True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten to Star in Thriller “7500”

November 17, 2011

A New Film with Director of “The Grudge”:

Ryan Kwanten as True Blood’s Jason StackhouseTrue Blood Hottie Ryan Kwanten, aka Jason Stackhouse, will star alongside Amy Smart and Leslie Bibb in the thriller 7500. Takashi Shimizu, who also directed The Grudge, will direct this film which was written by Craig Rosenberg. The movie is being produced by CBS Films.

This thriller is about:

“a group of passengers who encounter what appears to be a supernatural force while on a transpacific flight.”

Kwanten and Smart will be paired as a married couple who travel on flight 7500 with two old friends on a trip to Japan. Bibb will play a flight attendant who is immersed in some type of complex and secret relationship.

Sign us up for anything with Ryan Kwanten! We have a few questions: Will he be playing an American or using his real accent? Will Kwanten be shirtless (always a plus)? Will there be any comedy, because Kwanten can be quite funny. Are you excited to see Jason Stackhouse in this upcoming thriller? Will you be lining up for a ticket or waiting for the DVD? Let us know your thoughts and ideas in the comments section below.

Source: Variety – Bibb, Kwanten, Smart board ‘7500’

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True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgård in New Movie “The East”

November 9, 2011

Actor to Appear in Fox Searchlight Thriller:

Alexander Skarsgård as Eric NorthmanTony and Ridley Scott are producing The East, which will feature Alexander Skarsgård and Brit Marling. Ellen Page is also in talks to join True Blood’s Eric Northman in this project.

The East is a thriller about a private firm contracted to protect large corporations from environmental and anti-business extremists. This firm attempts to infiltrate a secretive anarchist organization known as “The East”.

Brit Marling will appear as the undercover agent who tries to infiltrate The East and finds herself falling in love with the group’s enigmatic leader, Skarsgård. Page’s character, Izzy, is a former lover of Skarsgård and jealous of the attention he has been paying to Marling.

Viking Vampire Eric Northman starring as an environmental extremist, will you be running to the movies to see this thriller? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.


Source:  Variety – Ellen Page Infiltrates “The East”

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True Blood Star Evan Rachel Wood Thinks Sex Scandals Aren’t That Scandalous

October 15, 2011

New Film “The Ides of March”:

Queen Sophie Anne (Evan Rachel Wood)Evan Rachel Wood, True Blood‘s Queen Sophie Anne, is appearing in The Ides of March. This political thriller stars George Clooney, Ryan Gosling and many others. The film deals with many issues, including sex scandals, and according to Wood that’s fine. In a recent interview the actress quotes one of the most poignant lines from the movie: “You can start a war, you can bankrupt a country but you can’t sit with the interns.”

Wood does not consider sitting with the interns that scandalous:

“We make such a big deal about these sex scandals, which are actually the most natural things in the world and everyone has skeletons in their closet and it actually shouldn’t matter at all. I don’t want to know. People can do whatever they want with themselves and that’s fine. It has nothing to do with the way you conduct yourself at your job.”

The True Blood actress enjoyed working with director George Clooney “…I really like working with directors who are actors because you speak the same language.” Wood didn’t go method on this project; she relied on documentaries and information given by director George Clooney. Even though the film is serious, the making of it was very enjoyable. Wood describes the fun atmosphere Clooney created on set:

“And he made sure everyone was having a great time. I think he knows that if your cast and crew are happy then you’re going to get good work. That’s actually really rare. But that’s why I loved working with him.”

With True Blood over, chances to see our favorite TV stars are few and far between. Will you be heading to the movies to see Queen Sophie Anne in this political thriller? Do you think sex scandals are a big deal? Share you comments and thoughts with us in the section below.

Source: Total Film News Interview

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Video: Stephen Moyer Spills on Season 5 — Spoilers!

September 13, 2011

Vampire Bill shares Spoilers for Season 5:

Stephen Moyer as True Blood’s Bill ComptonMTV recently interviewed Stephen Moyer (the handsome Brit who plays vampire Bill Compton on HBO’s True Blood) at the junket for his latest movie, The Caller. When asked for Bon Temps Spoilers Moyer said:

“I know there is going to be an omnipresent power in season five. I know what it is. I think we could be heading towards an even greater season.”

Sounds marvelous! What could this “omnipresent power” be? More witches? Fairies? Another Supe? Will Jesus fly down to Bon Temps and decide he can’t miss all the fun? Wait, Moyer has more to say about the coming season:

“If they go where they’re going, it will be amazing and upset a lot of people, which is what we like.”

Great! Nine months of these teasers! How are we going to cope? After Sunday’s incredible finale (with the most cliffhangers in True Blood finale history) we have plenty to ponder. Stephen Moyer’s statement just adds more questions to our ever-growing list. It’s going to be a long nine months.

Watch the video, and share your theories, questions, and ideas about season five in the comments section below. Who knows? Maybe Alan Ball will stumble across our page and get some ideas from us!

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Source – MTV: Stephen Moyer Teases ‘True Blood’ Season 5: It Could ‘Upset A Lot Of People’

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True Blood Introduces New Character in Season 4 Finale

September 9, 2011

Scott Foley as “Patrick”, Terry’s Army Buddy:

Scott Foley, Patrick on HBO’s True Blood (Cliff Lipson/CBS)Todd LoweTerry Bellefleur on True Blood, has been acting with a creepy baby and creepy baby doll all season and he is looking forward to working with adults again. There will be a whole lot of drama going down between vampires, witches, shifters and werewolves this Sunday on the Season 4 finale. Somewhere in the middle of that we will be introduced to a new character, Patrick played by actor Scott Foley, an old army buddy of Terry’s.  Lowe explains why he [Patrick] is coming to Bon Temps now:

“He looked [Terry] up. He found him and I guess he has something to say and something to talk about. You don’t just wander in and find someone at their workplace unless you have something important to share with him.”

Their encounter will not be a long one, Lowe reveals, and from what he says above it will take place at Merlotte’s. Foley‘s character is expected to return in Season 5 in a more substantial role. Lowe hopes that this character’s entrance into the series means that True Blood’s audience will get to know more about Terry’s past, maybe see some flashbacks of his time in the war. Lowe said about Terry’s past:

“I’d like to see where his post-traumatic stress disorder came from. Was it a series of events? Was it a friend or life that was lost in front of him? Was it someone’s life that he took? I’d like to see where that goes and see why Terry is so screwed up… I have a feeling it’s going to go kind of dark. I got a hint from Alan Ball that we’re going to see a little darker side to Terry.”

The season finale will take place during Halloween. Lowe’s response to this spooky setting for the finale:

“Wouldn’t you think it’d be just a little bit anticlimactic with all this other stuff going on? But I guess the people of Bon Temps find a way to celebrate the Halloween Holiday.”

We are mere days away from the finale of Season 4, but what about Season 5 and all it will have in store for Terry Bellefleur? Are you exited to see Terry’s character grow and learn more about his past? Will the arrival of Patrick bring conflict to Terry’s life? Is it possible this old war buddy is a supernatural? Share you ideas and theories with us in the comments section below.

Source: TV Guide: Terry Smacks Some Sense Into V-Addicted Andy


25 Things You Didn’t Know About Joe Manganiello

September 4, 2011

True Blood Werewolf  Reveals Surprising Facts:

Joe Manganiello True Blood S4 Ep3Joe Manganiello, True Blood’s sexy Alcide, sat down with US Weekly recently to reveal twenty-five things previously unknown about himself. Be prepared Truebies, there are some surprises, but they only make our favorite werewolf more endearing.

Without further ado:


  1. I am excellent at knife-throwing.
  2. My eyes are so bad, they can’t be corrected by laser surgery.
  3. I made the junior Olympic volleyball team when I was 16.
  4. I worked as a roadie for the rock band Goldfinger.
  5. I was an altar boy.
  6. I once planned on playing college basketball and joining the FBI.
  7. I love Disneyland.
  8. I was asked to skip two grades in elementary school but chose not to.
  9. I shaved my head twice and got my front teeth pulled out for stage roles in college.
  10. I sang backup on one of the Used‘s albums.
  11. I love Karaoke.
  12. My favorite city is Venice, Italy.
  13. My favorite movie is Fight Club.
  14. My first concert was Pantera.
  15. I won third place in a chess tournament when I was 6.
  16. I got a 750 on the math portion of the SATs.
  17. I am a die-hard Pittsburgh Steelers fan.
  18. I trained as a boxer and was a sparring partner for an NHL player.
  19. At age 16 I got paid to dress up like Captain Morgan at bars.
  20. My favorite play is A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams.
  21. Last summer, I caught a touchdown pass from Joe Montana in a charity game.
  22. My favorite book is The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand.
  23. I appeared full-frontal nude in an Off-Broadway play.
  24. I have a bachelor of fine arts degree in classical theater.
  25. When I was young, I prayed that God would turn me into a werewolf.

The thought of a knife-wielding, hockey playing, karaoke singing, theatre-loving, full frontal, intellectual werewolf is enough to send any Truebie into a frenzy. All we can say is we want 25 more things! What facts did you find most surprising about Joe Manganiello? Let us know all about it in the comment section below.

Source – Us Weekly25 Things You Don’t Know About Me: Joe Manganiello

(Photo credit: HBO)


Video: True Blood Stars’ Upcoming Film Projects

September 3, 2011

Anna Paquin, Rutina Wesley and Alexander Skarsgård:

TB Season 4 poster-redJust because True Blood’s Season 4 is coming to an end doesn’t mean you have to wait until next season to see your favorite stars on screen. The actors have been hard at work on non-vampire related film projects that will be coming out later this year.

Anna Paquin (Sookie) will be staring in Margaret, playing a high school student who “may or may not have caused a fatal bus crash.” This movie was filmed five years ago and its release has been delayed, because writer and director Kenneth Lonergan couldn’t pick a final version of the film that he was content with. Is it a good sign that the film has gone unreleased for five years? You’ll have to see it and decide for yourself. The film also stars Matt Damon, Mark Ruffalo and Allison Janney.

Rutina Wesley (Tara) HBO promoRutina Wesley (Tara) has recently won a role in Immaculée Ilibagiza’s memoir Left to Tell, about the genocide in Rwanda. Sounds promising, but Wesley is always playing such serious roles, maybe one day she’ll star in a comedy!

Last but not least, Alexander Skarsgård (Eric) has a few movies coming out in the coming months. The True Blood vampire will be appearing in What Maisie Knew with Julianne Moore. Skarsgård is also in Straw Dogs with James Marsden and ex-girlfriend Kate Bosworth. Finally, the actor will be starring in Battleship, a film based on the classic board game, costarring Rihanna.

With so many films coming out True Blood fans will have plenty to keep them busy until Season 5. What movies will have you heading to the theaters and which will have you staying at home watching reruns of True Blood? Watch the video and let us know in the comment section below.

Source – Wetpaint: Roundup of the True Blood Cast’s Upcoming Movies

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Video: True Blood’s Vampire Queen in New Movie This Fall

August 22, 2011

Evan Rachel Wood in The Ides of March:

Evan Rachel Wood as Queen Sophie-Anne S3 Ep7Starring George Clooney, Ryan Gosling, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Paul Giamatti, Marisa Tomei, Jeffrey Wright and Evan Rachel Wood (True Blood’s vampire Queen), The Ides of March is a fast paced political thriller. The star-studded film follows the campaign of Governor Mike Morris (Clooney) and his campaign staffer (Gosling) on their bid for the White House. Directed by George Clooney, the film is due out October 7, 2011. The movie is based on the play by Beau Willimon. Evan Rachel Wood, who has recently appeared on True Blood as Queen Sophie-Anne and in the HBO miniseries Mildred Pierce, will sadly be fangless in this film and play a campaign staffer.

Will you head to the movie theater this fall to see The Ides of March? Do you miss Queen Sophie-Anne? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Source: The Ides of March Official Movie Site

Video: Sony Pictures on YouTube

(Photo Credit: HBO)


Dawn Olivieri Lands New Role on Showtime Series

August 19, 2011

Olivieri to Star in House of Lies:

Dawn Olivieri as Janice Herveaux S3 Ep4House of Lies, a new Showtime series will star Don Cheadle and Dawn Olivieri, who has previously appeared on Season 3 of True Blood as Janice Herveaux (Alcide‘s sister). Olivieri will play Cheadle’s ex-wife, Monica, who pops pills, is “smart and crazy”, and runs a high rated consulting firm. The show will also feature Kristin Bell and Donis Leonard Jr. as Cheadle’s gay son. Olivieri is not only known for her True Blood role, but also for her part on The Vampire Diaries as Andy. The actress says the show will premiere in January. Olivieri didn’t know a lot of details about the show, because she was backpacking in India “and didn’t want her character on her mind while there.”

Does this sound like a good idea for a series? Will you watch the new show? Leave us your thoughts in the section below.

Sources: Hollywood Reporter – 5 Things to Know About ‘House of Lies’ – ‘The Vampire Diaries’s’ Dawn Olivieri to Star in ‘House of Lies’ on Showtime

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Jessica’s Video Blog: True Blood Vamp Contemplates God

August 12, 2011

“Born Again”:

Deborah Ann Woll as Jessica S4 Ep4It seems like everyone is blogging these days, including vampires on True Blood. Jessica Hamby, Bill Compton’s progeny, has a video blog called “Baby Vamp Jessica”. In a post on July 31 entitled “Born Again”, Jess contemplates what it truly means to be born again –  whether you’re a Christian, vampire or werepanther. In the video she talks about what she has lost by becoming a vampire (her family), but also what she has gained. This video blog gives the viewers a rare glimpse into the mind of a True Blood character.

Check out the video below and take a look at baby vamp Jessica’s other video blogs. What would you like to hear Jessica blog about? Leave us a comment below.

Source – HBO: Baby Vamp Jessica – “Born Again”
(Photo credit: HBO, Inc.)


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