Bloody Trio Makes PopEater’s Best Celebrity Photos of 2010

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True Blood Rolling Stone Cover Makes a Splash

2011 has arrived truebies and with it another recognition for True Blood from 2010! This time celebrity and pop culture blog PopEater has cited the September 2010 Rolling Stone cover featuring the trio of Stephen Moyer (Bill Compton), Anna Paquin (Sookie Stackhouse), andAlexander Skarsgård (Eric Northman) as one of its Best Celebrity Photos of 2010.

The cover, pictured to the left, sparked controversy upon its release due to its nature. In October of last year, we reportedthat Alexander Skarsgård told GQ Magazine UK that the cover shot was a last minute addition by the photographer and it was not expected to be picked by the magazine. We also wrote about how Anna and Alexander feel about stripping down for the camera last month which can be found here and here.

Rolling Stone is no stranger to controversy having shot many other celebrities in compromising positions. Other controversial magazine covers picked by PopEater as a Best Celebrity Photo of 2010 included Kim Kardashian’s naked “W” cover, James Franco in drag for Candy Magazine, and the GQ cover featuring Corey Monteith, Dianna Argon, and Lea Michele from Glee looking quite different from who they play on TV.

Now that the New Year has begun we wish the cast and crew of True Blood the best of luck as they resume filming season 4 this month and hope 2011 is filled with even more media coverage for the show we love!

Source: PopEater– “Relive 2010 With the Best Celebrity Photos.”

Photo Credit: Rolling Stone

  • lizzie1701

    Great cover! They all looked fab!

  • jaxx

    Great cover indeed. Only 5 more months to go.

  • I wish more magazine would realize how popular True Blood really is and get these people on more mag covers and do more interviews and not just the stars but all of them!!! I think every single actor on the show is great… I know I would buy everything I could if my favorite show was in it or on the cover!!!But of course the main three are WONDERFUL!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE them!

  • TBLover

    Great cover!