Breaking News – True Blood’s Manganiello and Fiancée Split

September 15, 2011 by  

Is True Blood’s Wolf on the Prowl?

Joe Manganiello HBO promoUs Weekly has confirmed with multiple sources that our favorite werewolf on True Blood and his real-life fiancée have split up.  Joe Manganiello (Alcide Herveaux) and Audra Marie became engaged in October 2010, during a trip to Italy.

According to an insider, the breakup was “A long time coming”.  Even though they looked very happy, from an outsider’s perspective, apparently things started going south this spring.  We sincerely wish them both well. It’s always unfortunate when we have to cover these kinds of stories and you can expect no further word on this from us unless Joe Manganiello himself makes a statement, but since we announced the engagement we felt obligated to announce the break up.

Truebies, do you find it oddly coincidental that both the actor and his character would break up with their significant others at the same time?

Source: Us Weekly – Joe Manganiello, Fiancee Audra Marie Split

(Photo: HBO)

  • Helen G

    Sad to hear this, but if he needs a shoulder to cry on, he can come enjoy an Aussie Spring/Summer on the beach & cry on my shoulder, I wouldn’t mind! hehehe.

  • Jaxx

    It’s always sad when couples break up.  I feel very sad for him.  It’s funny, but when I watched Alcide talk with Sookie in the finale, I felt like he was more than acting.  There were genuine tears in his eyes and I wondered if it was on a more personal level as well.  Now I know it was. 

    Just a note to Joe, something my mother always sang to me “Ohhhh child, things are going to get easier, things are going to get brighter.”  Hang in there Joe, we’re all pulling for you.