True Blood Season 3 Rumors Abound

March 26, 2010

With the upcoming June release of Season 3 of True Blood, rumors abound as to what is in store for Sookie and company. If you have read Charlaine Harris‘ books, you will certainly wonder what new spin Alan Ball and the writers have put on the next installment. Season 3 casting calls provides some indication of the new characters that will arrive on the scene, but HBO’s viral ad campaign and short teaser clips have still left much to the imagination.

In probably the craziest speculation yet, the New York Post claims that fans have surmised the death of Arlene Fowler based on the short clip HBO released this week (the one that shows Sookie with a gun and Eric, bloodied and struggling with a man’s arm, on the floor). The Post supports this theory with the fact that actress, Carrie Preston, recently signed a guest starring deal with The Good Wife, and that her husband, actor Michael Emerson, purportedly stated that “something shocking happens to Arlene” this season. Clearly the fans the NY Post talked with were not aware that many actors appear on more than one show simultaneously. Last season’s Ashley Jones completed her stint as Daphne on True Blood while still appearing on The Bold and the Beautiful. Additionally, Alan Ball has stated that the character who dies in Season 3 is “hated”. Arlene hardly meets that criteria!

So, that leads us back to square one. Who will die in Season 3, and will it be a primary or supporting character? Does Sookie shoot someone in defense of Eric (as the new HBO spot seems to imply)? I have my own theories based solely on what I have read in the books, but I would rather not speculate here given that Alan Ball’s creative license always seems to take me down a path I never expected! In the coming weeks HBO will release more short clips and posters that are sure to get the rumor mill spinning. By the time Season 3 premieres, fans will have well developed theories as to who dies, who kidnapped Bill, and why Sookie was holding that gun. In the meantime, enjoy the Season 2 encore and stay tuned after each episode to catch the Season 3 teasers. Season 3 begins airing June 13.


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True Blood’s Universal Appeal

March 14, 2010

As Season 3 of True Blood approaches, the show’s success seems boundless, and its appeal limitless. Once little known (although well-seasoned) actors and producers – such as Sam Trammell, Stephen Moyer, Alexander Skarsgaard, and Alan Ball – are now household names. The series single-handedly revived Anna Paquin‘s career for a whole new generation of viewers that might not remember her Oscar-winning performance in The Piano. For author Charlaine Harris, the series has peaked interest and sales in her best-selling Sookie Stackhouse novels on which the show is based. The series has also spawned popular merchandise, including t-shirts, jewelry, posters, and even a drink, Tru Blood (Really, what other TV show has its own drink?). While fans contemplate what Sookie and friends will encounter in Season 3, considers the secret to the show’s appeal.

The site (rightfully) claims that the show’s greatest draw is its reach across genres – from drama to thriller and mystery as well as romance and a bit of comedy. Fans of 19th century Goth and fantasy will enjoy the vampire and supernatural themes and the gloomy and mysterious settings (including Gothic homes). Fans who are after quick wit and the tawdry will revel in Lafayette‘s snappy comebacks and the interplay between levels of authority (the town Sheriff and detective and the higher, mid-level, and newly-turned vampires). Fans of romance will find plenty of relationships to be entertained by – especially Vampire Bill‘s sweet and chivalrous, though dated, “courting” of heroine, Sookie. For those who are attracted to gore and horror, the show provides plenty of bites and fights to please. also recounts the underlying themes of the show which give it uniqueness but also the depth necessary for a “huge…TV hit”. The series is set in small town, Bon Temps, Louisiana where heroine, Sookie Stackhouse, makes her living waiting tables at Merlotte’s Bar and Grille. Vampires have recently acknowledged their existence and, simultaneously, minimized their threat since the Japanese invented synthetic blood, and they no longer have to prey on humans to “live”. While trying to find their way in the world and also acquire civil rights, the vampires that once remained secretive are now exposed. Vampire Queens and Kings rule vampire states, and Sheriffs ascertain authority over their own areas within them. The vampire organization retains its own system of laws and punishment, and, like any society, is divided among those wanting to assimilate in the modern world and those wishing to retain their more radical and antiquated ways (such as drinking human blood).

Bill Compton, Sookie‘s suitor and next door neighbor, wishes to fit in but finds himself continually at odds with the Area Sheriff and other vampires. While vampires struggle to find their identities, humans grapple with understanding the “undead” and the knowledge that other supernatural beings may exist. Although set in a fictitious world of otherworldly beings, the situations and problems the characters encounter are very real – the drug underworld with vampires and humans dealing “V”, or vampire blood; the challenges inherent in an inter-supernatural relationship; murder; blackmail; and death. also credits the writers and actors that bring the stories to life and allow the fans to buy into this unreality.

Season 3 of True Blood will begin airing in June 2010. In a sea of mundane writing and rehashed ideas, True Blood stands out as the show to watch for inventive storylines, astute dialogue, and emerging talent. Gaining momentum from Season 1, Season 2 brought back viewers to HBO, garnering as many as the finale of the hit series, The Sopranos. With a Season 4 confirmed, fans can look forward to a riveting continuation of life among the supernatural.


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Ryan Kwanten’s Film Changes Name

March 4, 2010

Ryan Kwanten fans take note.  If you are anticipating the upcoming release of his animated film, Guardians of Ga’Hoole, you may be surprised to find it will now be released as Legend of the Guardians.  Why the change, you ask?  Heat Vision Blog, who posted the name change, speculated that “Ga’Hoole” was not familiar enough to potential viewers.

The movie is based on the first three books of Kathryn Lasky’s series, Guardians of Ga’Hoole, and centers on a young barn owl named, SorenSoren is kidnapped by evil owls determined to raise an army of subservient and malevolent soldiers.  Soren and his new band of conscientious friends escape to the island of Ga’Hoole to convene with like-minded owls living in the Great Ga’Hoole Tree and to take on the evil army.  They face obstacles, challenges, and danger at every turn!

Ryan voices Kludd, the older brother of Soren and Leader of the Pure Ones, a group determined to take control of the Great Ga’Hoole Tree.

The movie was directed by Zach Snyder (Watchmen, 300) and features a star-studded cast including Jim Sturgess as Soren with Geoffrey Rush, Helen Mirren, Abbie Cornish, Emilie de Ravin, Sam Neill, and, of course, Ryan Kwanten.  The movie is currently set for release on September 24, 2010.





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True Blood Season Two DVD Blu-ray Details

February 27, 2010

Who could forget the events of “True Blood’s” season two? Sookie and Bill travel to Dallas on a quest to find Eric‘s beloved Godric, only to have Sookie locked in the basement of the Fellowship of the Sun church and Bill held captive by his maker, Lorena. Jason attempts to find answers and redemption at the Fellowship of the Sun‘s Light of Day Institute. Maryann arrives in Bon Temps, rescues Tara, but manages to manipulate all the townsfolk, commit two murders and attempt a third of Sam! Sam thinks he has found a shape-shifting companion that understands him but who is really part of Maryann‘s master plan. Let’s not forget about the new-found love between Hoyt and Jessica, Tara and Eggs, and Terry and Arlene. Lafayette escapes Fangtasia with the help from Sookie but his mental health may never be the same. Bill enlists assistance from the Queen of Louisiana to destroy Maryann. Will Bon Temps ever be the same? Only June (and the premiere of season tell) will tell. In the meantime, you can re-live season two in all its vampy, passionate and, sometimes, preachy glory when HBO releases the season 2 DVD and Blu-ray set on May 25, 2010.
Both the standard and Blu-Ray DVD editions are currently available for pre-order in HBO‘s online shop. The standard version will cost $59.99 and the Blu-Ray, $79.99.
The standard DVD will include:

  • Steve and Sarah Newlin‘s Fellowship of the Sun: Reflections of Light “rules to live by”
  • The Vampire Report: Special Edition including the year’s biggest vampire news, politics and pop culture stories
  • Audio commentary from Alan Ball, Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Alexander Skarsgard, Michelle Forbes, Ryan Kwanten, Sam Trammell, Rutina Wesley, plus more

The Blu-Ray version will also include:

  • Enhanced viewing with picture-in-picture interactive content for all 12 episodes
  • Character perspectives from Hoyt, Pam, Karl and Steve Newlin
  • Flashback/Flash-forward capabilities to allow the viewer to relive climactic moments and underscore the importance of specific scenes
  • Pro/Anti-Vampire Feeds including news and information from both the Light of Day Institute and the American Vampire League
  • Trivia, hints and clues

While you are waiting for your new DVD to be shipped, you can watch the HBO encore of season two beginning March 21, 2010.

True Blood: The Complete Second Season (HBO Series) [Blu-ray]


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Vampires and Orgies and a Maenad…Oh My!

February 18, 2010

“…Just another day at the office” says Michelle Forbes, better known to Trubies as Maryann the Maenad, when describing how she eventually became accustomed to filming those wild orgy scenes in Season 2. Forbes admits that for someone as “shy as [herself]”, the sex scenes were “a bit daunting” at first but became quite routine after a while.

Forbes acknowledges that vampire mythology is “titillating” but credits True Blood’s writers for considering vampires “in a very real way” that is “emotional and grounded”. She praises them for looking at vampires from another perspective and turning the traditional view “on its head”.

Despite or, perhaps, in spite her shyness, Forbes seems to have no problem bringing the wicked Maryann to life in the midst of such debauchery and rauchiness!


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Charlaine Harris UK Appearances

February 12, 2010

Charlaine Harris, whose Sookie Stackhouse novels spawned our beloved True Blood, will be making several appearances in the United Kingdom from March 9 to 10, 2010 as a guest speaker and to sign her books.  Here’s a chance to meet the woman whose creative mind brought us the crazy Southern world of Sookie and her supernatural companions!

Harris’ first appearance will be in London at the Prince Charles Theater on Tuesday, March 9 at 6:30 PM.  She will be a guest speaker and signing copies of her books at the event.  Tickets for the event are £8 (about $15.50) and may be purchased via telephone (020 7494 3654), in person, or at the theater’s website:

Waterstone’s booksellers will host Harris’ second and third appearances.  The second will be at the Nottingham Bridlesmith Gate store on Wednesday, March 10 from 12 – 2 PM.  The event is free, and Harris will sign two books maximum per person.  Also on Wednesday, March 10, Harris will make her third and final free UK appearance signing books at the Dean’s Gate Waterstone’s in Manchester at 7 PM.  The store advises that you arrive early to gain access to the queue (or, line, as we Americans call it) which is on a first come, first served basis.

What a great opportunity to meet the woman behind the stories and to take that trip to England you have always wanted!


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