James Frain in New NBC Drama The Cape

November 12, 2010

James will be Playing a Supervillain

Franklin Mott was undeniably insane on True Blood before he became goo, but does that mean fans have to say goodbye to James Frain, the actor who played the lovestruck yet abnormal vampire? Not at all. NBC has made James its newest super villain in the new drama The Cape.

Recently while on the red carpet, the English actor praised the drama, which revolves around a cop who becomes a masked hero after being framed for a crime. The show is slated to air mid-season and James noted,

“It’s a superhero show and I play the supervillain…It’s not that big a stretch. No one has any real powers. It’s about cunning and skill. It’s very serious in its intent. But it’s also light in the way it’s played. It is closer to Batman in that the people don’t have powers. Supervillain equals job security as long as people like the show and we get picked up.”

James plays Peter Fleming and he remarks that the story is absolutely new; it’s not based on a comic book and it certainly isn’t revamping an old hero. The mythology is new and Tom Wheeler, the creator, has the first season already mapped out.

Although he is excited about his new role, he is still sad to see Franklin go. He remarked,

“He’s done. Dead. Gone. Once they goo you, there’s no coming back from that. Goo equals gone. I can’t tell you how many more doubletakes I get since doing that character. He was such a great character and he was the most fun to play ever but I think part of what made it so fun is that it was such a contained ride. When you’ve got someone that psycho, where is he going to go next? There’s something cool about the fact that it was like a hit and run. But I do miss him. I have started to collect memorable death scenes.”

Franklin may have been great, but fans are excited to see Peter Fleming on their televisions sets come January; James Frain will surely keep fans occupied until the fourth season of True Blood premieres.

Source: hollywoodinsider.ew.com–Scoop on NBC’s new drama ‘The Cape’ from co-star James Frain: ‘It’s closer to Batman’

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Kristin Bauer van Straten Wows Australia

November 6, 2010

Talking About True Blood and Her Co-Stars

Kristin Bauer van Straten was in Australia recently and talked with the Sydney Star Observer about her co-stars Ryan Kwanten and Nelsan Ellis, her character on HBO‘s True Blood and whaling.

Though Australia hosts a lot of celebrities seeking a relaxing vacation, Bauer van Straten was there on assignment. In her role as an ambassador for the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), she took journalists on a whale watching cruise. She was quite happy to hear that Australia was a leader in the effort to end whaling saying:

“I’m meeting up withSam Trammell (Sam Merlotte), Todd Lowe (Terry Bellefleur) and John Billingsly (Mike Spencer) from the show, but I came a little early to see Sydney and Melbourne and to do a day with IFAW to bring attention to the whaling issue down here — which is something I’ve learned Australians are leading the way on and setting quite a high bar in the world.”

On True Blood and Her Character

For Kristin one of the best parts of being on the HBO series is that the show is willing to push boundaries and make the audience think. She noted,

“The King of Mississippi — played by Denis O’Hare, a phenomenal actor — says the human race is going to become extinct and the vampires are going to lose their food supply. So there’s the issue of how we deal with having seven billion people on the planet. It’s really great to be part of a show that not only looks amazing but is also so intelligent.”

When asked about playing Pam, Kristin said she is thrilled to be playing an unapologetic character who doesn’t have a hint of political correctness or apology in her, and that Pam’s sexuality is simply another way of illuminating the social world.

While playing a bisexual vampire may not be a problem for Kristin, speaking in Swedish sure is. She notes that Alexander Skarsgard (Eric Northman) has been her dialect coach on the set saying:

“In the script it will say ‘will be in Swedish’ and my heart stops. I call Alexand in this wonderful world of Apple he records my lines in Swedish on his iPhone and emails them to me. That goes onto my iPod and I listen to Alex speaking my lines for two or three weeks and I repeat them hundreds of times. In those scenes instead of looking to the director I look at Alex after every take to see if I’ve gotten it right. For me its memorizing gibberish so it’s slightly nerve wracking.”

On Nelsan Ellis and Ryan Kwanten

Kristin is used to working with Alexander Skarsgard, given that their characters are so involved on the show, but one actor that really stands out for her is Nelsan Ellis who plays Lafayette Reynold. She says that watching Ellis, a heterosexual with small children, transform seamlessly into a flamboyant gay drug dealer is an experience in itself.

She also notes that Ryan Kwanten isn’t anything like his character Jason Stackhouse. He’s quite a gentleman and very romantic. Kwanten bonded with Kristin’s husband Abri van Straten after the two talked about the love story between van Straten and Kristin. Don’t let this fool you though. It seems Kwanten is also a prankster who put fart powder in the drinks of everyone during a trip to Las Vegas.

While Kwanten may be known for his jokes, Kristin is known for not only being a wonderful actress, but also for being an amazing human being dedicated to the safety of humanity and all the earth’s creatures.

Source: www.starobserver.com.au — Taking a bite out of Australia

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Evan Rachel Wood Set to Work with George Clooney

November 2, 2010

From Vampire Queen to Seductive Political Intern

The talented Evan Rachel Wood left True Blood fans speechless with her impeccable interpretation of  Louisiana vampire Queen Sophie Anne. Evan Rachel has been growing more popular with every role she has taken and while True Blood fans want to see more of her in Bon Temps, they can’t help but admire her in the films she’s been in.

Recently it’s been announced that Evan Rachel will be starring in the Ides of March alongside Ryan Gosling, Paul Giamatti, and Marisa Tomei. The star studded cast will be directed by none other than George Clooney. Shooting will begin in February in Michigan and Ohio.

The movie follows a young press spokesman who falls into backroom politics, treacherous manipulations and even seduction. Clooney not only will direct but will also play a presidential candidate running on the Democratic ticket. Evan Rachel Wood plays the seductive intern focused on ensnaring the press spokesman played by Ryan Gosling.

Clooney, along with Grant Heslov, adapted Ides of March from the Broadway play Farragut North and the film will be produced by Smoke House and Appian Way. With such a great production team, director and an amazing cast, this film is sure to bring home an Oscar or two.

While we love her work in True Blood, we must admit Evan Rachel Wood was made for film. She’s brought back the talent and beauty of old Hollywood; we can’t wait to see her in Ides of March. Bring home an Oscar, Evan!

Source: www.variety.com — Clooney to direct Gosling in ‘Ides of March’

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Alexander Skarsgard Discusses Moomins and True Blood

November 1, 2010

On Playing Two Completely Different Characters

Alexander Skarsgard has been busy during his hiatus from True Blood.  He completed work on the film Melancholia, has been working on the blockbuster Battleship and has lent his voice to the already star-studded international cast of Moomins and the Comet Chase.

The 34 year old actor plays alongside his father, the great Stellan Skarsgard but the family affair isn’t the only thing that has made him excited about the project.  He is also thrilled to be voicing Moomintroll.  He describes his character as:

“A young boy and slightly naive, but very determined and brave… If you give your kids love and trust then they will feel the way Moomintroll feels when he goes out into the world.”

While American fans may not know they philosophy of the Moomins, Alex grew up with Tove Jansson’s work. He notes,

“I grew up in Sweden and [the book’s] still famous in Sweden. I just thought it would be a fun thing to be apart of and the world.”

Skarsgard’s character in this film is completely different from Eric Northman and when asked how he plays two characters that are the complete opposite of each other he replies:

“You need to build a connection to the characters and have to believe in every single moment. If I don’t feel that I can’t do a good job. Whenever I read a script the most important question is: Do I understand the character? Do I understand the characters journey? If you don’t feel that you don’t fit in the role. But I’ve definitely felt it, both, the Moomin and Eric.”

On True Blood

Skarsgard reveals that filming for Season 4begins soon and says that he does not have any information on storylines.  He talks about the sometimes gruesome scenes he has and referring in particular to the one where he literally tore a human apart he says that he does not get queasy during filming.  In fact, he actually finds it fun to do those scenes.  When talking about the fake blood that is used on set, Skarsgard says:

“It’s very sweet, a kind of corn syrup. Sweet and sticky. It tastes not exactly great and we really don’t want to swallow it. In the scene I was tearing apart that human my body was covered with that stuff. It’s so sticky, I couldn’t get my clothes off untill it was dry. My pants were like glued onto my legs. So I had to go back to the trailer and take a shower – with clothes on – only to get them off.”

On Melancholia

Filming was recently completed on Lars von Trier‘s Melancholia, the first film in which Skarsgard acts with his father (voice work for Moomins aside).  He says that he was very excited with everything about this film from the director, to his co-stars and his part.  When asked about the rumors that von Trier is difficult to work for he replies:

“For me he is a teddy bear. It was definitely one of the greatest experiences of my life and my career. It was fantastic to work with him. We had a lot of freedom, he really supported the actors and wants them to improvise, develop own ideas and play them. He’s a genius. He looks at what we are doing and then comes and whispers something in your ear, changes things a tiny bit and let you play it all over again. The continuity of the movie doesn’t really matter to him, nor any mark the actors are supposed to stand on. Everything is very playful. Great.”

Moomins and the Comet Chase

Below is a great video of the cast of Moomins and the Comet Chase discussing the philosophy of the Moomins as well as the opportunity to voice such an iconic fantasy world.

Source: justjared.buzznet.com–Alexander Skarsgard: Behind the ‘Moomins’!  

askarsgard.com–Alexander talks about his voice on Moomins

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Stephen Moyer Proud of True Blood’s Success

October 30, 2010

Stephen Moyer Says Cast and Crew are Like Family

True Blood successfully made a 173 year old southern vampire more popular than any 2010 heartthrob. Fans known Bill Compton as the gentleman with fangs who adores Sookie Stackhouse.

It seems fiction mirrors reality as Stephen Moyer (Bill Compton) recently married his costar Anna Paquin (Sookie Stackhouse) at a private affair. However, his recent marriage isn’t the only thing Stephen seems to be gushing about; his role in the HBO hit series has sparked pride and admiration in the actor.

Stephen credits Alan Ball as well as the writers for creating a vampire show with depth. True Blood doesn’t simply focus on sexy vampires feasting on humans; rather the show addresses many social issues currently affecting America. He notes,

“What I think is incredible about our show is that it tries to do so much. It’s not just appeasing some kind of genre specific audience or an Alan Ball-loving audience or an HBO audience, per se, for that matter…It’s a straight up drama and it just happens to have vampires in it. It’s not a vampire show any more than Star Trek was a show about space travel…It’s a show about human relationships and interaction. We never see anybody happy because there will always be obstacles in the way… Alan…creates a world in which we see people react to extraordinary situations in their life and we judge them as an audience on how they react.”

Although the 40 year old actor has found acclaim in American television, he was born, raised, and started his acting career in Brentwood, England.  Now the American public has seen Stephen’s talent; though he isn’t egotistical about his new found fame. In fact, he credits the crew and the cast for making True Blood the phenomenon it has become. For him, the people who work in the series have become family and he dreads the day when True Blood will comes to an end. He commented,

“Alan and I were talking about mourning the loss of the show – and hopefully that won’t be until four or five years down the line before it finishes. But I’m still mourning it even though it’s far into the future because I’ve never worked on anything like this where the cast is so together, the crew is so together, the writers, everyone – it really is a family…Alan is at the very top of all of it, he’s the reason why it feels like a family, and it breeds a desire to make it the funniest, the weirdest, the sexiest show on television. There’s nothing that touches the scope of what we do. I love it.”

It’s obvious that when an actor loves his role and the people around him, he will create beautiful art. Stephen has been impressing American audiences for three seasons and we love him for it!

Source: www.jivetv.com.au — Interviewed: True Blood’s Stephen Moyer

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Greg Fienberg Satiates True Blood Fans at Cinematheque

October 28, 2010

Boston University College of Communication Hosts Greg Fienberg

True Blood’s co-producer Greg Fienberg satiated fans at the Boston University College of Communication by giving a lecture about the hit series. As part of a series entitled “Cinematheque,” Greg screened an episode of True Blood and then discussed the process of how a show moves from the original development to broadcast, while also giving great advice for those considering a future in the film and television industries.

As a producer for the television series “Twin Peaks” and the film “Gods and Monsters,” Greg is knowledgable in the difference between the visual genres. He noted,

“with movies, you have two hours to work with; you shoot, edit, then prep and you’re done. But with television you never know how long you’re gonna go. Sometimes you’re shooting, editing, and prepping all at the same time. It’s chaotic.”

Although most television shows involve 20 to 22 scripts per season, True Blood dedicates its season to only 12 scripts, putting a lot of pressure on the writers. Gregs was very adamant that:

“Every single script better be damn good…It is very sophisticated writing, the tone is shifting all the time…the people who develop the script, buy the script, and put it on the air are all the same people. Usually it’s a bunch of different studios. This makes the whole process more cohesive; it really works well.”

What Greg enjoys about working with True Blood is that the audience doesn’t have to be spoon fed ideas; the fans are intelligent and thoughtful viewers, looking for more than a cheap thrill. The Emmy award winner was able to connect with such fans during his lecture and he compared it to being at Comic-Con…without girls screaming for Eric Northman, that is.

It seems that Greg and True Blood have changed the minds of even the most skeptical person when it comes to television and what it means to have creative stories brought to one’s living room. To prove his point, Greg screened “New World In My View” (the tenth episode of season two) to prove the progression of a script and the hard work involved to create a well crafted story. Attendees were asked to read the first and last drafts of the scripts in order to realize the evolution good writing takes.

Many BU students left excited and with their questions answered; he truly gave them material to work with for their future careers in the film and television industry. Now all we have to do is figure out how Greg Fienberg can come to a campus near you.

To hear some of the advice that Greg gave to the BU students, watch the video below.

Sources: www.dailyfreepress.com — “True Blood” producer dissects script with more than 300 at Cinematheque

hollywoodeastconnection.com — The Vampire Behind “True Blood” Speaks to BU Students

youtube.com — Gregg Fienberg at Boston University

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Kristin Bauer Praises True Blood

October 27, 2010

Kristin Discusses Pam’s Future and Possible Love Life

While it was Anna Paquin who won best horror actress at the 2010 Scream Awards, Kristin Bauer van Straten was dazzling the red carpet with her big smile and high praises for the best horror television show of 2010: True Blood. Kristin is known as Eric Northman’s side kick and right hand vampire Pam Ravenscroft. She’s become a fan favorite and everyone let out a sigh of relief when she was saved from a cement prison during the season finale. Kristin discussed what it’s like to play on such a hit show and what Pam looks for in a lesbian lover.

While Pam does, in the Charlaine Harris Sookie Stackhouse series, have a girlfriend, it seems that on the show she’s simply dating and not looking to settle down. However, Kristin believes it would be fun to see Pam in a relationship and what she’d be like. Every fan wants to see Pam a little clumsy and nervous around someone she really likes.

Gay Friendly True Blood

When asked about the honor of being named the most gay friendly program on TV by GLAAD, Kristin couldn’t be happier. She noted,

“Isn’t that great? I love being part of it and I think entertainment and art has a huge opportunity and responsibility to open up horizons and maybe address issues in a way that is less confrontive but opens a door to conversation. People probably didn’t think they could relate to people that are different are finding themselves relating, which I think is really neat. I think vampires are a wonderful metaphor in so many ways. In art, you can do things that you can’t do politically.”

When a show can mix vampires and social awareness in one hour, it has to be good. Add a sexy woman like Kristin Bauer with a killer wit and fans will be begging for more!

Source: afterellen.com — Kristin Bauer talks “True Blood,” Anna Paquin and Kristen Stewart win at the Scream Awards

(Photo Credit: afterellen.com)


The True Blood Cast at 2010 Scream Awards

October 21, 2010

Kristin Bauer van Straten and Rutina Wesley Talk True Blood

With the wrap up of Season 3 and as they wait for production of Season 4, True Blood cast members are enjoying their time off in different ways. Fans have enjoyed watching the cast go on various interviews, look elegant on the red carpet for their recent projects and, of course, attend award ceremonies. Kristin Bauer van Straten (who plays vampire Pam),  Rutina Wesley (who plays Tara Thornton), and Sam Trammell (Merlotte’s resident shape-shifter) all attended the 2010 Scream Awards, where they were interviewed by Rebecca Murray from About.com.

The season finale left fans glad that Pam wasn’t stuck in a cement grave. When asked what she knows about the upcoming season, Kristin said she didn’t know anything, but was glad that Pam was becoming a more developed character. As for her cast-mates, she noted,

“I’m so lucky in Fangtasia because I get along with everybody really well. I enjoy these people; I love these people. And they’re all so fun, you know? Anna [Paquin], Stephen [Moyer], and Alex I’m with a lot – and Denis O’Hare is the most phenomenal actor, the most incredible human being. So these are the people that I get to be around all day. It’s so lucky.”

As for Tara, fans were shocked as they watched her wave goodbye to Merlotte’s as well as Bon Temps. Though Rutina doesn’t know where her character is headed and if she’ll return to Bon Temps, she knows that Tara will definitely gain strength and power. When asked about her scenes with James Frain, who played insane vampire Franklin Mott, Rutina replied,

“That was amazing. James Frain is one of the most amazing actors that I’ve ever worked with. He’s very generous and I just had the time of my life. I had a very challenging season but it was awesome. If I could do it again, I would.”

Sam Trammell Speaks

Another shocker during the season finale was Sam’s transformation from good guy to a man with a lot of dark and deadly secrets. He did have some interesting news about the upcoming season: It seems that the myth of the shape shifter and their history as well as their powers are going to be explored. As for his character, he couldn’t give us any details, but did say that fans are split; some of them love the darker side of Sam and others miss his good guy appeal. He noted,

“Look, [Sam Merlotte] went on a bender a little bit and I got a little crazy – that’s just the bender. But truth be told, I had a different life before I moved to Bon Temps. You know for me as an actor it was some of the funnest stuff that I got to do on the show, getting to do those flashbacks where I shot those people – just because it’s such different stuff. It also adds a different dimension to Sam because Sam has kind of remade himself in Bon Temps and it is like something he’s built. And, you know, how strong is that fortress? How strong is it?”

Sam fans don’t have to wait long to see him on the screeen as he fimed a movie called Guns, Girls and Gambling with Gary OIdman, Christian Slater, Megan Park, and Dane Cook. However, fans do have to wait to find out what happened between Sam Merlotte and his brother Tommy.

While fans wait for the upcoming season True Blood to heat up their televisions sets in the summer of 2011, Kristin, Rutina and Sam are giving us something to watch while we wait. To see the video of Kristin and Rutina, click here. To see the video of Sam, click here.

Source: video.about.com — Kristin Bauer, Rutina Wesley True Blood Season 3, 4 Interview

Sam Trammell True Blood Season 3 and 4 Interview

Contribution Thanks to Rebecca

(Photo Credit: HBO, Inc)


Ryan Kwanten Opens up To GQ Magazine

October 19, 2010

Ryan Kwanten is Not Like Jason Stackhouse in Real Life

While True Blood is on hiatus before it’s 4th Season, Ryan Kwanten, who plays the sexy Jason Stackhouse, sat down with GQ for an interview and photo shoot. Ryan is very different from his onscreen character, Jason, and the interview really clarified that.

When fans meet Jason Stackhouse, they realize that he works better with his hands than his head. Jason’s lines are more funny than enlightening and viewers enjoy seeing him shirtless on a football field than behind a desk shuffling papers.

Ryan, an aspiring novelist and yoga practising actor, easily noted the differences between himself and his character. Very early on in the interview, he makes it clear that the book he is writing is a satirical self-help book, not a sex book like Jason fans might think. He explained,

“I came up with the concept a few years ago, when I walked into a bookstore and there was Chicken Soup for the Soul, Chicken Soup for the Dieter’s Soul, Chicken Soup for everything in life. Everything could be solved in 10 steps. I decided to add another step. It’s called the G-Strategy. The first step is to ‘Ask yourself the question.”

Now many might automatically assume the G-Strategy has something to do with sex, but actually it has to do with giving yourself a G-name, which is free from the initial stigmas attached to it. From this brief explanation, one comes to realize that Ryan is much more than the beefcake Jason Stackhouse.

In fact the 33 year old actor is much slimmer and more thoughtful with his conversations than he is on screen. He’d rather quote Einstein than watch television, and for the last 19 years has been working on a novel, which has hit the 290 page mark. One has to admit that Ryan Kwanten is a real actor.

Before hitting it big on True Blood, Ryan was a rising star in Australia thanks to roles like Vinnie in Home and Away. After an American movie called Junction Boys, he was casted in Summerland, a movie called Flicka and then Alan Ball got a hold of him. Alan explained that he appreciates that Ryan is willing to look foolish for the sake of creating a good character; Ryan  embodies the character fully, never really having to tell the audience: you know, I’m actually smart in real life. For all of Jason’s ridiculous remarks, Ryan does appreciate the character saying,

“I’m very much… um… I think too much. Even in this answer…My brain is forever coming up with these options. Maybe I could do it this way or that way. But Jason, whether you call it lack of thought or willpower, he’s one of these guys, and we all know one, who totally acts in the spur of the moment. He has no real regard for the consequences of what may happen. It’s really liberating to play a character like that because I would stop at the edge of a cliff and think ‘Whoa’. He’d just jump off.”

Ryan also admits that when it comes to sex appeal and being a sex object, Jason wins. For him, what makes Jason so sexually appealing is that he has no inhibitions. While men pride themselves in holding back their emotions, Jason seems perfectly secure in opening himself up.

Ryan’s Early Acting Career

Things haven’t always been easy for Ryan; when he first got to LA, he had to plead with his landlord to let him stay in his apartment without paying while he searched for a job. He slept on his yoga mat, rode his bike from audition to audition but none of this seemed to devestate him. In fact, he felt that he had nothing to lose and was able to find the experience exhilarating.

It was this moment in his life that funnily enough found Ryan tying up his bike to the wooden sign that was holding Spielberg’s parking spot. Needless to say that his audition didn’t go well and he didn’t work with Spielberg productions.

Ryan Kwanten and Fame

Nowadays, Ryan doesn’t have to go to cattle-call auditions and he doesn’t have to ride his bike unless he wants to. Now he can cruise to his home in Venice Beach in his new Audi TT, and enjoy his comfortable bed and not worry about not having enough to pay the rent. Fame has surely changed his life, but Ryan is not one who focuses in that aspect of acting, explaining,

“I don’t know about any of this…Occasionally I get paparazzi, like this week when I finished yoga, there were 10 waiting outside. But I’m not very newsworthy. I’m still a very private person. I want to leave all the drama in my life on the set. I’m not going to call my publicist from a restaurant and say, ‘I’ll be leaving at 7.57. Make sure there’s a photographer outside.’ Giving my life up like that would be taking a little bit of my soul. I think some people think they’re constantly on show. I don’t want to live like that.”

One thing that keeps him so grounded is his family, who are back in Australia. When he went back on an endorsement gig, he abandoned his five star hotel for the comfort of his family home and his bedroom that is still decorated for his former 16 year old self. This deep bond for family also is apparent in his love life. Although he is currently single, he isn’t looking to simply play around with the ladies. He doesn’t want to be careless about love, which he believes that many people in the industry have fallen into. He doesn’t want to lose the value of love and the sanctity of marriage for a cover story.

So while romance is on the back burner, his career seems to be growing with every day that passes. While True Blood is on hiatus, Ryan is focusing on film; he starred in two Australian films, Griff the Invisible and Red Hill as well as having lent his voice to the animated film Legends of the Guardian: The Owls of Ga’Hoole, which will all be released at the end of the year. Currently Ryan is working on a comedy horror with director Joe Lynch called Knights of Badassdom.

When asked what motivated Ryan to become an actor, he believed that there was an art form to it. He is allowed to take a character and truly embody him, and take what is written and make it physically apparent for viewers.

There can be many differences pointed out between Ryan and Jason, but it seems that fans have gotten the similarities right all along. Like his character, Ryan is family oriented, positive and hardworking. Knowing a little more about Ryan Kwanten makes fans appreciate his acting skills so much more.

Source: ryankwanten.com — GQ Cover

(Photo Credit: GQ Magazine )


Another TV Adaption for Charlaine Harris

October 15, 2010

Charlaine Harris May Have Another TV Show Based on Her Books Soon

After seeing the success True Blood has garnered for HBO, CBS is now in talks of adapting another one of Charlaine Harris’ book series. Though she is now famous for creating the Sookie Stackhouse series that was the inspiration for Alan Ball’s HBO series, fans also know Charlaine is a prolific writer with many different creative worlds.

CBS would like to create a show based on the Harper Connelly mystery novels. Though still early in its discussions for TV adaptation, it seems that Ridley Scott, Tony Scott, Naren Shankar, David Zucker, and writer Kam Miller are all on board on this project and will serve as executive producers.

Gravesight, which is the first novel in the series, follows Harper Connelly who can sense the last location and memories of the deceased. Her abilites became apparent after she was struck by lightening as a teen. In the first novel, Harper and her stepbrother Tolliver Lang go to a small town in search for a missing girl only to find lies and murder.

Fans of Charlaine’s books know how talented she is, and if another television show can be sparked from her creativity then it seems fans will have another thing to celebrate…as long as it’s not on Sundays at 9.

Source: thecelebritycafe.com — CBS Will Adapt Another Mystery Series from ‘True Blood’s’ Author

(Photo Credit: HBO, Inc)


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