Bid On Jewelry Inspired By True Blood

September 20, 2010

A Chance to Get Some Gorgeous Jewelry and Help a Great Cause

Jewelry donated by Cadsawan Jewelers for auction to benefit Amnesty International, Photo Creidt SkarsgardNewsFans of HBO’s True Blood and Eric Northman (played by Alexander Skarsgård), here is your chance to bid on two gorgeous pieces of jewelry designed by Janet Cadsawan of Cadsawan Jewelery + Design. Proceeds from this auction will benefit Amnesty International.

Up for grabs are the Min Älskare (which is “My Lover” in Swedish) bronze cuff and the Bloody Bullet 17.5″ necklace. Both pieces were inspired by Charlaine Harris‘s novels.  To bid on either item, you can visit SkarsgårdNews.

Source: SkarsgårdNews – The Eric Northman Fan Jewelry Special

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True Blood Season Finale Spoiler with Sam Trammell

September 12, 2010

Sam Trammell Dishes on the Newer, Meaner Sam and Who Might Be Dying in the Season Finale:

Sam Trammell as True Blood's Sam MerlotteSam Trammell recently attended the Stand Up 2 Cancer telethon in Los Angeles. He answered fundraising telephones at the event in honor of his grandmother, and told TV Guide:

“Cancer is a disease that doesn’t discriminate. Everyone knows at least one person who has had the disease, or they’ve had it themselves. It’s time we stop taking it and kick this disease’s butt. The money we’re raising tonight is a good start.”

Commenting on his alter ego Sam Merlotte‘s tougher attitude this season, Trammell says fans can look forward to a more tougher, meaner Sam. He drops a spoiler for the Season Three finale as well – Sam will have a gun. His brother, Tommy Mickens (Marshall Allman), is just one person who better look out! He alluded to a season ending cliffhanger as well. We know that True Blood director Alan Ball has stated previously that someone will die in the finale – – could it be Sam Merlotte? Trammell says he thinks fan can rest easy it isn’t, but he stops just short of confirming that for sure. He does think that Eric Northman’s (Alexander Skarsgaard) fans might have something to worry about (oh no!!!!).

Wrapping up his chat with TV Guide, Trammell let everyone know just how much fun he’s had giving the normally sweet Sam Merlotte a harder edge:

“It has been so much fun to get to play angry and be mean to people. Usually Sam is just so nice and so helpful. I was getting a little sick of him being stepped on, pushed over and taken advantage of. I was glad we did the flashbacks. They gave great back story and insight into Sam and who he was before and why he might be the way he is now.”

Source: TV Guide – True Blood‘s Sam Trammell Previews Sunday’s Finale

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True Blood Season Finale Live Chat with Kristen and Joe on BloodCopy

September 10, 2010

True Blood Kristin Bauer van Straten Joe ManganielloHear Kristin and Joe Chat Live After the Season Finale Sunday Night

Kristen Bauer van Straten and Joe Manganiello sat down for a quick update to let all of the True Blood fans know: they know waiting sucks, and the season finale is almost here! And as a reward for your patience, following the Season Three finale you can join Joe and Kristen at BloodCopy for a live chat, where they will answer “all of your burning questions.” There just might even be some spoilers and inside information about Season Four!

The video clip is short, but worth the just under thirty seconds it takes to watch it. Not only do you get to see Joe, but he delivers the best line about Eric Northman‘s (Alexander Skarsgard) possible demise, “…will your maker even make it?” Let’s all hope so!



Charlaine Harris Talks About Her Favorites From True Blood

September 26, 2009

charlaine_smCharlaine Harris chatted with the folks at recently, while attending Dragon*Con in Atlanta, Ga. In case you don’t know, Charlaine Harris is the author of the Sookie Stackhouse novels that inspired Alan Ball to create the HBO series True Blood. If you’ve never read them, you really should!

She named Sookie as her favorite character when asked, but was quick to add that she enjoyed writing about all of the characters she created because she felt they were all a part of her. She went on to say that other than Sookie, her favorite characters were Amelia Broadway (a witch who appears in the novels, but has yet to be seen on True Blood) and Vampire Pam (played by Kristin Bauer). As Charlaine explained it, Alan Ball’s intention with the True Blood series was to adapt and shoot one Sookie Stackhouse novel per season on HBO. She said Alan made it clear that the series would likely take on a life of its own. She continued:

“Alan Ball explained that because Sookie wouldn’t be able to carry the entire series on her own, other characters would have to become more developed. Hence Lafayette not being killed in season one, even though he was killed in the first novel, Dead Until Dark. This also explains why the character Jessica Hamby played by Deborah Ann Woll was created and why Tara Thornton played by Rutina Wesley has become a main character in the True Blood series.”

So what did Charlaine say when asked who her favorite character on True Blood was? Well, she quite diplomatically praised the entire cast before she singled out Nelsan Ellis for his portrayal of Lafayette Reynold. She also commented that she can’t believe how tall Alexander Skarsgård,  who plays Eric Northman, is. Skarsgård, who stood at 6’4”, towered over Charlaine Harris. She said that he was one of the nicest actors she’d met.

Naturally, she thought that Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin were perfectly suited for their roles as Bill Compton and Sookie Stackhouse (Don’t we all?).

As for season three, Charlaine showed genuine excitement over who might be cast in the role of Debbie Pelt, a central character in the Club Dead novel. She noted that Club Dead was one of her favorite novels and she looked forward to how Alan Ball would adapt it for True Blood. Charlaine and Alan don’t communicate regularly about the series — Charlaine told the interviewers she was  “Okay with the liberties that Alan Ball has taken with the True Blood series because she looks at True Blood as its own entity.” And if you’ve read all of the novels and are also a fan of the show, you know that is true. As a fan myself, I love that Alan Ball and Charlaine are so accepting of each other and appreciate what each one is trying to do with the amazing characters created by Charlaine.

If you were paying attention during the season finale, you may have noticed Charlaine in Merlotte’s, chatting it up with Sam. Did you catch her?

I’m going to leave you with this final quote from the interview… it’s a whopper! When the interviewers asked her who Sookie would end up with in the novels — Bill or EricCharlaine replied:

“Who says it’s going to be a vampire?”

Aaaack! Oh, the suspense!!

Enjoy this wonderful video interview of Charlaine with


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Why True Blood is Better Than Twilight

September 26, 2009

true-blood-season-2-posterx300Are you a die hard True Blood fan? How about the Twilight saga? Do they even compare — or are they in totally different universes?? The Indiana Statesman published an article recently that laid out the reasons that True Blood is way better than Twilight — as if the True Blood fans hadn’t figured that out!

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that True Blood and Twilight are the two most popular vampire “worlds” out there right now. Sure there may be other TV shows and books, but these two series (and I’m including the books, TV shows, and films associated with them) are by far and away the most recognizable at the moment. And they have inspired a bitter rivalry amongst their fans! Twilight and True Blood do have some similarities in core stories — vampire/human romances, special powers like telepathy, and supernatural characters to complete their casts (think werewolves). But that is pretty much where they separate.

True Blood comes closer to following long established vampire “rules” – no vamps out during the day (remember what happened to poor Bill when he bravely tried to rescue Sookie from Rene?), no entering into houses where they haven’t been invited, and wooden stakes an silver definitely have a negative impact on True Blood vampires. Not so for the Twilight crew — they just turn all “diamonds and glitter” in the sun (I saw the movie — not the best special effects effort they could have put forth!), they come and go where they please, and the only thing that kills a Twilight vampire is being pulled apart limb from limb and burned. Ouch.

Twilight and True Blood are aimed at totally different audiences – so True Blood gets to be way edgier and scarier. Alan Ball and HBO are not afraid to show the fans the darker side of vampire life, so we get lots of blood and gore. Twilight, in contrast, sticks to the “PG” version of events. I don’t even think Alan Ball and HBO know what that means! And let’s talk about Sookie Stackhouse and Bella Swan — those two shouldn’t even be in the same sentence! The heroines in each story are so different from each other it is like night and day. Sookie is a much stronger main character than Bella is.

The Statesman article points out that in True Blood, there are fewer instances of sexism than Twilight — something I personally had never thought about. Twilight‘s heroine, Bella Swan, does put off a “need to be rescued” vibe, and she does let Edward have an unhealthy dose of control over her (really girl – stand up for what you want!). Sookie, on the other hand, doesn’t hesitate to get right into the action – beating people to death with shovels, marching straight into Maryann‘s den of iniquity, telling Eric just what deal she’ll strike to guarantee Lafayette‘s safety. She is one mouthy girl, and her confidence is so sexy!

The number one reason, according to the Indiana Statesman, that Twilight bites in comparison to True Blood, is the general content and meaning of True Blood. As they put it:

1. True Blood says something. In “Twilight,” the vampires are just vampires.

In “True Blood,” the vampires are used throughout the show as a metaphor for the marginalized in society-specifically homosexuals.

Unlike “Twilight,” in the “True Blood” universe, vampires are not a secret. So the show’s larger theme is how society adjusts to their presence.

The show makes frequent use of news clips covering the debate over vampire marriage and the opposition from right-wing religious groups. The show cheekily plays up the homosexual metaphor with signs reading “God hates fangs” and references to vampires “coming out of the coffin.”

True Blood has fans everywhere. Even at the Emmy awards — the whole audience (which included more than a few celebrities) cheered when they showed True Blood clips. What better accolades than your peers cheering you on? That must have been so great for the cast of True Blood! Are you a fan of True Blood? Do you like Twilight too? Is it possible to appreciate both? Share your thoughts with us!

Source: Indiana Statesman

Photo Credit: HBO Inc.


Charlaine Harris Talks True Blood

September 25, 2009

charlaine_sm1Charlaine Harris recently discussed all things True Blood with They chatted lot about how the books and characters Charlaine created (the Sookie Stackhouse novels) are translating to the True Blood TV show on HBO.

Charlaine stated that the Sookie Stackhouse novels originated from her desire to broaden her base of readers. She thought that writing about a young girl in love with vampires, rather than just writing about vampires, might do the trick – and it certainly did!! Ten novels later (the tenth Sookie Stackhouse novel is slated to hit bookstore shelves in May 2010) and she is still a bestseller. Her fans cannot get enough! The books are immensely entertaining, full of rich characters and plots. And her devoted fans must be thrilled – Charlaine’s publisher has signed her on to complete three more Sookie Stackhouse novels!

Naturally, Charlaine loves Alan Ball’s adaptation of her novels (who doesn’t?!?!). She thinks his casting decisions are “genius” (again – who doesn’t??) and has enjoyed meeting and working with the actors on the show. In case you missed it, Charlaine had a cameo in the season two finale – she was a customer at Merlotte’s. While filming the episode, she said she learned quite a bit about how a TV show was made, and the tremendous effort everyone puts in to make it happen.

As far as the show sticking to the storyline of her books, she believes Alan Ball is doing a good job. She made the following observation:

He [Alan Ball] has had to elaborate on the secondary characters in the series because my books are written in first person, all told by Sookie. Alan has stuck to the outline of the books, with the first novel in the series corresponding with the first season of the series, same with the second.

When asked if she had a favorite character on the series, she said she “really enjoyed” Jessica (who does not appear in the novels). She loves the addition, and even added that she wished she’d come up with it herself! Having read the books, I’m not sure how well Jessica would have fit in, but she really is perfect on the show. Never one to play favorites, she skirted the ubiquitous “Bill vs. Eric” question, saying that,

They both came from my brain, so I’m really fond of both of them.

She closed the interview with some thoughts on Anna Paquin’s portrayal of Sookie Stackhouse. While it took her a bit to warm up to Anna as Sookie (because, as Charlaine puts it, “her physicality is different”) she couldn’t imagine anyone else portraying Sookie now. I totally agree with her there – Anna completely inhabits the role of Sookie Stackhouse!


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Michelle Forbes Attends The Entertainment Weekly Pre-Emmy Party

September 22, 2009

Michelle Forbes, Maryann on HBO‘s True Blood, attended the Entertainment Weekly And Women In Film Pre-Emmy Party Sunday, September 17, 2009.  She looked absolutely gorgeous – and what a fun way to kick off an exciting night! Michelle will certainly be missed in Bon Temps next year – at least by the fans anyway. She was so entertaining to watch!


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Metropia Comes to the Venice Film Festival

September 14, 2009

stefan-metropiaAlexander Skarsgard’s new film, Metropia, premiered September 3rd at the Venice Film Festival. The film also stars Juliette Lewis and Vincent Gallo, among others. It is directed by Tarik Selah.

IMDb offers this as a plot synopsis:

METROPIA is taking place in a not-so-distant, terrifying Europe. The world is running out of oil and the net of undergrounds has been connected, creating a gigantic web underneath Europe. Roger (Vincent Gallo) from a suburb of Stockholm tries to stay away from the underground. He thinks it’s unpleasant and sometimes he hears a strange voice in his head.

One day Roger finds out that his life is controlled in every detail. He tries to break free. To succeed he needs super-model Nina (Juliette Lewis) to help him. Or is it maybe Nina that needs Roger?

Not much is out there in terms of movie reviews, perhaps because the film is so new. The website says “Bottom Line: Ambitious, sleek sci-fi animation loses itself in story’s twists and turns.” The reviewer goes on to say that the animation for the film is “highly stylized”. She also mentions that Alexander Skarsgard’s character, Stefan, is based on his face (yay – who doesn’t love to look at his face?!?!?) rather than a composite of photos. Stefan’s role appears to be that of omniscient narrator – he monitors people through microchips embedded in their brains.

In addition to its September 3rd premiere at the Venice Film Festival, Metropia will premiere on September 20th at the Helsinki International Film Festival, and will premiere in Sweden on November 9th. No word on when the US premiere is.

Here is a little preview of the movie — what do you think? I’m impressed that Alexander took a role that really stretched is abilities. It is so different from his current role as Eric Northman!

Source:, YouTube, THReviews, Skarsgard Fans

Photo Credit: Skarsgard Fans


Fans Can Support Alexander Skarsgard’s Cause

September 1, 2009

alexander-skarsgard-tails-for-whales1Alexander Skarsgard, Eric Northman on HBO’s True Blood, recently answered the call issued by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) and showed his support for the Tails for Whales campaign. He shot a photo for their Web site, and has also been spotted wearing an anchor necklace. Kristin Bauer (Pam) also posed for a whale tail photo and lent her support to this awesome animals rights cause.

Thanks to Cadsawan Jewelry, fans can now purchase a necklace inspired by the one Alexander wears and made especially to support this cause. All of the proceeds from the purchase of this necklace go directly to IFAW! What an awesome chance to show some love for the whales and for Alexander! Apparently the necklace that Alexander wears is no longer being made by its manufacturer, so the folks at Cadsawan Jewelry teamed up with Skarsgard News to create this new necklace.

anchorsfinalThe necklace is made of 100 percent recycled silver and retails for $220. It is currently available at a sale price of 15 percent off, to help get support started. It features three different anchors and a small whale tail.

How cool to know that Alexander is aware of this effort to help support his cause! I’m sure he appreciates all of the support the campaign can get.

On the Skarsgard News site, the editor pointed out some interesting information:

Editor’s note: Just so this can go on the record, Alexander does know about this. I told him our plans for this and he is well aware of this site’s efforts for helping in the Tails For Whales campaign though his name is not officially behind it.

This necklace is a fan’s chance to show their love for animal rights and Alexander Skarsgard. Are you going to get one?


Skarsgard News


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Open House Movie with Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer

August 28, 2009

stephen_annaAnna Paquin and Stephen Moyer, stars of HBO’s True Blood, are keeping it all in the (soon to be) family with their newest film, Open House. The movie is written and directed by Andrew Paquin, Anna’s brother. According to, the movie is billed as a horror/thriller.

The basic plot of the movie is this: A wealthy couple with a marriage on the rocks hold an open house in an attempt sell their home. Shortly after the open house, the couple discover a viewer who never left, remains lurking in their home. What follows is a series of events that prompted to use the plot keywords “torture” and “voyeurism”. Sounds right up vampire alley, yes?

Open House marks Andrew Paquin‘s writing and directorial debut. Previously, he has worked as a producer on a romantic comedy (also starring his sister Anna Paquin) ; prior to the  film industry, he worked in the financial sector. Andrew Paquin mentioned during an interview with Filmnut that he wrote at least seven feature length scripts (that he keeps at home in a drawer and may “never see the light of day”), read scripts of movies that had been produced, and let the horror master Alfred Hitchcock influence him as he wrote Open House. He also shared his desire for viewers to be able to empathize with the characters in the film, perhaps more than viewers usually connect  with the characters in this genre of film. Also during the Filmnut interview, Andrew says that his sister Anna has a cameo in the movie, as “the best friend”.

Rounding out the cast of the movie are Tricia Helfer (of TV’s Battlestar Galactica), Rachel Blanchard, Brian Geraghty, and more than a few others. offers the most detailed cast listing. The movie’s official website does not offer much information at all, although it has at least been set up.

Open House is still in post-production, which means that details about it are subject to change at any time. Hopefully we will see it released in 2010 — any chance to see Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin on the big screen is something I’m sure all True Blood fans will jump at!!

You can watch a video interview with Andrew Paquin as he discusses the film with Filmnut’s Jeff Schuber.  At the 34 minute mark he discusses the film and Anna’s role.


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