Brit Morgan Starring in SyFy Web Series, Buried Alive

May 26, 2010 by  

One newcomer to True Blood in Season 3, Brit Morgan, will be playing Debbie Pelt, the character that fans of the books all love to hate. Those of you who might not be familiar with Brit from her work on The Middleman will soon know her very well once we all get immersed in the new episodes this summer.

In the meantime, though, you can watch Brit in 10-minute webisodes of an original horror series on SyFy called Buried Alive. The story follows a young man named Rick who is kidnapped and wakes up in a coffin six feet under ground.

Brit plays a girl named Melanie, and she and her brother, Travis (Jeff Blum), are the only ones who can figure out “the seemingly eternal jigsaw that is the maniacal plan of the twisted abductors.”

Not only is it interesting to find television moving into this new medium of online-exclusive streaming, but Buried Alive will be a great way to see Brit before we meet her as the delightfully horrible Debbie Pelt on True Blood in a few weeks!


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