Carrie Preston Film Showing at Macon Film Festival

February 1, 2010 by  

Carrie Preston, who plays fiery redheaded waitress Arlene Fowler on True Blood, will have her upcoming film, That Evening Sun, screened at the Macon Film Festival. Carrie is a native of Macon, GA, as well as actor Jack McBrayer and the late Academy Award-winning actor Melvyn Douglas. In 2009, Carrie returned to her hometown and was featured as a special guest for the film festival.

This year, That Evening Sun will close out the festival at 7:30pm ET on February 21, 2010. In addition to Carrie, the cast includes Hal Holbrook, Dixie Carter, Ray McKinnon, and Walter Goggins. The film is based on a short story by William Gay:

That Evening Sun chronicles the late-in-life conflict of Abner Meecham, an elderly farmer who leaves his retirement home to return to his family farm in Tennessee only to realize his city slicker son has rented it to a couple and their daughter. He refuses to leave, instead taking up residence in a run-down building on the property and conflict ensues as Abner tries to reconcile himself to say goodbye to his beloved home. This is southern gothic at its very best.

The movie has already won several awards on the film festival circuit and has been nominated for a couple of Independent Spirit Awards.


(Photo credit:  maconfilmfestival)