Producer Judah Finds Inspiration in True Blood

September 17, 2010

Stephen Moyer, Anna Paquin, True Blood, Bill Compton, Sookie StackhouseTrue Blood is no longer simply a book series or television show, but rather a muse for many artists. Writers, painters, and musicians are all finding inspiration in the vampires of Bon Temps.

Recently, producer Judah has found a way to combine his love for True Blood and promotion for his new single Sundresses and Sandals.

By adding a True Blood inspired video treatment to the a promo clip for his song, Judah has been able to attract other fans of the show to his music.

A fan of the show himself, Judah bought his own camera, and hired a model to portray a Sookie Stackhouse role for the video. While the video was supposed to make its premiere in early September, Judah waited in order to showcase it alongside the Season 3 finale.

This is Judah’s second project under his own Simple Videos, a production company he and Bonita Star co-started. They were frustrated with video directors charging too much and not giving enough; through furstration cmae creation and the two have been creating videos with lots of heart and imagination.

The setting for Sundresses and Sandals was very important for Judah, who chose 14th Street and NW’s Donovan House because it was a dead ringer for the Dallas hotel featured in Season 2. In addition to enticing fans visually, Judah used quotes from the show to highlight his music. A line that is repeated throughout is whe Bill tells Sookie:

“I can smell the sunlight on your skin.”

When asked if his video idea stemmed from Snoop Dogg’s Oh Sookie, Judah explained that the video were very different as Snoop’s was focused on being funny, while his was trying to bring out the themes of the show as well as his own music.

It seems like True Blood has been sinking its teeth in more than just its Sunday night television spot!

Source: — Producer Judah Combines Love Of Hip-Hop, True-blood And Summer Fashion

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Special Features on True Blood Season 2 Blu-Ray Discs

May 27, 2010

As most True Blood fans know, the second season DVD set is now available! While some fans may re-watch their favorite episodes or have a viewing party with some friends, others will be able to live feed their viewing experience on Facebook and Twitter. The new Blu-Ray Disc addition of season two enables automatic updates to social networking sites, uploads scenes directly from the discs, transform normal photographs into True Blood-inspired user pictures, and receive virtual gifts, such as a vampire royalty crown.

After the discs are inserted into an internet-connected Blu-Ray player, fans can watch a video about the Live Feed and are able to choose one of the three factions to join: Vampire, the Fellowship of the Sun, or a Maenad. After, you can choose what photos you want to be transformed- for example, if you choose “Vampire” your user picture will grow pale and blood will begin to drizzle down your chin. Additionally, your Facebook and Twitter status’ will automatically be updated about your progress in the series, such as “(your name) just came out of the coffin to watch Episode 1.”

HBO‘s Sofia Chang notes that these “extras” were added to the discs because of fans unwavering love for the series:

“For True Blood, we have such engaged and passionate fans that we really wanted to provide them with a way to extend the fiction beyond what they see in the show and share that passion with their friends.

True Blood’s Season 2 Blu-Ray Facebook feature is said to be the most extensive social networking feature ever on Blu-Ray! As some of the most passionate fans out there, True Blood fans are definitely in for a treat with all the different DVD options out there!  Season 2 was released on May 25th and is available in both DVD and Blu-Ray. The DVD set is $32.99 and the Blu-Ray set is $39.99 (new on True Blood: The Complete Second Season (HBO Series) [Blu-ray]


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VIDEO: True Blood Resurrecting Season 2

May 23, 2010

HBO has released a video with the cast of True Blood looking back and discussing some of the most memorable scenes from season 2.  So sit back and relax as we re-visit season 2 with Stephen Moyer, Anna Paquin, Alexander Skarsgard, Deborah Ann Woll, Rutina Wesley, and Sam Trammell.

Resurrecting Season 2

True Blood Inspires Fashion Line

May 19, 2010

There are a lot of ways to promote a television show, and HBO seems to have spared no expense when it comes to their latest guilty pleasure, True Blood. Viral ads, clips, and posters designed to entice already hooked fans as well as curious new viewers abound. In an interesting marketing move, Warner Brothers Home Video has paired with Australian fashion house, Saint Augustine Academy, and designer, Alvin Manalo, to cross promote the release of Season 2 on DVD and Blu-Ray in a vampire-inspired fashion show during Australian Fashion Week. The designer debuted a collection containing pieces for both men and women in black, white, and – of course – red. Pieces included goth-inspired, yet flowing dresses, one-piece rompers, structured shirts, and metal accents. Models wore heavy boots and unruly hair. The makeup was a severa pale base with red or black lips, chrome fangs, and metal-embellished eyebrows.

Mac Pro makeup artist, Karen Hopwood, summed up the seemingly odd collaboration best when she said, “music and film are really influencing fashion”.

Mumbrella writer, Emma Tom, noted that the current return of the popularity of the vampire genre has renewed an interest in goth style and that designers such as Yves Saint Laurent, Jean Paul Gaultier, and Christian Dior have previously presented collections in the same spirit.

Although vampire fashion may not be for everyone, the fact that True Blood-inspired a couture collection is reason enough to celebrate your favorite vampire‘s style (whether Jessica‘s envelope-pushing, teenager-rebelling outfits, Pam‘s tailored suits, or Bill‘s clean cut togs). True Blood vampires are not the exotic or extreme variety presented by Manalo, nevertheless, their unique fashion sensibilities are worth a second look at Season 2, which will be released on May 25.


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True Blood Season 2 DVD Review

May 16, 2010

In advance of the release of True Blood, Season 2, on DVD May 25, reviewed the the series and the five disc set. I won’t recount the entire season here, as most of us have already seen it, but I will focus on the site’s review and the DVD set’s features. cites their highlights of the season, including:

1. Sookie‘s discovery of another telepath in Dallas

2. Eric‘s opinion of human children just before asking Sophie-Anne a favor

3. Bill‘s reunion with his maker, Lorena

While the site gave a very thorough and concise rundown of Season 2, I think it fell short when recounting Season 2 hits.

There were several well acted arcs and scenes beyond those noted above:

1. Jason‘s slow descent into the Fellowship of the Sun and his interactions with Steve, Sarah, and Luke (who could forget when Sarah tells him that God wants them to be together or when she tells him they must confess to Steve?)

2. Sam‘s shift in front of the deranged, brain-washed townsfolk (and Jason and Andy‘s reactions)

3. Sookie‘s blood bond with Eric, and the effect it has on her, in addition to her affinity to and compassion for Godric

There are too many more to recount! Luckily, the Season 2 disc set will let you relive your favorite scenes again and again. In addition to all 12 episdoes, the set also includes commentary on episodes 2, 7, 8, 10, 11, and 12 from all the major players including Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Ryan Kwanten, Rutina Wesley, Sam Trammell, Nelsan Ellis, and Alexander Skarsgard. Bonus features also include Fellowship of the Sun sermons designed to incite the vampire hate in you led by either Reverend Steve Newlin or his wife, Sarah; and, “The Vampire Report” news magazine covering all current events involving vampires with a commercial for the American Vampire League and public service announcements geared toward vampires (have you been tested for Hepatitis D?). All in all, a well conceived season with a series of bonus features designed to enhance the existing episode content and further your entrenchment into the supernatural world of Sookie Stackhouse.

Season 2 will be released on Standard DVD, Blu-Ray disc, and in digital download format on May 25 and will be available from the HBO Store, Amazon, and iTunes.


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True Blood’s Season 2 Soundtrack Track List Released

May 13, 2010

For those of us enjoying the unique musical score of True Blood Season 1, HBOhas released the track list for the Season 2 soundtrack to accompany the release of Season 2on DVD May 25. The soundtrack will include new material and classics as well as an acoustic version of the show’s bluesy theme by Jace Everett, “Bad Things“. If the vampire and supernatural-inspired names of the songs alone don’t tempt you, music by such renowned artists as Beck, Elvis Costello, Lucinda Williams, Stone Temple Pilots, and Bob Dylan should.

The tracks include –

Howlin’ for My Baby by M. Ward

Evil (Is Going on) by Jace Everett and CC Adcock

Bad Blood by Beck

How to Become Clairvoyant by Robbie Robertson

Shake and Fingerpop by Jr. Walker and The All Stars

Frenzy by the Screamin’ Jay Hawks

Kiss Like Your Kiss by Lucinda Williamswith Elvis Costello

Gasoline and Matches by Buddy and Julie Miller

You Did (Bomp Shooby Dooby Bomp) by Chuck Prophet

You’re Gonna Miss Me by The 13th Floor Elevators

Fresh Blood by the Eels

The Forgotten People (Bon Temps Remix) by Thievery Corporation

New World in My View by King Britt and Sister Gertrude Morgan

Beyond Here Lies Nothin’ by Bob Dylan

Bad Things (Acoustic) by Jace Everett

Ain’t No Invisible Man by Jakob Dylan

You Can’t Drive Me Away by Stone Temple Pilots

Dig by Headbone featuring Bubba Kendall

Get your iPods charged for continuous play to get you in the mood for the debut of Season 3 on June 13!  (The Season 2 soundtrack will be available via HBO’s Shop, Amazon, and iTunes.)


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VIDEOS: True Blood Season 2 Blu-ray Special Bonus Features

April 6, 2010

HBO has released on their website a sneak peek at four of the Blu-ray special bonus features that will be in the True Blood Season 2 Blu-ray box set that will be out May 25, 2010. The videos that HBO is presenting on their website are the character perspectives of what is happening in and around Bon Temps as heard from vampire Pam (Kristin Bauer), Hoyt Fortenberry (Jim Parrack), Rev. Steve Newlin (Michael McMillian) and Karl (Adam Leadbeater).  Enjoy the video!

Season 2 Blu-Ray Character Perspective: Pam

Season 2 Blu-Ray Character Perspective: Hoyt

Season 2 Blu-Ray Character Perspective: Steve Newlin

Season 2 Blu-Ray Character Perspective: Karl



HBO’s True Blood Season 2 Returns

March 21, 2010

True Blood fans it is time to quench your thirst for some True Blood as season 2 returns on HBO starting tonight, Sunday, March 21, 2010 at 8:00pm. If you need a little reminder (which your probably don’t) here is the synopsis for Episode 2.01 “Nothing But The Blood.”

A shocking murder outside Merlotte’s has Bon Temps reeling. Meanwhile, Sookie’s relationship with Bill is tested when she learns of his siring of Jessica, and of his involvement in her uncle’s death. Sam recalls a shape-shifting encounter he had with Maryann as a 17-year-old. Jason gets a sudden windfall that allows him to pay for a leadership retreat with the Fellowship of the Sun. Two adversaries find themselves sharing a mysterious dungeon and, possibly, the same fate.

You can see our screencaps of the episodes in our gallery or enter our forum to get the True Blood discussions rolling as we relive season 2 and get ready for season 3 to return on Sunday, June 13, 2010.

Below is HBO‘s latest Season 2 Encore Trailer and don’t forget after each season 2 episode there may be a little treat from HBO so stay tuned through the end of the credits.

Season 2 Encore Trailer


(Photo credit:  HBO Inc.)


VIDEOS: True Blood’s Michelle Forbes Talks Season 2 With SkyTV

March 11, 2010

In Season 1 of True Blood we first met Maryann Forrester, naked and accompanied by a pig.  Just how do you top that?

SkyTV caught up with Maryann‘s alter ego, Michelle Forbes as she was doing the publicity rounds for the recent UK premiere of True Blood Season 2 on FXUK.

In the three video clips below Michelle gives fans an insight into her crazy-wonderful character Maryann and provides us with a few sweet teasers for Season 2.

Michelle describes how True Blood “blows open like a volcano” and gets bigger and better and more insane as Season  2 progresses.  Something tells me we might be in for more pig.

Even us Truebies get an honorable mention.  We love you too, Michelle!

Enjoy these wonderful video interviews with Michelle!

Michelle Forbes – Part 1
Michelle Forbes – Part 2
Michelle Forbes – Part 3

(Photo credit: HBO Inc.)


VIDEO: Alexander Skarsgard Talks About His New Found Fame

March 2, 2010

Alexander Skarsgard sat down with Showbiz 411 on ITN and discusses how he is dealing with his new found fame as a result of his portrayal of vampire Eric Northman in Alan Ball‘s hit HBO TV series True BloodAlex does mention in the video that people have come up to him and have asked him to bite them in the U.S. but not in the UK.  The main reason he feels is that many people still don’t recognize him in the UK due to his long wig in season one and he was only in a few episodes.  When asked how he feels to be a sex symbol he says he is flattered, however that is not his goal when choosing roles.  He goes into detail regarding this as you will see in the video.  A very interesting interview that provides some insight into Alex.


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