Jessica – Deborah Ann Woll

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Jessica © 2008 HBO, Inc.

Jessica © 2008 HBO, Inc.

Jessica is a fairly new name as these things go first appearing in Shakespeare’s play  “The Merchant of Venice” but traced through to it’s most likely roots, Jesca, it means foresight.  I don’t know whether Jessica is clarvoyant or not but as soon as I saw her I could see trouble a comin…

The magister forced Bill to make Jessica, a young, religiously reppressed, kidnap victim, into a vampire as punishment for Bill killing Longshadow.  A punishment Bill, in an unconscious moment of foresight himself,  found worse than being chained in silver and stuffed in a coffin for ten years.  Little did he know…

With the intent to bring up his little girl as a vegetarian, Bill meets her with a sixpack of True Blood.  This was as likely as distracting a shark with a PBnJ sandwich.  Jessica embraces her newfound ‘freedom’ and vampiric nature with the single minded lust of a teen oppressed by an abusive, religiously fanatical family.  After celebrating ‘no more belts, no more clarinets?” (two clearly equivalent punishments)  she quickly launches into a string of fairly mild and childlike curses as Bill becomes more and more exasperated with her culminating in her threat to ‘Find a real vampire and he’ll kick your ass’.   But the final straw is when she breaks into loud sobbing tears and Bill just can’t take anymore.

Jessica is pawned off onto a very reticent Eric in exchange for a favor to be named later and enticed to behave by promising to teach her how to feed like a real vampire.  We don’t see her again until the end of the season when a obviously frazzled Eric and Pam drop her off unexpectedly at Bill’s house because they find her clearly too annoying to live exist.

We don’t know if Bill has told Sookie about Jessica but it’s unlikely since Sookie tends to go off like a roman candle every time something vampiric actually happens.  Next season Jessica promises to bring chaos and comedy to a sometimes extremely tense universe and act as a walking talking chastity belt for a highly frustrated Bill..  Since Hoyt has asked Sookie to introduce him to a nice young vampire girl could their be romance in her future? Who’s scarier, Jessica or Maxine Fortenberry?  Get your bets down early!