Brit Morgan Talks About Debbie Pelt and her “True Blood Initiation”

July 13, 2010 by  

Brit Morgan, who portrays Alcide’s trailer trash ex-girlfriend Debbie Pelt in Season 3 of True Blood, sat down with HBO to talk about her character and what we can expect to see.  In Debbie’s first episode she is stripped down to her underwear, passed around a bar full of werewolves and then branded.  No easing into the job for Brit!  She tells HBO:

Debbie is a passionate, ballsy, kick-ass lady who’s going through a bit of a rough patch, dealing with her ex-boyfriend Alcide and being branded into this new group of werewolves.  Then Sookie crosses her path, and it’s kind of all downhill from there.”

Brit says that she can identify with Debbie‘s insecurities and her outspoken nature.  Stepping into the role of a villain is no easy task.  How did she feel about taking on this role?

“Um, pressure. Really exciting.  Totally surprising. I didn’t even know how bad-ass I was going to get to be. I  just wanted to do Debbie justice.  I meet people all the time who talk about stuff that Debbie did in the books, and I just kind of explain, “It’s a little different in the series…”  Because I have a drug addiction and kind of a trailer-trash thing going on, which wasn’t in the books.  So that’s a big difference there. I hope people like the changes.”

Brit explains that this season, we will see a “tornado of a woman” in Debbie. With the drugs, the jealousy, resentment, etc. it makes for an interesting character.  Debbie will continue to go downhill and given the potential match of Alcide and Sookie we can only imagine that a lot of her anger will be directed at Sookie.

Any actor/actress who joins the cast of True Blood accepts that at some point they will likely have to strip out of their clothes.  HBO asked Brit how it felt to be stripped down on her first day.  She responded:

“My first day at work – it was my “True Blood” initiation.  I’m not gonna lie: it was totally liberating and one of the most awesome things I’ve ever done.  I was thinking “I will never again be in a room full of 100 bikers who are tearing my clothes off.”  It was insane, and great in the moment.  Once the weekend came, I kinda sat back and was like “I can’t believe what just happened. I feel violated…[laughs]”

We are looking forward to watching Debbie Pelt stir things up.


Photo Credit: HBO Inc.