Charlaine Harris Confirms Completion of 12th Book

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Nearing the end of the Sookie Stackhouse Series:

Charlaine Harris, author of Sookie Stackhouse novels (credit: NY Times)According to Charlaine Harriswebsite/blog she has officially completed the 12th novel in the Sookie Stackhouse Series!  I know that I’m not the only one out there who is ecstatic to hear this news!  Don’t get too excited yet though, because the newest book, Deadlocked, still has to pass through the hands of her editor, as well as several others who read, edit, and make suggestions to her before she makes the final changes and it is published.  I personally have not read the 11th book yet, because I have decided to put it on the backburner until it’s closer to time for the next book (Deadlocked) to be released.  The suspense is killing me, though!   So, how many of you guys are looking forward to the release of the next book?  I am a HUGE fan of True Blood and didn’t begin to read the books until after the completion of Season 3.  Once I began to read the books though, I was completely unable to put them down!  As crazy as this may sound, I read the first ten books of the series within about 3 weeks (and I hate reading most of the time)!  So if you haven’t taken the time to read the books that True Blood is based on, please do so because you will not regret it!

How many of you have read some or all of the Sookie Stackhouse Novels?  Which was your favorite so far?

Any thoughts on Deadlocked?  What about storylines that you would like to see come into play in the newest book that haven’t yet happened? (Please be sure to put SPOILER at the top of your comment if anything included is a possible spoiler from one of the other novels.)  Spill your thoughts below!

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  • Anonymous

    I think Sookie would be happiest with Sam…they are true friends, they are attracted to one another, they both share a desire for home and family and a simple life.  They respect one another.  She is too independent for a vampire, who is enslaved by his/her maker, the hierarchy, and his/her own blood lusts. 

  • Anonymous

    I personally love both the true blood series and the sookie stackhouse novels. I am hoping to have both Eric and Sookie reconciled as a couple since I always wish to have the heroine get the better man.This is not a spoiler, Its just my opinion on how the 12th book should turn out if this would be the last one.

  • Tracey Branson

    I just finished re-reading book 4 cause it’s the book this season is based on. Usually I don’t like comparing books to tv/movies but this series is different. I guess because they have kept alot from the books and just added some new things.

  • Be ..’happy’ if Harris ‘deadlocks’ Eric and Sookie in a permanent relationship !!  They ARE the most ‘romantic’ couple , and one I really want t see end up ‘together’ both in the novels and .. OMG on True Blood !!

    • not so romantic anymore, they have tons of problems now. Especially with Eric getting close to “Bill” behavior by possibly marrying Oklahoma. To be honest I thought they would be broken up by now. Bill is definitely making a comeback. Not that I am happy with that, Sookie and Eric definitely need to be together.

      • Jaxx

        As much as I would like to see Eric and Sookie together in the end, I just don’t see it anymore.  CH is preparing us for that, I think.  CH also said in interview after interview and even in the Sookie Companion Book, that Sookie will not have the typical HEA, which is sad for me.  My guess now is that Sookie will end up alone.

        Honestly, if I’d be Sookie and after everything she’s been through in the last 2 year span according to the books, especially if Eric has to marry Freida, and I had the cluviel dor,my wish would probably be that none of this would have happened; that I’d never met Bill, Eric or any of them.  I would wish that my life would go back to the way it was the day before Bill walked into the bar.  Gran would be alive and she probably would have settled down with Sam and have a family eventually and be none the wiser.  Hind sight is 20/20, jimo.

  • Jaxx

    The title is really interesting especially in light of now Dead Reckoning ended with Eric’s and Sookie’s situation.   Deadlock means “standstill”.  I guess CH is going to make us wait until lucky book 13 before we find out the fate of these two. 

    In one way I am glad the series will be over so we know the outcome once and for all with these two, but I am sad because this is it for Sookie and her adventures unless down the road she branches off with Sookie and whoever it is she ends up with, if anyone at all.

    I can’t believe I have to wait 1 year and 9 months to find out the end of this book series.  This is like an “elephant pregnancy” waiting period.  LOL.  CH make it a good one. 😉

  • Deadlock a clover dour hmmmm? Will Sookie be making a decision …

    • Jaxx

      You are right.  There will be a decision that has to be made.  Will Sookie make a selfish decision or use her decision in helping someone else.  I think it will be the latter.  Good point.

  • I am glad the next book is done, but at the same time sad.  Charlaine is ending the series, and in some twisted way, these have become people I know on a real close, intimate level.  yes, I know it’s a book, and I know it’s not reality, but I found the book because of the show and I will miss them.  But I will buy the next book and the next. Gotta get the fix!

  • Omigosh, how exciting!