Carrie Preston Says Season 3 Has New Supernaturals

June 4, 2010 by  

It’s hard to believe that True Blood could get any better, right? Well, according to Carrie Preston, the series has outdone itself this year, thanks in no small part to new werewolf hunk Joe Manganiello.

Carrie spoke with E! Online about what makes Season 3 so great:

“Of course the werewolves are there. Witches are going to start coming in at some point. We’ve got the fairies coming. There’s really never a dull moment on that show!”

All those supernatural beings, and Arlene is still very much in the human world. Whatever issues she will be dealing with remain close to home in Bon Temps while other characters go off to deal with vamps, shifters, and Weres. Carrie remarks that it feels like they are all working on different shows:

“You don’t really know how it’s all going to come together until you see it. We did–it’s pretty thrilling.”

She says that she and her fellow actors were blown away by the final cut of the season premiere, “Bad Blood,” which airs June 13th on HBO. And soon we too shall see what all the excitement is about. If Season 3 does turn out to be the best one yet, Truebies might be at risk of becoming more obsessed than they already are (if that’s possible)!


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