True Blood’s Sam Trammell in “Long Time Gone”

October 1, 2011

Sam Trammell Shooting an Independent Film:

Sam Trammell HBO promo S4Sarah Siegel-Magness, the producer of Precious, is making her directorial debut with her new indie film Long Time Gone— a screenplay adapted from the novel by April Stevens called Angel, Angel— a story that is about “a broken family who must cope when Gordie Iris (Anthony LaPaglia) leaves his wife, Augusta (played by Virginia Madsen), for another woman.”  Augusta’s two sons, who are helpless to their mother in this crisis, are played by Zach Gilford (from Friday Night Lights) and newcomer Graham Rogers until Bette, (played by Amanda Crew from Charlie St. Cloud) nonchalantly enters the scene and changes everyone’s perception of the situation.

Sam Trammell plays an insouciant landscaper who hits it off with Augusta, the mother, and hires one of her sons as a day laborer.  Director Sarah Siegel-Magness says, “The underlying message is that broken families doesn’t mean broken people.”  Filming is taking place in Los Angeles through the end of October.

Truebies, let’s show our support for independent film and our favorite True Blood actors by catching Long Time Gone when it hits theaters!


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Video: True Blood Cast at the 2011 Emmys

September 20, 2011

True Blood Cast Steps Out in Style:

TB Season 4 poster-redDid you miss the Emmys, Truebies?  This might help — here’s a video with a few glimpses of some of our favorite True Blood actors: Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Sam Trammell, and even Alfre Woodard.  The stars not only strutted their stuff down the red carpet on their way to the theater, but also attended some swanky after-parties.

Do you have a nominee for best-dressed?  Do share!

Source: – Emmys Afterparties 2011 Video

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Sam Trammell to Attend 2011 Surfrider CES

September 8, 2011

Surfing for a Good Cause:

Sam Trammell 2010 Surfrider CESSam Trammell, everyone’s favorite shifter on HBO’s True Blood, is scheduled to attend the 2011 Celebrity Expression Session, an annual event hosted by the Surfrider Foundation.  The hour-long free surf session allows fans, surf aficionados, and ocean lovers to witness celebrities riding the waves, all the while raising funds.  Now in its sixth year, the event will be held on Saturday, September 10 from 12 pm – 1 pm at First Point, Surfrider Beach in Malibu.

This year’s celebrities will include: our very own Sam Trammell (Sam Merlotte); Jesse Spencer (“House”); Eric Balfour (“Haven”); and Martyn Lenoble (Porno for Pyros).

San Diego-based Cali Bamboo, the premier manufacturer of eco-friendly building materials made mainly from bamboo, is the presenting sponsor.

Truebies, will any of you be attending this sure to be fun event?  Let us know if you make it!

Source: – Celebrity Expression Session

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A Little Birdie Told Me — True Blood PSAs Part 3

August 13, 2011

New PSAs From True Blood For “It Gets Better”:

Janina Gavankar It Gets Better shirtThis third article is again courtesy of True Blood’s official YouTube page. Joe Manganiello (Alcide Herveaux), Janina Gavankar (Luna), Deborah Ann Woll (Jessica), and Sam Trammell (Sam Merlotte) made “It Gets Better” PSAs for The Trevor Project. In these PSAs they talk about their personal experiences with bullying.

Joe Manganiello talks about being picked on as a kid because he was bigger than the others, but unwilling to use his size as a reason to bully, just because he could. He got picked on for his big ears, which caused his parents to allow his hair to grow longer, in an attempt to cover them up. As a result, the kids started calling him “’Froey Joey”. In high school he stuck up for the kids that were being bullied.

He says:

“I made it my business to stick up for those kids and try to help those kids out, and be a friend to those kids.”

Janina Gavankar was verbally bullied in high school. She says that the kids never said things to her personally, but she found out things were being said about her.  She assures us:

“If you’re gay, straight, artistic, busier than everybody else because you actually have a life and something interesting to think about besides the gossip, and they hate ya for it… that’s OK. I know what all of those girls are doing now. And I’m ok. It gets better. Trust.”

Deborah Ann Woll talks about one incident in school where someone left a note in her locker that said, “Why don’t you just kill yourself because nobody likes you”. It may have been a quote from a movie at the time, but she did not find it amusing. She would get calls in the middle of the night, with people saying mean things. Her poor mother was affected by this, too. They both went through a lot, together. Deborah says all she remembers is wanting to be an actor. She says her dream is what got her through it all, and,

“Despite all of those instances where people made me feel less than, I now have a better understanding of humanity, in a way. I can now be a friend to the lonely. So just remember that it gets better.”

Sam Trammell talks directly to people who are being bullied or contemplating suicide because of being bullied. He says the people who bully others do so because they’re insecure and going through the same difficult times you are, and are acting out. He explains:

“They do not represent the real world outside of school that you’re so quickly moving into. Life moves so fast and if you can just get past this little bump, you’ll see that you’re going to be celebrated for your differences and your uniqueness. You’ll be loved for them. You’re not alone, there’s a great community out there that’s waiting to embrace and love you for who you are. Teenage bullies are not what the world is made of… Please don’t let the senseless actions of a bully take you from us. It gets so much better.”

Truebies, if you feel picked on or alone and need help, please call 1-866-4-U-TREVOR or visit or

Source: True Blood official YouTube page

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Sam Trammell of True Blood Welcomes Twin Boys!

August 11, 2011

Sam Trammel and girlfriend Missy

Congrats to Sam and Missy! confirmed that Sam Trammell and long time girlfriend Missy Yager gave birth to twin boys yesterday August 12. No info was given except that they were twin boys. Once more info is released we will let you know.  We here at want to congratulate the happy couple on the arrival of the baby boys. Truebies if you want to give the couple congrats please leave a comment below in the comment section.

Source: – True Blood’s Sam Trammell Welcomes Twins!

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Is True Blood Correct About Gators Liking Marshmallows?

August 9, 2011

National Geographic Asks Experts:

Marshall Allman as Tommy S4 Ep5After watching episode 5 of True Blood, “Me and the Devil”, National Geographic wanted to know if alligators really like eating marshmallows. In the episode, Tommy (Marshall Allman) kills his parents. With the help of his brother Sam (Sam Trammell), he throws their bodies in the water. When the bodies do not sink, Sam throws some marshmallows in, which attracts the alligators.  National Geographic got in contact with Captain Jack Sessions of Honey Island Swamp Tours who has a website that mentions rewarding alligators with marshmallows. National Geographic also spoke with Michael Delany, a research biologist with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. In the interviews Sessions and Dr. Delany were asked a series of questions, for instance Sessions was asked:

“Captain Jack, we were watching True Blood and one of the characters baited up alligators with marshmallows. Do alligators like marshmallows?”

Sessions answered:

“Yeah they do. No doubt about that. That’s a true story there. I go out and call them, bup bup bup bup bup bup – a mating call, you know. And sometimes, when they start coming, you toss them a marshmallow. Then they hang around and we give them a hot dog or two on a stick.”

National Geographic asked Dr. Delaney:

“Dr. Delany, have you ever heard of people feeding marshmallows to alligators?”

His response:

“I have heard of people feeding marshmallows to alligators, although feeding alligators is against the law.”

He was then asked:

“Is there something special about marshmallows that alligators just can’t get enough of?”

He answered:

“No. No. Not at all. It’s usually that alligators have grown accustomed to being around people and maybe accustomed to being fed. A person then throwing anything into the water the alligator will then associate it with food regardless of what it is.”

You can read the whole article by clicking on this link.

What do you think Truebies? Would you have guessed it was true? Let us know in the comment section below.

Source: – The Truth About “True Blood’s” Marshmallow-Eating Gators

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Sam Trammell of True Blood Answers Fans’ Questions

August 3, 2011

Sam Trammell Participates in Live Web Q&A:

Sam Trammell S4 conducted a live Q & A with Sam Trammell and lucky fans. Trammell was only able to answer 30 questions, though many more were asked.  After being introduced, he cheerfully said:

“Hey! I’m so excited to be here. I’m gonna try to answer as many questions as possible. Let’s do this!”

He then went on to answer fan questions. There were a variety of questions asked, for example:

“Are you currently working on anything else other than True Blood? Will you do any movies in the future?”

Trammell answered:

“I’m just waiting on these babies right now…”

Another fan asked,

“How do you feel about Sam’s new love interest?”

His response:

Janina is an exceptional actress and fun and funny — so I love working with her — and I think Luna is good for Sam right now (she’s not leading him to be staked in the heart at least).”

We learn that he has been acting for twenty years, that he loved playing Tommy as Sam, and that he’d like to see everyone on the show turn into Sam at some point. You can view all the questions and answers via this link.

Let us know what you think, and what you would have asked if you had participated in the Q and A. Leave a comment in the comment section below.

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HBO’s True Blood Comic-Con 2011 Panel: Spoilers and More!

July 31, 2011

The Cast and Alan Ball Answer Moderator and Audience Questions:

Comic-Con 2011 logoThe True Blood cast came out on stage at ComicCon to rousing applause and it’s clear from these videos, there were many die-hard fans in the room. Many spoilers were announced and teasers were uncovered. The panel included: Anna Paquin (Sookie), Stephen Moyer (Bill), Ryan Kwanten (Jason), Rutina Wesley (Tara), Alexander Skarsgård (Eric), Kevin Alejandro (Jesus), Kristin Bauer (Pam), Nelsan Ellis (Lafayette), Deborah Ann Woll (Jessica), and Alan Ball.

A few juicy bits gleamed from these videos:

  • Rutina Wesley “secretly loves the UFC”.
  • When an audience member asked if Eric will remember his time with Sookie, Alan replied: “I feel like that’s too much to give away…no, yes, maybe” Of course, the one question we all wanted answered!
  • When asked if there was any hope for Bill and Sookie the audience started to cheer, but it quickly turned to boos.
  • Anna takes you through the “sausage party” that consisted of her, Joe and Alexander filming the scene at the lake – minus the clothes for the men.
  • The panel is asked what their favorite parts of the season have been so far – some answers might surprise you!
  • The Comic-Con panel contains actors from many nations and it’s apparent when the audience starts asking questions that they are just as multinational.
  • My favorite question of the night was to Alexander Skarsgård: “What in his (Eric’s) history created such a straight up badass?”
  • The most interesting bit of news came from an audience member who asked if the show keeps up the pace it has with the books (a book a season). How long will this show stay on the air? Alan’s response: “As we get further down the road less and less, this season is based on the book…I think the show has a tremendous amount of life. I hope to get to the point where it becomes a problem for us in the writers room why the vampires are aging.”
  • Noticable absences were Sam Trammell home expecting his baby twins, and Joe Manganiello who is working on a film project.

There is so much more to see in these videos. Check them out and tell us what questions you would have asked, or what answer you would have liked to hear!


Sources: Wetpaint: True Blood Comic-Con 2011 Panel Video, Part 1

WetPaint: True Blood Comic-Con 2011 Panel Video, Part 2

WetPaint: True Blood Comic-Con 2011 Panel Video, Part 3

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Will True Blood’s Eric and Sookie Have Their Long Awaited Shower Scene?

July 25, 2011

Comic-Con’s True Blood Panel Delivers Elusive Answers (SPOILERS!):

TB cast at Comic-Con 2011 AP Photo/Denis Poroy

 The question on everyone’s mind at Comic-Con was: will there be a shower scene and how closely will it follow the book? Alan Ball‘s response:

“There will be a moment where Sookie (Anna Paquin) and Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) are together in the shower. But it may be weirder and dirtier than the one in the book.”

Weirder and dirtier? Well we should expect nothing less from True Blood. Who wants clean and normal? Ball also commented on Season 5 and promises that there will be a male/female strip club. Ball also said that at the strip club there would be “a completely different twisted supernatural aspect”.

Many fans asked if Sam (Sam Trammell) and Tara (Rutina Wesley) have any hope of getting back together or if their romance is over? Ball’s response was evasive: “Nothing is ever done on this show.” Something we all know to be true on True Blood.

We will also get to see how Eric made his progeny Pam (Kristin Bauer) next season, something many fans have been waiting a long time to see.

The Comic-Con crowd got a sneak peak at a trailer for the rest of Season 4. It ends with Sookie lying on the ground in a graveyard bleeding from the stomach. A million questions rush through one’s head after seeing it, but we shall just have to wait until next Sunday and the Sunday after that…

Alan Ball did make a rather mysterious statement about Sookie and her Fairy heritage:

“For those who read the books, you know that fairies are born in litters and are identical.”

Does this mean we will be seeing more of Claudine in some way?

Many of us have been wondering, why haven’t we seen more naked Sookie? Ball’s answer:

“She takes her clothes off all the time.”

Thank goodness, because a naked Sookie usually means there is a naked vampire!

Were any of you lucky enough to attend the panel?  Share your experience with us in the comment section!

Source: E! Online – Will Eric & Sookie Get Their Infamous Shower Scene? Comic-Con Delivers True Blood Answers!

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Video: True Blood Cast Interviews at Season 4 Premiere

June 29, 2011

The Buzz on the Red Carpet:

True Blood Season 4 poster-whiteWe have another video for you from the Season 4  premiere red carpet.  You’ll hear some of the cast members speak briefly about the new season, and see a few quick snippets from upcoming episodes.  Nelsan Ellis’s parting words:

“You know, you think the vampires are the baddest kids on the block — but this season’ll make you rethink that thought.”

Hear from Alan Ball and practically the whole cast by watching the video below.  Is it just me, or does Skarsgård look like he’s got a buzz going at the after party?

Source: The Buzz – True Blood Season 4 Premiere (HBO)
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