Carrie Preston Mentions Season 3 And More

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Carrie PrestonCarrie Preston who portrays Arlene Fowler – the spicy woman who works with Sookie at Merlotte’s in HBO’s True Blood, talked about her character, her wig, cracking up with the other cast members in between takes, stress handling, Buddhism, and much more!

Carrie is a natural blonde but her character is red haired so she wears a red wig and named it “Gwynnie”. She said,

“I like being in the blonde realm. I often change my hair color for roles, but keeping your real hair that particular color of red is really hard to maintain. I would have to dye it before every episode! Plus, the wig has become a character in and of itself. We call it Gwynnie because apparently it was made for Gwyneth Paltrow at some point, but I don’t think she ever ended up wearing it. The minute I get that wig on I want to start sassing people off.”

She said that on the set, she gets along with the others very well and they like cracking each other up in between takes.  They even made another version of Maryann’s “Lo Lo Bromios! Lo lo Dentrites! Lo lo Eleutherious! Lo Le Enorches” chant instead “Lo Lo Burritos. Lo Lo nachos. Lo Lo Dentures. Lo Lo Eucalyptus trees.”  She mentions that she wasn’t sure if the sound editors were either laughing their heads off or cursing them in post production.

Carrie also shared what her mentor once told her. “Keep yourself open to the mysteries of life even if the world is crumbling around you.” That’s why when she’s stressed or overwhelmed, she tries to remember to stay open which helps her to calm down. She’s also practices Buddhism which has been part of her life for several years now and helps deal with any bad days so encounters..

“I’ve taken an in interest in meditation and Buddhism for the last several years. So I do what they suggest and try not to resist the discomfort because that only causes more suffering. I try to sit with whatever is making me miserable and let it be because I know it will eventually pass. This is of course much easier said than done!”

She is also trying her best to give something back to the art world. Currently, she is a board member of the New Harmony Project, a volunteer for Free Arts for Abused Children and a supporter of the Actors Fund of America. And to uplift struggling artists she provides these words of advice,

“I would encourage them to not give their power away to others and to appoint themselves the authority on what they can and cannot do in their lives. I would also suggest to them to find ways to create their own work when they are looking for other people to hire them. It keeps you sane and focused on creating and not just on getting a job.”

Together with the other cast members, Carrie will begin filming Season 3 and she revealed that something very unexpected is going to happen with Arlene this season. All that is now left for us to do to quench our thirst for True Blood is to speculate what on earth it could possibly be!

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