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Carrie Preston, True Blood‘s single mom waitress, Arlene Fowler, chatted by phone with Tim & Cassie on The Block. She was asked if she has any experience to call on, playing a waitress. And yes, she does.

For one summer during her high school years in Macon, GA, Carrie worked as a waitress in a local Olive Garden restaurant. Additionally, after attending Julliard, she worked as a cater waiter. So yeah, “I definitely know how to sling hash and carry a tray”.

As an actress, you always have to be “on” and Carrie was asked if she has any throat remedies to preserve her voice. Stating that lots of rest and fluids are important, she also said that when on stage and performing 8 shows per week, she guzzled throat coat tea.

Getting back to True Blood, did Carrie have any idea that the show would be such a big hit? She said they thought it might take off, since it was Alan Ball and HBO would surely give them a chance. But who knew that the audience would be so excited over another vampire show? Actually, True Blood was the first vampire show to air.

Assuming that the demographic of the show’s fans are older than those of the Twilight series, what is her take on why people are so intrigued by werewolves and vampires, aside from the fact that True Blood is so well done?

According to Carrie, we are a youth-obsessed culture – youth is worshipped. Vampires live forever and they’re young, hot and sexy. They’re romantic and loving and today’s vampires are nothing like the vampires of our parents’ time (i.e. Bela Lugosi’s Dracula). They will love you forever and even though they’re 500 years old, they picked you.

True Blood has mystery, romance, humor and fantasy. She calls it the “True Blood Comedy Drama Vampire Porn Variety Show”! “We don’t take ourselves too seriously.”

Referring to the shocking scene where Bill twists Lorena‘s head around, Carrie said the show is pretty twisted, but it keeps you watching! And the freedom the writers are allowed lets them go in interesting directions.

In addition to slinging hash at Merlotte’s, Carrie has a couple of films that will show at the Toronto Film Festival and plans on directing a film for her own production company. She likes to stay busy. But she is very thrilled to be on the wild ride of True Blood.

One of the interviewers predicted that True Blood will win an Emmy. Well, we fans believe they should, don’t we.

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