Carrie Preston Quiets ‘Good Wife’ Rumors

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Fans concerned about losing their favorite red-haired Merlotte’s waitress need not fear, said Arlene actress Carrie Preston.

“Let me put it this way, we’ve done half the season and I’m still there,” she said, responding to rumors that a recurring role on the CBS‘s “The Good Wife” signals the end of her time on “True Blood.”

“That’s so funny. Well, obviously I can’t comment on what’s happening on ‘True Blood,’ but I will say that I go through stretches where they don’t need me. We have a cast of about 1,000 on ‘True Blood.’ I’m not kidding, we’ve got 20 series regulars, or at least people who do more than half the episodes. Then we have at least another 20 guest stars and stuff, so the writers are servicing many, many people. We all end up — even Anna [Paquin] and Stephen [Moyer] — having a stretch of time where we’re not working. ‘The Good Wife‘ caught me during one of those times, so I did an episode and right now, we’re in discussions with ‘True Blood‘ for me to do more (episodes of “The Good Wife).”

While she will not be on the show full time, her role on “The Good Wife” is recurring, she said. While she agrees that Arlene isn’t really prominent in the third book, she also admits, “we’re not really following the books at all.”

She said she was happy her brief departure caused such a stir. “I’ve been happy to hear the fans get extremely upset about the idea that Arlene might not be a part of ‘True Blood.’ That made me feel very appreciated.”

She also praised the intensity of “True Blood” fans, which she is now experiencing first-hand via Twitter (follow her at @carrie_preston).

“I recently joined Twitter, and I just can’t believe how excited people are about the show. It’s really great for me because, like I said, I don’t really experience the fans out in the world, but I am starting to experience them cyberly through Twitter and through the Internet. Especially with this whole breaking news about me doing ‘The Good Wife‘ — just being able really see into the minds of the fans has been fun.”

She also shared the bizarre experience of following a fan who is Tweeting as her character, Arlene Fowler (follow her at @ArleneFowler). “I sent her a Tweet that said, “I’m following you now, girl. You’re doing me proud.” Six minutes later, I had a tweet back that said, “Gulp, I think my wig just fell off.” … We just kind of have a fun little rapport going. She stays in character and I talk to her as if we are Arlene.”

Season 3 is even bigger than Season 2, she said, with residents of the small town of Bon Temps dealing with new breeds of supernatural beings. There’s blood and death and fun all at the same time, she said.

“The writers have really found their stride, I think, and are having a great time. For us in the cast, it is so interesting because everybody will have time off and then you show back up and somebody is lying in a pool of blood. It’s pretty messy, but it’s pretty exciting I have to say.”

Meanwhile, on “The Good Wife,” Carrie plays a lawyer defending Chris Noth‘s character. Her character is not a ” ‘Law & Order‘ kind of talking head lawyer,” she said. “My character is definitely a little off-kilter. She’s definitely got one of those brains that works a million miles a minute, and she gets seduced by the next thought all the time and goes from A-to-Z in a second flat. I’ve only done the one episode. It was really fun and I’m longtime pals with Julianna Margulies, so it was fun to do a scene with her because I’m a friend.”

Carrie‘s upcoming movie projects include “What’s Wrong with Virginia” and “A Bag of Hammers.”

Carrie also confesses that she’s a bit of a “Lost” fanatic, and though she’s married to Michael Emerson, who plays Ben Linus, she has managed to keep herself spoiler free for the show’s final season.

“I make Michael keep everything from me. I don’t want to know… I really want it to be that I’m seeing it fresh.”

SOURCE: AOL Television

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