Behind the Scenes on True Blood with Suzuki Ingerslev

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suzuki2Recently Production Designer Suzuki Ingerslev was nominated for the Excell

ence in Production Design Awards by the Art Directors Guild for her work on Season 1 Episode 7 of “True Blood — Burning House of Love.” We were fortunate to speak to Ms. Ingerslev a while back regarding her nomination and she was gracious enough to provided for us photos of her work on “True Blood.” Ms. Ingerslev and her team continue to receive recognition for the fantastic work that they do in recreating the laid back Louisiana town of Bon Temps in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles. In the February/March 2009 issue of Perspective Magazine Ms. Ingerslev was interviewed by Cat Smith and discussed in detail the work involved in creating the various sets online casino for “True Blood” and the details that went into creating the authenticity of the sets. To read our original story with Ms. Ingerslev and view the photos click the link below. To read the Perspective article in its entirety the link is provided following the photos.

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Perspective February/March 2009 True Blood's Louisiana Roots

True Blood Nominated for Excellence in Production Design Awards Update with Comments and Photos


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