Carrie Preston Describes a New Side to Arlene

June 18, 2010 by  

There was a very brief, yet very telling article recently on Zap2it discussing what to expect from Carrie Preston‘s character of Arlene Fowler on the HBO series, True Blood.

Preston tells Zap2it that viewers should expect a whole new side of Arlene this season.

“My character is definitely grappling with something she wasn’t ready for, so that’s been very interesting… It’s been a fun season for me because my character has really been able to — they’ve given me some fun and more vulnerable types of scenes than the sort of funny-funny that I usually get.”

Considering what we’ve seen already in the season premiere, things are getting interesting. And it doesn’t stop with Arlene.

“I think it’s true for all the characters — they’re really starting to give us a little more deepening. We’re getting a little more intimate with the series regulars.”

Preston also says to look out for some interaction between Arlene and vampire Jessica this season. We’ll be watching. Will you?


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