Bill And Eric On The List For The Battle Of The Hottest Vampires

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MV5BMTkwNTIyMDAxMF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMDg4MTI5MQ@@._V1._SX266_SY400_In a list that is sure to start some heated arguments, ranks the hottest male vampires of film and television. Read on to find out where your favorites from True Blood, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Twilight, and The Vampire Diaries stand, and then feel free to defend or rearrange them in the comments!

20. Stuart Townsend- Lestat, Queen of the Damned

19. Paul Wesley- Stefan, The Vampire Diaries

18. Ethan Hawke- Edward, Daybreakers

17. Aidan Turner- Mitchell, Being Human

16. Kellan Lutz- Emmett Cullen, Twilight

15. Jason Patric- Michael, The Lost Boys

14. Alex O’Loughlin- Mick St. John, Moonlight

13. Tom Cruise- Lestat de Lioncourt, Interview with the Vampire

12. Ian Somerhalder- Damon Salvatore, The Vampire Diaries

11. Gerard Butler- Dracula, Dracula 2000

10. Stephen Moyer- Bill Compton, True Blood

9. Wesley Snipes- Blade, Blade

8. Jason Dohring- Josef Kostan, Moonlight

7. Brad Pitt- Louis de Pointe du Lac, Interview with the Vampire

6. Kiefer Sutherland- David, The Lost Boys

5. David Boreanaz- Angel, Buffy the Vampre Slayer/Angel

4. Antonio Banderas- Armand, Interview with the Vampire

3. Alexander Skarsgard- Eric Northman, True Blood

2. Robert Pattinson- Edward Cullen, Twilight

1. James Marsters- Spike, Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel

Their reasoning behind Bill being relatively low on the list is that, good looks and old-fashioned manners aside, he is not very interesting. And he doesn’t dress well. There are not enough words in the English language to disagree with that as strongly as I would like to. First of all, Bill can never go wrong with a henley and some tight pants. Or with no clothes at all. Also, how is it not interesting to have a vampire who is tortured by what he is?! He was turned against his will simply because he was a good man that Lorena found worthy to be her companion. He almost staked himself to stop from being a monster like his maker wanted him to be. He fell in love with Sookie and has found his way back to his humanity. He’s still a vampire and flawed. So sometimes he slips up and does something wrong, but he has someone who loves him and forgives him because she knows that he would sacrifice himself to protect her. If that’s not layered, I don’t know what is!

Eric earned a higher spot on the list because he is more of a bad boy, but why that automatically makes him hotter is beyond me.

On the one hand we have a whiney, questionable dresser, who plays Wii. On the other hand, we have a powerful, leather-wearing, club owning badass who can tell the other hand what to do.

This is clearly a matter of opinion, and the debate between Bill and Eric among True Blood fans will never be resolved. We’ve all got to agree to disagree on that one. But what we can all agree on is how crazy we are about this show. It has two great guys to fantasize over, both of whom should be higher on a list of hottest vampires than #10 and #3. And this is coming from someone who also watches Buffy and loves Spike and Angel, but seriously- True Blood is by nature sexier. Thoughts?


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  • iamtrue2bill

    When I was a lot younger, I’m sure I would have put Eric as #1, perhaps Lost Boys David #2, then Bill #3.
    Now, with some years and life behind me, I appreciate the angst, as well as the deep love in Bill, so, for me, it’s
    1 – Bill (TB)
    2 – Eric (TB)
    3 – David (lost boys)
    4 – Louis (Interview with…)
    5 – LeStat (Interview with…)

    • Nia

      Never to young or old to love Bill. You go girl!!!!!

  • tara

    Spike is undoubtedly the best
    2) Stuart Townsend
    3) Ian Somerhalder
    4) David Boreanaz

  • tara

    Your list is quite right. Spike is undoubtedly the best.
    But Stuart Townsend, Ian Somerhalder and David Boreanaz should have been 2nd, 3rd and 4th, respectively.

  • m

    1)alexander skarsgard
    2)gerard butler
    3)ian somerhalder
    4)stephen moyer

  • jay

    1) rob pat
    2) antonio banderas
    3) stephen
    4) alex

    thats my opinion…everyone else? who cares 🙂

    • Lizzie 1701

      I care Jay!

      My pick would be:

      1. Stephen Moyer – Vampire Bill
      2. James Marsters – Spike, Buffy/Angel
      3. David Boreanaz- Angel Buffy/Angel
      4. Alex O’Loughlin- Mick St. John / Moonlight

      • jay

        hey lizzie!

        I just realised what I had said. I did not mean to imply that no else opinions matter but myself. I meant in relation to the rest of the vampz mentioned in this article do not matter to me.. Sorry for any offence, I’m just a loyal TB supporter! 🙂

  • antonio

    Also for Female Vamps: Mariana Klaveno Lorena
    Sarah Michelle Gellar Buffy Sommers ~~~Vampire Slayer
    Charisma Carpenter~~Cordelia Not a Vampire but Still a Hottie!
    Carmilla the Bisexual Vampire from The Vampire Lovers a Hammer film from UK made in the 60s.
    The Vampire “brides” from Van Helsing
    Kate Beckinsale fron Van Helsing She wasnt a Monster but I give her credit for charging a 6 ft Werewolf and jabbing a needle into Him!!
    Christina Ricci in Cursed about Weres and She was a Hot 1!!
    Monica Belluci as the “vampire queen” in the brothers grimm film
    Wow! I guess there are just as many Gals as Guys out there!!
    LOL 🙂

  • val

    Well we certainly have our favorites don’t we? Trueblood though ALL THE WAY!!!!!!

    • Loleaf