Catching Up with Ashley Jones

March 20, 2010 by  

During True Blood’s second season, fans were all excited for lovable shapeshifter Sam Merlotte when he found romance with the new waitress, Daphne Landry. The relationship seemed like a perfect match because, as a shapeshifter herself, she shared Sam’s unique lifestyle and made him realize that he shouldn’t hide what he truly is.

But of course, knowing this show as we do, the situation became more twisted and mysterious when we discovered Daphne’s history with Maryann, the maenad wreaking havoc on Bon Temps and targeting Sam as the sacrifice for her ritual.

Daphne didn’t survive the season–unfortunately her heart had to be cut out and cooked in a gruesome shepherd’s pie–but while she was there, Ashley Jones was a wonderful part of the cast. A couple months ago, we here at TrueBloodNet.Com had the opportunity to interview her, in which she offers many interesting insights about Daphne and about her experience working on the show.

We don’t yet know whether there will be an occasion for Daphne to reappear in the future, in flashbacks or some other form. Regardless, this hard-working actress will forever be a part of True Blood history. I say hard-working because the entire time that Ashley was working on the show, she continued her day job as a star on the CBS soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful. She has played the character of Bridget Forrester Marone since 2004.

There were times when Ashley had no break in between filming–she would work through the night on True Blood and go straight to The Bold and the Beautiful. Those of you who have seen her performance as Bridget will recognize how vast the differences were between her and Daphne.

One is a doctor and a fashion designer, tangled up in a dramatic web of family and romantic complications. The other is a Southern girl, very clumsy but amusing as a waitress, who sometimes takes the form of a pig, deer, or other animal.

The fact that Ashley was constantly transitioning for months from one character to the other while making it look effortless is certainly a credit to her as an actress. Whereas some people might complain at having to work that much, she seems to genuinely love what she does.

Ashley has been on The Bold and The Beautiful for just over 700 episodes. These days, Bridget is saddened by the tragic loss of her baby after the surrogate mother miscarries. Her grief, and difficulties with her husband Nick Marone, pushed her into the arms of Owen Knight–whose wife, Jackie, is Bridget’s mother-in-law and boss at the clothing boutique.

Now Bridget feels guilty about what happened, especially since Nick is resolved to be a better man and make up for his past mistakes. She loves him and doesn’t want to hurt him, so she and Owen vow to keep their night together a secret. Other people have found out, though, and soon it looks like the truth will be uncovered.

Many thanks to Ashley for keeping us up-to-date with what is happening with her and for sending to us these incredible photos of herself.  Even though Ashley‘s character is gone from True Blood she will always be in our hearts and a part of the True Blood family.

(Photo credits: Ashley Jones)