Charlaine Harris Attends Bouchercon 2009 Videos – Part 1

October 25, 2009 by  

charlaine-harris-bouchercon-2009Charlaine Harris recently attended the 2009 Bouchercon World Mystery Convention, which was held in Indianapolis, Indiana. This convention celebrates the mystery genre of writing. We have found video of Charlaine sitting on one of the panels at Bouchercon. The first video shows Charlaine being introduced by the panel. There is a funny segment in the video where one of the panelists decides to see if Charlaine is telepathic like her hit character, Sookie, and answers a question without being told the question and Charlaine simply answers, “No, I never have”. Really quite a funny moment. Charlaine goes on to discuss how the Sookie character came about and how she is very similar to her own daughter who was growing up while Charlaine was writing the series. Charlaine also describes how she was able to invent this supernatural world that Sookie finds herself in.

In the second video Charlaine is asked which of her characters is the most popular with her fans. Charlaine admits that she gets the most fan mail about Eric, our handsome Viking vampire, but says that he is not necessarily her favorite character, but he is fun to write. Charlaine goes on to talk about how all these multi-dimensional secondary characters come to define Sookie and who she is. Charlaine says that Sookie is constantly being tested and having to re-evaluate her own belief system because of the characters she is surrounded by.

In the third video segment Charlaine is asked a question that is under much debate by her fans. Why hasn’t Sookie been turned into a vampire? Charlaine does confess that she will not ever turn Sookie into a vampire. One reason Charlaine tells us is because if she was a vampire it would definitely cut down on the amount of hours Sookie could be active. Good point Charlaine! Charlaine also explains that she doesn’t normally answer many of those types of questions, especially ones about how the series will end and she has several reason for it. One, she wants readers to continue to buy the books to find out, and two, she doesn’t know. Charlaine explains that she normally writes a series until she gets bored with it. She has signed on to write another three books for the Sookie Stackhouse series which will keep her working on the series until 2014, bringing her to a total of 13 books all together. Once she gets to book 13, she will re-evaluate where she is at and decide if it is time for the series to come to a close. She doesn’t like a series to outdo its welcome. We hope you enjoy these video segments of Charlaine as you learn a little more about the author and stay tune for part 2 of the video series.

SOURCE:  Bouchercon 2009