True Blood’s Nelsan Ellis on his Sexy Fantasy for Layfayette

June 15, 2013

Nelsan Ellis Talks About Layfayette and the Ladies:

Nelsan Ellis stars as Lafayette in HBO's True BloodTruebies love Nelsan Ellis’ Layfayette, the sassy short-order cook/V-dealin’/all around diva of Bon Temps. Previously linked with hunky nurse Jesus Velasquez (Kevin Alejandro), Layfayette has clearly shown a preference for men on the show.  Ellis, however, has a alternative view of Lafayette’s sexuality:

“I think Layfayette is bisexual,” Ellis told “I would love to see Layfayette get a girlfriend! I don’t think producers would be down for it, but wouldn’t it take the audience by storm?! Lipstick on his lips kissing a girl wearing lipstick, and he’s like ‘This is my girl’?! They could be wearing matching bandanas. I think it would be awesome. Anyway, that’s my fantasy!”

The character of Lafayette in Charlaine Harris’ popular Sookie Stackhouse series is gay, but not even speculated to be bisexual.  But of course, Lafayette gets murdered early on in the book series, while the True Blood character has lasted through six seasons of the popular HBO show. So Ellis may get his wish, as the new showrunner Brian Buckner guides the story his way.

“While my character was killed off early on in the books, I’m really grateful to the fans and that’s why I’m still here on the show.”

Ellis explained. No matter who his next love interest turns out to be, fans will still adore the saucy, sexy, Lafayette.

Source: – ‘True Blood’ star Nelsan Ellis would ‘love to see Layfayette get a girlfriend’

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HBO’s True Blood Cast to Host First Ever Social Media Event!

June 6, 2013

Season 6 Premiere Kicks Off In a BIG way!! 

True Blood Cast



In case the build up and anticipation of the world premiere of HBO’s True Blood on June 16 in and of itself was not enough, HBO has yet another surprise in store for its millions of fans!  A major social media event has been scheduled to coincide with the Season 6 Premiere of True Blood!  This first ever social media event will be broadcast live from the set of Fangtasia.

The Season 6 media event is said to be a:

“two-part social media event beginn[ing] on June 16, 9:00 a.m. ET, when HBO will reveal exclusive #secretsfromtheset via the True Blood profiles on Facebook (, Twitter (, Instagram ( and Vine. This all leads up to a fan-fueled interactive pre-show, #TrueBlood: Live from Set, airing on HBO at 8:45 p.m. ET/PT hosted by comedienne and Parks and Recreation actress Retta”.

In a world that thrives on social media this could not be a better opportunity to engage with the millions of fans of the hit show! “#TrueBlood: Live from Set” will allow the fans of True Blood to directly engage with the cast members and be given the opportunity to ask questions, and the cast will provide behind the scenes secrets of Season 6! This is surely an event that none of us will be missing!

Pamela Levine, executive vice president, HBO Marketing said:

“Social media has been core to the marketing strategy for True Blood since the first season, leading to one of the most engaged fan bases of any television series”.

13 of our favourite cast members are scheduled to participate in this event including “Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Alexander Skarsgård, Ryan Kwanten, Rutina Wesley, Sam Trammell, Nelsan Ellis, Deborah Ann Woll, Carrie Preston, Todd Lowe, Chris Bauer, Kristin Bauer van Straten and Joe Manganiello”.

For all you “true” True Blood fans start following @TrueBloodHBO on Twitter for your opportunity to be featured in the broadcast in a “never-before-done execution with Twitter and powered by Mass Relevance”. Be sure to get on Twitter and see how you can prove you are #TopTruebie!

Source: Spoiler TV-True Blood Season 6 Cast Members to Participate in Live Social Media Event

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Kevin Alejandro Misses True Blood, But Finds The Golden Boy Success:

April 26, 2013

Fans Miss Jesus but Can Still Enjoy Kevin Alejandro’s Work in Two Exciting Projects

We loved Kevin Alejandro as Jesus Velasquez in HBO’s True Blood. His chemistry with Nelsan Ellis (Lafayette Reynolds) was delightful to watch, and his death left us saddened. While Mr. Alejandro’s return to True Blood was short-lived, we’re lucky that we get to see him each week as Christian Arroyo in ‘The Golden Boy’. Hopefully, his Kickstarter campaign will eventually achieve its funding goal and the superhero series, ‘The Keepers’, will make it into production.

Mr. Alejandro misses his fellow cast members from True Blood. He says that he and Mr. Ellis developed a genuine affection and friendship that translated to the screen. He auditioned for the part of Jesus several times, as the show runners searched for an actor who worked well with Mr. Ellis. Mr. Alejandro says that he has great respect for all of the actors in the True Blood cast. They take their work seriously, but once the cameras stop rolling, they know how to have a good time.

When he made his brief return to True Blood, Mr. Alejandro had just completed production of the pilot for ‘The Golden Boy’. When asked what attracted him to the role of Christian Arroyo, his answer was that the character was unlike any he had played before. The challenge is in making Christian likeable. Mr. Alejandro says this character is the most different from him, and contains less ‘Kevin’ than any part he’s played before.

While Mr. Alejandro’s Kickstarter project, “The Keepers’, didn’t reach its $30,000.00 funding goal by April 14th, we can hope that the balance of the required funding will be found somehow. This superhero based show was created by friends of Mr. Alejandro. They created a two-minute trailer to generate interest, and continue to try to secure funding.

If the writers of True Blood can find a way to bring Jesus back, Mr. Alejandro would be happy to return, and we’d be equally thrilled to have him.





Trueblood’s Nelsan Ellis’s Spoken Word Debut!

January 11, 2013

Lafayette lends his voice for a song!

Nelsan Ellis who stars as Lafayette Reynolds in HBO's True BloodHey Trubies, Nelsan Ellis (who plays Lafayette Reynolds) has a different talent: he lends his voice to rapper Malachi’s new singleNew World (Part II: The Schizo Speaks).” posted an article about the True Blood star’s new venture. In the song you can hear Nelsan around the 2 minute mark with the following lyrics:

“I am the beat that never sleeps; I am the heart that gets skipped over by dirty feet on hot concrete,”

Nelsan says in the beginning of his monologue:

“My cardboard box tells a story.”

I listened to the song and really like it. You can listen to the song here on Malachi’s SoundCloud or you can listen to it by going to the article on and to do that you can click on the source below. What do you think of the song trubies let us know by leaving a comment on the comment section below?

Source: Listen to True Blood Star Nelsan Ellis’s Spoken Word Debut – MalchiRivers

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True Blood’s Nelsan Ellis Appears in Brisbane’s Supernova Event

November 11, 2012

Fans in Adelaide Will Also See Nelsan Ellis on the 16-18th November

Nelsan Ellis (Lafayette in HBO's True Blood) makes appearances at Brisbane & Adelaide Supernova eventsSo far this year, Australia has been host to four True Blood events, the most recent being this weekend (9th-11th November) at Brisbane’s Supernova event.

But wait, there’s more! Next weekend (16-18th November), Adelaide will host the second Supernova event of which Nelsan Ellis (Lafayette in HBO’s True Blood) will also be guest appearing. This event is not exclusively a True Blood convention but there will be plenty of other great stars to see, including some of the cast from the Harry Potter movies, Doctor Who stars, the voices of some of our most favourite cartoons and authors such as Trudi Canavan (The Black Magician Trilogy) and Rachel Caine (The Morganville Vampire series).

If you aren’t attending this event, why not check out the Sydney Morning Herald video interview with Nelsan Ellis before his Brisbane Supernova appearance and find out what his dream role (besides playing Lafayette in True Blood) is.

Follow the link here to view the video.

Please let us know if you attended this event, or plan to attend the Adelaide event next weekend, in the comments below.

Sources: Supernova website – Supernova Pop Culture Expo – A Vampire Who Hates Blood and a Knight Who Loves Stunts

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Video: SyFy Germany Interviews at RingCon 2011

November 7, 2011

Sam Trammell, Nelsan Ellis and Allan Hyde:

Ring*Con banner 2011SyFy Germany was on hand at this year’s RingCon, and scored some interviews with three handsome fellas from True Blood. The actors who play Sam Merlotte, Lafayette, and Godric each spoke candidly about the show and their respective characters.

Don’t forget to check out SyFy’s YouTube channel for the rest of the video clips, on the right-hand side of the page.

 Sam Trammell on What True Blood is All About:

Nelsan Ellis on Playing a Homosexual:

Allan Hyde on Playing the Death of Godric:

A special thanks to Florian from SyFy Germany for the contribution!

Sources:, SyFy YouTube

Image: RingCon


True Blood Cast Members at Ring*Con 2011

October 4, 2011

Germany Has Gone True Blood:

Ring*Con banner 2011European Truebies, you can meet some of True Blood’s cast members at Ring*Con October 14-16, 2011 at the Hotel Maritim in Bonn, Germany. At Europe’s biggest fantasy convention there will be attendees from True Blood, Twilight, The Vampire Diaries, Xena, Buffy/Angel, and The Lord of the Rings. There will be Q&A sessions, autograph sessions, photo sessions, lectures, discussions, workshops, parties and a lot more.  At this year’s Ring*Con the cast members from True Blood are Sam Trammell, who plays the sexy shifter Sam Merlotte;  Allan Hyde who plays Godric, the maker of sexy vampire Eric; and Nelsan Ellis, who plays the feisty and lovable Lafayette Reynolds. Mariana Klaveno, who plays Lorena Krasikivampire Bill’s maker, was scheduled to attend but had to cancel. To see the full list of attendees or to get more info, please go to the official website

Well, I for one would love to attend. Let us know if you’re planning on going! Leave a comment in the comment section below.

Source: – Ring*Con news

(Image: Ring*Con)


True Blood’s Nelsan Ellis on Playing a Character Within a Character

September 30, 2011

Lafayette on Being Possessed:

Nelsan Ellis as Lafayette ReynoldsNelsan Ellis, who plays Lafayette Reynolds on HBO’s True Blood, shared his experience on playing a character within a character.

On Lafayette’s major dose of possession, Ellis said:

“I talked a lot to Fiona and tried to figure out what “possession” meant to me. I realize that I don’t become the person- the person becomes me. They get into a body where the mechanics are already there… I tried to figure out what subtle nuances I could take from [Mavis] that would remind the audience of who she was inside of me but also stay true to what Lafayette is, what his body does and the fact that he’s still there.”

On why trouble always seems to find Lafayette, Ellis said:

“Because he knows what to do with it… Lafayette is a survivor. Trouble comes, and then he surmounts it and moves on. I don’t know why he has all these problems. He got on this moving train that just won’t stop, and it just takes him deeper and deeper. I just hope he calms down next season.”

We do too! But will he? My psychic senses are screaming: NO!

Source Credit: HBO Inside True Blood – Body Snatched: Interview with Nelsan Ellis

(Photo Credit: HBO, Inc.)


True Blood’s Nelsan Ellis’s Predictions About “The Help”

September 14, 2011

Lafayette Chats About the Number 1 Movie in the Country:

Nelsan Ellis is True Blood’s Lafayette ReynoldsThe Help, starring Emma Stone and Viola Davis, has literally taken the country by storm. After scoring big at the box office, multiple predictions have been made when it comes to the nominations The Help may possibly receive when the awards season rolls around. A face familiar to True Blood’s fans was spotted in The Help. Nelsan Ellis, who plays Lafayette Reynolds on True Blood, played a small role as a waiter. Ellis has big predictions for the film.

In regards to whether he thought the film would get a Best Picture nomination, Ellis said:

“It will, and it’ll probably win. Viola Davis is probably going to win the Oscar for that. How often do you see a performance where the actor is that dynamic, even without speaking? Her and Emma Stone are my favorite parts in The Help.”

Ellis also admitted that playing Lafayette while he was being possessed with Marnie was not an easy thing to do, in fact, he had to create someone and something else. Ellis added that the most exciting part of the finale is the cliffhangers.

“This year, it’s on a different scale. When we all read the script, we were like, ‘What?!’ The cliffhangers take it to another level. You’ll see, and it’ll throw you for a loop, and then you all will have to wait for eight months!”

It’s going to be a very long and torturous eight months Truebies

Thanks to Jennifer Vineyard for her contribution!

Source Credit: Vulture - Nelsan Ellis PredictsThe Help Will Win Best Picture, Best Actress

Photo Credit: HBO


Nelsan Ellis: How He Brings Life to True Blood’s Lafayette

August 12, 2011

A Recent NY Post Interview with the Actor:

Nelsan Ellis as Lafayette Season 4Nelsan Ellis is a difficult actor to place. People have been telling him this his entire  career: “I just don’t know how to sell you”. That problem has ended with his portrayal of Lafayette, as the Julliard graduate has shown the world exactly where he belongs — in Bon Temps. Ellis differs from his True Blood character- he is straight and (obviously) doesn’t prostitute himself or sell vamp blood. Ellis describes where in his life he draws inspiration for Lafayette:

“He comes out of my anger, my pain, the femininity that’s in me from watching my mother, and my masculinity. He comes out of me. That’s hopefully how I make him human.”

Ellis did such an astounding job of playing Lafayette that it quickly became obvious to Alan Ball that he had to modify Lafayette’s original fate set out in the Charlaine Harris series — death. When asked Alan Ball admits:

“I knew the first day of working with him that Lafayette couldn’t die, because Nelsan is such an extraordinary actor and presence… I wasn’t going to let that go.”

Nelsan Ellis reveals that Lafayette will discover a new power this season and that Jesus (Kevin Alejandro) will have to help him deal with this ‘gift’. When pressed for more details Ellis would only respond: “Exploring new territory is fun”. He has more to say, however, about True Blood fans. Though he is grateful to them for their support of the show, Ellis is often overwhelmed by the ‘freakiest’ of fans. Ellis says he feels indebted to the fans,

“But I don’t want to sign boobs, you know? Or be propositioned.”

Not everyone in Ellis’ life is an enthusiastic fan of True Blood. The actor says his father, a Christian deacon and conservative, will “support me in his own way”. He turns on the show to give Ellis the ratings, but won’t watch. Ellis explains:

“This type of material – the violence, profanity, nudity, sexuality – was never allowed in his house.”

Ellis discusses the difficulties in playing an openly gay African American and as such, was especially honored to receive a nomination earlier this year for an NAACP Image Award. Nelsan Ellis said about this award:

“Traditionally, homosexuality is something the African-American community doesn’t deal with well…It [NAACP Image Award] made me happy because I thought maybe they did this on the merit of the work, you know what I mean?”

Nelsan Ellis is also very passionate about domestic violence. When he was a student at Juilliard his sister was murdered by her husband. He has used this trauma in his acting and also in writing a play, “Ugly” which he has adapted into a screenplay and now hopes that HBO will do stating: “Domestic violence is an epidemic in this country.”

What questions would you like to ask Lafayette? Are you inspired by Nelsan Ellis’ story? Leave your comments and questions in the section below!

Source – NY Post: Rise of Lafayette 

(Photo credit: HBO, Inc.)


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