Can’t Wait for Season 5 of True Blood? ReWatch Season 4! Video!

April 4, 2012

HBO True Blood Sookie Eric and Bill Threesome Dream

67 Days to Season 5 of True Blood

But if you can’t wait, HBO has announced that it will start airing Season 4 of True Blood on Thursdays at 9pm EST/10pm Central. Every Thursday, a new episode of True Blood will show, in order! It will be like reliving season 4 all over again. We’ll be so hungry for new blood by the time the June 10th season 5 premiere of True Blood rolls around we’ll be draining the local rodents!

 True Blood Season 4 Video

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Kristin Bauer’s Rotting Face from True Blood Season 4

September 26, 2011

Pam’s Rotting Flesh ‘Exposed’:

Kristin Bauer van Straten as she prepares to become 'Rotting Pam'.Fans of Season 4 of HBO’s True Blood have all been talking about Pam’s (played by Kristin Bauer van Straten) new look. After she had a spell cast on her by Marnie (Fiona Shaw), she was left with a face that looked to be about as old as the vampire really was.

So how was this look achieved?  The actress recently shared some great photos of the process, behind the scenes at the makeup studio.  Make sure you check them out on her website.

Is anyone attempting this look for Halloween this year?

Source: – Pam Rotts

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True Blood’s Final Act- Season 4 Losses

September 24, 2011

The Characters We Lost This Season on True Blood:

Kevin Alejandro as Jesus Season 4 finaleIt’s not a foreign concept that the writers of HBO’s True Blood aren’t shy about racking up the body count during an episode. And the season four finale is nothing short of an extraordinary bloodbath. A number of reoccurring characters met their demise. Let’s take a look at them and remember their final moments.

Jesus Velasquez
Played by: Kevin Alejandro

On his character’s death, Kevin Alejandro said:

“I found out Jesus was going to die around the first episode, and they were really cool about it, like ‘This is nothing you did. Happy relationships are just boring.’ And they’re right- it makes for great drama. I think the final episode is going to be really touching.”

Jessica Tuck as Nan FlanaganNan Flanagan
Played by: Jessica Tuck

On her death scene, Jessica Tuck said:

“There ain’t no way back from the True Death. Plus, the one good thing about being shown the True Death is that when you squirt with blood, you’re not the one who gets covered with it- it’s everyone that’s in your way. Stephen Moyer drove a stake through my heart, but I then got him back by just covering him in gooey blood.”

Debbie Pelt
Played by: Brit Morgan

Brit Morgan as Debbie Pelt S4Ep11On her death scene, Brit Morgan said:

“…It was so cool because I got to fire a real gun, and they had my brains on the wall with Debbie’s hair in it…Plus every time Anna [Paquin] and I get to fight, it’s just awesome- a punch, a fall. It’s by far the most fun I’ve ever had.”

Tara Thorton
Played by: Rutina Wesley

Rutina Wesley as Tara ThorntonOn her death scene, Rutina Wesley said:

“Shooting that scene was very hard and emotional. I think everybody on set shed a tear that day; it was really tough to get through. When you see someone that you’ve lived with and breathed with for four years come to some kind of end, it’s very powerful- and sad. It’s really hard to play dead when you’re about to cry.”

R.I.P. Tommy, Marnie, Jesus, Nan, Debbie, (and Tara…?)


Source Credit: HBO – True Blood: Season 4 Finale: Final Act
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True Blood Season 4 Finale References Reality TV Star

September 16, 2011

A Teen Mom For Halloween? Why Not?

Arlene’s daughter Lisa Season 4 finaleTruebies may have thought Arlene’s daughter Lisa on the True Blood Season 4 finale was dressed as her pregnant mom for Halloween, but that was not the case, as we learned from her response to Sam:

“I’m Jenelle from ‘Teen Mom 2’.”

The MTV teen mom, Jenelle Evans, was surprised when she heard that she’d been named on the hit HBO series. She only found out that it occurred when fans started tweeting her about it. She tweeted her followers back, asking:

“Who is watching ‘True Blood‘ right now? What did they say about me?”

Evans thought it was weird and did not know why they would care enough about her to reference her on the show. Truebies, what did you think of the costume and shout out to the reality star?  Leave us a comment below.

Source: – ‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans gets shout out on ‘True Blood’ finale

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True Blood’s Season 4 Finale Shocks Viewers

September 16, 2011

True Blood Finale Bloody Good or Just Bloody?

Sookie Cradles a Dying Tara in Her Arms HBO is famous for having some of the most extreme and riskiest shows on television. And what is True Blood most famous for? Being extremely bloody, that’s what. This season finale is no different. How did the finale end? In a bloody mess of course!

Many Truebies, including myself, aren’t happy with the weak way Marnie was dispatched. She stabbed and killed Jesus in order to acquire his brujo magic and then chained a shirtless Bill and Eric to burn at the stake when her reign of terror came to an end thanks to a number of Bon Temps ghosts led by Adele Stackhouse (Sookie’s Gran) and Antonia. Both joined together to convince Marnie to release her rage so she could rest in peace. I don’t know about you Truebies, but that seemed too easy to me.

Mark Roush, writer for TV Guide, said:

“With the Marnie dilemma ponderously resolved, and Gran’s Hallmark advice to Sookie (“Being alone… ain’t nothin’ to be afraid of”) interrupted by Eric’s droll “Excuse me, we’re feeling a little crispy up here,” there’s still half an episode to go. And does it ever pile it on.”

Sookie cuts both Bill and Eric out of her life making fans wonder if a certain were-tiger named Quinn will make an appearance next season.

What else happened on Sunday’s finale? Well, Steve Newlin appeared at Jason’s door bearing a nice set of shiny white fangs. Alcide discovered an empty hole in the cement garage where Russell Edgington was supposed to be entombed. While Sam was confronted by a snarling wolf, the ghost of Rene spooked Arlene by warning her that Terry’s new war buddy is up to no good. Nan Flanagan was staked by Bill just before Sookie was attacked by Debbie Pelt. Just when you think Debbie is going to shoot Sookie, Tara dives in front of her and is shot in the head. Sookie blows Debbie away and we are left with Sookie screaming for help as she cradles Tara’s lifeless body in her arms.

Is Tara dead? I guess we can’t believe anyone is dead, knowing True Blood’s infamous resurrections, until they are at least six feet under. Even then, considering the Russell Edgington situation, that’s barely a guarantee on True Blood.

Source Credit: TV Guide– Finale Review: HBO’s Sunday Night

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True Blood’s Kristin Bauer van Straten Talks to Bella Sugar

September 14, 2011

New Tarte Cosmetics Range:

Kristin Bauer van Straten, as vampire Pam, in HBO's True BloodRecently, Annie Tomlin, Senior Editor for Bella Sugar, got to catch up with True Blood’s Kristin Bauer van Straten. They were both at the launch party at Sephora for Tarte’s new makeup range that has been inspired by the HBO show, True Blood.

The actress appreciates the fact that Tarte does not test on animals, a cause very near and dear to her heart, and is proud that her True Blood makeup artist designed the new line. Her favorite new item is the eyeshadow palette that she likes to call the “Pam palette”. It not only has colors that would look fabulous on vampire Pam, but it is packaged in a beautiful corset cover.

Make sure you check out the full interview before you go out and purchase your very own vampire makeup.

Source: Bella Sugar – True Blood’s Kristin Bauer On Staying Eternally Beautiful

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Video: True Blood’s Alcide Interviewed by Good Day LA!

September 12, 2011

Joe Manganiello Talks About the Season Finale:

Manganiello on Good Day LAIn an interview on Good Day LAJoe Manganiello, who plays the tall, dark and handsome werewolf Alcide Herveaux on HBO’s True Blood, spoke about being scared on the job, Fiona Shaw, and what it was like at the end:

“You’re going to see more blood, more sex… and actually at the last table read — usually our table reads are known for being huge casts sitting around the table — by the final table read, it got very lonely. There were not many of us left, I’ll say that.”

Truebies, like me, I am sure you are so sad that the season’s over.  But check out the video, and let us know your thoughts on the interview by commenting below.

Joe Manganiello Dishes True Blood Secrets on GDLA:

Source: – Joe Manganiello Dishes True Blood Secrets on GDLA
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Video: True Blood Season 4 Finale Previews

September 10, 2011

Spoilers Ahead!

TB Season 4 poster-redThe end is here, Truebies!  Did you ever think this season of True Blood would fly by so quickly?  It was like a (vampire) bat out of hell. Before you start crying crimson tears, remember — we will be here, holding your hand through the agonizing wait for Season 5.  Keep up to date with everything and everyone related to True Blood here at

So, what can we expect to see in the final episode?  Lafayette possessed (yet again), Bill and Eric facing the true death (yet again), Halloween mayhem, and some sort of proposal from Alcide.

In case you haven’t had a chance to see any previews of tomorrow’s finale (or you live under a rock), here you go:

Ep. 48 Preview


Ep. 48 Clip – Alcide Makes His Pitch

What or who will you miss the most? What do you think next season will be about? Share your thoughts with us below!

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True Blood Introduces New Character in Season 4 Finale

September 9, 2011

Scott Foley as “Patrick”, Terry’s Army Buddy:

Scott Foley, Patrick on HBO’s True Blood (Cliff Lipson/CBS)Todd LoweTerry Bellefleur on True Blood, has been acting with a creepy baby and creepy baby doll all season and he is looking forward to working with adults again. There will be a whole lot of drama going down between vampires, witches, shifters and werewolves this Sunday on the Season 4 finale. Somewhere in the middle of that we will be introduced to a new character, Patrick played by actor Scott Foley, an old army buddy of Terry’s.  Lowe explains why he [Patrick] is coming to Bon Temps now:

“He looked [Terry] up. He found him and I guess he has something to say and something to talk about. You don’t just wander in and find someone at their workplace unless you have something important to share with him.”

Their encounter will not be a long one, Lowe reveals, and from what he says above it will take place at Merlotte’s. Foley‘s character is expected to return in Season 5 in a more substantial role. Lowe hopes that this character’s entrance into the series means that True Blood’s audience will get to know more about Terry’s past, maybe see some flashbacks of his time in the war. Lowe said about Terry’s past:

“I’d like to see where his post-traumatic stress disorder came from. Was it a series of events? Was it a friend or life that was lost in front of him? Was it someone’s life that he took? I’d like to see where that goes and see why Terry is so screwed up… I have a feeling it’s going to go kind of dark. I got a hint from Alan Ball that we’re going to see a little darker side to Terry.”

The season finale will take place during Halloween. Lowe’s response to this spooky setting for the finale:

“Wouldn’t you think it’d be just a little bit anticlimactic with all this other stuff going on? But I guess the people of Bon Temps find a way to celebrate the Halloween Holiday.”

We are mere days away from the finale of Season 4, but what about Season 5 and all it will have in store for Terry Bellefleur? Are you exited to see Terry’s character grow and learn more about his past? Will the arrival of Patrick bring conflict to Terry’s life? Is it possible this old war buddy is a supernatural? Share you ideas and theories with us in the comments section below.

Source: TV Guide: Terry Smacks Some Sense Into V-Addicted Andy


Video: HBO Inside the Episode, “Burning Down the House”

September 6, 2011

Alan Ball Talks About Episode 10:

Eric, Pam, Jessica and Bill from S4 Ep10 of True BloodTrue Blood fans will enjoy this video from the HBO website. Alan Ball discusses his reasoning behind episode 10 of Season 4, entitled “Burning Down the House”.

While we see the disappearance of “Emo-Eric,” we also see the battle of the heart as Sookie realizes that she is in fact in love with two men. As Alan Ball explains:

“It remains to be seen, is the love that they felt for each other, can it exist in a world where he remembers who he is?”

Meanwhile, Marnie is finding herself in another sort of intimate relationship – that of Antonia, the spirit of a long deceased witch. Director, Lesli Linka Glatter comments:

“She’s an outcast, she hasn’t had friends around her, she’s grown up very lonely. And now she has Antonia, who has given her a friend and a sister.”

The inner struggle of the two intertwined characters is also discussed by Alan Ball.

Bill Compton and his pursuit of the destruction of Marnie is then discussed. Bill is intent on eradicating Marnie, at all costs. Even if there is the loss of human life. So Sookie, Jason, Lafayette and Jesus try to intervene. Ball is intent on making sure that True Blood goes beyond its genre and delves into the more human aspect of helping friends in need.

This results in Jesus attempting to breach the barrier of Marnie’s protection spell and the audience gets to see another side to his character. Glatter was very excited to attempt to portray this part of the episode, considering that there was visual interaction with an enchantment as well as other special effects.

The episode culminates with the vampires approaching the Moon Goddess Emporium armed with a vast array of impressive weapons. Alan Ball explains:

“This attack is being led by Bill and Eric, two men who are in love with her [Sookie]. So, it’s all kinds of complicated. Which I think is why we like this show so much.”

Make sure you check out the full video interview!

Ep. 46 – Inside the Episode


Source: – Watch the Ep. 46 Inside the Episode

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