True Blood is One of the Things to Look Forward to in 2010

January 16, 2010

It feels like it has been ages since the season two of True Blood ended. Fans are eagerly awaiting the start of season three, especially with hints about what to expect trickling out. A new year on board means a bunch of new shows and movies to look forward to. Surely everybody has noticed the surge in vampire love as some shows and movies have come and gone, but the love for True Blood is as deep as ever. Recently wrote about what to look forward to in 2010 and it’s no surprise that Stephen Moyer from True Blood was listed.

The Web site mentions that the end of the ’00s belonged to sparkly vampires, but 2010 takes the creatures back to their bloody roots. Daybreakers is one of the films anticipated this year as it stars Ethan Hawke, who plays a vampire scientist. That is set to release earlier in 2010, but what True Blood fans are looking forward to is later in the year.

Stephen Moyer and Cam Gigandet from Twilight will team up with Paul Bettany, who plays a warrior monk. Their film, Priest, will be out this summer and is loosely based on the Korean comic about a shotgun-toting, vampire-hunting clergyman. The cast also includes Karl Urban. 2010 has a long list of new and remade horror flicks but the one to look for is Priest that has True Blood’s very own Stephen Moyer playing Aaron.


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Michael McMillian Video Interview At The Long Beach Comic-Con

October 11, 2009

MIchael-McMillian-ComicvineMichael McMillian was interviewed by recently at the Long Beach Comic-Con to discuss his up and coming comic book project titled Lucid. During the video interview he gives lots of insight into the world of Lucid and how it came about.

Who says people forget their friends when they become famous? Zachary Quinto surely didn’t. Michael and Quinto went to college together and Quinto remembered his good friend’s love for comics. Zachary Quinto, known for his roles in Heroes and Star Trek, started a production company called Before The Door. One of their goals was to release comics, which is how Michael got involved. Michael pitched his idea about a year ago and they’ve been working on it since then, adding bits and pieces and developing new characters.

The series takes place in a parallel universe where all major world powers are trained in sorcery and magic. They are referred to as combat mages. The United States combat mage is Matthew Dee. He’s smart, rebellious, young, and sexy. A lot of elements are pulled to create the series, such as the history of magic, Arthurian legend, renaissance England, and recent century myths and legends in the United States. Michael says he knew a little bit about these topics, but had to do, and continues to do, a lot of research. He jokes that one day he might be able to write a book about them.

The first story is four issues long. It involves a world crisis where only Matthew can save us. It’s set in the United States, but does globe trot around. The first arc visits Sweden, England, United States, and a few others.

There’ll be a few historical figures that pop up, like John Dee in volume one. He was Queen Elizabeth I’s court magician, while Matthew Dee is that of the new President, Jefferson Monday. Michael wouldn’t say which other historical figures would show up, but he said it’s mostly original characters he’ll be using in the story. He did tell us about a character just recently created that he enjoyed. She’s from Britain and is a hot girl who can create zombies. He says he’s not reinventing the wheel. Magic is just an element in the story. It’s mostly a fantasy action adventure.

Michael‘s been writing a lot; he says actors tend to get a lot of free time. Starting to read comics in the 3rd grade, he said  he has wanted to write one ever since. Michael does state that he has other ideas that go alongside Lucid, but also ideas for separate projects as well. He hopes to work on them when Lucid is finished.

Some stuff he has been reading lately include Archaia’s new books, Jeffrey Brown and anything Mark Miller. He did mention in his interview that he met Stan Lee in San Diego and was absolutely freaking out. He said he had tears swelling up in his eyes. His favorite comic book character is Spiderman though he does love Fantastic Four especially The Thing.

He briefly talked about True Blood and how it was a dream to work on. He says Steve Newlin has a comic element to him, he’s kind of over the top. Michael begins to humor the interviewer with his Texan accent and said he had to watch a lot of George Bush videos for dilate – he was a great reference according to Michael. He studied other personalities in the evangelic world and religious right. He said it’s a role you easily fall into making fun of these people but he tries not to judge Steven Newlin too much because the pastor believes he is a hero.

While Michael is on his break from True Blood, he is going to continue working on his project Lucid that comes out Spring 2010, he says around March or April.  We all wish him the best of luck with his comic book series and look forward to seeing him back on True Blood.



Michael McMillian Talks About Lucid At The Long Beach Comic-Con

October 11, 2009

Michael-McMillian-IMBdMichael McMillian is a man whom many True Blood fans know plays Steve Newlin in the hit HBO series. What a lot of fans might not know is that Michael also writes and has a new project in the works. He’s creating his first comic book series and it’s coming out via Zachary Quinto’s company Before The Door Pictures.

Lucid is the title of the series and Michael talked on a panel recently at the Long Beach Comic-Con about the project. It takes place in a parallel universe, much similar to our own. He said it would look the same, but there’ll be a new president named Jefferson Monday. He’s a promised figure for change. There’ll be secret agents with magical powers, called combat mages. They’ll be protecting the realm of Unites States, England, China, and other areas. The story centers around the adventures of the main character Matthew Dee.

Here is a video clip of Michael during the panel discussion.

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Alexander Skarsgard’s Straw Dogs: Sneak Peak Photos

October 4, 2009

Hollywood-Elsewhere took a visit to Alexander Skarsgard‘s Straw Dogs movie set this past week and brought back some pictures to share with fans. The sound-stage is set in downtown Shreveport, Louisiana. The farmhouse, located in a fictional town of Blackwater, Mississippi, was also visited. This is the farmhouse where David and Amy Sumner (James Marsden, Kate Bosworth) move into and live, then during the third act defend in a violent siege by the five locals (James Woods, Alexander Skarsgard, Drew Powell, Rhys Coiro, Billy Lush).

Kate Bosworth and James Marsden on the sound stage.
Kate Bosworth and James Marsden on the sound stage.

Exterior of the Straw Dogs summer house.
Exterior of the Straw Dogs summer house.
Straw Dogs local bad guys (l. to r.) Billy Lush, Drew Powell, Rhys Coiro and Alexander Skarsgard
Straw Dogs local bad guys (l. to r.) Billy Lush, Drew Powell, Rhys Coiro and Alexander Skarsgard
Red River adjacent to Sumner house
Red River adjacent to Sumner house
Copy of original Criterion DVD of Sam Peckinpah's Straw Dogs, sitting in office of director-writer Rod Lurie
Copy of original Criterion DVD of Sam Peckinpah’s Straw Dogs, sitting in office of director-writer Rod Lurie

SOURCE: Hollywood-Elsewhere

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Is True Blood Making Us Vampire Obsessed?

October 4, 2009

true-blood-bill-compton-season-1Many people in the 90s spent time trying to figure out why others were dressing up as vampires, or believed themselves to be one. Goths as they are usually called would walk around with their long leather trench coats and take themselves so seriously that you wanted to shake them and say “you are not undead.” Times have quickly changed and it seems that though we don’t dress in long leather trench coats, we too are obsessed with vampires.

Celebrities like Dita Von Teese, Nicole Kidman and Madonna have worn items to help the obsessed. Up and coming actresses are carrying on the tradition such as Rumor Willis and Kristen Stewart. There is a market now for anything that looks goth, from high end items down to the black nail polish. Even Lindsay Lohan has posted pictures of herself wearing fangs on Twitter.

The fashion industry isn’t the only ones banking on the vampire craze. Authors are doing the same. Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series spent 143 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list. The first film made a superstar out of Robert Pattinson. There is even talk that Buffy the Vampire Slayer is being remade as a big-bucks Hollywood movie. And just this past season a new television series was introduced by the series of the same name, The Vampire Diaries. The show premiered with 4.8 million viewers. Yet some will agree that all the previously mentioned books, movies and TV shows are geared towards teenagers and their mothers. There is one TV show that is not and it is claimed to be the hottest one yet. True Blood just finished up it’s second season on HBO. It’s an incredibly sexy vampire series steeped in Southern gothic and created by Alan Ball, previously of Six Feet Under. The series is based on Charlaine Harris’ Southern Vampire Series books.

Why is anything to do with vampires these days so important? You can’t get more escapist than a vampire. What people want when they feel their lives have taken a nose drive, along with the global economy, is exactly that. Vampires aren’t looked at as superheroes, but as loners. They operate outside of society’s rules and that is such an appeal to people, especially teenagers who want to break out of their shell. People also love the idea that they “live among us” and that even in your small neck of the woods, there would be in fact vampires. Yet the number one reason we seem to love vampires is the new breed is extremely sexy – toned, young flesh. The idea of soft flesh, sinking teeth, blood and possession, served up with a big dose of glamor, is a perfect idea with our pansexual 21st-century taste. Add romance to sex and you have the perfect package. Just think about it. Sure Tom Cruise wasn’t bad for a vampire in Interview With A Vampire, but I think Stephen Moyer and Alexander Skarsgard both do a much better job.

Season 1 of True Blood begins in the UK on October 7 while North America awaits Season 3 to begin in the summer of 2010.  Let’s see if more people fall in love with True Blood.

SOURCE:  TimesOnline

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True Blood’s Deborah Ann Woll And Sam Trammell Stay Green

September 19, 2009

deborah-and-samJay Leno has a new show at a new time slot. Fans know the man loves his cars and had a racetrack built outside his studio. A few times a week he will challenge his guests to a race in the Green Car Challenge. Ford will be supplying electric Focus models that are equipped with cameras and microphones. “All celebrities talk about being green. We want to see who is green and fast,” Leno said.

What have our favorite True Blood celebrities told Leno about going green?

Deborah Ann Woll, who plays lovable Jessica Hamby, has had a blast sinking her teeth into her vampire character – though her fake teeth can be dangerous. She mentions that it is hard to kiss with them in and so she has to be extremely careful. She said the balance between sweet and dangerous is fun to play out.

“I’m a very reserved person so to get on set and be totally crazy and wild is the greatest,”

But how does the True Blood actress stay green?

“There are water fountains all around and recycling bins so it makes it fairly easy to remain green while we’re working.”

It’s nice to see that while they are having fun working, they can still help keep the environment green. Be sure to check out Deborah this season in an episode of Law & Order.

The actor who plays shape-shifter Sam Merlotte also supports a go green movement. Sam Trammell, co-stars with Deborah, is a surfer who actively supports the Surfrider Foundation. The foundation helps preserve the ecological integrity of beaches and the ocean.

“I’m very much interested in preserving state and national parks, specifically beaches and the ocean.”

Sam is playing a shrink in a romantic comedy titled Shrinking Charlotte that is due out in January.


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Alan Ball Hints Storyline Twist For Season 3

September 18, 2009

alan-ball-photo Alan Ball recently spoke with Entertainment Weekly about what the future might hold for True Blood couple, Bill and Sookie in season 3. Alan Ball stated that he isn’t ruling out the possibility of incorporating a major (and controversial) plot point that occurs in the books, which up to now, has only been hinted at in the series.  In reference to the plot twist regarding Bill‘s deep dark secret Alan states :

“It’s certainly something that I found really compelling in the books … I was like, ‘Wow.’ But I can’t really tell you what I’m going to do story-wise. So much of the appeal of the show depends on the element of surprise.”

While many Sookie and Bill fans are hoping the creator of HBO’s hit TV series doesn’t go there, Eric fans are hoping it turns around for their favorite vampire.

Bill and Sookie fans are hoping that Alan decides not to incorporate this into the show since it could drive the couple apart and set up the scenario for Eric to make his moves onto Sookie and bring them together.  In regards to how he deals with fans from both camps trying to influence his approach in the show Alan said:

“I try to stay out of how the fans are responding to the show…I have to tell the story that I think is the most interesting story. Certainly, the main ingredient in drama is conflict and revelations. For every person who loves Bill and wants him and Sookie to just be in love always, there’s another person who’s like, ‘I’m sick of Bill. He’s such a wuss. I like Eric. He’s dangerous.’ Especially when you’re working on a show like this with the kind of palette and the colors you use; you want it to be continually surprising and shocking. Not for the sake of being shocking, but that’s part of the fun.”

We will have to just wait and see what Alan has in store for True Blood fans. We all know Alan is a fantastic storyteller and will have us biting our nails as we will be watching season 3 when it returns in the summer.

SOURCE: Entertainment Weekly

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True Blood Ratings And DVD Sales Still Going Strong

September 16, 2009

true-blood-season-2-poster-group-newEverybody was counting down till the season finale of True Blood. What was going to happen? How will Alan Ball end the season? After the finale came and went, figures started rolling in. Just how many viewers tuned in to see the death of Maryann as well as Eggs? 5.114 million True Blood fans were watching the show placing the television #10 out of 25 for the week of September 13. The ranking has the top 25 cable shows. Barely beating True Blood was Fox’s The O’Reilly Factor that had followed after a presidential address. Other shows in the top 10 included the 2009 Video Music Awards on MTV as well as the Postshow. iCarly returned for it’s third season and Scooby Doo: Mystery Begins helped the cartoons to rise to the top. USC and Ohio State College Football was in  this week with 10.58 viewers.

Have no fear though, True Blood is still going strong. The complete first season of True Blood is still selling. At the end of the week for September 6, Heroes did top the list. Supernatural had some good numbers as well for their fourth season. But it’s True Blood’s DVD sales that are still amazing people. It has been 16 weeks and another 62,123 units were sold. That is a 12% increase from week 15 and an addition $2.2 million to add to the already growing sales total. While True Blood is number 6 in DVD sales, it has a grand total of 1.49 million units sold with an estimated revenue of $52 million. That is amazing!

SOURCES: cable rating  dvd sales

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Ready, Set…Play True Blood

September 16, 2009

true-blood-poster-season-1Good news to all True Blood fans. Do you love to play games? Seriously, who doesn’t. Announced just yesterday, HBO has filed a trademark for a video game based off of Alan Ball‘s hit HBO TV vampire series True Blood.

Mentioned in the filing are “amusement apparatus and games adapted for use with television receivers or with video or computer monitors, video games, computer games, game programs, video game discs, video game cartridges, video game CD-ROMs, video game cassettes, handheld video game devices, games, online games, and electronic games.”

There is no word on when the game will be released or when production will be started. Don’t worry, we will keep you posted if we get any more information.

SOURCE:: cinemablend

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Ryan Kwanten Not Worried About Other Vampire Stories

September 15, 2009

jason-stackhouse-ryan-kwanten-season-21Everywhere you look these days there is something on about vampires. Twilight’s sequel, the film Priest began filming last month, and the CW premiered The Vampire Diaries last week. Is there reason to believe that the genre might have a backlash or become over saturated? Not according to Ryan Kwanten, the actor who plays Jason Stackhouse in HBO’s True Blood. Ryan was recently in Chicago and made an appearance at the Enclave  and on Friday hosted, alongside True Blood co-star Nelsan Ellis,  the “Dusk Until Dawn” fashion show for of clothing boutique Akira’s.  Ryan took time out to speak with .

“Personally, I don’t [worry], purely due to the creative forces that are behind our show,” said Ryan. “We knew we were part of something special before the fans did,” He added. “But to hear the fans and critics speak out and watch the show in ways we couldn’t imagine, even an optimist couldn’t have predicted it.”

The season finale has aired and will returned for a third season in June. True Blood has been pulling in HBO’s best numbers since The Sopranos. On the August 23rd show alone, there was an impressive 5.3 million viewers.

What makes the show so popular? The creativity they are allowed to do on a cable channel. If True Blood was aired on a network television channel, Kwanten says the show would be 25 minutes long, due to the nudity, violence, and sex. He said True Blood can push topics in a way that network TV can’t. In the first two seasons we have seen racism, homophobia, drug addiction, and orgies.

Is Ryan Kwanten a fan of the vampire genre?

“I’m into a good story,” He says. “But I’m not answering your question.”

Aw, come on Ryan we’d love to know. Wouldn’t it be interesting if he began dating a vampire in a future season?

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