Carrie Preston Discusses Hotties on True Blood

June 22, 2010 by  

Carrie Preston speaks out in a recent article with People Magazine, about the good looking guys that surround HBO’s True Blood. Carrie does say that she can’t choose just one for the hottest actor on True Blood. Though, she does comment on Ryan’s smoking hot body,

“We all kind of marvel at Ryan’s body,” Preston says, “because nobody is quite sure how he gets that body.”

Carrie goes on to talk about the many different activities that Ryan does in order to stay heathy. There is a lot of pressure for not actresses in Hollywood, but the pressure for men is building as well. She commented on how she overhears most of the guys talking about watching their weight and focusing on working out. Carrie explains to us that this season of True Blood she doesn’t have to focus on her weight so much because most of the season she will be focusing on her pregnancy.

“The whole season is very much about [my character] grappling with being pregnant. It’s unexpected and Arlene is having to figure out what she has to do,” says Preston. “We’re finally getting to see a more intimate side to my character. It’s a season about identity, about soul-searching, about internal conflict.”

I think this season is kicking off to some very interesting story lines and Carrie Preston’s will definately be one to watch.


(Photo credit:  HBO Inc.)

  • stacee

    i CAN NOT wait to see terry belfleur be a daddy!