Celebrating Anna Paquin’s Arms

May 30, 2010 by  

Anna Paquin was picked as one of the 10 best celebrity arms. This is an awesome feat because some other lovely ladies that joined in at the top were Kate Hudson, Kelly Ripa, and Evangline Lilly. This was awarded to Anna Paquin by blisstree.com. They commented about Anna’s arms saying,

“…that if you spend your days battling maenads on HBO’s True Blood, you’re bound to get buff. We’re looking forward to seeing Anna’s arms in action again this summer.”

Anna Paquin is best known as Sookie Stakehouse in Alan Ball’s hit True Blood which premieres its 3rd season on June 13th. Anna, great job on those HOT arms and let’s all go sleeveless in celebration!

SOURCE: blisstree.com

(Photo credit: Reuters)

  • lizzie

    Congratulations Anna! You deserve the win! Stretching your arms around your hunky hunk would help keeping those arms in shape, also!

    • CrazyforBill

      How did I know that would be you, Lizzie! And also mentioning Steve…you made me laugh out loud. Yes, her arms must be very toned indeed, from hanging on to that hot man of hers. Lucky girl, Anna. I love this couple.

      • lizzie

        Hi cfb!! Nice to see you here! Yes, I wish I was Anna!