Brit Morgan Found Freedom in Debbie’s Craziness

July 13, 2010 by  

One episode of True Blood with Debbie Pelt, and already we can see that she means trouble. Alcide’s psycho ex has gotten herself addicted to V and initiated into a violent pack of weres. She says she wants Alcide to leave her alone, but for some reason, actress Brit Morgan says Debbie goes on “a rampage against Sookie.” In an interview with TV Guide, Brit talks about how accepting the cast was and how she sees her character.

Brit was nervous at first, but working on the show became one of the best experiences of her life. She read the books in Charlaine Harris‘ series that featured Debbie, although she saw some differences between how she was portrayed on the show.

Alan Ball and the writers took her to a “whole new level of crazy. They also amped up the trailer trash aspect. Nothing is too much. There are no limitations around me. I got to do whatever I wanted with her. There’s nothing better than playing crazy when everyone else is just encouraging it.”

Brit did a great job in “9 Crimes,” and it will be interesting to see how her role develops over the rest of Season 3!


(Photo credit: HBO, Inc.)