Charlaine Harris Attends Bouchercon 2009 Videos – Part 2

October 25, 2009 by  

Charlaine-Harris-Bouchercon-2009-part-2As we recently reported Charlaine Harris attended the 2009 Bouchercon World Mystery Convention. We have a series of videos showing Charlaine on one of the panels that was featured at Bouchercon this year. As we continue the video segments we move on to video number four of Charlaine.

Here Charlaine talks about mistakes that fans have pointed out about her books. Charlaine admits that she has made mistakes and appreciates that her fans are quick to notice it. One reason why you might find mistakes in her books is because when she wrote the first one she had no idea that it would continue on to become a series. Charlaine was then asked if there was something she wrote in the Sookie Stackhouse series that later on in the books she wished she had not written and Charlaine answered “Yes”! Want to know what it is? It is the blood-bond between Sookie and Eric. Charlaine says she wishes deeply she had not coined that term in the books. She is fascinated by how fans really want a mathematical equation to that bond and she claims it has caused her many headaches.

In video five Charlaine is asked about the sexual activity in the series. Charlaine answers by saying that it is no where near as important to her as it is to her fans. She explains that sex does not appear in every book because sometimes it just doesn’t go along with the storyline. She admits that writing sex scenes can be a little ridiculous at times for her but she does promise that when she feels the need to include a sex scene you better believe, it’s going to be a good one!

In video six Charlaine is asked a very interesting question. Since she is still in the process of writing the series does she let the now phenomenal show True Blood, which is the television series her books have been turned into, influence the way she sees her characters and the way she will continue to write the series? Charlaine explains that she looked at many pictures of actresses who wanted to play her character, Sookie. She did not make the final pick but Alan Ball, who created the television adaptation of her books, wanted her input. She admits that when she first heard that Anna Paquin wanted to portray Sookie on the show she had doubts due to the fact that she didn’t see Anna, who was brunette, very slender, and Canadian being her character Sookie, who was blonde, curvy, and American. But Charlaine was absolutely honored that an actress of Anna’s caliber wanted to bring life to Sookie. Seeing Anna now with her hair dyed and such, Charlaine truly believes that Anna has made an amazing Sookie Stackhouse and really brought her character to life. As for her writing Charlaine explains that Sookie has lived in her head for many years and she still continues to see her that same way when she writes.

SOURCE:  Boucheron 2009