Dawn Olivieri Lands New Role on Showtime Series

August 19, 2011

Olivieri to Star in House of Lies:

Dawn Olivieri as Janice Herveaux S3 Ep4House of Lies, a new Showtime series will star Don Cheadle and Dawn Olivieri, who has previously appeared on Season 3 of True Blood as Janice Herveaux (Alcide‘s sister). Olivieri will play Cheadle’s ex-wife, Monica, who pops pills, is “smart and crazy”, and runs a high rated consulting firm. The show will also feature Kristin Bell and Donis Leonard Jr. as Cheadle’s gay son. Olivieri is not only known for her True Blood role, but also for her part on The Vampire Diaries as Andy. The actress says the show will premiere in January. Olivieri didn’t know a lot of details about the show, because she was backpacking in India “and didn’t want her character on her mind while there.”

Does this sound like a good idea for a series? Will you watch the new show? Leave us your thoughts in the section below.

Sources: Hollywood Reporter – 5 Things to Know About ‘House of Lies’

celebs.gather.com – ‘The Vampire Diaries’s’ Dawn Olivieri to Star in ‘House of Lies’ on Showtime

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True Blood Episode Makes TV Guide’s Top 25 of 2010

January 2, 2011

“I Got A Right To Sing The Blues” Makes TV Guides Best Episodes of 2010

All of us Trubies can agree Season 3 was a spectacular season of True Blood.  TV Guide agrees with us as well naming episode 6 “I Got A Right To Sing The Blues” as number 13 on it’s list of Top 25 Best Episodes of 2010.  They said:

“The whole thing felt like the kind of cliff-hanger usually saved for finales.”

That it did.  Episode six involved Tara‘s daring skull shattering escape from Franklin, Russell‘s success in forcing Sophie Ann to marry him and ordering Bill‘s death via Lorena, and Lorena finally getting a bite out of Sookie.  It was a pretty pivotal episode that season and the good people at TV Guide recognized it’s one of the best of 2010.

Source: TV Guide

Image Credit: TVCappers


Joe Manganiello’s Pittsburgh Ties

October 3, 2010

Joe Manganiello, True Blood Alcide shirtless

True Blood’s Alcide Interviewed by Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

Joe who is a Mt. Lebanon native speaks with Pittsburgh Tribune-Review about his past.

Growing up in Mt. Lebanon, Joe loved action hero’s and monsters.  He didn’t know he wanted to act until he reached high school.  Joe was pretty much the typical guy who played sports.  He caught the acting bug when a friend asked him for his help with a film for chemistry.

Joe was hooked and to everyones surprise even his coaches, he quit sports and tried out for the school’s production of “Oklahoma” and got the lead role of Fry.

Joe stated, “everyone said I made a mistake”.  He also said, “somewhere deep down inside my gut I knew this was something I should do”.

After graduation Joe tried out for Carnegie Mellon University School of Drama, he was rejected.  He went to the University of Pittsburgh and studied theater for a year.  Joe than tried out again at Carnegie Mellon University and was accepted.

After Graduation

Joe headed to Los Angeles and landed a part as Flash Thompson in “Spider Man”.  He went on to do small parts on TV Dramas such as “CSI”, he played Brad on “How I Met Your Mother”, and one of my favorite characters Owen on “One Tree Hill”.

During this time, Alan Ball debuted a new show called “True Blood”.  After the first season was successful and it looked like it was here to stay and follow the books based on Charlaine Harris’s Souther Vampire series, fans of the show begin to blog about the possible actors who could play Alcide.  Joe’s name kept popping up in blog chatter’s.

Joe already watched the show, so when he found out through a friend that viewers wanted him to play Alcide, he read the books, studied the part and realized why fans wanted him.  Joe & Alcide shared alot of similarties.  He started going after the role.  Joe stated, ” In ten years I have never fought so hard to get casted as I fought to be Alcide”.

Joe hopes that through his work as Alcide it will help expand his career.  His plans for the future is to write, produce, and direct.  He’s in negotiations for the rights to one of his favorite comics.  However, to Joe no matter how far his hard work takes him he will always remember his Pittsburgh ties.

Joe’s father wants to put him on the wall of fame at Primanti Bros.  A local hangout for Joe.  Joe state’s, “That to him it would be as good as an Oscar”.  I will always Bleed Black and Gold!  Joe states.

Joe and his character Alcide has alot in common when it comes to there loyalties to there favorite haunts.  With Joe it’s Primanti Bros. and Alcide it’s Lou Pine’s.

Joe in LA

Now that Joe is in Los Angeles he has been investigating new watering holes, and came across one a few years back one that has a fiesty clientele.  It’s seriously obsessed Steeler Fans.  None of the California fans have ever been to Pittsburgh.  But finding such dedicated fans inspired Joe to shoot a short documentary about the group of fans, titled “Diehardz”

Joe still vists frequently PA to see his parents.  They still live in Mt. Lebanon.  When he’s home its a good chance you’ll find him at one of his favorite haunts.  Joe enjoys art and visits exhibits at the Warhol.  You might catch him at the theatre or eating a hamburger at Tessaro’s in Bloomfield.  He has lunch at People’s Indian Restaurant in Garfield, or you might catch him working out at the Gym with his mom.

Being a hometown boy with fame and success, it has put him in position for a special treat.  In November Joe will march in the Celebrate the Season Parade, and the Steelers have invited him to Heinz Field to watch a game.  This is an honor to Joe who is the Ultimate Black and Gold Fan.


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VIDEO: Nelsan Ellis Talks About Surprises Coming Up on True Blood

September 12, 2010

Nelsan Ellis and Some Inside Scoop:

Nelsan Ellis who plays the amazing Lafayette Reynolds on True Blood spoke with YoungHollywood.com recently from the Kari Feinstein’s Style Lounge. He talked about what will be revealed about his character and Jesus (Kevin Alejandro). He also shares his thoughts on why the show is so successful and other interesting points. Enjoy the video and get ready for tonight’s airing of the season finale on HBO at 9:00pm.

SOURCE: YoungHollywood.com – Nelsan Ellis from True Blood


VIDEO: True Blood Season Finale with Rutina Wesley

September 12, 2010

Rutina Wesley Shares Some Season Finale Tidbits:

True Blood‘s Rutina Wesley spoke with DJ Whoo Kid and Reef at Shade 45 this week and talked about the Season 3 finale, which airs tonight at 9:00pm on HBO, and whether or not her character Tara will survive.  So also states in the video how well everyone works with each other and provides some spoiler info about the season finale.  Enjoy!

SOURCE: radioplanet.tv –  True Blood’s Rutina Wesley Dishes Finale Secrets?! Will Tara Get Turned?! Exclusive Interview!


True Blood Season Finale Spoiler with Sam Trammell

September 12, 2010

Sam Trammell Dishes on the Newer, Meaner Sam and Who Might Be Dying in the Season Finale:

Sam Trammell as True Blood's Sam MerlotteSam Trammell recently attended the Stand Up 2 Cancer telethon in Los Angeles. He answered fundraising telephones at the event in honor of his grandmother, and told TV Guide:

“Cancer is a disease that doesn’t discriminate. Everyone knows at least one person who has had the disease, or they’ve had it themselves. It’s time we stop taking it and kick this disease’s butt. The money we’re raising tonight is a good start.”

Commenting on his alter ego Sam Merlotte‘s tougher attitude this season, Trammell says fans can look forward to a more tougher, meaner Sam. He drops a spoiler for the Season Three finale as well – Sam will have a gun. His brother, Tommy Mickens (Marshall Allman), is just one person who better look out! He alluded to a season ending cliffhanger as well. We know that True Blood director Alan Ball has stated previously that someone will die in the finale – – could it be Sam Merlotte? Trammell says he thinks fan can rest easy it isn’t, but he stops just short of confirming that for sure. He does think that Eric Northman’s (Alexander Skarsgaard) fans might have something to worry about (oh no!!!!).

Wrapping up his chat with TV Guide, Trammell let everyone know just how much fun he’s had giving the normally sweet Sam Merlotte a harder edge:

“It has been so much fun to get to play angry and be mean to people. Usually Sam is just so nice and so helpful. I was getting a little sick of him being stepped on, pushed over and taken advantage of. I was glad we did the flashbacks. They gave great back story and insight into Sam and who he was before and why he might be the way he is now.”

Source: TV Guide – True Blood‘s Sam Trammell Previews Sunday’s Finale

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True Blood Season Finale Prediction and Speculations

September 9, 2010

True Blood Season 3 PosterTrue Blood Season Finale Predictions:

We are always so proud of all our writers who take the time write up all these news posts to keep True Blood fans up to date with the latest news.  Some of our writers are being recognized by other websites and are being asked to write for them as guest blogger, such as our very own Janie Logan. Here is Janie’s latest blog for LocateTV.com as she gives her insight into the season finale of True Blood airing this Sunday night, September 12, 2010 on HBO.

As the season three finale of True Blood approaches, LocateTV contacted True Blood super-fan Janie from truebloodnet.com to ask what she thinks we will happen in the eagerly anticipated finale. Here’s what Janie had to say:

Among the many indications that True Blood’s third season will end ominously, the greatest is the title of the last episode: Evil Is Going On. Not that this is anything new–the finales for seasons 1 and 2 were entitled You’ll Be the Death of Me and Beyond Here Lies Nothin’, respectively. Executive producer Alan Ball just doesn’t seem to find happy endings very interesting.

And while plenty of surprises will be in store in this Sunday’s finale, and in seasons to come, here are a few ideas about what we might see:

Jason Stackhouse and Crystal Norris

When the fighting breaks out between the drug authorities and the violent, inbreeding werepanthers of Hot Shot, Jason is going to learn that there’s no turning back. If he and Crystal insist on being together, he must become one of them. I think Calvin or Felton will turn him into a werepanther.

Hoyt Fortenberry and Jessica Hamby

Hoyt and Jessica are just going to be minding their own business, enjoying young love, but Maxine Fortenberry won’t stand idly by and let that happen. She already considers Jessica to be dead, so I wouldn’t put it past the old broad to try to send her to the true death.

Eric Northman and Russell Edgington

With Eric and Russell lying out in the sun awaiting death, Godric is going to appear to his progeny as a spirit of sorts. He’ll say something very wise, I’m sure. Meanwhile, inside Fangtasia, Pam can’t stand to watch her Maker die. She’s going to run outside, risking herself, to get Eric to safety. Since Russell is handcuffed to him, she has to save them both. Eric heals once they get to cover, and they think the King is dead. I’m betting that’s not true and that he survives to carryout his master plan another day.

Bill Compton and Sookie Stackhouse

Because of all the blood she’s lost, Sookie‘s going to return to faerie land. Hopefully Claudine will tell her more about her light. When she wakes up, she’s going to start pushing Bill away. She doesn’t trust him anymore, and she’s sick and tired of the drama. She was fascinated by vampires to begin with, and stayed in their world for love, but she needs a break from it all. Sookie is going to rescind both Bill’s and Eric’s invitations into her house and shut the door to them for a while.

We’ll finally learn some of the secrets Bill has been keeping. If Sookie doesn’t want to be with him anymore, he has no reason to keep his true motives hidden. Queen Sophie-Anne comes to visit him. He pretends like he’s been her good little servant all along, getting close to Sookie to let her know about the Fae, but he’s actually working for someone else…the American Vampire League. He attacks the Queen to hand her over to Nan Flanagan so that she can be brought to justice for all her crimes.

Sookie Stackhouse and Alcide Herveaux

Sookie’s good friend Alcide will come back to Bon Temps, probably to check on her after hearing that she was attacked by Debbie. He will reiterate that she’s too good for a fanger, that she should try someone a little more hot-blooded for once, perhaps a fine werewolf such as himself (or maybe that’s just me dreaming). Soon, we’ll see Sookie embracing the normal, returning to work at Merlotte’s, until disaster strikes again and she can’t NOT get involved. This disaster will be caused…by witches.

Big thanks to Janie at truebloodnet.com for taking the time to write for LocateTV. To see if Janie’s predictions are correct, make sure you watch the True Blood season finale this Sunday on HBO.

Also be sure to check out LocateTV.com to find out when any of the True Blood cast are on TV.  You can check out our quick guide list here to see which True Blood cast member is on TV.

SOURCE: LocateTV.com

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True Blood Season Finale Spoiler Clip: Hoyt’s Intervention

September 8, 2010

HBO has done it again with yet another True Blood Season 3 finale clip! It looks like Hoyt‘s mother is very desperate to see him get back together with Summer! (I can’t believe she even brought the high school guidance counselor with her to Hoyt’s work site!)

Will Hoyt give in to his mother’s demands, or is his love for Jessica strong enough to survive this latest attack from Mrs. Fortenberry?

Ep. 36: Clip – Hoyt arrives at work

True Blood Season Finale Spoiler Clip: Sam Makes Tara Breakfast

September 8, 2010

Sam is such a sweet guy! He cooks Tara breakfast in this newly released clip from HBO that’s from the True Blood Season 3 finale. It also appears that Sam is going to tell Tara something very important… The question is: will he or won’t he? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Ep. 36: Clip – Sam cooks Tara breakfast

True Blood Season Finale Spoiler Clip: Sookie’s Run

September 8, 2010

In this new spoiler clip for the Season 3 finale of True Blood, we see Sookie running through the forest, only to discover something very odd… How is this going to affect the season finale and is there a deeper meaning behind what she sees? Watch and enjoy, then let us know what you think of the clip in the comments.

Ep. 36: Clip – Sookie runs through the forest

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