2011 Comic Con Tickets on Sale Dec. 15 for One Day Test

December 15, 2010

1000 Badges Sold December 15th Only


2011 Comic Con is set to begin July 21, 2011 in San Diego and tickets usually go on sale early.  Unfortunately for several weeks Comic Con has been having technical difficulties with their ticketing system.  On December 15th, at 8:00 am PST they will be running a test using TicketLeap in conjunction with EPIC registration company.  They will be selling 1000 badges in a live test.

Tickets will be sold at Comic Con and each 4 day badge will be $105 for adults and $52 for kids and seniors. Since this is a test, they are only allowing fans to buy a maximum of 2 badges.  Be sure to check Comic Con Registration for instructions on how to purchase.

SOURCE: news.gather.com Comic-Con Tickets on Sale for a One-Day Test Wednesday

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Denis O’Hare is Guest of Honor at Drama League Luncheon

November 11, 2010

Holiday Luncheon Decemeber 6, 2010

Denis Ohare True Blood Russell Edgington

Denis O’Hare, vampire villain Russell Edgington on HBO‘s True Blood, will be the guest of honor at the annual Drama League Holiday Luncheon. O’Hare will be joined by fellow Elling stars, Richard Easton and Brendan Fraser at the Union League Club in New York on December 6.

The event will begin with cocktails, and will be followed by lunch and a panel discussion.

Information on tickets, including a private cocktail reception and raffle tickets can be found on the Drama League website. (The price for tickets ranges between $135 and $250.)

SOURCE: http://dramaleague.org 2010 Holiday Luncheon: Easton and Shamos to Join Denis O’Hare

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Charlaine Harris Talks Dying for Daylight

November 10, 2010

A Dahlia Linley-Chivers Quest

Dying for Daylight Video Game

Author Charlaine Harris, the fabulous wordsmith that created our beloved True Blood characters, has taken her story to the video game console. I-play, who has worked with other authors such as James Patterson and Nora Roberts, plans to introduce part 1 of Dying for Daylight in January of 2011. The VP of Marketing, Tony Leamer, explained that the hidden object adventure game is planned to be an 8 part series and will explore Charlaine’s character Dahlia‘s adventures in New Orleans with the members of the vampire circus Le Cirque Terrible:

“The general arc for the plot is that the leader of Dahlia’s nest, Cedric, has been made aware that there is potentially a potion that exists that allows vampires to exist among the daylight, which obviously in the world that Charlaine Harris has created is strictly not an option for vampires – they die. So it’s obviously of great interest to Dahlia for a number of reasons, not the least among them is that she gets to go shopping during the day if she can figure this out.”

Charlaine, who has little experience with video games, was contacted by I-play about using some of her characters in a game and says:

“we decided to use Dahlia Linley-Chivers [a character] whom I’ve written about in several short stories, because she’s very visual and she lives in the same world as the vampires of True Blood, but isn’t connected to them.”

She thinks Dahlia will make a perfect video character because she is action oriented and very visual:

“She’s all about how she looks, and she wants other people to know how great she looks too. She never hesitates to take direct action, and I think that’s a really good characteristic of someone who is the protagonist of a video game.”

It is my guess that fans of HBO‘s True Blood and Charlaine Harris will be lining up in January to check this out, even if they aren’t “gaming” people, just for the chance to see Dahlia in action. I haven’t really touched a video game since Pac-man came out, but after reading the entire interview, I plan to give it a shot.

Do you plan to check out the game once it’s released? Let us know what you think in the comments.

SOURCE: http://www.gamezebo.com Dying for Daylight: An interview with Charlaine Harris

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Ryan Kwanten: On Being American, a Vampire Virgin, and a Bowler

November 9, 2010

Ryan is a Bowler?

Ryan Kwanten True Blood Jason Stackhouse

When fans of Ryan Kwanten, the sexy Aussie who plays Jason Stackhouse on HBO‘s True Blood, think of him, bowling is probably not something that comes to mind, but maybe it should. Ryan tells EW that when he is shooting True Blood he enjoys being able to spend time with his bowling league:

“I was the worst bowler on my team, but our team was actually pretty good… They’d be happy that I said that we were pretty good. Our team name was… god, we had to change it, because the first one was a little too racy for the league. It was like Balls Deep or something. I think it’s The Untouchables or something now, something innocuous.”

Patriotic American vs Vampire Villain

It has been noted before that Jason Stackhouse, through all his thinkingly challenged moments, could be considered a patriotic American as evidenced in some of his scenes with Andy Bellefleur, but Ryan would really like to see him interact with season 3 baddie Russell Edgington, played by Denis O’Hare:

“I thought Jason and Russell would have been an interesting kind of predicament. Do you know what I mean? He just would have been scratching his head. “These humans…” Jason is probably the worst of what Russell thinks humans represent — no brains, all that kind of thing. Jason would have looked at him like, “You’re the king? You’re what everyone looks up to?”

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Ryan, who has more than enough work these days to pay the bills, remembers when he came to L.A. After finishing filming he had enough money to last the day and was ready to head home when the executive producer of that film tried talking him into staying, telling him it would be in his best interest to do so. After spending time in his hotel room wondering if he would regret leaving, but knowing he was dead broke, he came up with the idea of asking the owner of the hotel if he would let him stay for 3 months, but not paying until that time was up. Fortunately for all of us, the owner of the Cadillac Hotel in Venice agreed.

Deed with the Undead

Although lots of people in Jason’s circle have indulged in sex with the various vamps of Bon Temps and its metro area, he has not and it remains to be seen whether his vampire virginity will stay in tact. He hasn’t seen any of the scripts for season four and admits that he tries to stay spoiler free, so much so that he never read past book 2 of the Sookie Stackhouse series because he believes not knowing anything until its time to film adds to the spontaneity of playing Jason’s character.

After reading the last two sections am I the only one who now has the image of an Eric/Talbot type scene with Jason and Russell? I think one thing Alan Ball has showed us in 3 seasons, is nothing, absolutely nothing, is off limits!!

SOURCE: Popwatch Ryan Kwanten talks new movie ‘Red Hill,’ ‘True Blood,’ (and why he can’t talk ‘True Blood’)

Hollywood Crush No Vampire Sex For ‘True Blood’ Star Ryan Kwanten

Digital Spy Ryan Kwanten ‘avoids True Blood spoilers’

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Video Clips from Ryan Kwanten’s Red Hill

November 4, 2010

First Look

Ryan Kwanten Red Hill

HBO’s True Blood star Ryan Kwanten‘s new movie Red Hill opens in New York and Los Angeles November 5th. For those of you not lucky enough to be there for the premier, here are a few clips from the movie to hold you over until it opens in your area. Enjoy!

SOURCE: http://www.daemonsmovies.com RED HILL Movie Clips With True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten

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Kevin Alejandro in Cassadaga

November 3, 2010

First Look of Florida Filming

Kevin Alejandro Cassadaga

In season 3 of HBO‘s True Blood we were introduced to the sexy, mysterious Jesus, played by Kevin Alejandro.  This past week Kevin was in Florida to begin filming Anthony DiBlasi‘s Cassadaga, a supernatural thriller about what happens when you contact the wrong spirit during a seance. The film doesn’t have a release date yet, but you can bet with with a cast like Kevin and Louise Fletcher (from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest), we will be providing updates whenever we can!

SOURCE: http://www.bloody-disgusting.com — First Look at Anthony DiBlasi’s ‘Cassadaga’!

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How True Blood Defines Vampire Sex

November 1, 2010

Experts Weigh In

Eric Talbot Vampire Sex

There are a multitude of tv shows and movies these days about vampires. HBO’s True Blood spends each season exploring the intimate relationships between vampires and humans, sometimes in shocking ways. For three seasons we have watched the intriguing way that Bill, Sookie, Lorena, Franklin, Tara, Talbot, Eric et al weave their brand of lovemaking into their lives.

L. A. Banks, writer of the popular Vampire Huntress Legends, has this to say about vampire sex:

“Everything is more intense, more dramatic, and more passionate than what one would normally expect. It’s a love that can go all night but without the little blue pill. The biting on the neck has to happen. What it does is it makes the sex something exotic and taboo. It makes it terrible and intriguing at the same time.”

Knowledgeable viewers of the head turning, blood soaked sex scenes in True Blood would more than likely agree that vampire sex is a lot of things, including intriguing. Scenes such as those with Bill and Sookie on the pristine chenille bed spread in Bill’s house, the flashback scene of Bill and Lorena rolling around in the blood of their two recent victims and Talbot’s death scene are more in the realm of “taboo sex”.  For vampires, however, these types of sexual exploits are common practice.

As evidenced in scenes with Pam and the dancer at Fangtasia, the scene with Eric and Talbot, and the relationship between Queen Sophie Ann and Hadley, vampire sex has little or no boundaries. Anyone who is willing – human or vamp is fair game. According to University of Richmond professor Elisabeth Gruner, this dates back as far as 1872 in the novelCarmilla:

“Part of the allure of vampires was the fact that they weren’t constrained to the same societal norms as mere mortals. “

The allure of vampire sex compels fantasies in both men and women, because let’s face it, how many people wouldn’t feel fulfilled and safe in the dominating sense of control and power exuded by the undead?

SOURCE: http://abcnews.go.com What Is Vampire Sex?

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Ryan Kwanten Enjoys Being One of True Blood’s Humans

October 29, 2010

Ryan Kwanten on Red Hill and True Blood

Ryan Kwantan Zap2it

In a recent interview with Jethro Nededog from Zap2it, Ryan Kwanten, who plays Jason Stackhouse on HBO‘s True Blood, talks about his new movie Red Hill and the upcoming 4th season of True Blood.

Red Hill is due to be released November 5th only in New York and Los Angeles, but if you are like me, you are hoping for a wider release sooner rather than later so we can watch him play big city cop turned small town cop chasing big time escaped serial killer.

Ryan explained that this was the first time in 8 years he has been back home to film anything, and that he actually had difficulty acting in his native accent:

“First time I’d used my own voice actually. As silly as this sounds, my Australian friends would kill me, I’m so used to putting on the American accent when I hear the word action, this one was sort of retraining myself to go back to this voice, so it was interesting”

On Being a Human in True Blood

Ryan says its nice that the rambunctious Jason found love, the one quality that was missing from his life, with Crystal Norris. He appreciates how passionate Jason is and how he wears his heart on his sleeve:

“Honestly what I do really love about playing about him, is that as crazy as he may seem he is still one of the few humans in the show. He is sort of very much our view into that world, and without him, you just sort of have the vampire storyline, the wolves and whatnot, but it’s nice to be able to cut back to a sense of reality”.

He is looking forward to finding out just how Jason is supposed to take care of the town of Hot Shot and where his relationship with Crystal is going to go:

“He’s also having to take care of a whole village of people and he’s probably the last person on Earth who should be.”

You can hear more of what Ryan had to say by checking out the video below.

SOURCE: Zap2It.com — True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten on ‘Red Hill’ and Jason taking charge in Season 4

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True Blood Costume Party in San Francisco

October 27, 2010

Win Prizes on Friday, October 29th

Vampires, Werewolves and Shifters OH MY! The Mix bar in the Castro is holding a True Blood costume party sponsored by BARtab. Come out as your favorite character from HBO’s True Blood, Charlaine Harris‘ books or a fabulous Sookiverse character you’ve invented on your own and spend the evening with fellow fans and meet unknown friends.

Prizes for best costumes include tickets to a screening of Poltergeist with Jo Beth Williams, tickets to Trannyshack‘s Halloween party and tickets to Thrillpeddler‘s Schocktoberfest Kiss of Blood and bottles of the Tru Blood drink.

For more information or to RSVP visit The Mix and good luck to anyone that enters!

SOURCE: http://www.bartabsf.com True Blood Party @ The Mix

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Werewolves vs Vampires

October 26, 2010

Top 5 Reasons Weres are Hotter

Joe Manganiello True Blood Alcide

Season 3 of HBO’s True Blood introduced us to werewolves that ran the gamut from good to evil from Alcide Herveaux to Cooter. Since hot hairy men have been flooding our tv and movie screens, Popsugar TV recently counted down the top 5 reasons werewolves are hotter than vampires.

Do you agree or disagree? Are you a fangbanger or a furbanger? Watch the video and tell us why you chose your side!!

SOURCE: Youtube — 5 Reasons Why Werewolves Are Hotter Than Vampires

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