Bill and Sookie Win for Best TV Couple

July 10, 2010 by  

The Now Awards have closed and True Blood‘s Bill Compton and Sookie Stackhouse have won in the category of Sexiest TV Couple! The winners will be announced at a live event on July 23 in San Diego, and posting the results online in real time. So don’t forget to tune in to see all the results!


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  • Semiramis

    I love this couple, both on-screen and off. Nia, you’re right. It was absolutely no contest. I adore the show and want True Blood to win everything in sight, so Jaxx, I am keeping my fingers crossed for the Emmys as well. What with TB having been nominated for Best Drama, maybe next year there will be some acting nominations as well. Go True Blood!

  • Nia

    How wonderful!!! Doing a happy dance!
    But really it was no contest.
    Their appeal and chemistry is amazing on and off the screen.
    Heartiest congratulations to them both and to True Blood.

    I agree Jaxx, hopefully the first of many awards!

    Thanks for the great news AdoreBill!!!!!

  • jaxx

    Congratulations!!! I’m glad TB is getting the recognition it deserves. Now for the Emmys.