Brentwood Theatre Shares Thank-You Notes from School Kids

February 7, 2010 by  

Many of you will remember back in October when we here at joined with Brentwood Theatre in Essex, UK, for “Steve’s Coach Campaign.” In honor of Stephen Moyer’s 40th birthday, True Blood fans donated money to the theatre in Brentwood where he grew up, and which he now supports as a patron, so that local school children would be able to go see their holiday production of Roald Dahl’s The Twits.

Truebies all over the world demonstrated their generous spirit, and their love for the show and the actor who plays Bill Compton, by giving $2,400 for the campaign. As a result, three schools that could not have afforded transportation were able to send groups of students to see the play. The kids were very grateful for the opportunity to go on a field trip and see such a fun production. Mark Reed from Brentwood Theatre was very kind to send these thank-you letters along for everyone to see how much the kids enjoyed the experience. They drew pictures and shared what their favorite scenes and characters from The Twits were.

“To the Twits, Thank you for doing the play for us.” – Luke G.

“Thank you for performing I really enjoyed it. It was hilarious when the Twits were throwing glue at us.” – Luke

“Dear all, I am writing to thank you for a great day at the Twits. My favourite part was when Mrs. Twit put worms in Mr. Twit’s spaghetti.” – Georgia

“You are all very kind. I would be delighted to come to your theatre very soon. My favourite character was the Roly Poly Bird. Her costume was sparkly and she looked very pretty.” – Keyleigh

“My favourite characters were the Mugglewumps because I found there stunts spectacular and Maggie Mugglewump cute.” – Charlie

“To the cast and organisers of The Twits, Thank you very much for having us. We really enjoyed the show.” – Sean

“I am writing to tell you just how much I liked the show. I really enjoyed The Twits. My favourite part was when the Mugglewumps and the Roly Poly Bird sang the song and told the birds not to sit in the tree and not to sit on the cage.” – Darcey

Once again many thanks to Mark Reed at The Brentwood Theatre and the children who attended the The Twits in sharing these wonderful cards with us.  We know many of the True Blood fans will enjoy these cards.