True Blood’s Bailey Noble on Playing Adilyn:

August 5, 2014

Adilyn the Fairy Doesn’t Have the Life Skills Yet to be Holding Grudges!

Bailey Noble stars as Adilyn the fairy in HBO's True Blood Season 7 Episode 7 (entitled 'May Be the Last Time')It’s a tough break to be a fairy born in Bon Temps these days. Firstly Adilyn had three other siblings to contend with, then they got attacked by a hungry vampire and most of them get drained (save poor Adilyn). Afterwards,  she had to contend with an overprotective daddy, a childhood that spanned a matter of months and a naivety that only a fairy can obtain. Add into the mix the fact that the boy you have fallen in love with is your soon to be step brother and the vampire you once trusted has turned on you! For actor Bailey Noble, it’s all in a days work playing True Blood newcomer Adilyn. But is is a job she will surely miss:

 For me, I feel like I haven’t had enough time with the cast and crew. This is the longest time I’ve ever been part of a cast, and it hasn’t totally hit me yet because we always had big breaks in between shooting, so I still feel like I’m going to get a call sheet and go back into work next week.

It is Adilyn’s innocence that has made the role so fun, according to Bailey. Each time she opens a script, she gets to look at her character and decide just how to play the part from her view point. She loves the fact that, despite all the troubles she’s had in such a short life span, she can still love life with such complete totality. For Bailey, Adilyn’s innocence brings a whole new perspective to the show. For example, when Adilyn forgives Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) for killing her sisters:

Obviously what happened with my sisters was a huge deal, but my heart went out to Jessica when I heard about Tara’s death. She’s just standing in my front yard, all alone, and I know what it’s like to lose somebody, so I think that we should be together. I see how much Jessica’s loss is hurting her and I know how much my loss hurt me, so I don’t want anybody else to feel that pain. Also, Adilyn doesn’t have many friends, so Jessica is the only possibility. After all, she’s still very young and forgiving… I don’t have the life skills to be holding grudges yet. [Laughs.]

But what of being a fairy in Bon Temps? Does Bailey think Adilyn will have as hard a time as Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) has?

I think she’ll have an easier time than Sookie, but I also think that as she gets older, she might still follow in some of Sookie’s footsteps. Part of the magic of being a faerie is attracting those kinds of dark things, that’s what makes it fun.

You can view the full interview Bailey Noble did on by clicking here.

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VIDEO: True Blood Season 7 – 3 New Teaser Videos!

June 21, 2014

HBO Releases a Glut of True Blood Season 7 Teaser Videos:

Anna Paquin stars as Sookie Stackhouse in HBO's True Blood Season 7 teaser videoWe are nearly there folks: the premiere of HBO’s True Blood Season 7! And here’s three new teaser videos to keep you going until Sunday June 22nd 2014.

The first clip shows Sam Merlotte (Sam Trammell) and Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) in Bellefleur’s (formerly Merlotte’s). It seems to be after the arrival of the Hep-V vampires we saw at the very end of True Blood Season 6:

Next up we have Adilyn (Bailey Noble) and Jessica Hamby (Deborah Ann Woll) having an awkward conversation:

The final clip shows Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) pleading with the town folk of Bon Temps:

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Sources: HBO/YouTube – True Blood Season 7: Episode 1 Clip #1 (HBO)True Blood Season 7: Episode 1 Clip #2 (HBO)True Blood Season 7: Episode 1 Clip #3 (HBO)

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True Blood’s Bailey Noble Will Become a Series Regular in Season 7

September 17, 2013

Half-Fairy Adilyn Bellefleur Gets a Promotion:

Bailey Noble stars as Adilyn in HBO's True BloodWhile HBO’s True Blood may be entering it’s last season with Season 7, that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for promotion.

At the end of Season 5, we saw the birth of four half-fairies. Maurella (Kristina Anapau) left her fairy babies in the hands of her human lover Andy Bellefleur (Chris Bauer) along with the instructions that he must raise at least half of them to adulthood.

True Blood Season 6 found Andy at a lost on how to how to raise fairy babies that literally grew over night! Unfortunately, he couldn’t keep to the rules either and only one fairy child survived: Adilyn (played by Bailey Noble). Adilyn helped Sookie (Anna Paquin) out from between a rock (Billith, played by real-life husband, Stephen Moyer) and a hard place (Warlow, played by Robert Kazinsky) and now the pair are the only halfings left in Bon Temps.

It seems HBO have plans for Adilyn in True Blood Season 7, since she has now been upped from recurring character to series regular. It will be interesting to see just what sort of trouble this will bring for Adilyn, considering fairies are like candy to vampires – will she live to see the finale?

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Source: Hollywood Reporter – ‘True Blood’s’ Bailey Noble Upped to Series Regular (Exclusive)

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