and Eric is already plotting ways for her to repay his kindness.

Over at Maryann‘s, Karl is concocting a strange brew…(and what exactly are those hunks of meat anyways? Maryann gives it a taste and tells him it needs a little more juniper. She is planning a party…and I don’t think this is the kind of party with balloons and streamers. Tara wanders in and asks Maryann why Sam hates her so much. Maryann, the picture of innocence (ha!), tells her he is just jealous and that her instincts are screaming that he is “un-evolved”…all the while rolling the worlds most ginormous joint…Is it me, or is that a big hint that Maryann is trying to keep Tara under her thumb by making sure she is in a drugged state at all times? Why doesn’t this send up any redA?flags for Tara after growing up with an addict all her life? I keep getting the feeling that just being around Maryann is enough to alter anyone’s perception.A?…and that is exactly the way she likes it.

Over at the Light of Day camp, there are not too many happy campers in the “sharing circle”… especially when Missy, a fang-scarred former fangbanger, tells her horror story of having been a “living, breathing snack machine” for a vampire. I knowA? they are supposed to be taking this dead serious…butA?that was a dead funny line! Jason (Ryan Kwanten)A?is goadedA?into “sharing”…and finds a backbone! He tells them A?that he is not a “Vampire Victim”.A?He also makes the serious error of telling them that his sister is dating a vampire, who he thinks is a pretty good guy…and tells them about his friend, vampire Eddie, who was staked by his girlfriend right in front of him. HeA?says that Eddie was a good “person”…to which Sarah (Anna Camp) replies,A?” he wasn’t a person”…pointing to Missy,A?saying, “would a person do that?” Jason tells her that hisA?Gran and his girlfriend were killed by his best friend because he had a problem with vampires. And he was a person. He finally gets up and leaves the room, distraught thatA?all his hopes of finding a place where God had a purpose for him were just wishful thinking. Pretty insightful, actually, for our Jason. Then Sarah has to go and muck it up, (mucking up Jason‘s brains and other body parts at the same time) telling him that they are so much alike…confiding that she protested with her big sister Amber forA?Vampire Equal Rights…and 2 months later, her sister was addicted to V and disappeared…and she assumed that the vampires had killed her. She tells Jason that they stole her sister. It is becoming evident that Sarah has turned to vengeance as a cure for her grief…believing that every vampire is evil and needs to beA?wiped off the face of the earth. It is typical of this kind of bitterness that turns a person’s heart to stone: everything is viewed in moral absolutes…with no room for doubt or questions,A?as they constantly twist and turn every fact to serve their own agenda. She and Jason kneel to “pray”…and Jason looksA?at Sarah with utter longing on his face. Uh Oh.

Meanwhile, Sam is evidently moving OUT…and about to hit the road, on the run from Maryann and all the ways in which she can destroy his world. Just a wee protest…I really think Sam is much, much stronger than this!! It is especially disheartening to hear Terry (Todd Lowe)A?tell Sam that he would not want to be stuck in a foxhole with him… and then calls him a coward. OUCH. C’mon Sammy…you got more backbone than this!

Sookie wakes up at Fangtasia alone…and checks out her back in the mirror and finds her wounds are completely healed. Ginger brings her some sort of nauseating combination of “peanut butter and chocolate syrup” to eat and Sookie reads her mind to find that Lafayette is locked up in the basement. She also discovers that Eric specifically doesn’t want her to know about that…and that there is aA?gun underneath the cash register. She runs for it and turns the gun on Ginger, demanding to be taken to Lafayette. Lafayette asks her if he looks like a vampire…but realizes that he feels so bad he cannot possibly BE a vampire. She promises to get him outta there.

Jessica also wakes up alone…and gets herself dolled up…strolling into Merlotte‘s, looking mighty fine with the song, “Sex andA?CAndy” playing in the background. Cupid’s Arrow heads straight for Hoyt (the adorable Jim Parrack) and he asks if he can sit withA?her. One thing leads to another (and let me just say, that Hoyt is so darn cute and sweetA?you just want to eat him right up. Yum.) and after some hilarious banter about chicken fried steak, he discovers that Jessica is a vampire. She has been sneaking a few peeks at the vein throbbing in his neck, but otherwise, she seems pretty shy and she has the most beautiful smile. Hoyt sure thinks so too…telling her that he could stare at her smile all day. Jessica is a bit stressed out by mentions or daytime and food…but Hoyt finds theA?fact that she is a vampire, “Awesome”.

When they arrive at Bill‘s, Hoyt confesses he has always wanted to see the inside of Vampire Bill‘s home. He sees that Bill has a Wii…and proceeds to try to show her how to use it…at which point, she leans over and starts kissing him..and then…her fangs pop out! She is mortified and tries to hide her fangs from him. Hoyt is quick to tell her…”don’t do that. You don’t have to hide that from me. It’s natural”. SheA?is so embarrassed andA?says she would “die if she wasn’t dead already”. He tells her,A?”Don’t be embarrassed by what you are. What you are…is Great.” A?Awwwwww. He tries to be a gentleman…but Jessica decides she has waited tooA?long already…and she throws him down onto the couch! Yee Haaa! You go, Jessica! I am starting to like her character so much better and have high hopes for her and Hoyt.

Over at Fangtasia, Bill runs into Sookie‘s arms, overjoyed that she is healed. Sookie, however, is in Deep Snit. She is ready to kick some ass… and tells Bill that he better not have known that Eric had Lafayette chained up in his basement. HeA?says he has no idea what she is talking about, and in walks Eric (looking mighty fine in thatA?green t-shirt, I have to say!) who tells Bill that she is referring to the human who traded sexual favors for vampire blood in order to sell it, which is a grave offence. Sookie gets in his face, telling Eric, “His name is Lafayette and you should be ashamed for what you’ve done to him”. Followed by one hell of a SLAP across Eric‘s face. Whoa Nelly! Hit the pause button people…sinceA?when is Sookie fearless about Eric? That is a serious veer if there ever was one. Okay, okay. I’ll zip it. Eric, however, seems remarkably unfazed and tells her, “I am glad you’re feeling better and may IA?add that color suits you very well.” (referring to the red Fangtasia shirt she is wearing.) She tells him to go to hell and Bill tells her that’s enough…to which she replies, it isn’t nearly enough. Has she gone stark raving mad? She tells Eric to release Lafayette right now or she will go to the police”…Eric, finally having reached his limit,A?snarls into her face, with fangs out, “I do not respond well to threats”. Whoa. If I were Sookie, I would put the breaks on just a bit. Good thing she didn’t see what he did to Royce! He backs away and tells her that perhaps they can come to an “arrangement”.

Back at Maryann‘s, Tara has blown offA?work for the night (prompting Sam to call and beg her to be careful about Maryann)…she and Eggs get hot and heavy in the pool…until a topless woman asks if she can join them, telling them how beautiful they are, and that she is a licensed massage therapist. (WTF?) Eggs seems pretty interested in this…and she slides in behind him and tells him, “you got a big knot right there”…(hmmmm…..)…while Tara looks out into the sea of people at the party and realizes that people are stripping off their clothes and getting into full-blown orgy mode.A?Yet again, Jane Bodehouse has those scary pure black eyes, and now, so does Mike Spencer (the coroner…euuww!) asA?they are rolling around together on the pool deck. Tara finally seems to wake up and runs off into the house…followed by Eggs, who doesn’t seem all that shocked by what’s going on outside. This should be a major hint to Tara…and apparently it is, since she tells him, if this is your scene, there is no US.

Andy Bellefleur shows up at Maryann‘s following-up on a complaint about noise…he goes further into her yard to find a rather outsized “doghouse” and leans down to see a pig inside of it. He says, “whatchu doing in there, pig?” Maryann comes over and starts flirting and complimenting Andy and he asks her about the pig, to which she replies, “What pig?” The pig has vanished into thin air…and although Andy begins to protest, he is quickly seduced into accepting a glass of champagneA?(or some kinda bubbly)…and seems toA?forget all about it. Hmmm. Maryann putting her whammy on yet another poor schmuck.

Over at the Rev. Steve Newlin‘s place, Jason is having dinner and discussing the forces of love andA?hate. Rev. Newlin (Michael McMillian) tells Jason thatA?you have to hate evil. Hating evil is like loving good. He tells him that hate isn’t just natural, we Need it to survive. (Say WHAT???) He says there is no in-between. You are either on the side of the darkness or the side of the light. Jason is mesmerized by this man (not to mentionA?his sexpot wife Sarah!) and seduced into believing he is hearing truth, and is completely mixed up about everything. Next thing you know, Sarah comes in, wanting to know if they have saved room for her “banana puddin’ ” Steve tells Jason that Sarah‘s pudding is a little slice of heaven. He says that Jason must be pretty special, since “Sarah doesn’t whip out her puddingA?for just anybody”. Thud. The look on Jason‘s face when Sarah tells them she is going to go and get the whipped cream is just priceless. It looks like he is now praying to see her wearing the pudding and the whipped cream!

Meanwhile, back at Fangtasia, Sookie is negotiating terms with Eric about taking the trip to Dallas. Bill doesn’t want her to go, but Sookie pointedly says she can make up her own mind. Eric tells her he will pay all her expenses and release her friend (Lafayette)…to which she replies, “and I want $5,000” (for missing time at work and a driveway). Eric tells Bill, “your human is getting cocky”. Bill replies, A?”She will take $10,000 and I will escort her.” Eric then says, “I don’t think so. No.” Sookie tells him, “$10,000 and Bill comes with me or it’s aA?deal-breaker”A?A?What aA?bunch of wheeler-dealers! Eric speaks into an intercom in Swedish (just assuming it’s Swedish!) and tells Sookie, “you surprise me, which is a rare quality in a breather.” SheA?tells him he is disgusting, heA?hopes he will grow on her…andA?she then says something so vile that I won’t even repeat it. Sorry, but incurable terminal illnesses are no joking matter to me. Eric finally tells them that they must leave immediately…and Bill volunteers to handle the travel arrangements.

Right about now, Pam throws Lafayette through the doorway into the office…telling him it is a shame, she was hoping Eric would let her keep him. To which Eric replies, “You have enough pets”. (and I am sure he doesn’t mean Fido and Fluffy either!) Lafayette tells Pam she is not his type…and she asks Eric if she can kick him. Bill, meanwhile, tells Pam she can try, with a look that dares her to try it. Whoa, Vampire smackdown with Bill and Pam! Eric says, Enough…and tells Chow to fetch their car. (Maybe Eric calls Chow Fido behind his back?) Eric leans down to Lafayette, while Lafayette cowers away from him (remember, visions of flyingA?ripped-off arms are probably burning through his brain). Eric strokes his shoulder, telling him, “I’ll see you around, I’m sure”. Lafayette tells him, “Don’t bet on it baby, I am retiring. I am done with you crazy ass effers. Done.” Eric gives him a smile and a wink…while Sookie stares Eric down. Good luck on that Sookie. Bill carries Lafayette to the car.

They take Lafayette to his place and Sookie protests that she should take him to the hospital. He tells her his veterinarian uncle will stitch him up…andA?doesn’t want Bill to help him into the house.A?HeA?asks Bill to tell “hisA?VampireA?Friends” that Lafayette only remembers being at Club Med for the last several weeks. Bill tells him this is wise.

Poor Lafayette…he stumbles into his house…falls onto a couch, covers himself with an afghan and begins to quietly cry. Yo! Writers! We need spunky, sassy, invincible Lafayette to come back from the almost-dead…and Soon! Pretty Please with some hallelujahs on top!

Sookie and Bill have a long yadda-yadda about the darkness and evil in this world on the drive back from Fangtasia. She tells him, the more open my mind gets, the more evil I see. Bill tells her that all creatures have both good and evil in them, sometimes simultaneously. She cannot seem to seeA?anything good in Eric.A?He tells her that Eric saved her life… she is determined to hate him. Bill tells her he hates that Eric is once againA?putting her in danger…and he hates that Eric showed her the “barbarous-ness” of what they call justice. He wishes he could glamour all of it away for her. She is glad he can’t and wants to be fully aware of all that she should be scared about, before it sneaks up on her. She knows that there is darkness in Bill…but she sees the goodness too. When she looks in hisA?eyes, that is what she sees.

Finally, they are at Bills and have a cozy little conversation about what a softie he is about Jessica and Bill waxes eloquent about the much-missed joys of petticoats. She tells him she might know of a Halloween store that sells them….he tells her she is such a tease. Cue the hot-sex…but wait…as they grope one another right into the doorway of the house, Daddy Bill finds out Daughter Jessica isA?possibly preparing to make a meal outta Hoyt right there on his couch. HeA?yanks her off of him and throws her across the room. She protests thatA?she wasn’t going to bite him and Hoyt tries to defend himself (and her) and Bill knocks him back onto the couch and silences him with aA?audible growl…fangs bared.

Dean the Dog shows up at Sam‘s and looks at him in reproach…Sam tells him they can go for a run “one last time”. What the heck!? Is Sam planning on leaving forever??? A?They go running together and end up running onto a dock and Sam dives into the water. Dean doesn’t want to go in…and Daphne comes sauntering down the dock, looking like Trouble with a capital T. A little banter backA?and forth about how much Sam sucks as a boss, followed by Daphne inviting herself into the water with Sam for a midnight swim. We see her back, as she takes off her top…and there are 3 long ragged scars scratched down her back.A?Hmmm. Who…or what…is Daphne? Was that her at Maryann‘s with her head thrown back,A?drinking wine from the bottle, with her eyes pure black? Sure looked like her.A?A?What kind of trouble is Sam in now?

What is most interesting is that there are people andA?supernatural creatures in the True Blood world whoA?cannot beA?easily categorized…whether they are vampire orA?human…some of them seem to want to do good and some are impossibly evil. Some even believe they are doing good…based upon their own tunnel vision of what the world IS. So many secrets! SoA?much seduction…on everyA?side…trying toA?convince others to do what they want them to do. So addictive….this show…you may want to yank your hair out at the choices the characters are making…but, you can’t seem to help yourself…you want to keep on watching…to see how it all turns out. Perhaps Alan Ball and Co. are concocting their own strange brew….and we are drinking it up, begging and pleading for More!

and speaking of More…

True Blood is Taking a Breather?

So we can catch up?


Okay, now that I got that outta my system.

Up Next!

Eric showsA?up at Lafayette‘s…Lafayette tells Eric that he can’t come in unless he invites him in. Eric tells him he has to come out eventually!

Jason is summoned by Steve Newlin (holding a scary looking gun) to take a trip together. Hmmm. Could it be…to Dallas?A?Uh oh.

Sookie promises Tara that they will celebrate her birthday when she gets back… From Dallas?

Maryann laughs ominously when Tara tells her she is moving in with Sookie. Run Tara Run!

Is that Daphne whispering into Sam‘s ear…?

So, two weeks from now we’ll find out whether Sam‘s dip in the pond will help him scratch that itch or get him in more trouble. Two weeks from now we’ll find out if Bill‘s growl is worse than his bite. Two weeks from now we’ll learn if the ghost of Eddie is a better bedmate for Jason than Sarah, the wife of the ‘bigger than Jesus’ Steve Newlin. In two weeks we’ll find out if Lafayette will invite Eric in or just never leave his home again. The whole season takes place over less than two weeks timeframe yet we have to wait two weeks for more True Blood… Better lay in a big supply of chocolate and potato chips it’s going to be a looong two weeks!

(Photo credit: HBO)
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True Blood: Keep This Party Going…and Going…and Going…

June 23, 2009

By Kevin and Cheri

s2e2-epcThis party is going all right…going to drive us mad with anticipation for each new episode! True Blood is dripping with sex and blood and so much emotion it is ready to explode…and we are eating up every last drop withA?a passion for more, more,A?more!

Speaking of emotion…Alan Ball recently said that they should put up a signA?in the writer”s room, “It”s the Emotions, Stupid!”…wanting to rootA?each character and their journey in emotions that we all can relate to: love, desire,A?longing, fear, grief, rage, lust…the need to find a tribe, a place where we belong andA?to be valued for who we are, regardless of our flaws and quirks. regardless of how strange we might think we are. It seems to me that this is a hallmark of Alan Ball“s work: he is more than willing to take us down the craziest path, all the while reminding us that we have so much more in common than we can possibly imagine. It doesn”t matter whether we are in the alternate Universe created by Charlaine Harris and then taken into unexplored realms by Alan Ball & Co. …weA?can still quite easily slip into Sookie”s shoes and imagine that every danger and new discovery is almost too real…feeling ourselves transported into that world, breathlessly waiting for whatever lurks around the next corner.

Best lines:A? “Is there blood in my hair?” (Eric to Lafayette), “Is make-up sex better than I-thought-you-were-dead sex?” (Bill to Sookie), Any relation to the farm?” (Jason to Luke McDonald), and Andy“s dancing skills being compared to “an epileptic on meth” were all very good, but to me, the hands down winner in this category was Lafayette“s offer to Eric,A?”I would make a bad ass vampire, and I would be YOUR bad ass vampire” and the runner up from Lafayette in the same scene, “ I”m already a person of poor moral character so I”ll hit the ground running”

Creepiest scene:A? Again, a category with lots to choose from…….Jessica“s bloody tears?A?A? Eric“s post meal burp/puke?A?A? Lafayette“s digging through body parts with his teeth?A?A? No, I am going with Jason“s continued involvement with the Fellowship of the Light and the impossibly cheery WASPY couple that leads the movement.A?A?All of the scenes at the camp/retreat were troubling, and you can sense some rocky seas ahead for Jason as his star rises amongst the Fellowship group. BestA?nickname:A? Luke McDonald, in a tirade against Jason, refers to himself as the “Lukenator”.A?A?A? Jason“s fellowship rival may be plotting against him now, we will see. Humorous scene:A? I loved the scene in the store when Bill is shopping, and the amorous saleswoman comes on to him aggressively.A?A?A? She even offers him a private fashionA?showA?featuring jean “short shorts”, but he passes.A?A? The woman then concludes that Eric and Bill are homosexual as Eric greets Bill.A?A? Funny stuff.

Well, Lafayette is Alive (hallelujahs all around!)…and enduring horrors almost too real, indeed.A?Picking up immediately after we saw Eric rippingA?Royce from limb toA?limb in Episode 1…we see Eric, blood pouring from his mouth, asking Lafayette if there is blood in his hair! Moving with vampire speed, he gets right into Lafayette“s face, asking him to check it out. There are more layersA?to Eric than we had dreamed of …and just when we thought he was going to make Lafayette his next entree, he says, “This is bad, Pam is going to kill me.” HeA?warns Lafayette not to try anything, since he is still hungry!

Bill and Sookie delight inA?reminiscing about the joys of “make-up sex” and “you-thought-I was dead-sex” and share a little pillow talk about the frustrations and dangers of raising a teenage Vampire daughter. Bill tries to impress upon Sookie just how dangerous Jessica could be if sheA?is unable to control her Vampire impulses…but it is evident that Sookie really does not get it. Sookie seems to want to believe that there is still a human being inside of Jessica..andA?tells Bill that she wouldn”t be with him if it weren”t for the parts of his former self which are still left inside of him. Bill tells her, “I”ve had to work extremely hardA?at finding my way back to my humanity..fragile as it may be.”A?They tussle back and forth a bit and agree that they areA?fighting again…to which Bill replies (with a look that sends shivers all the way to our toes), “Well then, prepare to be made-up to…”A?GoodA?heavens…where can we sign up for That?!

Pam is back!!! …and apparently making use of skills learned at the Vampire School of Cosmetology…telling Eric thatA?the blood in his hair is “a Disaster” with a look of disdain that only Pam can give.A?It is hilarious to see the boo-boo face on the DreadA?Master Vampire Eric when heA?says, “I said I was sorry Pam. He took silver to me.” Telling Lafayette, “YouA?were there. You saw it. Defend me!”. Lafayette proceeds to defend Himself with every bit ofA?sass in his arsenal…and finally, Lafayette fesses up that he thinks Jason Stackhouse is the one who took Vampire Eddie. Conversing inA?Swedish, Pam and Eric agree that Sookie is too important to them…and Eric then tells Lafayette that this information is of no use to him. How Very Interesting, indeed. Still not learning whatever it is he wants to know, Eric tells Chow to throw Lafayette back into the dungeon (screaming and kicking all the way.)

Meanwhile, we find Jason on the summer-camp bus from hell…with Vampire Haters masquerading as Righteous Warriors. Jason meets his rival …who immediately tells Jason, “I”m Luke McDonald, no relation to the restaurant.” To which Jason replies, “Any relation to the farm?” …and when Luke says, “WhatA?farm?”, I realize that he and Jason are fairly well-matched for any competition! It is almost sad to see them struggle for dominance, talking about past glories in football and the like. Luke tells Jason that he struggled through 3 years of abstinence and applied and reapplied to the leadership conference…A?and Jason guarantees that Luke will hate him for all eternity when he tells him that he had breakfast with the FellowshipA?Leader SteveA?Newlin and his wife Sarah, during which they asked him to come to the leadership conference. 2 days ago. OUCH! Maybe they should just get out a measuring tape and get it over with already!

Tara and “Eggs” Benedict do a little bonding in theA?garden at Maryann“s place…during which we get to see Eggs without his shirt…and fervently hope to see him that way many, many more timesA?during the season. Naked Eggs would be even better! Something tells me we don”t have long to waitA?for that.

Actually, Tara begins to reveal a more introspective side when she tells him, “When it comes to men, I have a long history of putting the cart so far out in front that the horse can”t see it”. She finds out some of his more “colorful” secrets and we are left to wonder how much more of Eggs will be revealed…and I am not just talking about his physical charms.

This episode reveals so much about the inner turmoil that Sookie isA?enduring. As she tells us, it has just been a few weeks since her Gran was murdered…and she is feeling emotionally overwrought in so many ways. She feels extremely guilty about Jessica, especially after Bill revealed in the last episode that he made Jessica aA?Vampire in reparation for the life he destroyed to save her (when he staked Longshadow last season). When Sookie sees Jessica“s grief-stricken parents on T.V., sheA?picks up a picture of her and Tara when they were kids, with her Gran. Sookie seems to be overwhelmed with grief herself.

Back at theA?Light of Day Leadership Conference, the campers (uh, attendees?) are given a Ring of Honesty,made of pure silver…and told, “Protect it with all your heart and maybe one day it will protect you”. To which someone yells out, “Die Fangers”. There is alot of sexual tension generated by Amanda (dolled up like a teenage sex-kitten, singing “Jesus asked me out today”)A? and Sarah… who both seem to have more than a passing interest in Jason. Jason and Luke duke it out playing flagA?football (during which we see Jason shirtless in all his glory).A?Followed by a “game” in which Jason plays the Good Guy and Sarah plays the Vampire Sympathizer. She then yells out, “I am a Vampire” (puttingA?on the cheesiest set of halloween fangs you have ever seen) and Jason freaks out, breaking the pole on the American flag in two and threatening to stake her with a blood curdling scream. Is it just me or did Sarah seem to be a little turned-on by Jason standing over her withA?his stake?A?We also see Jason struggling with memories of Amy and of his friendship with Vampire Eddie…so, maybe one day soon, Jason will finally Wake Up. One can always hope. One of the more hilarious moments is when Luke tells Jason that Day OneA?went to him…Day Two belongsA? the Luke-inator. Not even kidding.

Over at Merlotte“s, things are going to hellA?in a handbasket…given more than a little help by Maryann and her enchanting ways. WeA?find out that Daphne is really not working out as a waitress (to say the least!)…making the blood boil for Sam, Terry and Arlene. Sam tries with little success to give Maryann the heave-ho…but she is not having any of it and delights in creatingA?as much chaos as she can.A? IA?don”t think Maryann is at all happy when sheA?finds out that Sookie has asked Tara to move in…and we see Tara struggling, as she wonders,A?”Is this too good to be true?”A?(regardingA?all the perks of living with Maryann.) Sookie reads Maryann“s mind andA?”hears” her thoughts in what sounds like some kind of Greek dialect.A?At one point, TerryA?asks Arlene, “what the hell is going on at table 4?”…where Maryann has been eating everything that is not nailed down for hours and hours. As night falls, Maryann begins to dance, stirring everyone in the bar into a frenzy (what in tarnation is up with Jane Bodehouse?… dancing “a la Maryann” with her eyes turning pure black!) When Sam protests that, “This is my bar, these are my people, this is my town”, she begins to vibrate, as Sam pleads with her to stop,A?and we see her literally compel Sam to shift. It is actually quite chilling when she tells him (shifted into his form as aA?collie)A?”Abracadabra, Sam. Don”t ever threaten me” telling him that she can do this to him anytime and he won”t be able toA?keep his secret from the town. There is something about her so purely evil thatA?it is beyond imagination.

Back at the dungeon, when Lafayette busts himself out of the chainA?using the metallic implant from Royce”s hip during a seriously gag-worthy scene…I remembered why Vampire movies casino online used to completelyA?gross me out.A?Too much blood and guts for me…but it did make the point that Lafayette truly is the survivor he claims to be. And then some. He tries to break out of the bar and Ginger (of the ear-splitting shrieks) shoots him in the leg.

Sookie finds Jessica at Bill“s, having seen her parents on T.V. She cries tears of blood andA?convinces Sookie to take her to her parents home, to sit across the street inA?the car so she can “say Goodbye.”

Bill, meanwhile, is doing some shoppingA?for his “daughter” Jessica,A?and meets up with Eric. Eric says to him, “Good evening, old sport”. Bill says, Eric? (not sure if it is him with his new short hair-do) Eric says, ” It”s the new me. You like?” to which Bill replies, “I do. Very much.” If only everyone felt the Same about Eric“s new hairstyle. For me, he is still beyondA?gorgeous…and this comes from someone who has read all the books and seenA?every episode of the series. As Charlaine said recently, “you can”t think of the books as a Cliff”s Notes for the series. I don”tA?tell Alan how to write his show and he doesn”t tell me how to write my books”.A?As for me, I absolutely have to separate the two. Otherwise I would be ready to yank out MyA?Hair every single week. Nope.A?Not gonna do that. I love them both.

Eric asks Bill if he can take Sookie to Dallas with him, to search for his missing “friend” Godric, the Sheriff of Area 9. He tells Bill, “She”s yours. I am asking your permission to take her to Dallas”. He tells him he is only doing so out of respect, since he can take her anytime he likes. Especially since Sookie agreed to work for him. Bill refuses and Eric asks ifA?this is his final answer. I wonder if Bill realizes that this is really not a gameshow and refusing Eric might not be the smartest thing he could do? Bill remains resolute.

Sookie takes Jessica to her parents house..and things do not go very well at all.A?We find out that Sookie is almost paralyzed with grief and guilt about Jessica, asking her for her forgiveness. Jessica tells her that she does not blame her, and when she sees her sister, she flies from the car withA?Vampire speed to the front door, banging on it to be let in. One thing leads to another and Jessica shows her fangs to her father, telling him she is about toA?”home-school him on what it is like to beA?afraid”….

Back at Fangtasia, we find Pam and Chow awaiting Eric as Lafayette slowly bleeds to death on Eric“s leather couch. Eric finally arrives, finding Lafayette ready to bargain for his life. Eric asks him if he would rather let his leg kill him or would he ratherA?let them do it? Lafayette replies, “I prefer Plan C”. Eric says, “there”s a Plan C?”A?A?and Lafayette then asks Eric to, “make him aA?Vampire.”A?The entire interchange between the two of them is filled with the tension of two powerful and intensely sexual beings circling one another(figuratively speaking),A?searching for dominance.A?EvenA?with a chain around his neck, clearly terrified by the vampires, Lafayette still more than retains his vibrantA?personality, telling them that heA?can practicallyA?glamour people already. He tells Eric, “not only will IA?be a bad-assA?Vampire, I will be Your bad-ass vampire”. Eric tells himA?he will take it under advisement, but you can see that he isA?more than a little intrigued by Lafayette andA?how useful he might be. In the final scene between them, Eric tells Pam and Chow that it is “Chowtime”, baring his fangs and all three of them attack Lafayette and begin feeding on him. We are left to wonder if Lafayette is just “a meal” or if they are going to actually turn him. Time will tell. Yikes.

Finally, we see Jessica, ultimately telling her father that she is going to “end it, right here, right now, with your belt”…at which point she throws him against the wall and tightens his belt around his neck.A?Just in time, Bill smashes in the front door and commandsA?her, as her Maker, to let him go. He puts the glamour-whammy on little Eden and Mrs. Hamby,A?convincing Eden to invite him in. He throws Sookie out, telling her this is all her fault. In the last scene, we see Bill look at Jessica and then literally growl in her father”s face.

Up Next!

Finally, the scene from the Paley Sneak-Peek…Bill and Sookie having a terrible fight and Sookie storming out of the car, only to be slashed to the ground by…what?

Hoyt and Jessica hook up! Holey Moley!

Is that a party at Maryann“s Pleasure Palace? Is that Daphne, drinking straight from the bottle, with eyes goneA?pure black?

Sookie pointing a gun…at…who?

Jason…holding hands, perhaps praying? with Sarah? …saying, “I am Lost. So Lost”.

Truer words were never spoken! Now we have less than a week to clean up the mess from the last True Blood party and get ready for the next one: “Scratch my Back”! (Photo credit: HBO)

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A Look At Episode 1 From Season 2 Of True Blood

June 16, 2009

True Blood Cast Paley

True Blood Cast Paley

True Blood Recap “Nothing But The Blood” Season 2, Episode 1

By Cheri and Kevin

Prepare yourselves for a non-stop wild ride! Alan Ball”s True Blood has returned in all of it”s glory, dripping purple passion and shenanigans galore! Did anyone notice the number of people wearing purple inA?Episode 1? Once you notice it, you might lose count! PurpleA?is the combination ofA?the totalA?opposites of “hot red” and “cool blue”A? and can symbolizeA?sensuality, hedonism, royalty, spirituality, imagination and states of confusion or euphoria (i.e. “Purple Haze”) …A?which pretty much describes some of the many and varying shades of the characters we have come to know and love (such as Sookie, Bill, Eric, Sam, Jason andA?Lafayette…who Lives!!A?Yaayy!!) and new or fairly new characters who fill the screen with larger-than-life personalities (such as Maryann, Jessica, Steve and Sarah Newlin). I would be curious to know if there was a purpose for including soA?many shades ofA?purple in the palette of this episode…or even cooler…was it just *serendipity*?

Best lines:A? From Andy, incredulous when told by his boss that he was both overworked and drunk and off the murder case.A? “What?A? I am not overworked!”
From Lafayette in response to the redneck saying some people think he”s an asshole: “No!”A? (and as it turns out, it”s a magnetic Ass! Who thinks of these things???)

Best scene:A? Wow, lots to chose from here…..Maryann had some great ones, as did Sookie and Bill.A? However, I found the vampire dungeon scenes with Lafayette to hold the most intrigue, as the sets looked like a big budget film to me, and the action very compelling and realistic.A?A? Also, the scenes made you wonder what is in store for Lafayette.A? It looks like a gothic/vampire version of the Spanish Inquisition for my favorite resident of Bon Temps.A? Note to Lafayette:A? just give “em your name, rank & serial number.

Best discussion:A? Well, it could have been Maryann”s rant at Tara”s mother, delivered in cool, dismissive tone…..but I give the award to Sam, who needed a few bottles of liquid courage to finally tell Sookie that he isn”t interested in playing 2nd fiddle anymore, and that he doesn”t need every detail of her life to be told to him in agonizing detail.A?”I”m tired of charring my ass on your back burner.” I love Sookie”s character in True Blood, but this was long overdue.A? Bravo to Sam for finally delivering this long overdue message to Sookie, well done!

Most Changed Characters: The obvious one is Miss Jeanette, Opossums everywhere are celebrating her demise! But Sookie is the most changed ongoing character. Last season, Sookie was played way over the top, as if to a Broadway audience, in episode 1 she”s very toned down and much more suited to the small screen, if anything, she”s a bit too quiet now but hopefully they will manage to bring her up a notch to simmering instead of boiling over all the time. Coming in a close second is Sam. He”s cranky, he”s outspoken, he”s scared, while still being an adorable sexy dog, and it looks like next week, he”s the man in charge. Good for him!

Most Missed Character: Pam. No sign of her in the opening, couldn”t she have at least yelled down the stairs to tell Eric his hair was going to overcook under those foils?

On to the Recap!

First up: Lafayette Lives! Or, we certainly find out thatA?it isn”t him in the backseat of Andy”s car with his red-painted toenailsA?hanging out the door (and I thought that big hint of Lafayette painting his toenails red at the bar in Season One was a sure thing! Just goes to show that you cannot possibly predict what kinda *crazy* Alan Ball has hidden up his sleeve this year.) Miss Jeanette is not so lucky and by the look on her face she did not die happy…and,A?of course, another majorA?hint is the ginormous hole in her chest where her heart used to be. Shocking! We are left to wonder who might have done the deed … and I am sure it will be a long while before we find out. In the meanwhile, Tara finally confesses (after a little mind-reading and prompting by Sookie) that Miss Jeanette is the exorcist/con artist who “cured” her and her mother (Lettie Mae) of demon possession. The sceneA?with Lettie Mae, Tara and MaryannA?is chock-full of high irony … Lettie MaeA?isA?unable (and unwilling) to comprehend the truth that she has been tricked into believing herself “cured”…andA?is most definitelyA?NOT cured of her stubborn hypocrisy and out-and-out cruelty to Tara. WhileA?Maryann (savior? social worker? psychopath?) almost seems the voice of compassion and reason, comforting Tara and telling her, “let”s get youA?Home”. We have only begun toA?scratch the surface of who (and what) Maryann really is. Speaking of irony, when she tells Lettie Mae it is a rare opportunity to encounter someone so devoid of human compassion…I think she was actually paying her a compliment!

Poor Andy is really having a casino online rough time of it…disintegrating in front of our eyes and finally being relieved of his duties in the investigation of the murder by Sheriff Bud (complete with square-dancing regalia and a first prize blue-ribbon stuck proudly to his chest). Why do I get the feeling Andy is about ready to have a major meltdown?

Sookie is really going to have her work cut out for her this year…as sheA?laments, “Every time I think I know what”s what, I find out I don”t know anything”.A?This especially rings true when she shows up at Bill”s after the murder just looking for a little peace and quiet to discover Bill”s newly-made 17 year old Vampire “daughter” in nothing but a towel. Highlights: Bill, the Recycling Vampire! Bill and Jessica trying various mixtures of Tru:Blood so it will taste less like ass to Jessica…When Jessica asks Bill (after he tells her that he has a guest coming over),A?”Can we eat her?”A?and when she tells Bill that he is “sooooo not Eric“. The combustible combination of Bill, Sookie and Jessica can only lead to fireworks as the season progresses.

One especially touching and lovelyA?moment happens when Sookie finally goes into Gran”s room, apparently left untouched since her murder, and prepares to pack up her things. The music playing in the background is the sameA?melancholy yet beautiful tune which played while Sookie sat in the kitchen, alone, after Gran”s funeral and ate the pecan pie her Gran had made. That was one of my all-time favorite scenes and can I just say how much I miss Gran? sigh.

Sookie discovers over the course of the episode that Bill has been keeping some pretty major secrets from her (his vampire “daughter”Jessica and the murder of the heinous Uncle Bartlett). She tells him that she is alot stronger than he thinks and that he has no right to withhold the darker parts of himself from her, especially when she has bared her every tortured memory to him.A?My favorite part of the episodeA?is when Bill tries with all his heart to explain to Sookie that she is “his miracle”. A?He tells herA?”for all the times I have dismayed, aggrieved or failed you, I swear I will atone….I refuse to apologize for what you have awakened in me.” A?Followed by mind-blowing, sizzling-hot make-up sex…Is it hot in here, or is it just Bill?

Jason Stackhouse is THE most aggravating of all of the characters…and seems an awful lot like “Stepford Jason” this year. Although I canA?imagine that thinkingA?he was the murderer ofA?4 women last season (one of which was his own Gran and the other his true-love Amy) and being then “delivered” from his jail cell by the Fellowship of the Sun was enough to mush the brains of anyone…much less someone who is as easily led as Jason. Scenes of Jason using a highlighter on the “Vampire Eradication Manual” (my code for the FotS book he is reading), his hero-worshipfulness of Steve Newlin ( “I am reading your father”s book and it is really making me…uhhh….think”)A? and the “sign” from heaven in the form of the inheritance check from Uncle Bartlett (more irony!) to enable him to afford the 1200 dollar class fee for the Light of Day leadership academy…well, they really speak for themselves, actually. I am still hoping that Jason will finally see some realA?”Light of Day” one of these days. I have hope!A? Although…it does not bode well that the tagline running under Steve Newlin”s face while he is debating Nan Flanagan from the American Vampire League is “Opening shots of the Human-Vampire war?”A?Also, it is not a good sign when he totally lies to Sookie about where he is going…could it be that he doesn”t feel entirely good about his association with the Fellowship of the Sun? Me, still hoping.

Lets see…okay, what is up with Sam? He is seriously grumpy…and has turned into one mighty angry dog. Especially when he tells Sookie that he is tired of charring his ass on her backA?burner. Ouch!A?The scenes of Sam first “experiencing” Maryann (is it me, or does she remind anyone else of a cicada?) after running in to her house as a young beagle…ummm…17 year old… show how much Sam really has to fear from her. Though apparently, she is not after his money…and makes that clear, telling him…”How in the world did you get theA?impression that this is about you?” A?I think Maryann is going to stir up more trouble than Bon Temps can possibly imagine. PoorA?Sammy.

I am just silly over Hoyt Fortenberry…I absolutely love it when he tells Jason (after Jason tells him that it is cool with him if he wants to “hit that” about a woman at the bar) “I”m not much of a hitter, I like them nicer than that”…and, when he calls the FotS church a group of Vampire Haters, saying that his church teaches not to hate Vampires..not to hate anyone…Is he just the sweetest thing ever? Hoyt, you are a total dollface.A?A?Ditto Terry Bellefleur…Arlene”s hero at the bar…I am rooting for those two to get together…(although Terry might get the worst end of that deal…)

Tara is “finding love” with Eggs-the-hunk…and Maryann is conspiring to heat things up between the two of them…so much so that she practically knocks out her minion Karl for bringing them some towels just as they were about to get hot and heavy down by the pool. That mansion is really quite theA?pleasure palace…and we have only begun to see just how hot this town can get with Maryann stirring the pot!

Okay…so, last but by no mean least…when we first see Lafayette (alive!!!) chained up in a muddy, shadowy dungeon, chained to some sort of…uhh…Grinding Wheel?… I thought he might have been kidnapped by the FotS. Imagine my total shock later when Eric comes humming down the stairs, highlighting tinfoil in his hair, telling Lafayette, “Shushing won”t do any good sweetheart, we hear everything”. Is that Fangtasia music we hear in the background? I have to tell you, when heA?purposefully removes his highlighting “cape”, the juxtaposition of those amazing arms with the vision of the rest of his outfit (flip flops? track pants?)A?was really something to see! Note to self: don”t piss off the 1000 year old Viking Vampire by screaming for him to die and sticking yourA?silver cross on his face. He just might tear you to pieces and rip you limb from limb.A?Yikes. (we”ll leave the Yahoo and Yum for later…) R.I.P. Royce. (and we really didn”t need to hear that much about his magnetic ass [editors note: I LOVED that part…different strokes!]…although it was nice of him to apologize to Lafayette for the whole “Aids Burger” thing…)

Scenes from next week: Lafayette: Make me a Vampire…Eric: I beg your pardon?

Sookie takes Jessica to her former home and all hell breaks loose.

Jason attends the Light of Day academyA?(with someone yelling, “Die Fanger”A?in the crowd)

Maryann wreaks havoc at Merlotte”s and Sam seems more than willing to fight for “his people and his town”.

The True Blood second season opener certainly did not disappoint! We here at are so very glad that Alan Ball decided to keep the huggable, funny and incredibly intense Lafayette around. Being gay in Bon Temps was starting to be like wearing a red shirt in a Star Trek episode! You knew before the end of the show, that guy was a goner. I was pleasantly surprised that, although Sookie, of course, tried to break up with Bill over Jessica and Uncle Bartlett, it was more gently handled and the very touching scene with Bill pouring his heart out to Sookie was worth the eight month long wait all by itself, can Stephen Moyer act or what? So now we”re back to counting down the days, hours and minutes till the next episode of True Blood! What a great summer it”s going to be!

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Carrie Preston is Red-Hot as Arlene: Serving Up Her Own True Blood Flavor with Some Sassy Southern Spice!

May 19, 2009

Carrie Preston says she never gets recognized as Arlene, the bold and brassy barmaid atA? Merlotte“s, on HBO“s wildly popular True Blood. After seeing her at the PaleyFest, I can certainly understand why…she seems to be the polar opposite of Arlene in every conceivable way. I guess that is the magic of a truly gifted actor…when they can convince us completely that they actually ARE that person…so much so that we cannot even imagine anyone else in that role.


In the Charlaine Harris books, there are a few differences in Arlene as opposed to the character that we have seen on True Blood thus far, although her character still retains the flavor and emotional palette that Charlaine so vividly describes. I really have to hand it to Carrie, she seems to effortlessly slip into Arlene“s skin in a way that brings Charlaine”s original character to life, and then some.

It is interesting to think about who Arlene is in terms of the way her actions and reactions influence the behavior of the other characters. We discover right away that Arlene is not a happy camper when it comes to vampires. When Sookie walks toward Bill, seemingly mesmerized, she can hear Arlene“s thoughts, urging her to “run away, as fast as your legs can carry you!” Arlene is not at all pleased with Sookie“s ability to hear those thoughts and tells her in no uncertain terms that, “her private thoughts are none of your business”. She seems to want to mother Sookie and is horrified at Sookie“s attraction to Vampire Bill. We see her claws come out after Dawn is killed, telling Sookie “if [Dawn] didn”t casino online spend all of her nights off at that vamp bar in Shreveport” she might still be alive. Sookie tells Arlene she should be ashamed of herself, to which Arlene replies, “Isn”t there even one part of you that thinks she deserved it?”

It seems obvious that Arlene reacts out of deep-seated fear of the unknown: with the kind of knee-jerk reaction that so often accompanies it. A mindset that seems to want to mistrust and even destroy those things that are out of the realm of what they perceive as “normal” or “natural”. While Sookie seems to initially be very open to “things that are out of the ordinary”, she becomes temporarily disenchanted when faced with the darker side of life with a vampire. Arlene, of course, could not be happier when Sookie seems to have given Bill the heave-ho…and remarks to Sookie, “vamp Club not all it was made out to be? Alot of freaks, I hear” and, at that moment, Sookie tells Arlene, “I won”t be going out with him again”. It seems that Arlene often plays havoc with Sookie“s emotions and is the catalyst for many such moments when Sookie is struggling to find her way as regards her romance with Bill. Arlene is rooting for Sam and seizes any opportunity to steer Sookie away from Bill and toward Sam.


It seems to me that Arlene is a constant contradiction…veering wildly from one end of the spectrum to the other…on the one hand, she wants to protect her kids from the dangerous vampires, on the other, she and Rene bring the kids to hear Vampire Bill give a speech as though this is a completely normal family outing. She seems to have a fear of anything “out of the norm” and yet, she and Rene gather with the crowd to watch the goings-on at the scene of Dawn”s murder…launching into a particularly hilarious interchange regarding the “paper doilies” when she sends Rene to fetch some drinks…When Rene asks her, “What is up with you and those doilies?”…it just cracks me up. There is never a dull moment when Arlene is around and I find her alternately hilarious and exasperating, always wishing that she could somehow begin to see how often she is her own worst enemy.

Carrie (as Arlene) brings her own special Red-Hot ingredient to the already strange and delicious brew that makes True Blood a fascinating crazy-quilt of American life (albeit an America up to it”s eyeballs in supernatural shenanigans). Carrie told us at PaleyFest that she feels that she literally a??serves up the flavor of the showa?? at Merlotte”s, a gathering place which is the beating heart at the very center of the True Blood world. I find myself looking forward to what outrageous thing she will say next, and I am sure that Season Two will find her gleefully driving everyone out of their minds, as usual. Arlene is just not happy unless she is shaking things up with her penchant for riding an emotional rollercoaster “til the wheels fall off!

To read more about the wonderful Carrie Preston please read our exclusive interview with Carrie and discover what a dynamic and charismatic person she is and learn about her experiences working as an actress and on True Blood. Click here to read the inteview.

(Photo credit: and Kasandra Rose)

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True Blood Bliss: Fang-demonium at the PaleyFest, An Addiction to Charlaine Harris novels and Craving a True Blood Fix!

May 17, 2009

tbpaleyfest09Greetings…sorry it has taken so long between installments in my seemingly neverending saga… Real life hasA?seriously been trying to take the wheel and I am once again in the drivers seat! Want to come along on the ride?

Oh…and just a quickA?pause to wax eloquent about my addiction to the writing talents of Charlaine Harris…I just finishedA?her new book, Dead and Gone…and, junkie that I am, I am *already* wondering how on earth I can stand waiting for a whole year for another one. Charlaine, please, Must we wait a whole year?

Now, back to our regularly scheduled trip down memory lane…

Last time aroundA?I was talking aboutA?my journey to the PaleyFest…and it was chock-fullA?of miracles, serendipity and a nearly averted tragedy…nevertheless, Sarah and I were determined that nothing would keep us from getting to the ArcLight on Monday April 13.

We planned to meet Kasandra (editor at at the ArcLight cafe at 3 p.m. …A?along with my local True Blood posse and a bunch of other fans…and it was such a blast hanging out with people who love the show just as much as we do. Kasandra spoiled us rotten with fabulous Vampire goodie bags (I could tell you what was in them, but then I might have to get out my TSA-approved Vampire Stake…)A?and a raffle for all kinds of True Blood goodies (with aA? groovy “Peace, Love, Vampires” T-shirt won by yours truly!). We had a wonderful afternoon and just want to give a shout out and many thanks toA?Joe at the ArcLight cafe and all the staff for treating us like royalty! A Special Thanks to Kasandra and You totally ROCK!

It seemed like the time went flying by and before we knew it, Sarah and I were in our seats in the front row, lefthand side. Everyone was chatting and taking pictures and there was a wonderful buzzA?humming through the crowd in anticipation of the evening. The Highlight reel from Season One was such a treat and little did we know that we would be getting a sneak peek of Season Two…what on earth (or in any other dimension!) was chasing after poor Sookie? Having to wait another two months to see “the rest of the story” seemed like an eternity to me that night…and it still feels like it is a million years away…Hurry, Hurry… True Blood Season Two premieres on June 14!! (Do you get the feeling that I am impatient for my TrueA?Blood fix??)

Having read all of the books (multiple times now) and after watching the first season of True Blood (ditto), I have to give heartfelt “hallelujahs”A?(a la Lafayette) to Alan Ball and Charlaine Harris. Somehow, they have managed to create something particularly unique and fascinating, which keeps the best of Charlaine”s original visionA?while allowing Alan to spread his wings creatively.A?They have given us a veritable banquet of yummy storytelling brought to gorgeous life by a cast of characters who are wonderfully diverse (from England, New Zealand, Australia, Sweden,A?Virginia, LasA?Vegas, etc) and as vividly charismatic as we could possibly have hoped for. As Charlaine and AlanA?described it at Comic Con, they discussed the creation of True Blood on aA? “most interesting,A?artistically surrealistic afternoon”.A?Charlaine became convinced that he understood her stories and would do them justice and that she could entrust “her babies” to him. I feel her trust in Alan Ball was completely justified.

I know that there are some fans of the books who seem to want the series to mirror each and every facet of each and every page…but I just don”t see how that could even have been possible. As Alan and Charlaine have both said: the books are Sookie”s story, very often narrarated directly from her own thoughts and impressions. In order to takeA?this story andA?create TrueA?Blood, Alan told us at the PaleyFest that, “he did not want to be simply a stenographer, but he wants to deliverA? some surprisesA?for everyone toA?look forward to along the way”. As for this diehard fan of both the books and the series, I am happily anticipatingA?the delicious surprises he has in store for us inA?Season Two.

We have so many wonderful memories of the panel discussion at the PaleyFest.A?The True Blood panelists seemed very much like one big happy family reuniting to share the joys and triumphs of creating something mysterious and magical together. How lucky were we to be there to listen in? Very!

Our favorite memories and highlightsA?of the True Blood Panel Q&A:

Regarding Season Two, Alan talked a bit about Maryann (Who is she really? or… What exactly is she?)…saying that she is Trouble with a capital T. More Trouble than we can even imagine. I have always loved Michelle Forbes since first seeing her in “Kalifornia” in 1993 and I can hardly wait to see what she can do with this character!A?It seems that Maryann is going to try her hardest to suck everyone into her ownA?particular version of Hell…Look out BonA?Temps!

When asked about the creation of Tara (described by a fan at the PaleyFest ~quite accurately I think~ as a fun, memorable, bad-a$$ character), Alan said that he felt that Sookie needed a girlfriend…so it would not just be Sookie and then a parade of hot guys.A?(to which I found myself thinking, and what in the world would be wrong with That?!A?*wink*). A?He saw Tara andA?Sookie as two little girls who had various reasons to find themselves as outcasts and who bonded togetherA?when they were kids. I am looking forward to seeing the relationship between Sookie and Tara and how it plays out in the series … especially since Tara is so completely different as versus the storyline from the books. I especially love it whenA?Tara gets feisty…so I hope that we see alot of Tara kicking some butt this season.

Alan talked alot about his gratitude to the many people who work so hard to bring True Blood to life. He told us “when you work with people who are so gifted and so creative, like this amazing cast… the writers, producers, crew, designers… my job is to sometimes just get out of the way…to recognize what the show IS, what it wants to BE, and to just step back and get out ofA?it”s way.”

Regarding the original audition process, Alan told us that he is very instinctive and looks for those actors who have a particular gift in bringing the material to life.

Speaking about the amazing Lois Smith (Gran), Alan told us that he feltA?very fortunate and blessed to be able to work with her. He spoke about Michael Raymond-James (as Rene Lenier) “weeping” when he had to re-enact the killing of her character…he was so upset to have to evenA?pretend to do such a thing to LoisA?Smith.

Anna Paquin (Sookie Stackhouse) told us that it was just heartbreaking to lose Gran, especially because of how wonderful Lois Smith is …even though they only had her for short a time, she brought the viewers aA?”massive insight into that family and howA?they survive … because they had this fantastic, kind, sort-of-crazy matriarch who has loved and nurtured them …”A? Anna said that Lois is “exactly who she pictured as Gran when she read the script so it was kind of spooky when she was actually playing her Grandmother.” She spoke of working with Lois asA?something truly extraordinary and such a gift.

Rutina Wesley (Tara) then mentioned that one of her favorite scenes (and one of mine as well!) was the “pie-eating scene” after Gran”s funeral. I remember thinkingA?what anA?amazing actress Anna truly is … justA?watching that scene, seeing herA?pour so much emotion and such heartrending grief into her expression and through herA?eyes during aA?scene which wasA?quite lengthy with no dialog, just Sookie sitting atA?the table, eating the last pie her Gran would ever make. Anna”s Golden Globe win was well-deserved…for this and so many other beautiful, funny and heartbreaking moments throughout the season.

OneA?of Anna”s favorite memories was whenA?Sam (Sam Trammell)A?wakes up naked inA?Sookie“s bed and then changes into a dog…and Sam talked about running naked through the grass in jazz shoes…(I am getting a visual of this and it makes me go…woooof!) Alan says that Anna told him that one of her favorite things is getting the sh$t kicked out of her in action scenes … which is actually a very good thing since Sookie spends so much time getting beaten up!

Alexander Skarsgard (Eric Northman) told us that he thinks that “Eric is a little misunderstood”. He said,A?”I don”t see him as an evil guy…he knows what he wants and how to get it… he is very confident…and I love him. He”s very loyal and if he likes you, he”s a really, really good friend…He just doesn”t like a lot of people”. AlexA?said that he often finds himself in situations of defending Eric… saying that, A?”People say he is an evil bad guy. He”s a sweetheart”. As for the Eric fans I know,A?they would really like to find out just how sweetA?Eric can be! *wink*

When asked about some memorable Eric scenes from the book, Living Dead in Dallas, Alex told us (much to the delight of Eric fans everywhere!)…” …the scene with the pink leggings? If I can find an excuse to wear that…I will definitely enjoy that moment”. A?We will be looking forward to that as well. Quite a LOT.

Alan spoke quite a bit about how much he has changed his mind about allowing for improvisation from his actors…saying it was Nelsan Ellis as Lafayette who convinced him.A?AlanA?said that there were scenes when Nelsan wasA?A?”absolutely channeling from some other planet”. As for me, Lafayette is one of my favorite characters both in the books and in the series.A?I alwaysA?looked forward to the next sassy and brilliant thing he would say with suchA?panache and joie de vivre. Nelsan always broughtA?Lafayette to life with a mischievous wink and a endearingly tender heart underneath all of that Spice.

One of Nelsan”s favorite moments was when Vampire Bill tells Sookie, “I can smell the sunlight on your skin”… calling it a brilliant line. To which Alan replied that it was taken directly from the book. (Charlaine, an absolute genius with dialog!)

When asked if he could be any other character on the show (to whichA?Carrie Preston yelled out, Arlene!),A?Stephen Moyer“s first response was to emphasize how muchA?he loves playing Vampire Bill. He then told usA?that he might like to “channel a little of his own inner Lafayette”…A?imagining that Bill Compton might have a twin brother we might see in flashback, “wearing that pink lycra suit”. (Please take note True Blood writers!)

Stephen also talked, at length, about the infamous graveyard love scene. Actually, Anna began the conversation by remarking how incredible it was to her that there was so much speculation aboutA?”where the dirt ends up”…to which she remarked:A?”your boyfriend comes up naked out of the dirt and he”s not dead and you have crazy sex…why would you be thinking about where the dirt is going”?A?As I was picturing that scene in my mind, I am imagining manyA?other things would be on my mind besides the dirt…(is it hot in here, or is it just me?) Then Stephen told us that he was smeared from head to toe with “organic peat moss”… (there are lots of people who would like to apply for that job…) He said he had toA?”wait underground, in this little shed they built for him, with a black “bin liner” stretched across it (called something a little more…descriptive..A?by Anna) with the dirt piled across it and he then sort of gave birth, alien-like…”A? He then said, “you don”t get a chance to do That very often!”

It isA?certainly enlightening to realize the intricate and complicated process the actors undertake to bringA?the story to life. I just have to say that Stephen Moyer was absolutely breathtaking in his portrayal of Vampire Bill. I cannot even imagine anyone else in that role…

Carrie spoke fondlyA?about working with Michael Raymond-James (as the recently departed Rene Lenier) and when askedA?ifA?the castA?had read the books, Carrie told us thatA?she had to read all the books to find out if her character dies (to which Rutina Wesley pantomimedA?anxiously paging through the books…)

Everyone seemed to agree that the books provide an invaluableA?blueprint forA?each character, keeping in mind that there is plenty of opportunity to allow the characters to evolve andA?grow. Alan has often said thatA?he intends to stayA?very true to Charlaine”s original vision and the spirit of the stories she has created… and if Season One is any indication ofA?the brilliance of combining the books and the series into a *magical concoction*, I think we are about casino online to be transported into another dimension entirely in Season Two.

When asked what she likes most about her character, Carrie said that Arlene,”speaks her mind, if she thinkin” it, she”s gonna say it” (and as she”s talking, she is taking on more and more of Arlene“s distinctive southern accent…) In her best Arlene-voice, she said that “We should be a little worried that there are Vampires hanging out with our kids”…(pronounced keeee-ids).

Rutina told us that she loves ” Tara“s big ole heart…even though she has a big ole mouth!”A? Rutina thinksA?A?”that is just Tara”s defense since she has never learned to take care of herself andA?has always taken care of other people.”A?Another thing she loves is Tara“sA?”loyalty to and concern for Sookie.”

Ryan Kwanten (Jason Stackhouse) spoke about the way he has changed his style of acting since joining True Blood, saying that he has “had to throw out the textbook and everything he ever knew about acting and literally fly by the seat of his pants since that is the way Jason so often goes”… and the whole cast laughed when RyanA?described how oftenA?he would goA?into his dressing room and find that his wardrobe consisted of only one item, fondly described as “theA?Sock”. Or, the “Sack of Destiny”. We can only imagine…!

And, on that same subject, Alex said, “I”m from Sweden… so I”m disappointed that I don”t get to be naked all the time. I want that in my contract..” to which Alan replied, “we”ll be calling your people in the morning”. Lets just take a minute and think about that, hmmm?
The crowd at the PaleyFest was certainly a well-traveled bunch…with people having flown in from Texas, Seattle, New York, Colorado, NorthA?Carolina, Florida and many other states… and it seems that the demographic of the show is every bit as diverse…and then some…

Nelsan says that the fans are amazing but there are times when it gets “a little quirky…Some people seem to think you actually ARE your character…and so they take some…liberties. They say they want to hang out and I say…uhhh…that”s Lafayette..”.

Anna says she loves it and finds it massively flattering how much everyone loves the show…A?even when folks yell out to her, “what am I thinking, Stackhouse?”

Stephen told a story of goingA?to the gym and he said this guy came up to him, A?”about 70 years old and says, I love the show, Bill (which StephenA?says with a pronounced southern drawl) and then says, hang on…and comes back with another guy about 45 years old, who is his son…and this guy says, Duuude (which Stephen gives a definite surfer-dude accent)..and he says, stay there…and comes back with this 20 year old guy, who is his son…” and Stephen says thatA?the three of them told him that they work out together and watch the show together with their wives and family and kids.A?I can attest to this kind of demographic myself…since I watch the show with my hubby and my mom and sister and our friends of a wideA?variety of ages and backgrounds.

There just seems to be something about this show whichA?can appeal to anyone who is looking for something with real heart and soul …something deeply elemental which calls out to the need inside of all of us to find our own tribe…to fit in…and to live with a fearless passion and a joyous abandon.A?I love the way so many conversations are sparked by the struggles and challenges the charactersA?are faced with in the show.

Alan talked quite a bit about how the show seems to mirror many things that are going on in our own culture…and about the “culture wars”… He said the show isA?”becoming something that he never imagined it would become…andA?is really loving watching what it is becoming.” HeA?told us thatA?his “instinct is that the show could last for a very long time. Charlaine publishes a book a year, SeasonA?One was based on Book One (DeadA?Until Dark). Season Two is based on Book Two (Living Dead in Dallas)” … then Alan said to the cast, “I hope you guys are prepared to get older…but that could be a problemA?for those of you who are playing Vampires”. (which got a big ole laugh!) He says that the show is just such a “big bowl of weird possibilities which is so much fun and so many places for it to go that I don”t even think about where it”s going to end…”

Alan responded to fan questions about how to “encourage” HBO to continue renewing True Blood for many seasons to come by giving what he called a “shameless plug … Everyone Buy the DVD” Which, by the way, is available on May 19. As for me, I am going toA?tell a bunch of friends and hope they tell 10 friends … and so on and so on and so on!!! I am more than happy to do my part to keep True Blood on the air for many more years to come.

After the panel was over, the crowd very enthusiastically did their utmost to “meet and greet” the entire cast. It was Fang-demonium gone wild! Nevertheless, I have to say thatA?everyone in the cast who stayed to meet the fans were exceedingly gracious and kind…doing theirA?utmost to say hello and take pictures with and sign autographs for as many fans as they could, especially given the short amount of time they had before they had to clear out of the theater. I had an opportunity to speak to Alan very briefly…but I was overwhelmingly happy to have the chance to say Thank You to him for bringing so much joy into my life. Ditto to Alex, most especially for his efforts to take a picture with my friend Debby and I. Alex also took the time to take a picture with Sarah (who drove 1200 miles and got into a car accident along the way) and I was so happy she got to meet him after all she went through to get there! Sam was also very sweet to my friendA?Sarah, especially when her camera decided it did not want to cooperate. Thank you Sam…three times was the charm!

The best part of it all wasA?being ableA?to shareA? the evening with some very special people who I love very much…my SiStars: Tamara (my real sister, actually!), Debby, Cheryl, SusanA?and Sarah, our newfound friend! A special thank you from my heartA?to these amazing women for being such a Light in my life and for sharing their favorite memories of the PaleyFest with me…Their memories and mine have enabled us to share our journey with you…and I Thank You so much forA?walking down memory lane with me in my True Blood Bliss! xoxo

(Photo credit: Paley Center for Media)

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