True Blood Season 6: Werewolf Jamie Gray Hyder Reveals All About Revealing All

August 8, 2013

Newcomer Jamie Gray Hyder Talks About Being A Werewolf on True Blood:

Jamie Gray Hyder stars as the werewolf Danielle in HBO's True Blood Season 6Being a werewolf in HBO’s True Blood means one thing: expect nudity! So how did newcomer Jamie Gray Hyder deal with it when her character, Danielle, had to strip off for the first time in True Blood Season 6? Well, it seems, according to her interview with PopSugar, she took it all in her stride. Even though she was nervous and went out of her way to get in shape before hand, she felt comfortable in knowing that the crew would help her through it. She was quick to point out that all the cast and crew have dealt so much with nudity on the show over the years, that it is possibly the best place to get your gear off as far as TV studios goes.

And how has the True Blood fame been treating her?

The fans are so amazing. We have the most loyal fan base in the entire world. They know so much about you and what’s going on and that’s been such an awesome experience.

She also added that working for True Blood and HBO is such a great career move, with so many other studios willing to hire you are HBO has put their faith in you.

Surprisingly, though, even though Hyder is a True Blood cast member, she was just as in the dark as the fans when it came to the death of Terry Bellefleur (Todd Lowe). It seems the cast only get to see the scripts for the scenes they are in, so when she was asked earlier on in Season 6, who the big death might be, she really couldn’t answer since she had no idea herself.

You can view the whole interview with Jamie Gray Hyder and PopSugar below.

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Wolf Pack Scoop from Jamie Gray Hyder on True Blood Season 6:

July 6, 2013

Jamie Gray Hyder on True Blood Season 6: Alcide as Packmaster and Being part of the Wolf Pack

Alcide and Danielle via TrueBlood Online

Jamie Gray Hyder, who portrays werewolf Danielle on HBO’s True Blood, is having a really good time on her second season of True Blood. She talks about Danielle’s role in the wolf pack:

I think as her role on the show has increased so has her role in the pack. I think that she’s very much an opportunist. Last season, she was willing to do V and also other stuff to impress the pack leader who was in power. And, now there’s a new pack leader and she’s vying for his attention. I think that she just wants to go along and be part of what’s going on and prove that she’s a viable asset to the pack.

Hyder concedes Danielle will ingratiate herself with Alcide (Joe Manganiello), the new Packmaster:

I think [she’s] going to continue to do whatever [she] can to appear valuable to him and the dynamics of everybody kinda changes throughout the season as we continue.

In episode 2, Alcide and the wolf pack abduct Emma from Sam Merlotte (Sam Trammell), and they have an all-out fight, knocking out Sam and Layfayette (Nelsan Ellis) (who was babysitting Emma). As humans have declared war on vampires, does this fight signal another war between werewolves and shapeshifters? Hyder weighs in:

Definitely. I think that we have just opened up a whole can of worms with what happened. In taking Emma, we’ve now involving [sic] a whole other group of people in our lives and in the pack. There’s so much drama going on in the town that I think that a big issue for us was that choice.

You’ll just have to see how the season plays out because it’s definitely now causing a lot more people to interact with us. And we probably should keep to ourselves, but Emma’s a wolf and we feel that it’s important that she’s with us and her grandmother and with the pack.

Alcide was more than a little bit scary in the way he abducted Emma, throwing her over his shoulder while she screamed for help. Is he a totally different person now that he’s Packmaster? Hyder shares her viewpoint on Alcide:

I think [that being Packmaster] requires him to step up and show a little more aggression than usual to assert himself. And, in the case of Emma, we went to Sam’s with a mission and we knew we had to leave with her. We really do feel that she’s safest with us. So, even though Alcide’s aggression is there, it’s simply there to help others.

Hyder feels that because Emma is a wolf, she really should be part of that lifestyle, and Sam is not an appropriate caregiver for Emma.  So what does Hyder think about the wolves getting involved in the state of Louisiana’s war on vampires?

I think that we’re trying to keep to ourselves as best as possible. We’re trying to look out for our own, but there’s no doubt that with such a big conflict going on in Bon Temps and in the State of Louisiana that we’ll be able to stay out of the conflict.

The drama is getting bigger and better with the wolves and the shapeshifters, it’s not all about the vampires anymore! Viewers are looking forward to more supernatural drama in the rest of the season of True Blood. ‘True Blood’ Exclusive Interview: Jamie Gray Hyder on the Evolving Wolf Pack and Alcide as a Packmaster

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