Charlaine Harris’ “Dead In The Family” First Chapter Up

December 21, 2009 by  

dead-in-the-family-coverMany fans have been anxiously been waiting for Charlaine Harris to put up the first chapter of her 10th Sookie Stackhouse novel, “Dead in the Family” on her website for several weeks now.  Well, just in time for the holiday season Ms. Harris is giving all of her fans a little holiday treat by releasing a sneak peek look at the first chapter of Book 10, “Dead in the Family” set to be released in May 2010.  Many fans of Ms. Harris are surely going to savour every word presented in the first chapter as they wait with anticipation for the book’s release.

To read the first chapter of “Dead in the Family” click here.


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  • OMG, just read some spoiler alerts and interviews for season 4 of True Blood. “Pam” mentioned that she would really love to see in the show the time when Eric loses his memory. ME TOO, and I really hope they stick very close to the storyline that CH presented us with. This would be such an Amazing move on thier part to recreate Sookie and Eric heating up during that time while he stayed with her. “Pam” said she wouldn’t be surprised if they brought that into the storyline and I gotta say I totally agree!