Changes for True Blood and Alcide: Joe Manganiello Tells All

July 23, 2013

The Plot Thickens for Joe Manganiello and Alcide Herveaux:

Joe Manganiello as Alcide Herveaux

If you were as excited as we were to hear that Alcide’s (Joe Manganiello) father Jackson Herveaux (Robert Patrick) was going to be a regular character on True Blood during Season 6, you probably also notice that we have yet to see much of him.

Manganiello spoke of this recently at Comic-Con, saying that he’s been off on his own this season and away from the rest of the regulars. There were, however, original plans for much more screen time between Alcide and his father:

“I haven’t really interacted with any of the series regulars … It’s kind of like my own little spin-off. There was more [with me and Robert Patrick], but they changed the storyline and [there’s now all this footage that is not a part of the show].”

The change might have occured due to the recent showrunner shuffle: Marc Hudis was the original showrunner of the season but was replaced halfway by Brian Buckner.

Even with all of the changes, the buff actor assured that the characters will come together by the end of the season.

How so? We’ll just have to tune in to HBO every Sunday at 9 p.m. to see!

Source: – ‘True Blood’ season six spoilers: Joe Manganiello on Alcide story that no longer exists

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True Blood’s Chris Bauer: The Actor’s Experience of Andy’s Season 6 Journey

July 21, 2013

Chris Bauer Discusses Andy’s Future:

As if Andy Bellefleur (Chris Bauer) hasn’t put up with enough with all of the shenanigans Bon Temps throws at him, he’s left with dealing with four fae daughters at the start of Season 6 of True Blood. Things only seem to be getting worse for the town sherriff, especially after the recent death of three of his ‘young’ ones due to one of our favorite redheaded vampires. Actor Chris Bauer spoke about his specific role this season as a father, incest, and his own Alexander Skarsgard impression.

When asked about the direction Andy is headed in now that recent events have changed things for him, Bauer commented:

“Andy really has to draw a line for himself between power and powerless. And I personally find that line to be one of the most deep and rich veins of humanity. There’s a lot of hubris that goes into thinking you can avenge anything, that you can affect the world in such a way that creates justice. On the other hand, there’s a lot of shame and impotence if you can’t affect your world at all. I think it’s extremely human.”

To add to the sherriff’s plate, Andy must learn how to take care of four ever-growing girls.

How did he deal with the rapid speed of time?:

“We had to discuss how emotionally invested you can get in people in three days. You have to take in that it’s three days in True Blood time, not three days in real time. So I did have to figure out how to manifest a subtle level of realism, because I’ve only known these girls for a few days, which is a slightly different emotional frequency than if they had been 18. But our actual human response to children is a sense of instant bond, instant protection, instant affection, instant concern for their well-being and future. So I just went to that.”

In reality, however, Bauer commented that due to his own “immature” nature, he didn’t speak too much to the many actresses playing his children, but the young ones made him feel right at home as if he were home with his own daughter when she was that young.

“They didn’t understand things like camera direction or how to find the lens, so when you do those scenes with the little teeny girls early on in the season, I would say my line and remind them where to look, remind them what to say, they would have their reaction, and I would say my line, and they would just cut out all my on-camera direction. It was very cute.”

When asked about the ancestral incest found in the show, particularly in his Andy’s storyline with the romatic encounter between Andy’s sister Portia and Bill(Stephen Moyer) (and Bill being Portia’s great-great-great-great grandfather), Bauer agreed that while it’s also confusing, it raises the stakes on his daughters’ attack. The event refocuses one of the show’s original themes of character interaction in a world with very different types of people.

“It’s like two species trying to get along, even though externally we look the same. That’s where all the racism, all the homophobia, all the sexism, all the diminishing-others-for-their-differences comes from. It’s so applicable.”

As for the writing process, the actor said he has not spoken with the writers to pitch ideas. Everyone involved is rarely even together, he said, except for the table reads.

From being a part of these, he has a message for the world:

“The world needs to know that Sam Trammell does a spot-on impression of Alex Skarsgård. Sam is like a character actor in a leading man’s body. It’s ingenious. I’ve tried to do it myself, and I can’t do it. But when Sam does it, it sounds like Eric, and it has this breathy trace of a Swedish accent, you know what I mean? It’s brilliant. I’ve tried to do Joe — I can’t. And it’s not that hard to do Andy. [Laughs.] You just have to growl while you talk.”

We can’t wait to see the rest of Andy’s emotional journey this season!

Source: – True Blood’s Chris Bauer on Faery Fatherhood and His Alexander Skarsgard Impression

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VIDEO – True Blood’s Deborah Ann Woll: First Thought After Viewing Picture of her Castmates?

July 16, 2013

Deborah Ann Woll Gushes About Her Season 6 Castmates and Friends:

Deborah Ann Woll as Jessica Hamby, Season 5

Actress Deborah Ann Woll (Jessica Hamby) couldn’t help but shower her True Blood castmates with honest compliments when discussing them in a word association game in an interview with the Huffington Post.

The actress expressed her admiration for her fellow cast and crew and helped paint the picture for fans:

Word for Stephen Moyer (Bill Compton)? “Jolly.”

“Stephen Moyer is the funniest, jolliest person I’ve ever met.”

Anna Paquin (Sookie Stackhouse)? “Sexy.”

Alexander Skaarsgard (Eric Northman)? “Tall.”

The redhead went on to elaborate:

“Although now with Joe [Manganiello] (Alcide Herveux) on the show, he’ll sit next to Alex and Alex looks normal in comparison…[but] he’s such a sort of soft, sweet man that it all blends.”

See what she thinks of fellow stars Rutina Wesley (Tara Thornton), Nelsan Ellis (Lafayette Reynolds), Ryan Kwanten (Jason Stackhouse), and more here!

Caution: major sweetness ahead!

Source: Deborah Ann Woll Dishes on True Blood Co-Stars, Says Anna Paquin is ‘Sexy’

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True Blood’s Rutina Wesley: 25 Facts

July 9, 2013

Getting to Know Rutina Wesley:

Rutina Wesley as Tara Thornton

On True Blood, Tara Thornton (Rutina Wesley) has had some surprises shoved her way from learning her best friend was telepathic to waking up as a vampire thanks to that same friend.

In reality, the actress, herself shares some of her own real surprising secrets to Us Magazine:

1. I hated my husband (actor Jacob Fishel, 34) when we met in school. He was so good at Shakespeare.

2. I would kill to play Elphaba in Wicked.

3. I worked as a singing dancing busgirl in high school.

4. I always have my Beats by Dr. Dre headphones turned up high. I’ll probably be deaf by age 50.

5. As a kid, I did a Michael dance number to “Man in the Mirror” in a tux and top hat.

6. My dad was in the Star Search finals.

7. I have a shirt that says RUNNING SUCKS . . . because it does.

8. I wish I ran track.

9. I named my car Chewy.

10. I’ve eaten Twizzlers in my sleep.

11. I love Now and Laters. I don’t share.

12. Juliet is my favorite Shakespeare role, and I hope to play it someday. Any takers?

13. I love to do Fire Marshall Bill impressions.

14. When we were courting, my husband wrote me a sonnet and read it to me in Central Park.

15. I taught my cat how to sit for treats.

16. I’m a sneaker head. You’ll find more sneakers than heels in my closet.

17. I secretly want to be a judge on So You Think You Can Dance.

18. I’m afraid of heights, but I’ll ride a roller coaster.

19. Every morning I’m visited by hummingbirds. I think it’s nice, but maybe they’re planning an attack?

20. I was the only little chocolate girl on the dance team in college. We also cheered for the basketball team.

21. I own just about everything in purple. I’m obsessed.

22. I used to make mud pies as a kid. I may have eaten a slice or two.

23. I have crushes on James McAvoy and Lil Wayne.

24. I’m a huge fan of Jillian Michaels and The Biggest Loser.

25. When I need to relax, I listen to Jill Scott or India.Arie.


Do you share any funny habits or interests with Rutina? I know I wouldn’t mind being the Glinda to her Elphaba!

Let us know below in the comments!


Source: UsMagazine – Rutina Wesley: 25 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

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True Blood’s Season 6 Episode Five Description: LEAKED

July 5, 2013

Love, A Rescue, and Ghosts:

True Blood Season Six Poster

With fans desperate for Sunday to devour episode four of the hit Season 6 HBO drama series True Blood, they can munch on the recently leaked description of episode five, “F*** the Pain Away.” This episode, airing on HBO on July 14 at 9 p.m., foretells the reunion of former lovers and ghosts.


In the episode, Sookie (Anna Paquin) continues to delve into her past along with her fae grandfather Niall (Rutger Hauer) despite the ever-looming presence of the ancient, evil vampire Warlow. Specifically, the blonde waitress turns to her co-worker and friend Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) who may deliver some information about her dead parents. The other Stackhouse sibling Jason (Ryan Kwanten) will also be reconnected with his past through two of his past lovers: Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll), of course, and none other than the former Mrs. Reverend Steve Newlin herself, Sarah Newlin (Anna Camp), who fans had the pleasure of seeing once again in episode three.

In the vampire world, Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten) is noted to have entered “dangerous territory,” but there may be a rescue close at hand for her! Both her maker, Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) and her progeny, Tara (Rutina Wesley) are said to be taking “drastic measures” to help the fashionable member of their family.

Now we’re all wondering: what could all of this possibly mean? Stay tuned for July 14 to find out!

Source: – ‘True Blood’ Season 6 Spoilers: Episode 5 Description Leaked Online; What Ghosts Will Return?

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True Blood’s Deborah Ann Woll on Jessica’s Season Six Struggle

June 25, 2013

Jessica Faces the World…Alone?

Deborah Ann Woll stars as Jessica Hamby in HBO's True Blood Season 6

There’s no denying that the fierce feisty redhead has had her share of troubles throughout the True Blood seasons from falling out of love with Hoyt (Jim Parrack) to Jason’s (Ryan Kwanten) recent rejection. To top it all off, HBO’s True Blood Season 6 begins with her delving into the mysterious and possibly dangerous world of Bill’s (Stephen Moyer) new nature.

Actress Deborah Ann Woll (Jessica Hamby) commented on Jessica’s current situation:

“Jess is terrified, absolutely out-of-her-mind terrified. He’s the last tether for her. She doesn’t have Hoyt. She doesn’t have Jason anymore. It’s really scary to think that the one person she used to rely on is in this internal battle.”

Even with the high emotional stakes, the actress acknowledges that Jessica is hard to bring down. Fans can certainly agree after witnessing her accidentally kill a truck-driver in an early season and still keep her head on relatively straight despite having remorse.

Woll compliments her character’s determined spirit:

“I find that to be a really admirable quality. I think [in] this season that comes off in a big way. She’s gonna be really tested to see if she is mature enough to pick up the pieces and start again because every season she seems to be alone and looking for someone to be there for her and we’ll see who it is.”

Who could it possibly be? Sundays can never come quickly enough!

Source: – True Blood Season 6 Spoilers: Deborah Ann Woll Talks About Jessica’s Terror

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True Blood Season 6: Newest Naked Love Interest for Sookie

June 24, 2013

A New Faerie Comes Packing Muscle:

Rob Kazinsky stars as Ben Flynn in HBO's True Blood Season 6

29, English and ginger actor Rob Kazinsky will join the ranks of the hot and nude cast of True Blood as Sookie’s (Anna Paquin) latest fae love for Season 6.

And he’s prepared for it:

“I am 100 percent certain that I am going to be absolutely hated by everyone. Team Eric’s going to hate me, Team Bill’s going to hate me, Team Alcide — they’re all going to absolutely loathe this guy just because he’s not them.”

Kazinsky also added that his fae character Ben is ‘honest,’ ‘accessible’, and will provide a unique kind of happiness for Sookie.

His exposure, however, is a little different from the rest of the cast’s:

“I was told that I’m most naked character they’ve had over the course of one season.”

When it comes to his physique, however, his answer stunned us:

“I really wish I could say [I work out] a lot, [but] on your first day when you come to set and you got Joe Manganiello and you got Ryan Kwanten, you just realize that no matter how much you work out, genetics do everything. There’s no point in trying too hard.”

Oh, to be so naturally hot…

Even with his great genetics, the actor certainly put on an effort for director Guillermo Del Toro‘s upcoming action film Pacific Rim by gaining 40 pounds in muscle through eating 12,000 calories for four months every day and working out five hours a day six days a week.

Talk about effort! Kazinsky gushed:

“It’s really really really hard. And we did it because in the original script there were a lot of topless scenes but then when we got up there after putting all that effort in, just [actor] Charlie Hunnam’s getting naked.”

The American way of doing things after working in England on British soap opera Eastenders was also a significant change for the actor. He admitted:

“The biggest difference to me is always craft services. Having free food on set is just the best thing that’s ever happened to anybody ever. For the BBC there’s no such thing as crafty or free food. At Eastenders there wasn’t, anyway. So having doughnuts on set? Wonderful. Fresh fruit all the time? Having a coffee machine instead of having to pay three pounds for your coffee every time you want one? Oh my God, it’s great.”

He seems to be enjoying his time on the True Blood set, and we’re sure we’ll enjoy his time too!

Sources: – True Blood Season Six: Meet Rob Kazinsky, the Show’s Most Naked New Hottie – Rob Kazinsky on joining the new season of ‘True Blood’

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VIDEO: True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgard Chats About his Female Fans

June 16, 2013

Skarsgard and the Ladies:

Alexander Skarsgard stars as Eric Northman in HBO's True Blood

Many True Blood fans’ sexy favorite vampire actor, Alexander Skarsgard, couldn’t help but dish about the aggressiveness of his female following on Conan. His response to their passion for him?

“I like women a little aggressive.”

His effortless charm was radiating as he joked with the host. He even acknowledged, much to Conan’s surprise, that a request for him to bite them wasn’t that extraordinary!

Check out the clip from the interview here:

Source: – Alexander Skarsgard on Conan O’Brien: “I Like Women a Little Aggressive” (VIDEO)

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Vamp Up Your Vote: Vote for YOUR Favorite True Blood Episode

June 5, 2013

HBO Wants You to Vamp Up Your Voice:

Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) and Sookie (Anna Paquin) star in HBO's True Blood

Remember that one episode you freaked out about the most over the past five seasons of True Blood?

HBO Connect is currently running a Fan Favorite poll to determine every fan’s favorite True Blood episode from all the seasons.

Once the winners are determined, HBO will reveal the five winners during True Blood Week. So make sure you tune in every night at 10 p.m. beginning June 10 for the results. For all fans with Twitter accounts, votes can be submitted here.

Of course, steamy episodes between Sookie (Anna Paquin) and Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) are, as of now, doing quite well in the rankings. These episodes currently include their first meeting and their first kiss.

“I Will Rise Up,” featuring Godric (Allan Hyde) and Eric’s relationship is also listed.

Here’s to hoping YOUR favorites top the polls so you can enjoy them featured on HBO next week!

Source: HBO Connect – Vote for your Favorite True Blood Episodes

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New True Blood Cookbook Hits Shelves

June 3, 2013

Bite Into the True Blood Cookbook:

True Blood Drinks & Bites

With 45 easy, quick recipes, all famished fans alike can experience delicacies inspired by the places and people of Bon Temps in the True Blood cookbook True Blood Drinks & Bites.
Straight from True Blood creator Alan Ball and his team, these tantalizing appetizers, cocktails and other drinks are perfect for themed occasions of watching the hit HBO series. With names like “Scorn Fritters” and “Spirit Lifter” plus special commentaries from the characters themselves and unpublished photography, this book is sure to be a treat for any fan(gbanger)!
Source: True Blood Drinks & Bites

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