Bill And Sam Rivals With A Common Goal?

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Bill-ComptonBoth Bill Compton and Sam Merlotte may have more in common than you think.  Both of these guys are searching for acceptance, compassion, tolerance and ultimately, love. They have both struggled with who and what they are.  At the onset, these men seem to be rivals, opponents, if you will.  Bill asks Sam to watch over Sookie while he must stand before a judge of a vampire court and be disciplined.  What I find interesting is that when Bill returns to find Sookie and Sam in a most impassioned embrace, he fights Sam aggressively as if he wanted to kill him, however, Sam fights back fiercely and bravely.

I was taken aback by this since Bill has the immortal strength of a vampire; anyone one else would have been killed or seriously injured. Sam fought valiantly I thought, for someone his size, and showed his hostility and apparent rivalry towards a vampire. The fight causes Sookie to rescind Bill’s invitation, ejecting him from her home. For a moment, It looked like Sam had won out, as he had tried to turn her against Bill, mostly out of jealousy.  It seemed from the onset that these two guys were rivals and opponents  and yet at the end of the first season, Sam helped Sookie to save Bill. Similarly, at the end of the second season, Bill helps Sookie to save Sam.

I believe that they were motivated out of  love and concern for Sookie’s welfare to come together for her sake and briefly join forces. However, to me, Sam and Bill are not so dissimilar because they both want the same things:  recognition, acceptance, compassion, tolerance and certainly not least to be valued and loved for who they are.   Certainly, Sam along with Bill and Sookie were able to collaborate and put forth a joint effort to vanquish Maryann. Although Bill is my favorite character, I tend to favor Sam a bit more because I can empathize with his struggle. He tries so hard to fit in, to make a difference and he does.  Both Bill and Sam truly put forth a heroic effort in saving the townspeople from the diabolical plots of Maryann.

Sam MerlotteI feel badly for Sam because it seems he always gets the shaft. At least Bill has Sookie, but Sam is left alone.  A prolonged affair with Tara Thornton has fizzled and a seemingly promising romance with Daphne Landry, who was a shapeshifter like himself, ended in betrayal and heartbreak.  Sam’s feelings for Sookie were nearly totally non-reciprocated, not to mention being hounded and hunted by Maryann. It seems that Sam can never catch a break.  He’s always a target for trouble or hardship or heartbreak

Obviously there are differences. Bill is a vampire. Sam is a shapeshifter or shifter for short. Another thing, Sam is human, at least more so than Bill, who is a vampire and can be quite a predator; who can and does kill for blood or in defense, mostly of Sookie. Both Bill and Sam are looking for some meaning in their lives or un-life as is the case for Bill. Rivals at first, now I think it has progressed to an uneasy friendship if that.  Bill gave Sam his blood to save his life after he sacrificed himself to take down Maryann. Surely, after that they now have some kind of a bond, if an uneasy one. [Editor’s Note: Will there be dreams of Bill in Sam’s future?]

Perhaps now they can bury the hatchet and become friendly?  The common goal here is then to evolve and become the best beings that they can, not just for Sookie, but for themselves. If these men are not already fast friends they should be closer this season at least.  They are different to be sure, but they are also very much alike.

I would like to dedicate this article to Stephen Moyer and Sam Trammell: two incredibly gifted actors.

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  • Antonio

    Thank You All! You are All Most Kind! I’m glad that you like the article. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! Thank You Again! 🙂

  • Nia

    Wonderful recap, antonio, of the personalities, desires, loves and friendship(?) of these two multilayered characters. Bill may be my favorite but Sam is a good second (I love Alex too, but he is a “bad boy” and that is a whole other topic for discussion)
    Since the first season I have wanted the two to become friends or at least allies.
    At first they were at odds over their love and desire for Sookie. Although it must seem pretty obvious now to Sam that Sookie loves Bill, I believe that Sam will always harbor some desire for her. If Sam can get over that, I think that their friendship is “slowly” on its way to forming, tenuous and strained but there.
    Of course we must now take into consideration the blood bond between the two. How will it affect them in the seasons to come? Will Sam resent Bill for the bond. Will it come in handy for both our help one another. I do not believe at all that it will ever be anything sexual between these two as some may have infered. We have seen Bill as a one woman man (good for him), he was loyal to his wife, he was with Lorena for 60 years (I bite my tongue as I say that), his love now is only for Sookie (remember he turned down a womans advances in the mall). Sam wants a meaningful relationship with a good woman. His “sex with no strings realtionship” with Tara was a disaster. They were never right for each other. Hopefully the future will be more kind to Sam.
    So many questions, so many possiblilties.
    Sam and Bill have much in common, they are both good men! Bill was such a good man from the beginning but life was unkind and unfair to him and he had to learn to be brutal, a hunter, killer, dark. Sam has not had that, oh yes he was abandoned and unloved as a young man when he should have had loving nurturing parents. All considered, Sam turned out ok. He just needs to become a bit more “alpha” to deal with all the nasitness out there. Perhaps having some of Bills wild vampire blood (Bill may be a good man but he still has a heck of a temper) will give Sam that edge.
    I do hope that eventually Sam finds true love as Bill has. He deserves a loyal loving relationship.
    The wait for season 3, and finally some answers, is going to be to looooong!

  • Lizzie 1701

    Good on you Antonio! Well argued. Well, as they say, “Let the best ‘man’ win”!

  • I think there is one big difference between Sam and Bill – Sam never has the balls to man up and go after what he wants.

    This is something that really irritates me about his character and why I can’t ever see him with Sookie. He waited until Bill was in the picture to make his move, even though it seems he’s had a crush on Sookie for a long time before that. And even when he did make his move, he waited for Bill to be otherwise occupied.

    It’s like he’s constantly waiting for everything (including Sookie) to just fall into his lap without having to risk anything to get it.

    I was surprised that I did get pretty distressed in the finale when Sam was stabbed…but I just feel like Sam’s overall passivity makes me feel passive about HIM in general!

    • Wow! You put into words thoughts I’ve been trying to put to “paper” for the last two days! Can’t believe I missed your comment two days ago!

  • kiwijk

    Great article. You bring forward all the dimensions of the Love for Sookie these two characters have.