HBO’s True Blood Cast to Host First Ever Social Media Event!

June 6, 2013

Season 6 Premiere Kicks Off In a BIG way!! 

True Blood Cast



In case the build up and anticipation of the world premiere of HBO’s True Blood on June 16 in and of itself was not enough, HBO has yet another surprise in store for its millions of fans!  A major social media event has been scheduled to coincide with the Season 6 Premiere of True Blood!  This first ever social media event will be broadcast live from the set of Fangtasia.

The Season 6 media event is said to be a:

“two-part social media event beginn[ing] on June 16, 9:00 a.m. ET, when HBO will reveal exclusive #secretsfromtheset via the True Blood profiles on Facebook (, Twitter (, Instagram ( and Vine. This all leads up to a fan-fueled interactive pre-show, #TrueBlood: Live from Set, airing on HBO at 8:45 p.m. ET/PT hosted by comedienne and Parks and Recreation actress Retta”.

In a world that thrives on social media this could not be a better opportunity to engage with the millions of fans of the hit show! “#TrueBlood: Live from Set” will allow the fans of True Blood to directly engage with the cast members and be given the opportunity to ask questions, and the cast will provide behind the scenes secrets of Season 6! This is surely an event that none of us will be missing!

Pamela Levine, executive vice president, HBO Marketing said:

“Social media has been core to the marketing strategy for True Blood since the first season, leading to one of the most engaged fan bases of any television series”.

13 of our favourite cast members are scheduled to participate in this event including “Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Alexander Skarsgård, Ryan Kwanten, Rutina Wesley, Sam Trammell, Nelsan Ellis, Deborah Ann Woll, Carrie Preston, Todd Lowe, Chris Bauer, Kristin Bauer van Straten and Joe Manganiello”.

For all you “true” True Blood fans start following @TrueBloodHBO on Twitter for your opportunity to be featured in the broadcast in a “never-before-done execution with Twitter and powered by Mass Relevance”. Be sure to get on Twitter and see how you can prove you are #TopTruebie!

Source: Spoiler TV-True Blood Season 6 Cast Members to Participate in Live Social Media Event

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True Blood on Location: Filming at the Bellefleurs’

January 29, 2013

Filming Under Way for True Blood Season 6

The Bellefleur mansion in HBO's True BloodWhile we are still waiting to hear confirmation from HBO of a Season 6 start date, and have reported that filming is still under way for HBO’s True Blood.

Even though the scenes being filmed were all interior shots of the fabulous Bellefleur home, sightings of some of the stars still occurred. Carrie Preston (Arlene), Todd Lowe (Terry Bellefleur) and Chris Bauer (Andy Bellefleur) were all happy to smile and wave at onlookers as they entered and exited the house.

All the photos can be seen here.

Wonder what this story line will entail in Season 6?

Sources: – True Blood Season Six Filming On Location Images – The Bellefleure Home – ‘True Blood’ spotted filming on location at The Bellefleure Home

(Photo Credit: HBO Inc.)


True Blood’s Andy at Word Theatre’s 10th Anniversary

November 13, 2011

Chris Bauer Partakes in the Storytelling:

Chris Bauer (Andy Bellefleur) It appears that actor Chris Bauer, who plays Sheriff Andy Bellefleur on HBO’s True Blood, is spending his time supporting a very good cause.

Bauer was one of 200 guests to attend the 10th anniversary party and benefit for Word Theatre, hosted recently by Word Theatre’s artistic director Cedering Fox.  The event marked the celebration of 10 years of literary and artistic genius.  Fox describes the motivation behind Word Theatre as:

“…trying to ignite a new generation of literature fans, we bring stories to life, we give voice to great writing.”

The event was not only in celebration of the 10th anniversary of Word Theatre, but it was also a benefit in an effort to “help bring Word Theatre into Title I schools, which are largely attended by students from low-income backgrounds”.

Chris Bauer is not alone in the pursuit to support such a worthy cause:

“For over a decade the storytelling salon has fused the literary and theatrical worlds in Los Angeles with monthly events at which established actors such as Ed Harris, Forest Whitaker and Minnie Driver perform the works of fiction writers such as Rick Moody, T.C. Boyle and Mona Simpson over dinner in an intimate supper-club setting. In recent years, Word Theatre has expanded its reach, with monthly salons in New York and periodic events in London. All evenings are recorded and repackaged on CDs sold through Harper Collins Audio.”

Chris Bauer Word Theater (LA Times)

Word Theatre allows artists to be creative and bring to life the art of traditional storytelling. It is a breath of fresh air to hear that good old fashioned storytelling hasn’t completely vanished from the world we live in today.


Photo Credits: (Bauer Griffin) and Los Angeles Times (Deborah Vankin)


True Blood’s Andy Bellefleur Finally Catches a Break

October 8, 2011

The Sheriff’s Hawaiian Vacation:

Chris Bauer, True Blood’s Andy BellefleurAfter watching the tumultuous ending to season four of True Blood, it’s clear that every person on that show could use a nice, long vacation. One person that is finally getting theirs in a big way is Chris Bauer. Now that he’s kicked the V habit, our favorite sheriff is off to the set of the revamped Hawaii Five-0 to film a guest spot on an upcoming episode.

Though the show is a popular crime drama, Bauer will be on the other side of the law this time around. He will guest star as the manager of an off-shore oil rig who runs into trouble when one of his men turns up murdered.

Tune in Monday nights at 10/9c on CBS to see how Bauer fares as a suspect in the popular show.

Source: Vulture – A True Blood Star Will Vacation on Hawaii Five-O

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A Little Birdie Told Me — True Blood PSAs part 4

August 31, 2011

New PSAs From True Blood For “It Gets Better”:

This fourth article is again courtesy of True Blood’s official YouTube page. Jim Parrack (Hoyt Fortenberry), Todd Lowe (Terry Bellefleur), Carrie Preston (Arlene Fowler), Ryan Kwanten and Chris Bauer (Jason Stackhouse and Andy Bellefleur) made “It Gets Better” PSAs for the Trevor Project. They talk about personal experiences with bullying.

Jim Parrack talks about being a bully:

“I’d like to be very honest with you all and let you know that growing up I made things very difficult on people around me at school, I was a jerk, and that’s gotten better too. Somehow I had it in my mind that if I could lash out at other people or hurt them that somehow I could secure something for myself. To address that I just want to say, you never get anything at all from putting someone else down. There’s no substance to it, there’s no real value to it, there’s no change. All you end up doing is hurting other people, and then being stuck with that realization some day… For those of you who are being victimized or brutalized by people like that, it’s all going to stop. The day is coming where you get to walk out into life, choose the road you’re going to go down, choose the people you want to spend your time with, and you’re free of it all.”


Todd Lowe offers one way to cope:

“If you find yourself the victim of bullying or discrimination, one of the things you can do to empower yourself is to write a story about your bully or tormentor… and make sure it has a happy ending. They go off and live their life, you live yours. Remember, it gets better.”


Carrie Preston talks about community:

“You may be feeling like you’re being bullied because you’re different from everybody around you. I just want you to know that it’s temporary, life is temporary. You are surrounded actually in this world by a much larger community who is made up of gay people, and straight people, and bisexual people, and transgendered people. But I think that we’re a community that’s not really commonly brought together because we have a certain sexual orientation — we’re a part of a community that’s humane, a part of a community that accepts people, a part of a community that loves people and will love you for who you are. So seek us out, we’re here for you. We want you to be who you are, and we will support you in whatever it is that you choose to be, seek us out we’re out here. It gets better, I promise.”


Kwanten and Bauer share being an outsider in common:

“We’re here to talk about bullying. Not the most popular of subjects but one that we must face. Look, Chris and I are both very much kind of outsiders. As much as it wouldn’t seem like we are. And we’re here to tell you that we don’t think we’re alone, we now know that we’re not alone. And if you also feel like an outsider, feel like that no one’s listening to you, believe me there are places to go, there is someone to turn to, there is a comfort, a security network that you can turn to. And if you’re one of the pickers, if you’re one of the bullies, you’ve gotta be kidding me! And you’re not alone. There’s a lot of people going through what you’re going through. Reach out, talk about it. Ask a caregiver, ask a coach, a teacher, anybody who’s there. You can get the help. And I promise you, it gets better.”

Truebies, if you feel picked on or alone and need help, please call 1-866-4-U-TREVOR or visit or

Source: True Blood official YouTube page


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