Inside Brentwood Theatre’s Production of The TWITS

October 28, 2009 by  

Last week, we learned that our fundraiser for Stephen Moyer’s birthday to support his hometown theatre in Brentwood, England, raised $2,400. Because of the generosity of many of you, lots young students will be able to take a field trip to see Brentwood’s holiday play, The TWITS. Preparations are now underway at the theatre with the arrival of the actors and rehearsals beginning soon. They will be doing 16 performances for the public and kids from local schools to enjoy. The people at Brentwood have shared with us some pictures from behind the scenes with the cast and crew. The characters have names like Mr. and Mrs. Mugglewump and the Roly Poly Bird. Based on all the colorful costumes, it looks sure to be a fun show!

Here The Roly Poly Bird, Jenanne Redman, met eight year old Tara who has designed her beautiful costume. Tara and her family will be coming along to the Opening Night and will meet The Deputy Mayor of Brentwood and see a very special performance by Ringmistress Natalie Verheagen. So far the tail feathers have been made.

Mrs Twit needs to be ugly and grotesque so beautiful Kate Ankers will have her work cut out, but with the help of Joy Dunn, our costumier, the job will be easier.

And here is Jessica Rose in one of her three mad, colourful costumes (wait until you see the one with birds all over it). (This is the only pic of Jessica – she had another job to go to, face painting).

Director Vernon Keeble Watson keeps an eye on the proceedings

Here we have Leigh Stevenson (Mr Mugglewump), Jennifer Skapeti (Mrs Mugglewump), Christopher Jefferies (Mr Twit) and Naomi Shields (Baby Mugglewump)

And this is Kate Ankers (Mrs Twit), Jenanne Redman (the Roly Poly Bird) and Stephen Gunshon (last year, Fantastic Mr Fox and this year our Ringmaster)

(Photo Credits: Mark Reed / Brentwood Theatre)