Bill Compton and Edward Cullen: Who Would Reign Supreme?

June 2, 2009 by is posing a little healthy competition between True Blood‘s Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) and Twilight’s Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson). looks at both vampires and asks the question which vampire would reign supreme based on their strength and weaknesses? states the following regarding Bill Compton:

Bill is just slightly older than Edward so he’s a got bit more fighting experience under his belt. He also lives alone and while he was part of a coven in the past, those blood-sucking “buddies” are all but dead.  While this makes him an independent fighter, it also means he has no one to back him up.  He’s clearly got a ton of pent-up aggression, what with Sookie taking up with that dog, so he may be able to use that in his favor. Then again, his tendency to leap with his heart rather than his head might trip him up.

Now on the side of Edward Cullen FEARnet states:

He’s younger than Bill and that means that he’s stronger. (Editor’s note:  I think FEARnet got this part wrong because the OLDER you are the STRONGER you are) But, he’s a vegetarian which in a one-on-one battle might be a detriment. (Think back, has he ever fought a blood-sucking vampire on his own? Others have always been nearby to help.) His strong bond with his vegetarian vampire family would certainly come in handy, as would his ability to read the thoughts of his attacker. Edward is also known to remain clear-headed in high-tension situations and that is always useful when facing a formidable foe. Remember how he sucked the venom from Bella? Would a blood-sucking vampire like Bill be able to exhibit that kind of restraint?

So FEARnet wants to go to their website and respond in their comment section “who you think would make it out of this undead battle still undead and who would be going home in a coffin for good” So click the link at the “SOURCE” below and let them know what you think.


(Photo crredit:  HBO Inc.)