Beauty Secrets From Carrie Preston

July 11, 2010 by  

While vampires are cooler than ever, it’s Carrie Preston’s portrayal of anti-vampire enthusiast Arlene Fowler in the Emmy nominated series True Blood that has fans begging for more. Not only is Carrie talented, she is also quite beautiful; in an interview with The Beauty Bean, Carrie gave her take on beauty.

For Carrie beauty seems to be very simple: wearing something that truly represents who you are and knowing what looks good on you. When a person is unique and doesn’t simply follow someone else’s style, for Carrie it really does show a person’s beauty.

With our society being so focused on perfect bodies, Hollywood stars are scrutinized and expected to be perfect. When asked how she deals with this kind of pressure Carrie remarked,

“I take the time to exercise and eat well so that I can feel good and comfortable in my own skin. Then I don’t feel the need to compare myself with other women, whether in the media or in my own life.”

Carrie seems very comfortable with her body and who she is, but when she was younger she was shy about her body, hiding behind over-sized clothes. She also kept her hair long and neutral. Looking back, Carrie wished she could tell her younger self to get a better haircut, and to show off her body…being young only happens once.

Aside from all these wonderful beauty secrets, Carrie did give us one more beauty tip she couldn’t live without: Indu body lotion. Carrie noted,

“It smells like a little bit of heaven on earth!!”

With all these wonderful tips, True Blood fans are going to look, feel and smell even better than the vampires they adore!

SOURCE: The Beauty Bean

(Photo Credit:Albert L. Ortega / PR Photos )