Best Quotes From Episode 38 of True Blood

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“You Smell Like Dinner” Quotes:

Stephen Moyer as Bill Compton, all covered in QueenWe all know that HBO’s True Blood is best known for all its blood and risque scenes, but a close runner up is its long list of fabulous quotable one liners.

We all have a fave quote, but weekly, new ones pop up to challenge them. has a great list of new quotes from Episode 2: You Smell Like Dinner.

I have listed my fave top 5 below. Make sure you check out the full list here. How many of my favorites are yours too?

  • “It’s not that I don’t appreciate all the licking, cuz I do, but I’m more of a Band-Aid kind of guy.”   – Jason to Timbo
  • “And what do you think’s gonna happen when I do come to grips with it? Do you think my legs are gonna magically open for you?” – Sookie to Eric. Which is quickly followed up with:
  • “Well that was saucy. It must’ve been Fairy Sookie talking. I like it when she comes out.”            – Eric to Sookie 
  • “I am a Christian, God damn it.” – The ironic statement of an anti-vampire protester
  • “Now go clean yourself up. You’re covered in Queen.” – Nan to Bill
Source: Buddy TV – Best ‘True Blood’ Quotes from ‘You Smell Like Dinner.’
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