‘Dead in the Family’ Makes Amazon’s Best Books of 2010 List

November 14, 2010

Customer Favorite & Editors Pick

Dead in the Family CoverEvery year Amazon.com rates all of the books released during the last year in their “Amazon’s Best Books” list.  The list includes Top 100 Editors’ Picks, Top 100 Customer Favorites and Top 10 lists in 23 categories such as Romance, Non-fiction, Mystery & Thrillers.  Charlaine Harris, the writer of the series behind HBO‘s True Blood, has received yet another honor.  For the 2010 list, the 10th book in the Sookie Stackhouse series, ‘Dead in the Family’ came in at No. 4 in the Top 100 Customer Favorite books list and No. 80 on the Editors’ Picks list.  In addition the book was named No. 1 on the Science Fiction & Fantasy Top 10.

This is not the first time that Harris’ books have made the list.  In 2009 ‘Dead and Gone’ made the list at No. 8 and in 2008 ‘From Dead to Worse’ came in at No. 65.

You can view the complete list here.

Source: Amazon.com – Best of 2010: Books

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Video: Trailer Released for Denis O’Hare’s ‘The Eagle’

November 14, 2010

Film to be Released February 12, 2011

Denis O'Hare The EagleDenis O’Hare has a number of projects on the go.  He is currently on Broadway in the play ‘Elling‘ with Brenden Fraser and his film ‘The Eagle’ is due to be released in 2011.  The film co-stars Channing Tatum as Marcus Aquila and is set in second century Britain.  O’Hare plays Lotorius, a Roman soldier who is Aquila’s superior in the beginning of the film.

Below is a trailer for the film in which we get a small glimpse of O’Hare’s character.

Let us know in the comment section below what you think of the preview.  Will you be seeing the movie?

Source:  Aceshowbiz.com– Channing Tatum’s Epic Movie “The Eagle” Gets First Trailer

(Photo Credit: Matt Nettheim – Focus Features)


Alexander Skarsgard Opens Up About His Fangs and Getting Naked On Set

October 20, 2010

Alexander Skarsgard Dishes on Wearing Fangs, Being Home sick, and Nudity On Set

Alexander SkarsgardAlexander Skarsgard, who portrays devilishly handsome Eric Northman on HBO‘s True Blood, recently sat down with Guardian.co.uk  and opened up about his “fangs”, nudity on the set, and how he misses home.

On Getting Used to the Fangs

Skarsgard talked about the fangs that are as much a part of his costume as those stylish suits he wears, saying:

“I had to practise hard, they’re pretty big! In the beginning, it was difficult because you have a lisp. The fangs come out when you’re angry, excited, aroused, so it’s tough, when you want to look menacing…”

It seems pretty hard to believe that there ever could have been a problem with him getting used to them. 

Nudity On Set

Skarsgard spoke about a topic that has come up a lot in interviews – nudity on set.  He was asked about how he feels about it and if it bothered him and he replied:

“Not at all, I’m with friends and every time we get naked on the show, it makes sense. It’s wild and crazy and fun.”

 Sounds like a fun place to work.  

On Getting Home Sick

Skarsgard who was born in and raised in Stockholm, Sweden and is currently living in Los Angeles says he gets homesick.  On a recent trip to London England, one of the different locations around the world he has lived, Skarsgard was reminded of some of the things he misses while living in L.A. 

“I went out for a walk last night here in London. It was all wet streets, the smell, I miss that. I have a great life in LA, but we don’t have the crisp air you have in October in London or Stockholm, the colour of the trees.”

Any way you put it, he seems to have a soft spot when it comes to his homeland, and a open door policy when it comes to pretty much anything that True Blood throws at him. 

Source: guardian.co.uk – Alexander Skarsgard: “Getting Naked is Wild and Crazy and Fun”

(Photo Credit:  Katherine Rose for the Observer)