Bill And Edward Vampire Gentlemen Or Bloodsucking Monsters?

November 9, 2009 by  

normal_628148_TB_177_stephenmoyerWhat is it about vampires these days that captivates us, draws our attention, and keeps us enthralled as if under some irresistible enchantment.

Is it the “Lifestyle”?  Is it that they can act with full autonomy and freedom to love as they please or do as they wish without consequence?

Two of the most popular vampires these days are Vampire Bill Compton of True Blood and Edward Cullen of Twilight.

Both of these men try to be noble.  Both are deeply troubled. Both have learned to despise what they have become.  Both men are fiercely devoted to the ladies in their lives or un-lives.  Both of these story lines involve love triangles:  In Twilight, its Edward-Bella-Jacob, wherein True Blood its Bill-Sookie-Sam at first,  then its Bill-Sookie-Eric… or so it would seem.

The common thread that seems to bond these two together seems to be their ardent desire to try to evolve beyond what they have become.

Bill seeks to “mainstream” with humans. He wants desperately to be accepted and move toward integration. He would like people to judge him on merit and how he treats people, rather than the fact the he is a vampire and, to some people, a social pariah.  Edward Cullen feels the same way.  He also wants to be accepted and integrated with the humans.  Both of these undead gentlemen appear to want the same thing: tolerance, compassion, and respect of who they truly wish to be, not what people would characterize them as.

Both Bill and Edward seem to have been written as tragic anti-heroes; maybe not so much for Bill in the books, but very much in the HBO television series.

Bill Compton may be more of a tragic anti-hero though.  Partly because Edward Cullen does win the affection of his beloved and is able to build something of a life together with her.  For Bill Compton and his beloved Sookie, the road to lasting love may not be as smooth; not that it was for Edward and Bella either.

Both of these vampire gents want their special ladies to look beyond their vampire “deformities” and see them for who they truly are. Both Bill and Edward are seeking  acceptance, compassion, and respect for who they truly wish to be and not because they happen to be “monsters”.  These “Undead” gents want nothing more to “fit in” and “find their place” in a society that has all but rejected them.  It seems that when these men were “turned” that both of their “makers” saw some good in them and wanted to bring them into their “world”.  Carlisle Cullen saw a “son” perhaps one that he could never have otherwise.  Lorena saw a “good man” with a “kind heart” and wanted him for herself.  It seems that both of these vampire gents have known love, longing, sadness and being deeply troubled.  Both Sookie Stackhouse and Bella Swan saw this “brooding lovable anti-hero” aspect in their respective men.

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