Carrie Preston on the Power of Red Hair

July 2, 2010 by  

Until recently, Carrie Preston, a natural blonde, was hardly recognized in public as a star of True Blood because of her character’s distinctive flaming red hair. When Season 3 began filming, she dyed her hair to match the wig she had been using as Merlotte’s waitress Arlene. In an interview with Regard Magazine, Carrie talks about how the red hair has affected her attitude, her acting, and her interactions with people.

Not that hair color has a major impact on her performance, but Carrie likes how the red hair seems to set her apart from other characters, whether it’s on True Blood or with other roles, like the guest stint she did as a lawyer on The Good Wife.

One reason for the big change of appearance was so that people would know who she was:

“I was hoping the red would start to connect the dots for people a little more. I had been traveling around incognito for so long, since every character I play looks totally different than the one before. The transformation one gets to do as an actor is part of the reason I love what I do. But I wanted to see what it felt like to bridge the gap a little bit. And after I did it, I realized that having red hair in real life also made me feel edgier, strong, yes, maybe a little sexier; more like I feel on the inside, really. And it is a bonus that now, when I go to True Blood-related events (or even just going on set), I don’t have to introduce myself to everyone and explain that I play Arlene!”

In addition to looking great, hopefully Carrie has started to personally experience in her everyday life how passionate people are about the work she has done, whether it be on True Blood, theater, or films!


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  • Cherie DeSange

    Love how she rocks the role of Arlene – the True Blood cast is simply awesome.