Beware of Fake Alexander Skarsgard Signatures

November 17, 2010 by  

Buyers Beware

Recently there has been some speculation about signed photos of Alexander Skarsgard up for sale on the internet. Not all of them are real, and buyers need to beware of the possibility of fakes whenever purchasing signed items on websites like

When it comes to pictures of Alexander Skarsgard, there are a couple ways that buyers can check the authenticity of a signed image. The first is to check that the signed picture is a real photo, not a photo manipulation. (There is an infamous photoshopped picture of Alex in which he appears to be posing in a bed. It’s a known fake and not worth your money.) Alex does his best to not sign any pictures of himself that are fake or photoshopped.

Another way to check is to look at several other autographed photos of Alex. Do the autographs look the same?

As many fans and family members shop this holiday season for that perfect True Blood gift, please follow the above tips to make sure that you are getting an authentic autograph rather than a fake one.

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SOURCE: — Fake Alexander Skarsgard Autographs On Ebay

(Photo Credit: HBO Inc.)