Charlaine Harris’ Characters Are Progressive

May 1, 2010 by  

Several “straight talk” questions were posed to author Charlaine Harris in an interview by New York Times Magazine. The author of the Sookie Stackhouse series of books, on which HBO‘s hit series True Blood is based, was first asked why her yet-to-be-released book “Dead in the Family” has such a similar title to her previous “Dead and Gone“. It seems her publisher wants the word “dead” in all the titles in the series.

After responding to typical questions about the current popularity of vampires and how her own vampires compare to Count Dracula, Charlaine was asked to comment on more socially related topics about her characters.

“Most of my vampires have experimented with other sexualities. Eric, Sookie’s lover, was turned into a vampire by a male vampire who had a sexual relationship with him for many years. Pam is bisexual. Lafayette is gay.”

According to Charlaine, living in a small town in Arkansas has not diminished her interest in gay rights. She has a lot of gay friends which perhaps unconsciously motivated her characterizations. But it wasn’t deliberate and Charlaine promotes accepting the fact that “not everyone is wired the same way”. And no, she is not bisexual.

When asked if she has ever met the author of the Twilight Saga series, Charlaine responded that she has not and doesn’t know any other writers in her field (“urban fantasy”) who has met her.

With regard to any advice she can give to writers just starting out, no matter what genre, Charlaine said “read everything you can and then put your butt in the chair and write.”

Look for “Dead in the Family”, due out May 4th, and Season 3 of True Blood starting June 13th.


(Photo credit:  HBO Inc.)