Contest! Win a pair of True Blood Headphones from V-moda by Following Us on Sulia!

July 15, 2012

V-80 True Blood Headphones with Fangtasia personalization

V-80 True Blood Headphones with Fangtasia personalization


Everyone please congratulate @Liras for having the Secret Code and winning this wonderful headset! Please check out V-moda’s website as a thank you for sponsoring the contest!

Contest and V-moda have teamed up to present the chance to win one of their exquisite V-80 True Blood headphones to one lucky Trubie!

The Rules

Pay close attention to the rules as you must keep track of the secret number and have a 24 hour window to respond!

  1. You MUST have a shipping address in the US or Canada.
  2. You MUST follow on Sulia!*
  3. You need to retweet our Sulia contest tweet between 5 pm Sunday July 15th, 2012 and midnight 12 pm July 22nd.
  4. Write down the secret code that will only be visible on Sulia and have it ready in case your tweet is selected!
  5. You need to be willing and able to supply the secret code you wrote down along with your name, address, email address and a phone number to us within 24 hours of the contest winner announcement.

*Sulia is a Twitter-based agglomeration of topic experts — including — that seeks to bring you the highest quality reporting in a specialized area of interest.

V-80 True Blood Headphones features

V-80 True Blood Headphones features

The Prize


  • Type: Supraaural (on-ear)
  • Speaker Drivers: patent pending 40mm Dual-Diaphragm High-Fidelity Driver
  • Impedance: 28.5 Ohms
  • Frequency Response: 5 – 30,000 Hz
  • Sound Pressure Level: 105 dB
  • Standard Cables: Kevlar® reinforced, 52” 1-Button mic cable, 52” audio only cable
  • Plug: 45 degree, 24k gold-plated 3.5 mm (1/8″) stereo plug
  • Weight: 180g (headphone only)

For more info please visit the V-moda site

The winner

The winner will be picked randomly from everyone who follows those rules and will be announced via Twitter Monday July 22nd! The winner then has 24 hours to contact us, with the secret code, or we will pick another winner. Same rules will apply about contacting us in 24 hours or we repeat the process.

Your prize will be shipped directly from V-moda so once we contact you we’ll need your name, address, email address and a phone number that we’ll be supplying to the V-moda representative. We will also provide you with the his email address in case you need to talk to him directly.

Sources V-Moda, Sulia


Contest: Win True Blood Merchandise from the HBO Shop

June 10, 2012

Calling All True Blood Fans!

The HBO Shop is kindly sponsoring a contest to see who can come up with the best idea for a new True Blood product. The winners will not only receive some cool True Blood merchandise, but may even get to see their idea come to fruition! So put on those thinking caps, we know you’ve got them laying around somewhere!

Up for grabs are the following prizes:

1) True Blood phone skin

2) Tru Blood blanket

3) Bon Temps Football T-shirt

4) Fangtasia T-shirt

5) Women’s Fangtasia T-shirt

True Blood phone skins

True Blood blanket

Bon Temps T-shirt

Fangtasia T-shirt

Womens Fangtasia T-shirt

Contest rules:

1) This contest is open to US residents only.

2) To enter, leave a comment suggesting a new True Blood product on this post between now and Saturday, June 16 at midnight, Eastern.

3) You can submit as many ideas as you want between now and the end of the contest. Each idea will be considered a separate contest entry.

4) 2 winners will be chosen, each getting to pick their prize.

5) We will notify the winners via their email, Facebook or Twitter account used to comment. If winners do not respond within 48 hours, prizes will be forfeited and new winners will be chosen.

Good luck, Truebies!

*EDITOR’S NOTE: The contest is over, thank you to everyone who entered! We will be posting the winners shortly.


Competition to Vote True Blood “Most Killer Show”

April 14, 2012

Hey Trubies, are you tired of arguing amongst yourself over who’s the hotest person on the best show on television, HBO’s True Blood? If so, it’s time to take up the challenge that one website is throwing down and vote, post and talk about True Blood! The new website “ology” is centered around the concept of topics that interest the community at large, called handily enough: ologies.

Ologies is offering 15 of the most active fans of whichever show wins their contest a “Killer” t-shirt, plus the right to swagger if True Blood comes in first.

And the nominees for “Most Killer Show” on TV are…

1. The Vampire Diaries
2. Teen Wolf
3. Dexter
4. Pretty Little Liars
5. Revenge
6. The Secret Circle
7. True Blood
8. Game of Thrones
9. Supernatural
10. Nikita
11. Being Human:

Click HERE to go to the True Blood Ology and click on the green ‘Follow’ button.

You should check out their main contest page for all the contest rules and details but the main ways to earn points are:

·      1 point for each new post

·      3 points for each new comment

·      4 points for sharing a post (via Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr or Google+)

·      5 points for every new member in your show’s ology

·      30 points for having an actor from your show retweet about the contest

(you must post a screenshot of the retweet in your show’s ology to get the points)

·      100 points if an actor from your show Tweets or Facebook posts about the contest (you must post a screenshot of the tweet/post in your show’s ology to get the points)

·      1000 points if an actor from your show posts in the ology. (This is a potential game changer to the contest! We will confirm that the actor actually posted in the ology before granting the points.)

What are you doing just standing there?!?! GO POST! Team True Blood… HoOOOoooowl!!!

Credits: Ology


True Blood Cookbook is Packed with Fang-tastic Recipes

April 11, 2012

Announcing the Official Cookbook for HBO’s Hit Vampire Drama:

Truebies and talented cooks rejoice! The official True Blood cookbook will be available to ship on August 29! While the specifics of the book remain as scarce as a vampire in daylight, it has been revealed that the 85 recipes included are centered around authentic Southern comfort food. Maybe there’ll be one called “Ya’ll Gon’ Wish You Ain’t Ate That Corn Bread.” Oh, and another called “Gran’s Pie.” The possibilities are almost as endless as a vampire’s life span. Stick around, folks, I got a million of ’em.

The book also contains 150 full page photos from the show to “give fans a big taste of Bon Temps.” The book is written by Gianna Sobol, an associate producer on the show, and the one and only Mr. Alan Ball. The recipes are by the self-proclaimed Queen of Cajun Cooking Marcelle Bienvenu.

You can pre-order a copy at the HBO Store website. It ships August 29th, just in time for the season 5 finale!

Ture Blood Cookbook


Sources: The New Age & HBO Online Store

Photo Credit:



Win a True Blood Seasons 1-3 DVD Set From CultBox!

February 10, 2012

Celebrating the Premiere of Season 4 in the UK:

True Blood seasons 1-3 DVD setWhat an exciting time for our fellow Truebies in the UK! This weekend, they will finally get to start watching Season 4 of True Blood, and to celebrate, our friends at CultBox are giving away two DVD sets — each one a box set of seasons 1-3. Who wouldn’t love to get that in the mail? The only caveat: you must be a resident of the United Kingdom, and you must be following @CultBoxTV on Twitter. Tweet the following message to enter:

Win #TrueBloodBoxsets @cultboxtv

Winners will be chosen on February 21. Visit the CultBox website for more information, and let us know if you end up being the lucky sucker!

Thanks to Will at CultBox for the scoop!

Image: CultBox


Ask Dr. L — The Devil is In the Details

November 8, 2011

Ask Dr L


For a small fortune (and the promise of a steady supply of medicinal quality V) has gotten Dr. L to agree to answer your supernatural medical questions. Ask Dr. L is written by Dr. L (any resemblance to any characters living, dead or undead is purely coincidental), also known as Doctor to the Supernaturals, and was founded by her mother, Philine Paullips. It is the most popular and widely syndicated supernatural medical advice column in this world — or any other. Known for its uncommon nonsense and immortal, or just darn old, perspective.


Dear readers: I am sorry for my long absence, but I have been quite busy studying new and different techniques of being a successful cougar…er, I mean, doctor to supernatural beings. Here are replies to some of the queries in my backlog:


Nov 8, 2011


Dear Dr L,
A sneaky devil broke my heart years ago, and he put a spell on me. Can you help?
Bedeviled in WV


Dear Bedeviled,
Well, dear, you might imagine I get this sort of question quite often. Women are usually the ones asking, but once in a while I get this question from a man. My gentler, kinder Dr L answer is to pick yourself up, find someone worthy of you and enjoy life in spite of the sneaky devil, letting him see just who and what  he missed.
The second, more “me” answer is to tell you to come in and get some of my anti bedeviled potion. It is formulated to hit each individual where he (or she) is most vulnerable. Example: Does he love his car? This will put a hex on his machine and turn it into a pile of junk. Is he a smooth talker? This will turn him into a blathering idiot around women. Is he proud of his sexual prowess? Guaranteed to turn a stallion into one of those plastic ponies on a Wal-Mart merry-go-round.
Keep me posted, and let me know if you need that potion. It’s costly, but always worth it. PS we can ship to WV, for a little extra.

Dear Dr L,
I don’t know who else to turn to, or I would. You seem kind of creepy to me, but your column does give some pretty good answers to questions that others can’t answer. So, here goes. I live near you, and I know you are familiar with the sinful, crazy goings on in my little town. I am a church going, God-fearing person, but I am starting to get a little fearful living here. I am tired of going out after dark wearing something heavy and garlic around my neck. Doesn’t lead to a very good social life, you know?
Anyhow, much as it pains me, I was hoping you’d know of some sort of full service protection against those awful vampires, as well as the werewolves and shape shifters I have come across. I want to be able to make sure anyone I have fellowship with is 100% human and normal, know what I mean?
Can you help me?
Nervous Nelly


Dear NN,
Creepy? ME? Well, that’s a good way to start a conversation in which you are asking for my help, isn’t it? Bet you are not the sharpest tack in the box, now are you? Because I could, theoretically, lead you to something exactly opposite of what you are asking me for, and you’d be in a real fix then, hmmm???
But, my ethical standard don’t allow me to do that- even to a sniveling cry baby like you. I suggest you come into the office and order one of my specially designed silver body suits, infused with crosses and odorless garlic throughout. You might look a little odd at first- no, strike that- you WILL look a lot odd at first, but as soon as these babies catch on, they will become all the rage. Trust me. And there is no one size fits all here- we custom make these. I mean come on, if it fits me, is it also going to fit that awful Viking? Not that he’d be able to wear it, but that was an example.
Call my office for an appointment. And creepy- I never!

Hey, hey, Dr L,
How’s my favorite little doctor hottie doing these days? You may not remember me, but I have written to you here many times before, asking you to go out with me in my tricked out 57 Chevy. You always shot me down in the past, but I am a very positive thinker, so I live in hope. Can I pick you up tonight at say, 9 pm?
Sign me,
Livin’ in hope


Dear “Livin'”
News flash: Hope is not only dead for you, but the ashes have been scattered all over the bayou.
I hear the blow up dolls have come a long way…

Dear Dr L,
I have a beautiful baby boy, only 3 years old. He is such a joy to my husband and me, and we are so happy to have him. We couldn’t have children of our own, and we adopted him through rather shady channels, as we are older, and not qualified for regular adoptions.
I’ll just get right to the point. Our baby has begun to display some rather troubling behaviors. We have noticed that when he has an itch, he will scratch it just as easily with his feet as with his hands. When the moon is full, he sometimes makes growling noises, and last time, he full-out howled. But most disturbing was last week, when I went into the bathroom after he’d asked to go in there and I found him, well, licking himself dry. I was horrified.
Can you help us, please? We love our son, and we want him, no matter what, but is there anything you can do?
Mom in distress


Dear Mom,
Well, I do understand people wanting children. I never wanted any myself, as not only am I too busy in my career to raise a child, but also, he or she would likely be taller than me by the time they went to school. So I can’t exactly empathize, but I hope I can advise you.
First, let’s just get to the truth: It sounds like you have a baby were or shifter. You are in luck, because I do have a behavioral group at my clinic that helps train these “unique” children- sit, stay, roll over, etc. And, if you enroll today, I’ll give a half price on all vaccinations, including rabies and parvo.

Be sure to Submit your questions in the Comments Section below and if you’re unlucky enough Dr. L may choose to answer your question (and send you a bill.. how does she find us? Does she use mail Owls?)!To view past Dr. L words of wisdom just do a search on Dr. L in the box in the upper left of the page.

Disclaimer: These answers are provided for entertainment purposes only and should not be followed by ordinary humans. This column is a parody of the Gothic fantasy series, True Blood, and as such, is presented here for your amusement. Ask Dr. L and the various writers that contribute to it, have no relationship/affiliation to HBO, True Blood, or any of the cast or crew of said nor any relation to Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse novels.


UK Fans, Win a DVD of Stephen Moyer’s The Caller!

October 17, 2011

Contest to Win The Caller on DVD:

The Caller DVDTruebies, we have exciting news!  Stephen Moyer’s The Caller comes out on DVD and Blu-ray October 24 in the UK, and three lucky fans will be winning one!  Universal Pictures UK is proud to be sponsoring this fun contest.  For those who need a refresher:

Stephen Moyer plays mechanical engineering teacher John Guidi in the supernatural thriller which follows the story of deeply troubled divorcee Mary Kee (Rachelle Lefevre) who is tormented by sinister phone calls from a mysterious woman (Lorna Raver). Mary finds some solace in her growing relationship with the college teacher played by Stephen Moyer as the saga deepens.

Sorry, but the contest is only open to fans in the UK.  To enter, just leave us a comment below, one comment per person please.

For more info, check out The Caller’s IMDb page here.

Thanks to Helen for sending us this awesome news!

Source: indiVision on YouTube

(Photo: Universal Pictures)


True Blood’s Fashion Critiqued

September 6, 2011

Check Out Bon Temps’ Most Fashionable Inhabitants:

The vampires of True Blood by Art Streiber/HBOThe Fug Girls rated Louisiana’s craziest town not on the vampire to human ratio or the number of werewolves per pack, but on its fashion sense. Since Bon Temps didn’t do too hot, I guess it makes sense that while the whole town is fighting witches and being terrified of being eaten by vampires, fashion doesn’t seem to be at the top of the necessities list. As Lafayette would say, bitch please. Ten is the best score and one is the worst score.

Sookie Stackhouse: 5

A girl cannot live on tiny frocks and booty shorts alone. We suggest Sookie Netflix the middle seasons of Buffy to learn how to incorporate more vampire-friendly separates into her wardrobe. As if she didn’t have enough to do — being the possessor of magical blood, and the beloved of nearly every supernatural man-creature within thirty miles – Sookie also sometimes has to, gasp, wait tables.

Bill Compton: 6

We are amused by Bill going full Men’s Warehouse on us, but… seriously, dude? A pinky ring? Leave Joe Pesci in My Cousin Vinny where he belongs.

Eric Northman: 4

He has spent this entire season dressed like he’s frozen in time as a college student shuffling to the dorm showers. Pull it together, dude, or at least invest in a hoodie with sleeves.

Pam de Beaufort: 9

Pam is perhaps the only person in the Bon Temps area who cares what she’s wearing. And, as such, she’s never met a dubious trend she didn’t try to resurrect (a Juicy sweat suit? Really?), which we imagine is because a century of shopping gets pretty boring after a while. Hello, the woman managed to pull off a red sequined jumpsuit last seen on the set of Dynasty, and she actually cares when viscera lands on her shoes.

Jason Stackhouse: 7

Naked man-abs are awfully effective when it comes to the ladies, which is generally his driving concern in life. When he’s not looking totally CHiPs in his snug police uniform and aviators, Jason wears solely jeans and T-shirts. And sometimes not even the T-shirts. Nor the jeans. (We’re not complaining.)

Tara Thornton: 5

Like Sookie, Tara could benefit from mixing it up on occasion. Bonus points, though, for being smart enough to always wear something she can run in, given that she tends to get kidnapped or held hostage, like, a lot. In fact, we should’ve listed that as one of her hobbies.

Sam Merlotte: 6

We appreciate a man who can rock a good pair of jeans, and indeed, along with a plaid shirt, that is basically all Sam wears. Except for when he’s a dog, at which point his lumberjack couture is too constricting. We like Sam’s Regular Guy look, but points off for the fact that you just know his clothes are mega-funky, given how he’s always taking them off in the woods and leaving them in the dirt while he turns into some animal or another. At least invest in a gym bag or some potpourri sachets.

Alcide Herveaux: 10

We don’t know what he does when he’s not walking around shirtless, and nor do we care. His abs? Don’t mess with perfection.

Jessica Hamby: 7

Any sundress in a ten-mile radius not in Sookie’s closet must therefore be found in Jessica’s. Her girlish aesthetic is totally appropriate given that she’s the vampire equivalent of a college freshman. This current season has seen her get a little, er, nastier, and with that, we’ve seen Jessica’s wardrobe swing slightly sexier — but only slightly. Most of the time, she could still pop into a sorority meeting without anyone batting an eye.

Hoyt Fortenberry: 4

Well, right now he’s depressed, so it’s mostly boxers in front of the TV. The rest of the time, Hoyt looks like he tripped and fell into the Old Navy warehouse. Poor Hoyt. Someone’s going to need to take this boy out for the time-honored post-break-up makeover and spruce him up a little.

Lafayette Reynolds: 8

Lafayette never met a head scarf he didn’t embrace. He may also be the only man in Bon Temps who’s familiar with the concept of premium denim. Yes, Lafayette is a campy, over-the-top dresser, but at least he commits. And he never makes us sad, even when he’s incubating the soul of a dead woman who may or may not be a demon baby-stealer, which is no small feat.

Arlene Fowler: 3

Oh, honey. We know your son might be possessed by an evil spirit (or something?) but there’s no excuse for that hair. Call Miss Clairol and make an appointment to return to planet Earth.

Maxine Fortenberry: 2

Maxine depends completely on the power of a well-deployed muumuu. In the absence of a muumuu, a housecoat is acceptable. Often accessorized by hair curlers. If it’s true that you only look as good as you feel, then Mrs. Fortenberry must feel terrible.

Source: Vulture – The Fug Girls Rate the True Blood Characters’ Fashion Sense

(Photo: Art Streiber/HBO)


Share Ticket Winner Reports on Anna Camp’s Play, “All New People”!

August 4, 2011

Contest Winner Enjoys “All New People”:

Anna Camp, True Blood’s Sarah Newlin with Rina recently had a contest for tickets to Anna Camp‘s new play, All New People. Thanks to 2econd Stage Theatre for providing the tickets. The play is only running for one more week! If you want to go see All New People check our article HERE for how to save $15-$30 per ticket!
Anna Camp is the talented actress who played the beautiful vixen Sarah Newlin, wife of The Fellowship of the Sun‘s leader Steve Newlin.  Our ticket winner Rina sent us this lovely thanks and review of the show. That’s her in the photos with Anna and the play lead, Justin Bartha.


 Thank you again for the ticket to All New People! I went last night and really enjoyed the show. The show is a dark comedy which brings together a motley crew of characters. It opens with an attempted suicide by the main character played by Justin Bartha, and then quickly transitions into a situation comedy with clever one liners by the arrival of characters played by the chatty Krystin Ritter, cocky and witty David Wilson Barnes, and ditzy and upbeat Anna Camp. As the play deepens, we learn the backstory for each character. By the end of the play we learn that the moral of the story is that we all need friends to get us through life’s hard times. I really enjoyed Anna Camp’s performance. I thought she played the part of a “sexy ditz” so well and it really made me miss her performance on True Blood. I got to meet her after the show and asked her if the Newlins would be returning any time soon. She coyly answered that “there is talk of it.”

You’re very welcome Rina. It sounds like a great play, and looks like everyone had a wonderful time! is happy to be able to pass on these kinds of prizes and savings to our loyal readers. Thanks again to 2econd Stage Theatre, Justin Bartha and Anna Camp for making the event memorable.

Justin Bartha with Rina

 Photo Credit: Rina Z. Karon

Contribution Credit: Rina Z. Karon

Thanks to:


Ask Dr. L — The Return of Dr. Ludwig!

August 4, 2011

Ask Dr. L

Watch for Dr. Ludwig to return to True Blood this Sunday Aug 7, 2011!

For a small fortune (and the promise of a steady supply of medicinal quality V) has gotten Dr. L to agree to answer your supernatural medical questions. Ask Dr. L is written by Dr. L (any resemblance to any characters living, dead or undead is purely coincidental), also known as Doctor to the Supernaturals, and was founded by her mother, Philine Paullips. It is the most popular and widely syndicated supernatural medical advice column in this world — or any other. Known for its uncommon nonsense and immortal, or just darn old, perspective.

July 21, 2011

Dr. Ludwig,
I am writing in an official capacity as sheriff in Bon Temps. It has come to my attention, in an official manner, of course, that you might be in possession of large amounts of “V”, and I want it.  I mean, I want to confiscate it for official purposes, of course. Not that I would ever want it for anything other than completely legal reasons, of course.
I will expect an answer from you within the hour, if not sooner. I could not find your phone number or your address, which is rather unusual for a lawman like me to not be able to find. But damn it, I know you have the stuff and I want it! For official, legal purposes, of course.
Sign me,
Sheriff A. B.


Dear A.B.,
Well, well, well- what have we here, hmmmmm? Your letter comes off as a bit jittery and, well, desperate. Could it be that a recovering substance abuser got ahold of some illegal “V” and got himself hooked on a new vice? Again, I say, “Hmmmmmm…”
Now, first of all, my clinic is not within your parish- so you are trying to play out of bounds. Shame on you! And the law protects me as a doctor and a healer for keeping this powerful substance in my clinic for healing and research use. Nothing illegal here for you to confiscate.
And as for not finding my address or phone number, I have been around for a while- a very long while- and my patients are repeat business or come by referral. Basically, if you have to look for me in the phone book, you probably can’t afford me anyhow.
Now, you didn’t hear this from me, but maybe you ought to try the inbreds in Hot Shot…
Sign me, Disgusted


Dear Dr L,
My wife told me to write to you, because she’s about fed up enough to kick me out. See, I went to a dog fight a couple weeks ago, and I saw a Rottie rip a pit’s throat almost open. When the pit’s handler took her out, I went to see how the dog was doing, and I swear that handler was leading a WOMAN out to the truck, and she had a bleeding throat! Now, I’d had me a beer or two, sure, but I was not that drunk.
Now, I look at all the critters here on the farm a little different. I mean, the swish of our old milk cow Bossy’s tail might be someone else sending me a message- know what I mean? Not that I am gonna do anything about it, but I am seeing the world in a whole new way. My wife says I am just sick. What do I do?
Animal Lover


Dear Lover Boy,
Where have you been? I mean, what rock have you been living under? Supernatural beings, including shifters, have been “out” for some time now. You mean you are just catching on to this? Do you even have TV signals out in the boonies where you must be?
My best advice to you would be to get over it- or to quote one of my idols, Cher, in the film, “Moonstruck”, “Snap out of it!” As she slaps Nicholas Cage’s face. So tell your wife to slap the snot out of you. If you need me to do it, drop on by- I’ll slap you into the middle of next week, and since you wrote in here, I’ll give you a reduced rate.



Dear Dr. Ludwig,
I am told you and I have known each other for many years- that you have, in fact, worked for me and my people many, many times. I am told you are the doctor for supernaturals who have problems they cannot overcome on their own. My problem- I do not remember any of this now, as I have had a curse put on my by a coven of witches, which has erased my memory. People seem to fear me, but I do not know why. I’d be far more afraid of those witches than of little old me. You should see what they did to my assistant’s face.
Can you help me, Dr Ludwig? Can I trust you?
Sheriff E. N.


My, my- TWO sheriff’s in one posting…
Well, Mr. Viking, what can of worms have you opened that you can’t close by yourself this time? Are you just yanking my chain, to get me over there so you can return tit for tat and insult me as I did you last time we met? We have been through many events, you and I, but this one seems to take the cake. I’ll make a house call, if you tell me where you are, just to see you as this whimpering wuss you seem to be right now. I probably can’t do much- that’ll be up to the witches. But I sure want to see you like this. I will even do it for free- and you know how big that is for me. No wait, you don’t know, so never mind. I’ll charge double.
As for your assistant, have her give me a call. I know how vain she is about her looks.
Your favorite doc


Be sure to Submit your questions in the Comments Section below and if you’re unlucky enough Dr. L may choose to answer your question (and send you a bill.. how does she find us? Does she use mail Owls?)!To view past Dr. L words of wisdom just do a search on Dr. L in the box in the upper left of the page.

Disclaimer: These answers are provided for entertainment purposes only and should not be followed by ordinary humans. This column is a parody of the Gothic fantasy series, True Blood, and as such, is presented here for your amusement. Ask Dr. L and the various writers that contribute to it, have no relationship/affiliation to HBO, True Blood, or any of the cast or crew of said nor any relation to Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse novels.


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